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  1. Celsey Hr

    Celsey Hr2 timer siden


  2. Hasnain Akram

    Hasnain Akram3 timer siden

    8:15(are you sure about that)Gibs one easily

  3. Chicken Meme

    Chicken Meme3 timer siden

    Gib is gonna nock out jake! 100%

  4. Shotgun R.J.C.

    Shotgun R.J.C.3 timer siden

    You gonna win gib, Jake can’t even beat deji.

  5. Justinas Draugelis

    Justinas Draugelis3 timer siden

    I don’t understand how one person can be so negative, so greedy, so egotistical and frankly just be such a dickhead, how does someone end up like jake paul

  6. Orges Jashanica

    Orges Jashanica3 timer siden

    And the ‘Door mat’ will slap you

  7. Megan Rankin

    Megan Rankin4 timer siden

    Never seen bigger idiots in my life

  8. [ Deleted ]

    [ Deleted ]4 timer siden

    I forgot all about Jake Paul until he accepted the fight 😂

  9. VeryzonGames

    VeryzonGames4 timer siden

    This is gonna go simple as water. - Jake's gonna Talk Shit about his opponent Just like logan - Gib is gonna stay confident - Jake's gonna lose, Just like his brother did *ISSA DÉJÀ-VU*

  10. Jonny Allan

    Jonny Allan4 timer siden

    Jake Paul acting all tough 🤨🤨 thats cute 🤣🤣

  11. DR1P_AQUA

    DR1P_AQUA4 timer siden

    gib! gib! gib! gib! gib! gib!

  12. TalinB 23

    TalinB 235 timer siden

    Hey Logan ur a loser don’t boo me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. frosty_YT

    frosty_YT5 timer siden

    Gib: wins the fight Jake paul: I am sick

  14. aesthetic tea

    aesthetic tea5 timer siden

    what i learnt from this: - jake’s delusional - jake’s obsessed with fighting british people - he thinks he’s better looking than gib - gib and his trainer are mentally stable compared to jake and his trainer - jake actually thinks he’s still relevant

  15. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyu4 timer siden

    Let’s go Gib!!

  16. Lil Kid

    Lil Kid5 timer siden

    I'm betting on you gib U BETTER WIN

  17. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyu4 timer siden

    Nah I’m dead, Gib is too jokes

  18. Ghost Ghost

    Ghost Ghost5 timer siden



    DXBGAMER5 timer siden

    عاش gib😂😂

  20. Aya AG

    Aya AG5 timer siden

    Even if Gib loses, its ok he is new to this and Jake will still be the loser because of who he is and what he does in his life

  21. L3THAL -

    L3THAL -5 timer siden

    10:16 I wish gib just punched him so hard in jakes undeveloped face he’s a quick joke that gib should say to Jake roses are red violets are blue god made me Beautiful what the hell happened to you

  22. L3THAL -

    L3THAL -5 timer siden

    I can’t wait for gib to fucking rip out jakes throat and rip he’s guts out and Feed it to he’s bro and destroy he’s career and put him in fucking dust

  23. Robbie Watson

    Robbie Watson5 timer siden

    Plz knock him out cold

  24. A V

    A V6 timer siden


  25. To The Moon

    To The Moon6 timer siden

    Gib is going to lose.

  26. miner

    miner6 timer siden

    jake paul would be good hvher ngl.

  27. Cecilia Sanchez

    Cecilia Sanchez6 timer siden

    Jake Paul just looks dumb in this video and is trying to make gib not wanna fight but gib doesn’t give a f***

  28. 卩乇丨几 ㄒ乇几丂乇丨

    卩乇丨几 ㄒ乇几丂乇丨7 timer siden


  29. Felt Emotional

    Felt Emotional8 timer siden

    10:10 jaje got hard staring at gib

  30. Playinx GT

    Playinx GT9 timer siden

    I really miss the WaAaaAaLl MaaAart tho even if its so annoying

  31. Victor Nguyen

    Victor Nguyen9 timer siden

    Yo I really want Jake Paul to get knock the fk out

  32. Taylor Moretti

    Taylor Moretti9 timer siden

    Nah I’m dead, Gib is too jokes

  33. Harry Millwood

    Harry Millwood9 timer siden

    Let’s go Gib!!

