IT'S HAPPENING! Bruno Fernandes Man Utd Transfer News

Bruno Fernandes Transfer to Manchester United is happening says Mark Goldbridge after major transfer developments today. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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  1. ming Li

    ming Li3 dager siden

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  2. Shamzy Ahmed

    Shamzy Ahmed3 dager siden

    He will be a flop and will get injured 🤕

  3. vodkat

    vodkat3 dager siden

    it's not happening, ed will mess up. TRUST ME

  4. Yousaf Shazad

    Yousaf Shazad3 dager siden

    Ole..we are signing bruno ed 2 weeks later ...Therws Been a problem

  5. Thomas Gambles

    Thomas Gambles3 dager siden

    and then we fucked it up

  6. scott jones

    scott jones3 dager siden

    Is he on the same bus as Haaland when you said it was happening ?

  7. Shera Chaudhary

    Shera Chaudhary3 dager siden


  8. Peter Soko

    Peter Soko3 dager siden

    Can't wait 2 see Bruno Fernandez holding the united shirt its bin long way

  9. Tom Cordy

    Tom Cordy3 dager siden

    You actually look a bit like Ed Woodward’s younger brother Mark

  10. Mandla Maseko

    Mandla Maseko3 dager siden

    Can Man U close this deal.. The suspense is killing me.. What's happening with Raul Jeminez?

  11. Russ Williams

    Russ Williams3 dager siden

    Get back on your Fernandes ship Goldbridge!


    DR MELANIN3 dager siden

    His analogies are the best🤣😂

  13. Kid Frankie

    Kid Frankie3 dager siden

    That ship doesn’t like it sank that deep.. Now Ship Bruno rise like Lazarus ‼️

  14. magura thomas

    magura thomas3 dager siden

    you lied to us last summer can u shut up you are putting ourselves at risk...... nomore hrt breaks

  15. G-child Inc

    G-child Inc3 dager siden

    Get bruno fernandes now!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Coolbar

    Coolbar3 dager siden

    Watch him say it’s happening and makes a video everyday about players that will join like Maddison and they won’t come. So stop wasting your time on signings you think will happen. You are wasting your time. They won’t come

  17. chrispine chola

    chrispine chola3 dager siden

    Man u must sign enock mwepu from Salzburg red blue. Very talented midfielder

  18. steven clark

    steven clark3 dager siden

    Imagine if this deal doesn't go through mark will go mental at the end of the window lol

  19. Dion Rinaldo

    Dion Rinaldo3 dager siden

    Can we also make sure if we sign Bruno that mata plays when he’s not rather than lingard or pereira

  20. BIG CUZ

    BIG CUZ4 dager siden

    can confirm I have bruno in FM20 And he's been stellar and my captain to this day in 2024

  21. BIG CUZ

    BIG CUZ4 dager siden

    if it was offical we would be announcing him lol

  22. BIG CUZ

    BIG CUZ4 dager siden

    its positive news it might only be one signings but its a really big one

  23. funky planet

    funky planet4 dager siden

    🗣️It's stake & kidney & for vegans it's vegetarians 😂😭Good one Mark 🙈

  24. Martin Kelleher

    Martin Kelleher4 dager siden

    It's not HAPPENING until it's ACTUALLY HAPPENING that should be the headline ffs

  25. Martin Kelleher

    Martin Kelleher4 dager siden

    Why do u keep say it's happening it hasn't . U said the same thing last summer it didn't happen so don't get our hopes up until it's confirmed . All u do is speculate what's the point

  26. Judas Goat

    Judas Goat4 dager siden

    The reservation for Bruno is this, does he come to one of the worst run clubs in the Premier League with a pedigree for destroying promising footballer careers?

  27. 619 Trading

    619 Trading4 dager siden

    If this deal falls through -the board will be crucified by the fans and media - I hope the deal goes through but at the same time the board needs to be exposed for who they are and what they are doing to the club which will show our struggles for the last 10 years

  28. spartacus lannister

    spartacus lannister4 dager siden

    I need to see him wearing the Shirt. I don't believe in this board or manager.

  29. IDEK

    IDEK4 dager siden

    Great video

  30. bountylad

    bountylad4 dager siden

    Mark if he was that good why nobody bought him in the summer when he was begging for a club to come and get him? Is he a big risk? If not it just does not make sense. I hope he comes and delivers


    WALTHAM PARK KG.114 dager siden


  32. Nuru Tejan

    Nuru Tejan4 dager siden

    I don't trust Man United board when it comes to transfer. If this deal happen it will be a miracle to me. United board is fucking useless.

  33. Harry Jones

    Harry Jones4 dager siden

    thats a good point actually mark i was still just trying to etre expectyation but those quotes where ole has said ''the moneys there we need the right player'' and they certainly are negotiating so they really cant walk away now on grounds of price- so when you put it that way i am letting myself get slightly hopeful. And ye especially as telegraph and the bbc have both said themselves, not just quoting other sources, have both said we are in talks and you make a good pioint bout MEN also.

