Jamie Carragher & Gary Neville ARGUE over which city is better! 😡 | Liverpool vs Manchester

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Who has the better music, TV, nightlife... and footballers? Liverpool or Manchester? Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher go head-to-head for their city.
Ahead of Liverpool's meeting with Manchester United on Super Sunday, we asked two pundits who know a thing or two about both cities...

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  1. james m

    james m7 timer siden

    Gary Neville was high he tried to say kenny wasn’t the best at that time tried to say Istanbul wasn’t the best comeback

  2. Jake Sullivan

    Jake Sullivan21 time siden

    Gary just had to mention karl pilkington and he would have won

  3. sevengoals

    sevengoalsDag siden

    This is so funny.

  4. Ben Craughwell

    Ben CraughwellDag siden

    Manchester is well better

  5. John Smith

    John Smith2 dager siden

    They are arguing about managers that all came from Scotland. Lol

  6. Hoze 123

    Hoze 1233 dager siden

    the banter masters

  7. David alker

    David alker3 dager siden

    Just like to Gary Nevile is from Bury not Manchester 😂

  8. David alker

    David alker3 dager siden

    Liverpool easy wins

  9. Ieuan Slocombe

    Ieuan Slocombe4 dager siden

    Did he say Ryan Giggs was from Manchester

  10. Arunachala Sivateja Mudigonda

    Arunachala Sivateja Mudigonda5 dager siden

    liverpool dominated europe almost a century sgo And didn't dominate europe until last year(Maybe)

  11. Arunachala Sivateja Mudigonda

    Arunachala Sivateja Mudigonda5 dager siden

    even giggsy won the champions league carra

  12. Bongo Baggins

    Bongo Baggins5 dager siden

    I don't particularly like either of them but Liverpool win on the existence of Coronation Street alone.

  13. rael1999

    rael19995 dager siden

    Think Neville's great but he'd have trouble arguing a snowball was white ! Carragher owned him and he just stood there like a spare part !

  14. Alireza Yeknoor

    Alireza Yeknoor8 dager siden

    United could have dominated europe if messi didnt exist between 2009 to 2011.

  15. ched banger

    ched banger10 dager siden

    Carragher sortin Gaz Out wid da pills back in the day 😂😂😂

  16. MDavH 25

    MDavH 2511 dager siden

    Since I live smack bang between the two I'll anwer the non football questions... Music: Liverpool (though Manchester has more venues) TV: Manchester - not just Corrie, far more film are filmed there too. Night Out: Liverpool (not even close that one) Best Accent or Not the Worst Accent: Manchester Shopping: Manchester sweeps that one Tourists: Manchester and to list what they both have.... Liverpool: 2 sports stadiums, Titanic Museum, better night out, both have cathedrals and interesting buildings to photograph but Liverpool is more aesthetically beautiful (liverpool one and Albert Docks). Manchester: 2 football stadiums, the football museum, science and technology museum, war museum, trafford centre, Manchester eye

  17. manni Apparel

    manni Apparel13 dager siden

    That is very good argument Liverpool beat Manchester United someone from Liverpool must of called any 0161 number and called my house to globe but am not a United fan I support arsenal he said really apologise and got off

  18. David Nash

    David Nash13 dager siden

    The Smiths are from Manchester so... Manchester.

  19. Steve Jones

    Steve Jones14 dager siden

    The truth is they're both more often than not covered by a grey sludge of a sky and suffer from high crime rates. The most concerning being an increase in shootings and a cocaine epidemic.

  20. Mark Oneill

    Mark Oneill14 dager siden

    Feck ant and Dec when we have these 2,lol sorry 3 she suits being with them lol

  21. deano77ful

    deano77ful16 dager siden

    Nobody goes to manchester lol

  22. friggincanvee

    friggincanvee17 dager siden

    Bayern Munikhhhh

  23. 04nbod

    04nbod18 dager siden

    You can't deny Manchester has nothing in it. I went to uni there. Night out at the Printworks, that's it.

  24. Randy Day

    Randy Day18 dager siden

    Two Manchester clubs combined couldn't top Liverpool. More CL titles, and PL titles gonna keep coming home to LFC atleast 7 times in this decade.

  25. Jon wilson

    Jon wilson18 dager siden

    Barcelona 99? Sure it was Munich that was the greater comeback she’s meaning?

  26. Lckleen Cleaning Services

    Lckleen Cleaning Services19 dager siden

    Man United dominated the europe when Ronaldo went there. They win everything. Even the champions league. But if Man United gets Jorje Jesus as a manager they will be back to the glory days.

  27. paulmaking1980

    paulmaking198019 dager siden

    Manchester is the best city! Hands DOWN! Sorry, Liverpool!

