"It's IMPOSSIBLE for Man City to win the title!" | Jamie Redknapp & Micah Richards on title race

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Micah Richards and Jamie Redknapp give their views on the ever growing points gap between Man City and top of the table Liverpool, with Redknapp saying it's impossible to Manchester city to win the league this season.
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  1. Stanley Tang

    Stanley TangMåned siden

    Liverpool lost Alisson for the 1st 8 games, Matip injured, Fabinho out for two months, but they don't make them as excuse

  2. M Kila

    M KilaMåned siden

    Only man united won the league 3 times in a Row

  3. jimmy hopkins

    jimmy hopkinsMåned siden

    Liverpool deserve it this year. Unbelievable.

  4. Joe Turner

    Joe TurnerMåned siden

    I dont wanna make excuses... liverpool just to good. 😂😂😂

  5. thesehands coming

    thesehands comingMåned siden

    Pressure folds the biggest of pros at times liverpool aint letting up this season.

  6. Luck

    LuckMåned siden

    A few months ago city battered Watford 7-0. Now these pundits are saying man cities days are numbered... pundits haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about and that’s coming from a chelsea fan

  7. Rob G

    Rob GMåned siden

    It's December, it's football, saying it's "Impossible" is not only stupid but as a former Liverpool Captain it's also dangerous. I'm a Liverpool fan and as soon as Redknapp said that I screamed "Oh well done you gobshite" at the TV. It's over in May!!

  8. daddy

    daddyMåned siden

    Is it just the failed players who get punidtry jobs, apart from shearer...

  9. Klopp AllTheWay

    Klopp AllTheWayMåned siden

    Why talking about Man City when foxes r our issue right now

  10. liamd55

    liamd55Måned siden

    Fed up of city’s excuses about injuries!!! Liverpool have had Gomez, Matip,Alisson, Fabinho,keita injures this season!!!!

  11. Craig Hewitt

    Craig HewittMåned siden

    Seriously? This isn't over by a long chalk, and Leicester are hot on our heels. Although some likely think we'll go the season unbeaten, I'm not entirely convinced, though our performance on Saturday was very positive, we have a tough few weeks coming up and can I'll afford 2,3 even four injuries to key players. I hope I'm wrong!!!

  12. Red Lavish

    Red LavishMåned siden

    Incoming 200m bid for koulibaly from city. If it doesn’t go through, peps going PSG.

  13. Mateomoulin_

    Mateomoulin_Måned siden

    I think it’s possible for city to come back

  14. Mateomoulin_

    Mateomoulin_Måned siden

    Jamie don’t jinx us 😩

  15. ThisIsVictor

    ThisIsVictorMåned siden


  16. Robin LaBouche

    Robin LaBoucheMåned siden

    Correct..it is IMPOSSIBLE ...don't make excuses Micah....a terrible comment !!!!!

  17. Alexander Hikmala

    Alexander HikmalaMåned siden

    Liverpool can win ugly and their way of playing is unpredictable for the opponents..and of course their counter attacks is one of the best in the 🌎 City is getting bored and the rivals love to play deep against them😂YNWA 🏆

  18. Krunch

    KrunchMåned siden

    STOP BUMMING KOMPANY ALL THE TIME. What is it with these man shitty players/fans that just always make an excuse for being awful. Kompany wasn’t even that good last year and played a handful of games, just man up and stop talking 24/7 about something that happened in the early summer.

  19. Boy Racer

    Boy RacerMåned siden

    Liverpool lost their main keeper first day of the Premier league. Salah was injured, Fabinho now too. No excuses

  20. Muggle Ting

    Muggle TingMåned siden

    Improbable, yes. Impossible, no

  21. Legend Eskimo Boy

    Legend Eskimo BoyMåned siden

    Kompany this and Kompany that. Squad cost £1B ffs

  22. BLUE BEE

    BLUE BEEMåned siden

    Teams are getting better


    ADNAN CATAKMåned siden

    Don’t forget Leicester......!! Liverpool have got players injured in this season as well whiles having worse bench than Man C.... Stop make excuses about it and just admire that Liverpool is strongest this year .

