Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Minilogue - Stupid People, Sex Guidelines & Bill Burr

Week two of isolation and Jimmy continues his daily mini monologues from his house during the quarantine. In today’s #minilogue Jimmy talks about stupid people who aren’t staying home, Donald Trump “protecting” Asian American communities via Twitter, Mike Pence testing negative for Coronavirus, Senator Rand Paul testing positive, how the Italian government is handling the pandemic, sex guidelines released by the NY Department of Health, and Jimmy interviews comedian Bill Burr from the safety of his own car. Jimmy will be making a donation to a worthwhile cause every day during this quarantine. Today, it’s the LA Food Bank. Please consider helping them, $100 buys 400 meals. Go here to donate: www.lafoodbank.org/
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  1. lovelywaz

    lovelywaz12 timer siden

    For Bill Burr hit <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="420">07:00</a>

  2. Hello Hello

    Hello Hello14 timer siden

    Brody Stevenson?!?!

  3. Dhruv Dinesh

    Dhruv Dinesh14 timer siden

    *Donald D!CK Head of USA*

  4. Margit Hammer

    Margit Hammer16 timer siden

    I had no idea Rand Paul was a doctor, he doesn't rub it in like Ben Carson I guess.

  5. Narn The Seaboo

    Narn The Seaboo18 timer siden

    And Bill is definitely right, The Media has slowly been losing credibility over the last few decades. They often don't cover the things that should be covered, for example - What about all of that corporate bailout that got jammed into a citizen relief bill? They couldn't make that two separate bills? I doubt that Walmart and Amazon couldn't have waited another few weeks for us to figure something out. Meanwhile, people are unsure how they are about to pay their rent this month.

  6. Narn The Seaboo

    Narn The Seaboo18 timer siden

    I don't appreciate you assuming that "Tammy" is a "her". Maybe she is Astral Gendered, did you even care to ask?

  7. Xavier Decroix

    Xavier Decroix19 timer siden

    Damn, Jimmy. I don't like your president or Weinstein either, but you do what Trump did just ten seconds after saying he shouldn't... Bad people are still people, man.

  8. OatyReading

    OatyReading20 timer siden

    "I know you go hot-tubbing with Tom Hanks!"

  9. Big Ern Dog

    Big Ern Dog21 time siden

    Nothing funny about Alzheimer’s ,but somehow you are able to make me laugh by interviewing and promoting the creepy hair sniffing quid pro Alzheimer’s Joe. Lol can’t wait to see your opening monologue after the election.

  10. M T

    M T21 time siden

    Bill is the man.

  11. Akadie Liskowich

    Akadie Liskowich22 timer siden

    Guy Clark, if I could just get off of this la freeway and put mr. T on the freeway with the top down!

  12. Akadie Liskowich

    Akadie Liskowich22 timer siden

    He’s killing people and doesn’t care! Empty vessel- SAD!

  13. Eva Ruiz

    Eva Ruiz22 timer siden

    Para Pa para pa parapa... 6yr..old says hi and my 10yr. Old says hi.. Miss,I Guillermo. Cousin Sal and the rest of you all. Me and my girls are big fans of your show. You guys make are night.

  14. jillcohnmusic

    jillcohnmusic22 timer siden

    5 o clock STOP SCREAM Monday!!! are you in????? let's curse this virus to it's crave! you are going DOWN 5oclock STOP!

  15. Galactic Warlock

    Galactic WarlockDag siden

    I think mormon sex makes sense now. Right!

  16. Warren NZ

    Warren NZDag siden

    As soon as I saw "Bill Burr" in the description I clicked on it!

  17. Brian Hickey

    Brian HickeyDag siden

    Jimmy.. You are such an American patriot and an American treasure. And this is coming from a Canadian! We love you and thank you for the continued laughter.

  18. Greg Lackey

    Greg LackeyDag siden


  19. April Oliver

    April OliverDag siden

    I LOVE Bill!

  20. Yancuic Rodriguez

    Yancuic RodriguezDag siden

    I love the intro!!

  21. Jen Boettcher

    Jen BoettcherDag siden

    I love bill Burr! Would love to sit with him...we would spent hours yelling at each other saying the same thing!

  22. Jen Boettcher

    Jen BoettcherDag siden

    Ummm if you wanna make fun of him don’t use the pool!! Your smarter than that..it cannot be spread in the pool! Use the gym at the very least! Lolol

  23. Ann E

    Ann EDag siden

    That was great!

  24. pm2020 _

    pm2020 _Dag siden

    Two east coasters in LA. They need Bill Maher in the mix too.

  25. May31

    May31Dag siden

    What ? did wienstein really get the virus??? :O :O

  26. June Vang

    June VangDag siden

    🙌💪💯🥰!!!!JIMMY KIMMEL FOR PRESIDENT!!!!🥰💯💪🙌

  27. Jane Paulhutson

    Jane PaulhutsonDag siden

    I wish the whole show was just the Italian mayors. They were great!