  34. Jayden Sebastian

    Jayden Sebastian4 dager siden

    B/R football posted it so it is happening 🙂


    JEFF WAMBISH4 dager siden

    Until Bruno has a debut in a Man United shirt, can't trust these rumour diggers nowadays

  36. Siva Naicker

    Siva Naicker4 dager siden

    Well done But I will only believe wen his there

  37. Prasoon Manandhar

    Prasoon Manandhar4 dager siden

    Presence blud 😅

  38. Benjamin

    Benjamin4 dager siden

    Wow one of the many many transfers weve needed for years...It’s not good enough. Show some intent and splash some serious cash !

  39. ዛሬ ተደስቼኣለሁ

    ዛሬ ተደስቼኣለሁ4 dager siden

    Bruno ? I don't have any information about his skill ... Mark can you have information about him please ? Thank you Mark

  40. Rachid Khamlichi

    Rachid Khamlichi4 dager siden

    Many fans want him out the club? The majority I know want him in.

  41. Andreas Racha

    Andreas Racha4 dager siden

    Reasons why I want Bruno Gernandez tp come 1) He is an excellent creative midfielder that will improve us massively 2) I'm bloody excited for goldbrige's reaction 🤣🤣🤣

  42. Junior Paradise

    Junior Paradise4 dager siden

    Lingard and Jones should be traded for Jefferson Lerma, a decent cdm/cm.

  43. AJP Reactions

    AJP Reactions4 dager siden

    I don’t Believe it until I see it officially seeing him in a United shirt and interview and everything

  44. NSo3000

    NSo30004 dager siden

    If anyone can mess this up its the dynamic duo of Judge and Woodward

  45. Phillysports 10

    Phillysports 104 dager siden

    Please get Soumare and Bellingham as well as Fernandes and we are set

  46. Michael Dodds

    Michael Dodds4 dager siden

    The Glazers just watched Man U destroy the mighty Norwich 4-0 at home. Why would we need to spend good money on players?

  47. Jordan Norgate

    Jordan Norgate4 dager siden

    what number will he take?

  48. ziq gAucho

    ziq gAucho4 dager siden

    A club that fans want the manager out?who the frick do u think u are? The messiah?

  49. Shu Rau

    Shu Rau4 dager siden

    Bang Average player, a poor mans Fred

  50. Paddy Brenan

    Paddy Brenan4 dager siden

    BREAKING: Man Utd annouce their first signing of 2020.......a fucking partnership with Lego

  51. Thomas Mankwende

    Thomas Mankwende4 dager siden

    Am tired of players believed to be heading to man utd and yet end up somewhere else. So I don't trust anymore

  52. santclause1

    santclause14 dager siden

    Just signed for City.

  53. Rideon dancecrew

    Rideon dancecrew4 dager siden

    I believe it's going to happen

  54. Obi1 Kenobi

    Obi1 Kenobi4 dager siden

    Just be aware Man Utd pr machine release stories like this when criticism grows to take the heat away . Then he doesn’t get signed in a couple of weeks and they then release summer targets . Keep with the pressure because we need Bruno and the West Ham defender as a minimum ..and then three massive signings in summer as well ! Get rid of the dead wood solskjaer ,who has so far done well in that regard. Another year and solskjaer will have moved on half the team he inherited

  55. Kye Greatbatch

    Kye Greatbatch4 dager siden

    This is a good deal still think we need a cdm too

  56. Matthew Donaldson

    Matthew Donaldson4 dager siden

    Get Koulibaly ...... push Lindelof up to CDM..........

  57. Nathan Olivacce

    Nathan Olivacce4 dager siden

    He's 🤓🤓

  58. Matthew Donaldson

    Matthew Donaldson4 dager siden

    Rueben Neves .............. Rueben Neves...............

  59. Zain Khan

    Zain Khan4 dager siden

    Brilliant signing needed him imagine replacing him with lingard and pereira and then we need 4/5 extra signings but now atleast got one now try get another signing before end of this window but come on and hopefully he’ll start Sunday against Liverpool too he’s creative and what we’ve been missing mctominay holding with Pogba and Fernandes ahead of him and then James rashford and martial front three 🔥

  60. Zaher Al-Qassab

    Zaher Al-Qassab4 dager siden

    What about a world class CB to hold defense in Maguire's absence? Koulibali would make a great partnership with Maguire in the heart of defense and both would command the area in addition to nullify any aerial threat as Lindelof is weak in high balls and also both would increase possibility of scoring goals from corners.....I've heard that Leicester is exploring their chances of signing Shaw in case Chilwell leaves, so why don't we swap Shaw plus cash for Chilwell in direct deal??? it will be a real deal !!!!