  24. Mohamed

    MohamedMåned siden

    Bang on from Redknapp to be fair, summed it up perfectly

  25. Motrimba Saka

    Motrimba SakaMåned siden

    Why man city and why not Leicester city??

  26. Amareto

    AmaretoMåned siden

    Not a City fan nor Liverpool even though I want Liverpool to lift the trophy next year. Having said that: "It's not over until is over".

  27. Syndicate Jr

    Syndicate JrMåned siden

    Liverpool will slip up again, mark my words, if it can happen last year and in 2014 from Gerrard slipping on his arse, it can most certainly happen again. (Bring the hate motherfuckers)

  28. Why Hello There

    Why Hello ThereMåned siden

    You sad kid, making a fake account of a fake account of a bollywood dancer, ffs

  29. Vasko Pohlupkov

    Vasko PohlupkovMåned siden

    Nothing is impossible.

  30. Nakisaka Rymbai

    Nakisaka RymbaiMåned siden

    The Only City team that's dangerous now is Leicester.

  31. keegan773

    keegan773Måned siden

    Whinge, whinge, whinge........But I don't want to make excuses. Yeh right.

  32. Uros Mihailovic

    Uros MihailovicMåned siden

    That Saudi money running out...

  33. K'

    K'Måned siden

    With both mourhino and pep falling to win 3 in a row premier League or be a consistent challenger for many years shows how great Alex Ferguson was.

  34. NoName NoName

    NoName NoNameMåned siden

    Im a Leicester supporter and of course I want us to win the league but I think Liverpool deserves it this year

  35. Arty FIFA

    Arty FIFAMåned siden

    1:55 Fernandinho has potentially been the best cdm in the league. Inter played tennis apparently

  36. timothie goodshaw

    timothie goodshawMåned siden

    Teams just know how to play against city now

  37. Carlyle Bermudez

    Carlyle BermudezMåned siden

    Micah, please change your tailor. That suit is cringe as hell.

  38. Wesley Thuo

    Wesley ThuoMåned siden

    The problem with pep his success is his downfall, he has achieved great accolades with Mancity and broken records and won many trophies with the most dominating playing philosophy in terms of statistics and entertaiment in Englands more long ball, physicall,setpiece and counterattacking based league,that he has attracted too many haters wishing for his downfall and degrading his football with petty arguments, but that's life when on top your bound to targeted

  39. Shahbaz Khan

    Shahbaz KhanMåned siden

    Micah richards is dopey

  40. jono walker

    jono walkerMåned siden

    Liverpool to bottle it and Leicester to win the league!!! You heard it here first.

  41. Conor S

    Conor SMåned siden

    It’s a hard knock life

  42. G

    GMåned siden

    It’s really unlikely but it ain’t impossible

  43. Umar Chowdhury

    Umar ChowdhuryMåned siden

    Kelly Cates voice ... deserves an award of some sort.

  44. The Saint ST1

    The Saint ST1Måned siden

    She’s a fine lass....

  45. Delp

    DelpMåned siden

    "it's only because of injuries" yeah when they lost against Norwich, Norwich had only 2 players of their starting 11..

  46. Ding Dong

    Ding DongMåned siden

    City Fan: We didn't have Sane. ManU Fan: We didn't have Pogba. Shut the f up.

  47. Vader

    VaderMåned siden

    wonder if Micah has ran into Stan Collymore lately after the drubbing he gave him lol

  48. blackghost10sg

    blackghost10sgMåned siden

    why Richards needs so many pockets? he needs a real suit

  49. Dom Sellwood

    Dom SellwoodMåned siden

    Be realistic, city is now out of the title race. Unfortunately It’s now Liverpool’s to loose 😔 I’m a Man Utd and saying that just made me feel rotten 😂

  50. s13hgp

    s13hgpMåned siden

    City need more millions of £ ´s Pep needs more billions of £´s ......Money buys titles........