  34. What am I doing

    What am I doing9 timer siden

    this has twice the amount views as jake's video lol

  35. T α ყ α

    T α ყ α9 timer siden

    It feels dead 💀

  36. Bentley Minott

    Bentley Minott10 timer siden

    When Jake said that his mum has more followers than gib, that's not actually true. Gib has 585k, whereas Pam has 529k, so Jake, check and think before you say

  37. Sally270702

    Sally27070210 timer siden

    KSI and 7 figure gibber gonna rearrange jakeys face hahahhah

  38. Shermila Obris

    Shermila Obris11 timer siden

    Fam u can fit a whole family in Jake's beard

  39. Xolali Dorgbadzi

    Xolali Dorgbadzi12 timer siden

    Man said he's gonna bop KSI😂😂😂😂

  40. Dylan Curtin

    Dylan Curtin13 timer siden


  41. Tommy Shipp

    Tommy Shipp13 timer siden

    I'm surprised Jake's trainer didn't say that he's white

  42. PYRO

    PYRO13 timer siden

    "I am more prepared than ever" Then why did you lost vs KSI?

  43. Judah Menard

    Judah Menard14 timer siden

    4:00 no Jake you only fucking fought 3 rounds

  44. ElementalGames !

    ElementalGames !14 timer siden

    Horrible press conference boring they don't have any charasmatic

  45. Brownieboy 17720

    Brownieboy 1772015 timer siden

    If jake loses to gib than ksi will not fight jakw

  46. Blue KaioKen

    Blue KaioKen16 timer siden

    Jake almost lost to Deji Got a bloody nose because of Deji And he didn’t even knock him out at all or in the first round.

  47. Blue KaioKen

    Blue KaioKen3 timer siden

    seeriu ciihy because he’s Jake, jake always interrupts people. Logan actually takes responsibility in his actions

  48. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihy13 timer siden

    7:12 have you ever shut up?. have you ever stopped trying to sound like you're better then everyone (including your fans)? p.s, why does he always interrupt people even thoug

  49. nisko C

    nisko C16 timer siden

    Man I’m sure Gib will beat this goober, but man if he doesn’t ksi will absolutely destroy Jake

  50. chen Wang

    chen Wang16 timer siden

    props to shane mosley though

  51. chen Wang

    chen Wang16 timer siden

    Aneson just make him out to be the muppet he is, dont reply with the same stupid crap, he literally spouts crap

  52. Ladzegy

    Ladzegy17 timer siden

    It looks like they’re at a rehab centre

  53. Toxic Death

    Toxic Death18 timer siden

    He's in love with boxing but said that boxing is rigged 😂😂😂 how TF and any boxer who trains or trained Jake Paul shouldn't call themselves boxers y'all training a dude who talked shit on your whole career and legacy 🤷🤷

  54. Memes Person

    Memes Person18 timer siden

    If England joins ww3 gib is getting deported

  55. Alpha Tax

    Alpha Tax18 timer siden

    Yo iam 15 pro boxer I would clap jakies ass.

  56. Ferg

    Ferg18 timer siden

    poor guy man, he's gonna get clarted and have to refund more people than his wife did

  57. Jordan B

    Jordan B18 timer siden

    imagiame jake talking all that sht and then losing

  58. Farhan Ullah

    Farhan Ullah18 timer siden

    Let’s go champ to let’s go GIB

  59. Reilly 72

    Reilly 7219 timer siden

    Why tf is the first thing the paul brothers say is “you look nervous” when jake is stuttering after every word stfu

  60. Dangelo17 Diaz

    Dangelo17 Diaz19 timer siden

    0:52 "Hey logan you lil loser, dont fucking boo me" 😂😭

  61. Game God Game God

    Game God Game God19 timer siden

    gib is a fucking legend

  62. FineTapestry200 Gtr nismo

    FineTapestry200 Gtr nismo19 timer siden

    Gib will knockout jake Paul and Jake will run like a little pussy ass bitch

  63. red headed psycho

    red headed psycho20 timer siden

    7:12 have you ever shut up?. have you ever stopped trying to sound like you're better then everyone (including your fans)? p.s, why does he always interrupt people even though he asked them a question? does he not want to hear the truth?

  64. John Garcia

    John Garcia20 timer siden

    they sound like a bunch of fucking retards comparing Instagram followers