Jalen Rose reacts to Derrick Rose’s game winner | Jalen & Jacoby

Jalen Rose reacts to Derrick Rose sinking the game-winner for the Detroit Pistons against the New Orleans Pelicans and discusses a possible Blake Griffin trade. (1:52) Jalen weighs in on the Houston Rockets losing to the Sacramento Kings.
#JalenandJacoby #NBA
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  1. rowejam072000

    rowejam07200019 dager siden


  2. damarcuswilson1

    damarcuswilson1Måned siden

    Derrick is one of Larry's outstanding members

  3. CC

    CCMåned siden

    Detroit should go full talk mode LIKE full tank and get rid of all there best players like Blake drose and Drummond

  4. Lmaooo Scrub

    Lmaooo ScrubMåned siden

    As a Spurs fan, trade DeRozan for this man

  5. Amir Rouzati

    Amir RouzatiMåned siden

    What's up with that man's nose

  6. Nellzartworx

    NellzartworxMåned siden

    Who is the woman at the end that says the ESPN bumper?

  7. Nellzartworx

    NellzartworxMåned siden

    Shout out to Derrick ROse, man that n*gga nice

  8. TLA Savage

    TLA SavageMåned siden

    1,2,3,4,5,6, LOCK Good game G

  9. Randal Flag

    Randal FlagMåned siden

    Bulls fans still proud of our boy.

  10. JayDubya Media

    JayDubya MediaMåned siden

    D. Rose just stacked on tha boss!!😂. All my chi town people know what i mean.

  11. Kundal Singh

    Kundal SinghMåned siden

    Blake griffin and brown for Schroeder and Adams or gallonari

  12. Tim Tsai

    Tim TsaiMåned siden

    I do think Blake Griffin is a weird fit with the Pistons. I don’t know why. I think he’s better off going to the Warriors

  13. CocaineJayy

    CocaineJayyMåned siden

    Rose is a OG

  14. trebledc

    trebledcMåned siden

    A true MVP will always show he was a mvp.

  15. Timothy Hall

    Timothy HallMåned siden

    Both of these guys blink more than anyone I've ever seen.

  16. Space Pharaoh

    Space PharaohMåned siden

    Rose needs to be in the HOF when its all said and done.

  17. johncitizen76

    johncitizen76Måned siden

    That void above jalens mo 🕵🏻‍♂️

  18. Marvin Allen

    Marvin AllenMåned siden

    Send blake to OKC

  19. P H

    P HMåned siden

    I thought the Kings could've might of might making the 8 seed

  20. Deon Sotó

    Deon SotóMåned siden

    That guy looks like Jimmy Fallon

  21. jovon J

    jovon JMåned siden

    Wish he was still in Chicago.

  22. xrmerkur

    xrmerkurMåned siden

    no surprise pistons being the opening story. don’t forget this is a 3 time championship team in the last 30 years. Basketball fans from baby boomers, generation x and millennials have all watched the pistons reach the highest point while the media salivates over teams like the knicks.

  23. James Arias

    James AriasMåned siden

    Sixth man pleaseeee 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  24. Edwinna Rasheed

    Edwinna RasheedMåned siden

    Mvp rose with Blake griffen dunking would win a ring

  25. Down 2 Earth

    Down 2 EarthMåned siden

    It's what I do

  26. DystopiaX

    DystopiaXMåned siden

    If you look at per 36 numbers Rose is having his best overall statistical season in his career actually surpassing his MVP season. Not sure that he can handle the wear of actually playing 36 minutes per game at this point but just shows the kind of impact he's having off the bench in the minutes he plays.

  27. J RII

    J RIIMåned siden

    D. Rose should be starting.... It would make Pistons guaranteed to make the playoffs

  28. Derek Hollingshead

    Derek HollingsheadMåned siden

    Norm, Ibaka and. 1st for Griffin. Raptors need tenacity and defensive rebounding. A Norm, Ibaka and Casey reunion makes sense.