  28. thehalfnavajo

    thehalfnavajoDag siden

    Kimmel politics isn't a message to get together while you get to keep making rich money from us poor people in millions. Rich Kimmel is about hate to half the country. Don't believe rich people Republicans, Democrats, And JIMMY KIMMEL.

  29. Josue166

    Josue166Dag siden

    *The second I saw BILL BURR in front of a house, I knew it wasn't his house. He's waaaaaaayy too private for that $hit.*

  30. Real Dudes Party Nude

    Real Dudes Party NudeDag siden

    You also need to call Carlos Mencia and see what he's up to. This is worse than Conan.

  31. Richard Nixon

    Richard NixonDag siden

    Thanks Jimmy for the buzz you put in my wifes head! I'd like you to know that my day was such a hoot! Folks, quarantine and 16 hours of Hallmark channel makes you want to go down town and start shaking strangers hands like a politician!! 🤯🤯

  32. milind

    milindDag siden

    Roadside stand-up

  33. Annie Blanchard

    Annie BlanchardDag siden

    I keep yelling at Bill Burr to back up - why does he keep stepping closer? BACK UP BILL!!

  34. Anne Marie

    Anne MarieDag siden

    Dontcha love how Burr demonizes the media for fear-mongering and then he's afraid to touch a roll of toilet paper?

  35. Emily Archer

    Emily ArcherDag siden

    I hope you got your toilet paper?! LOL LOL

  36. Emily Archer

    Emily ArcherDag siden

    That was very entertaining!!!! I laughed!!!

  37. Cate Lewis

    Cate Lewis2 dager siden

    Thanks for the great show.

  38. Cate Lewis

    Cate Lewis2 dager siden

    Haha Hallmark channel. They are us...lol


    ULISES FONSECA2 dager siden

    Kimmel on tube

  40. Thomas McNulty

    Thomas McNulty2 dager siden

    this IS NOT Bill Burrs house he's standing in front of!!!

  41. Harry Bell

    Harry Bell2 dager siden


  42. LordCowBell

    LordCowBell2 dager siden

    real talk.... what happened to the toilet paper?

  43. floatingthought

    floatingthought2 dager siden

    The intro is just adorable

  44. Lekeisha Jones

    Lekeisha Jones2 dager siden


  45. vemor

    vemor2 dager siden

    Congrats on being number one - most cases! congrats to your great orange leader! there's gonna be a record low number of mass shootings though, people will probably miss that in the news, aww...

  46. Marco Bertoglio

    Marco Bertoglio2 dager siden

    Thank you, you lift my spirit!

  47. Carl Jones

    Carl Jones2 dager siden

    The native American the real American has put up a wall around the reservation hahahahahahaha

  48. HK Wilson

    HK Wilson2 dager siden

    Bill Burr was 10 feet from Jimmy, he moved about 4 of those 10... He's good.

  49. Gary Esposito

    Gary Esposito2 dager siden

    somehow American exceptionalism applies to immunity from disease too. its part of the stupid gene.

  50. Ghous Moinuddin

    Ghous Moinuddin2 dager siden

    Whats the use being the most powerful country if you can't protect your own citizens from a stupid virus

  51. Blair Rice

    Blair Rice2 dager siden

    Let be honest three hours of Golden Girls is solid.

  52. Creator Dj

    Creator Dj2 dager siden

    Honestly with all this going on. Take that minute and enjoy that life honestly has slowed down. Put you tech away shut down your social media. Enjoy the things that matter family that lost connection between one another. Call family and friends hear their voice don't text. Understand what you have been missing. These people online are still making money while we are all laid off not working. Because we have become accustomed to these devices. Practice social distancing and enjoy this moment in life where you have a second to now re connect with family. Sit down for dinner together, read together , colour, family movie night with popcorn. As of today I shut down my device towards all of this social media and you tube and what not. If im not making money neither should they. Enjoy your family everyone. Lets make 2020 a moment to Shut it Down. And embrace what the 70s 80s were like about family

  53. Crystal Marie

    Crystal Marie2 dager siden

    Bill is the best of the best

  54. Diana Raymond

    Diana Raymond2 dager siden

    He’s right it id a dry run for something else coming!

  55. Brittany sue

    Brittany sue2 dager siden

    Jimmy can you have Tom Hanks on your show? Thank you!!!!

  56. George Russo

    George Russo2 dager siden

    Disgusting how people are using this in order to politicize. WAKE UP! You are being manipulated. I'm disgusted with Trump and I'm disgusted with the left. All of which are implicated in this. Americans have been exposed to extreme forms of politics, blind to common sense, but rather addicted to their own hate(look at the comments). And this is exactly what allows the elite to manipulate people. Corruption is real, conspiracies are real. On a daily basis, people conspire against each other and don't necessarily realize it. The elite do this too (However they DO realize it), but with more resources, and 0 conscience.

  57. 10 Hammers

    10 Hammers2 dager siden

    Ole Freckles how are ya?