  28. biblical

    biblical2 dager siden

    paulmaking1980 alright Paul

  29. Thomas Jones

    Thomas Jones19 dager siden

    Great Banter Great Rivalry, I Love Them Both, Great Entertainment, Gary Neville Wanted Rangers For His Testmantional Not Celtic,

  30. Thomas Jones

    Thomas Jones19 dager siden

    As A Liverpool Fan And Rangers Fan And A Born Scotsman/Brit The Best Manager For Me And I Hate To Say This But Alex Govan Born Rangers Fan Ferguson, Is The Best Manager Of All Time Wth 48 Trophies Says It All

  31. Forever Human

    Forever Human19 dager siden

    Please more arguments please makes my day

  32. Tony H.

    Tony H.20 dager siden

    Dalglish before Best??? I couldn't stop laughing

  33. Christian Rayner

    Christian Rayner21 dag siden


  34. Arcradia

    Arcradia21 dag siden

    Gary Neville one Biggest Dickheads to be Associated with Football plz remove this Idiot from our TV Screens. Gary Neville 6:40 Liverpool unbeaten home. Record will go on the 19th January 2020 you a bigger idiot than I gave you Credit for as the Score was 2:0 to Liverpool crap Manure have no Strikers

  35. Aatir Hussain

    Aatir Hussain22 dager siden

    Gary's a legend

  36. mohamed salah

    mohamed salah22 dager siden

    As a Londoner I say Liverpool all day Manchester just try’s to hard, but daglish was not better than best

  37. Muhammed Emir Uysal

    Muhammed Emir Uysal25 dager siden

    influence on refeerees does not go from premier league to champions league HAHAHA

  38. polaxe77

    polaxe7726 dager siden

    If these twats were on fire and I had a cup of my own piss,I’d drink it.

  39. L Pegg

    L Pegg26 dager siden

    The state of sky sports standing in Bramall lane arguing about Liverpool and Manchester United

  40. 357M view

    357M view27 dager siden

    Liverpool talk from butthole not there mouth.

  41. Martin Davis

    Martin Davis27 dager siden

    Liverpool > Manchester

  42. Graham Reardon

    Graham Reardon27 dager siden

    Ahh the scouse accent is fooking class tbf.

  43. Graham Reardon

    Graham Reardon27 dager siden

    Ryan giggs is not from the fooking city. Wtf.

  44. Scouser LFC

    Scouser LFC28 dager siden

    Ryan giggs best manc footballer ?? Pretty sure he was welsh

  45. Tam Smith

    Tam Smith28 dager siden

    Glasgow trumps both of these cities. Better night out. Ferguson, Dalglish - Glasgow. First British European Cup - Glasgow (Celtic). Biggest attendances in British football history - Glasgow. Most successful league club in the world - Glasgow (Rangers). Take the Sky money out of the conversation and both of the Glasgow clubs are as big in UK terms as Liverpool and Utd.

  46. boxingking !

    boxingking !28 dager siden

    You cant beat The BEATLES. Got that one right?

  47. Lim Lfc

    Lim Lfc28 dager siden

    Manchester is good but liverpool is 10 times better

  48. GoonerKIRK.

    GoonerKIRK.28 dager siden


  49. Joe Champion

    Joe Champion28 dager siden

    Liverpool drugs fuelled the Manchester rave scene

  50. Miyui Yui

    Miyui Yui29 dager siden

    Oh Jamie 💓💓😂🙌

  51. Assozial Nətwork

    Assozial Nətwork29 dager siden

    Withou it's football clubs I wouldn't even know what a "Manchester" was or are. Liverpool in comparison has written enough relevant history over the past 3 centuries that everybody knows and loves this city over here. It's THE British trademark city and ranks even far above London.

  52. the morg

    the morg29 dager siden

    19th of Jan has been and gone gary, still unbeaten, take them manure tinted glasses off,ha ha ha ha

  53. Frost pot

    Frost pot29 dager siden

    I'm not from either city but Liverpool is 100 times better than that shithole Manchester

  54. Bailey Ryan

    Bailey Ryan29 dager siden

    I like it how there arguing about Liverpool and Man U inside Bramall lane (Sheffield United stadium)

  55. Shreekant R Nair

    Shreekant R Nair29 dager siden

    Get a room both of you! 🤦‍♂️

  56. Nathan Taylor

    Nathan Taylor29 dager siden

    When have Liverpool ever dominated? 😂

  57. Raymond Smith

    Raymond Smith29 dager siden

    Gary gave the music category away too easy, OK Liverpool had The Beatles amongst others but Manchester produced The Stone Roses,Happy Mondays,Joy Division,New Order,Electronic,The Smiths,James and much more.

  58. Mark Doherty

    Mark Doherty16 dager siden

    Happy Mondays also from Salford and Bez is the son of Scouse parents.

  59. Mark Doherty

    Mark Doherty16 dager siden

    New Order/Joy Division were from Salford and Macclesfield area. Ian Brown is from Warrington and John Squire from Altrincham. The Charlatans are another band that weirdly get mentioned as a Manc band even though they hail from the Midlands.

  60. jo smith

    jo smith29 dager siden

    No argument both shitholes

  61. New Thought

    New Thought29 dager siden

    Great topic. Manchester.

  62. Ding Dong

    Ding Dong29 dager siden

    Man Utd have never dominated Europe. 😂😂 Comes from a player who never won PL title. 1 UCL title. Gary's got 2. Well Jamie is just hating.

  63. EDU4519Computing1

    EDU4519Computing1Måned siden

    Jamie: (Q) Why havent't Man United never dominated in Europe? (A) It's because you don't have influence over referees in Europe. PRICELESS.