  51. chilled99

    chilled99Måned siden

    14 points with no decent CBs - forget about it

  52. DGE

    DGEMåned siden

    Micah: “Don’t want to make excuses but we didn’t have Kompany, and laporte, we didn’t have a good crowd , we used up all oil money, and the refs are finally standing up to Pep and his players antiques ...” 😅

  53. Marcdoubleu22LFC

    Marcdoubleu22LFCMåned siden

    Jonny Reed really? I think you need to go on the bbc HYS online after every Liverpool game and I think you’ll find it’s not Liverpool fans who are the salty ones ffs?! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

  54. Marcdoubleu22LFC

    Marcdoubleu22LFCMåned siden

    Jonny Reed is there such a thing as a salty Liverpool fan atm ffs? 😂

  55. Marcdoubleu22LFC

    Marcdoubleu22LFCMåned siden

    donedeal typo of what? Lol

  56. donedeal

    donedealMåned siden

    @Marcdoubleu22LFC He might just be a typo, who knows.

  57. Marcdoubleu22LFC

    Marcdoubleu22LFCMåned siden

    donedeal his players are antiques everyone can just run round them and score. 🤣

  58. The Kolektor

    The KolektorMåned siden

    City have been very unlucky with injuries to key players this & last season but the difference is they turned it around in the 2nd half last of the season I wouldn not write them off because they still have the best squad in the league & besides Liverpool have been lucky on occasions to have the lead they have but we will see come end of the season ps don’t forget about Leicester!!!

  59. Aaron T

    Aaron TMåned siden

    it's a two horse race between liverpool and leicester

  60. Fabio Luisi

    Fabio LuisiMåned siden

    Alll the time they come with silly excuses for Man city! Bullshit. They do like liverpool don't have any injured players..stop it! What about Allison??? Matip?? Fabhino?? Even Salah missed some games! Ox were injured the whole seaon. Lalana..Gomez..common. why they can't just be honest that Liverpool is the best team and they will never ever catch them. Liverpool is to good too strong this season

  61. vilamor007

    vilamor007Måned siden

    I am a Man U fan and I can categorically state now, The league is over for city this season, Liverpool have won the premier league for the first time in 30 years,

  62. Murad Khan

    Murad KhanMåned siden

    Micah Richards blazer is an absolute disgrace

  63. Nextcore Programming

    Nextcore ProgrammingMåned siden

    What kind of suit jacket it that? Is it dior or something?

  64. Faisal Hans

    Faisal HansMåned siden

    Richards looks 25

  65. Joseff Murphy

    Joseff MurphyMåned siden

    "I don't want to make excuses" *Makes 5 excuses*

  66. Joseff Murphy

    Joseff MurphyMåned siden

    @Jonny Reed mate u r probably an arsenal fan so just stop

  67. Jonny Reed

    Jonny ReedMåned siden

    Joseff Murphy about time hey. Finally might be able to say ur a big club 🤷🏾‍♂️

  68. Joseff Murphy

    Joseff MurphyMåned siden

    We're gonna win the league allez allez allez

  69. Jonny Reed

    Jonny ReedMåned siden

    Joseff Murphy that u still can’t win the league

  70. Joseff Murphy

    Joseff MurphyMåned siden

    @Jonny Reed why would I be salty,

  71. mediacenter man

    mediacenter manMåned siden

    Micah Richards needs a better tailor. He looks like he is wearing his secondary school uniform.

  72. Bill

    BillMåned siden

    The title race is not over. A key injury to Liverpool might open the door for Leicester. Brendan Rogers is doing a phenomenal job with Leicester. And if it comes down to beating Man City, I believe he has the know-how to pull it off.