  58. Just my .2

    Just my .22 dager siden

    Ty Jimbo, it’s my birthday and now I’m officially old. Face time me for an interview? I’m the best looking man on earth, also the most boring man, maybe the strongest man? But I can promise you that I have the longest part of the male body in the world? Yea no lie, my toes are the longest, well I think , well no there not, just a thought to be on your show😜🍻👍 maybe I will start a wild animal gig , to get there ? My stuff is so bad the the old Gong show would have turned me down ? So with that being said , if you need help sometime please feel free to FaceTime me to work something out 👍 I would have to clear through my manger ( wife) to make sure she hasn’t booked me to clean the bathroom or something 😜 Man I make a mean English muffin with peanut butter and jelly, oh God it’s so good, so maybe a cooking segment? 😇 love you Jimbo , we need to stay safe, so please drive slow out there on your toilet paper runs. 👍

  59. Theo Pan

    Theo Pan2 dager siden

    What an uninformed idiot

  60. Lynn Perry

    Lynn Perry2 dager siden

    What a pic of Rand Paul! Too too!


    ROOKTABULA2 dager siden

    An anti-science, pro-Trump, Evangelical preacher who traveled around telling people that faith would fend off the virus and that the media is overhyping COVID: Dead from COVID-19.

  62. DreamingTree33

    DreamingTree332 dager siden

    Nice play on the Dharma Initiative!

  63. Jeff Whitman

    Jeff Whitman2 dager siden

    The 25th Amendment needs to be invoked. We need to unite and act in a strong, decisive, and democratic way to make the claim that our President is behaving irresponsibly at a time of crisis and therefore unable to fulfill his duties as President and thus needs to be removed from office. I am not a big fan of Mike Pence, but at least he is not showing distinct signs that he is mentally unbalanced. I am asking that someone with money and power and who is able to see the obvious, someone like a Bill Gates or a Jeff Bezos, to make available online a petition for people to sign that would demand all 14 members of the President's Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove the President from office. If we can get the U.S. Surgeon General to make a claim that the President is showing distinct signs of mental illness that could be preventing him to demonstrate clear and strong leadership at a time of crisis, that would help. I do not believe it has ever been done before, but in the words of the President, we need to "go big," and we need to do it now!

  64. Lindsay LaLonde

    Lindsay LaLonde3 dager siden

    Was supposed to see Bill in Reno tonight... 😭

  65. Cynthia Archie

    Cynthia Archie3 dager siden

    I limit the amount of news I watch. But I saw one of the funniest things ever. They were covering the lockdown in the U.K. & an officer was yelling @ the people in the park. He told them to go home because ‘it is NOT a holiday, it’s a LOCKDOWN!’

  66. Patricia Hill

    Patricia Hill3 dager siden

    Let's talk about those seniors who are not watching the Hallmark Channel. Those who are still working, caring for children, voting, etc. We're not imbeciles who can either go to the bank or watch the Hallmark Channel!

  67. 210SATX82

    210SATX823 dager siden

    Billy freckled taint dresses younger as he gets older. Legend.

  68. Pawnjp

    Pawnjp3 dager siden

    Best episode of Jimmy Kimmel ever?

  69. Linda Smith

    Linda Smith3 dager siden

    Nice to know NYC endorses masturbation (nobody decent ever jerks off on BART!)

  70. Linda Smith

    Linda Smith3 dager siden

    Vice Poodle.... hilarious!

  71. Ajay Choudhary

    Ajay Choudhary3 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="297">4:57</a> the best Martin Scorsese's movie I have watched all decade. Thanks Jimmy.

  72. Janis hall

    Janis hall3 dager siden

    Ahhhhh… he keeps getting closer and closer!! Back off Bill Burr!!!!

  73. Tap Kay

    Tap Kay3 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> italy has been hit the worst, no its actually America that got hit the worst now jimmy! Blame trump for not reacting so swiftly! stay safe people. social distance hugs from Indonesia!

  74. Randy H

    Randy H3 dager siden

    Boring dude!

  75. Preesi

    Preesi3 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="911">15:11</a> LOL "Im not touching that!"

  76. Germain Gonzalez

    Germain Gonzalez3 dager siden

    I used to like Jimmy Kimmel

  77. coffeemachtspass

    coffeemachtspass3 dager siden

    The flamethrower. Holy crap, those Italians have a way with words. Bene, carinissimi. Spero che subito tutto sia normale in Italia. Un bacio, ma alla distanza propria.

  78. Finding Faith

    Finding Faith3 dager siden

    everyone will eventually get the virus. better now than later when the hospitals are all full and out of resourses. the issolation will only slow the spread making the durration longer. perfect time for crisper to finnally go public and solve our problems that'll be the new billionairs. i think they'll have to wait about 18 months though. maybe they started in january. set a timer.

  79. Joseph R

    Joseph R3 dager siden

    Jimmy I am sorry. Your show is so boring.

  80. Catherine Iyoha

    Catherine Iyoha3 dager siden

    I love you Bill burr!