Is 5G Spelling Our DOOM?! How EM Waves Can Hurt

With 5G upon us, there are tons of worries and controversies around it. Should we worry?
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar


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    Hello BOOMers! As they say, only death and taxes are certain! So make sure to peer review. I'll add the good points here. - Remember AGAIN, at ANY frequency if the energy is high enough it can hurt you at least with tissue heating, which can lead to other complications or maybe indirectly to cancer. That's why all transmissions are limited to very low energy that can do nothing. - Long exposure to sun light's UV-A and UV-B, although not ionizing but because of sheer volume and higher frequency and energy, causes tanning and sun burn. Those cause side effects that can lead to cancer, like accelerated aging of skin cells. - 5G wireless range is pretty short, see MKBHD's video: - I'm hearing from a bunch of people that 5G effects the oxygen level in air or body for some reason?! HOW?! oxygen molecule (O2) is non-polarized, so no electrical imbalance in it to interact with EM waves. H2O in microwave oven interacts with 2.4GHz because it is polarized. Which hoax paper talked about this nonsense?! Just because people yell wrong things doesn't make them right! unless there is a very legitimate test report... SHOW ME! - one more good point: light shining on plants can break molecules and store light energy in plants through photosynthesis. So... can light at lower frequency ionize? Now I'm not familiar with how plants work, but I can assume light does it indirectly. For example, visible light can generate electricity through a solar-cell and that electricity can be used to break water molecules into gasses. You can do all sort of magic with electricity like run a Tesla Coil! So light energy at any frequency can be processed to do other things, but at lower than UV frequencies can't directly break molecules.

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    @Shadow Monk 5G merely has power to hardly get through a wall, how would it heat nanoparticles? Did you study thermodynamics? If you did you would know that there is something called heat capacity, having nanoparticles of metal in your body, capturing nanowatts of power won't do significant heating because your blood has a significant water portion, which needs a lot of energy to heat. Even if it heats somehow, you would sweat to cool :) I think worring about global warming and overpopulation is much more important than 5G.

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    One thing as an engineer is that resonance is a very fundamental physical phenomena we must engineer for. Take a bridge with a resonance frequency F1. Lower frequencies don't upset the bridge and nor do the higher but at the frequency F1 all hell breaks loose. Engineers examine and test for health related issues often looking at the energy of electron escape or ionisation however what we don't seem to take so seriously is resonance of cellular media. Now I have read that sterility is increasing in males and there is mention of it being affected by mobiles being kept near our organs. If this is true it means cells are actually affected by non ionisation energies. I am not sure this means that 5g is not healthy but it certainly has the ability to affect nature that uses em spectrum for navigation or support and also has potential to interrupt cellular operation. Remembering that cells don't need to be killed to cause health issues ,they only need to be affected in their operation. One more thing , uvc uvb at the frequency that we get from the sun has been around since time on earth started and we have 3volved over millions of years to cater for that.Even so ,we still get cancer because we only needed to be old enough to propagate the species. We now live much longer lives so we see the effect of this radiation mostly later in life. We are yet to really understand the effects of digital radiation for an entire 90 years. Perhaps tests on small biologies and faster reproductions and or over 90 years will help us understand

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