  29. Mass Aesthetics

    Mass AestheticsMåned siden

    Jalen looking old af

  30. Bekillingyou1

    Bekillingyou1Måned siden

    ROSE...my dude! I was really looking forward to him playing with the Warriors.

  31. Spain Cain

    Spain CainMåned siden

    Me and my homie was talking bout this yesterday he definitely did stack on em at the end

  32. Last scene missin

    Last scene missinMåned siden

    Blake only good at dunking and that's getting old now that he can't do it as much

  33. Dail Ray

    Dail RayMåned siden


  34. John Adams

    John AdamsMåned siden

    Notice how d.rose no issues since he got them locs💯💯💯💯

  35. cupchamp5

    cupchamp5Måned siden

    Jalen's take is one thing. What does LeBron think of Derrick Rose's game winner?

  36. jay Rodriguez

    jay RodriguezMåned siden

    6th man of the year for d-rose💪💪💪

  37. Gabe W

    Gabe WMåned siden

    I would love to have D Rose coming off the lakers bench

  38. Matt Trivet

    Matt TrivetMåned siden

    from a bulls fan Rose has always hit big shots

  39. Humble Tone

    Humble ToneMåned siden

    Jalen stay dropping a quotable bar 🤣. That fab 5 swag

  40. Yung LuchiEO12

    Yung LuchiEO12Måned siden

    We gone act like we aint see him stacking an then lock it👑😎

  41. Detroit World Television

    Detroit World TelevisionMåned siden

    Keep blake dre and drose!!!!

  42. giv_me_teh_succ

    giv_me_teh_succMåned siden

    that was such a clean spin jumper tho, lookin like something some shot creator in 2k19 would do.

  43. Jake Allen

    Jake AllenMåned siden

    The competition between d rose and j cole who could collect more change outside of a gas station would be epic.

  44. Daniel Mendoza

    Daniel MendozaMåned siden

    never forget Kobe dropped 81 on Jalen Rose

  45. Christopher Davis

    Christopher DavisMåned siden

    Windy City Assassin!

  46. Logan Ferguson

    Logan FergusonMåned siden

    Kuzma plus w/e else to make salaries match for Blake.

  47. Keelun Luther

    Keelun LutherMåned siden

    Derrick rose is better than Lou Williams. Mabe Lakers should trade a bench player for him.

  48. Pacc Butler

    Pacc ButlerMåned siden

    Rose needs to stop the gang banging

  49. Antonio Walker

    Antonio WalkerMåned siden

    Jalen has to stop using those hair fibers

  50. Doug Lang

    Doug LangMåned siden

    A sports channel that gives the headline content up front? This will be the only one I watch from now on.

  51. Rondo Numba 9

    Rondo Numba 9Måned siden

    My boi Pooh bring the MURRAY PARK out

  52. Tom Green

    Tom GreenMåned siden

    Stack and lock it PML famo

  53. Original1912savage

    Original1912savageMåned siden

    Tom Green 🔱✡️

  54. Russ Gaar Texas Training and Bodybuilding

    Russ Gaar Texas Training and BodybuildingMåned siden

    D. Rose is a starter on every team in the nba, period

  55. Big Jones

    Big JonesMåned siden

    Keep speaking facts Jalen & Jacoby💯. DetroitVsEverybody

  56. RoshFit

    RoshFitMåned siden

    Rose need to fkn Start bro

  57. Mrrampage73

    Mrrampage73Måned siden

    D.R The G.O.A.T 💫 Siiiiiiiiii 💫 👊 🇵🇹

  58. zelexen Lizaola-V

    zelexen Lizaola-VMåned siden

    Trevor Ariza used to play with luke back with the lakers. Luke is making things happen with Sac Kings.

  59. Essag Ghim

    Essag GhimMåned siden

    He got more ices in his veins than d Russell

  60. Roosevelt Green

    Roosevelt GreenMåned siden

    there was an over and back for houston not called

  61. Patrick Pang

    Patrick PangMåned siden

    Is Derrick related to Jalen? Cousins maybe?