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Extra special thanks to Jimmy for coming on and enduring such silly nonsense!!!!!!!!!!


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    Big thanks to Ridge for sending me this wallet and supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out! > ridge.com/JONTRON

  2. Soappao

    Soappao7 timer siden

    Who found this comment is a god

  3. Banana Cat

    Banana Cat14 timer siden

    You should do a video on ratboy genius true nightmare fuel 👌

  4. András Erb

    András Erb20 timer siden

    You might want to check out the fiber fix videos, just an idea.

  5. Nicholas Kozemko

    Nicholas Kozemko21 time siden

    Here is an idea play the king Kong game for the ps2 or game cube.

  6. XxHydraxX GT

    XxHydraxX GTDag siden

    Ridge sponsorship, gives the guest a big mac (No drink included) xD

  7. Mantis Shrimp

    Mantis Shrimp59 minutter siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a> pretty much sums up this year as a whole

  8. GoodTime Jackal

    GoodTime JackalTime siden

    At Least it wasn't poisoning from the Kool aid

  9. jesse veer

    jesse veerTime siden

    Idk how you dislike this video

  10. PigeonMan420

    PigeonMan420Time siden

    So close to 369k likes

  11. George

    GeorgeTime siden

    This guy talks so fast I can't understand him

  12. Martin Saad

    Martin Saad2 timer siden

    The families of the kids were very bad people, they basically left their kid in the middle of nowhere

  13. Tovarisch Shashlikov

    Tovarisch Shashlikov3 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="889">14:49</a>

  14. JumpGecko

    JumpGecko3 timer siden

    So these kids are just all huddled in the center of town here and they’re all wondering what the fuck this schizophrenic man is doing here.... repeating himself....

  15. planet_zamalia

    planet_zamalia3 timer siden

    Two by two, hands of blue

  16. Sparite

    Sparite4 timer siden

    imagine one day you click on a jontron video and the normal boots intro started playing

  17. David Collins

    David Collins4 timer siden

    John from please check out hempvana gold, this is a rediculouse product that you should look into, I would love to see it picked apart haha

  18. ScrubHubz

    ScrubHubz4 timer siden

    If you can get the kid who did the reddit ama that would be so cool

  19. EoinnyToast

    EoinnyToast4 timer siden

    I just watched all of kid nation and 1 kid was really sassy and lazy and then she did the dishes THE BLOODY DISHES SHE DOES NOTHING THERE

  20. ShadyBaby

    ShadyBaby5 timer siden

    Jimmy went to blonde to dark brown

  21. Jester john cornejo

    Jester john cornejo5 timer siden

    OMG The QR code for the bigmac works

  22. Euni Bey

    Euni Bey5 timer siden


  23. Samuel Jones

    Samuel Jones5 timer siden

    Now you have to track down Jared. Ask him why he spoke sheakspear to chickens and stuff.

  24. Greg

    Greg5 timer siden

    Well, with that editing, Jon really didn't ask off screen!

  25. Moviemakertri

    Moviemakertri6 timer siden

    Okay, I’ve got to say it... 8 year old jimmy looks so much like Danny from The Shining.

  26. ScottieBoi

    ScottieBoi6 timer siden

    The fuck? Why am I not subscribed to him anymore?

  27. jers mont

    jers mont6 timer siden

    This first episode of the Jimmy and Jon podcast is great more please feed me

  28. Jeff Love

    Jeff Love6 timer siden

    Jimmy at 8 years old I want to be an actor Jimmy now I'm going to be a doctor Also Jimmy now looks like he could be on CW glow up

  29. Power♮Of♮Death

    Power♮Of♮Death6 timer siden

    Yeah, Jimmy is such a DADDY. Hey king, you dropped this -> 👑

  30. Lorena Udrea

    Lorena Udrea6 timer siden

    I wonder what the other kids had to deal with

  31. Cup Cake

    Cup Cake7 timer siden

    He was too young to know about saving. My niece is 8 and she’s cheap as hell and never spends her money. We always joke with her about it.

  32. Garret Brockman

    Garret Brockman7 timer siden

    Jimmy was the real gold star all along

  33. I l

    I l7 timer siden

    The QR code leads to an Imgur link with a dancing pickle gif. I'm not joking. (imgur dot com slash a slash) HXGk3Yl is where the link leads to.

  34. Sparrow

    Sparrow8 timer siden

    you need to ask Jimmy to burn you a copy of the DVD so you can witness it in it's entirety, this is basically lost media and you have the chance here to reveal the Arc of the Covenant to the world and melt our faces off.

  35. NordicWarrior

    NordicWarrior8 timer siden

    I scanned the QR code it's just a prank

  36. glen chimp

    glen chimp8 timer siden

    jared does find a scorpion actually in one episode and yea this shit is literally lord of the flies when i watch it

  37. glen chimp

    glen chimp8 timer siden

    you got probably the best kid on the show apart from jared

  38. Arif

    Arif9 timer siden

    Jimmy is thicc ok bye

  39. smol bean

    smol bean9 timer siden

    D-did he really kill him.....

  40. Matthew Rease

    Matthew Rease9 timer siden

    This guy should become a regular

  41. Nuclear Travis

    Nuclear Travis9 timer siden

    I'm happy to see that you still make great content JonathanTronithin,but can you please do more game reviews?You haven't done one in over 3 years(the last one being Disney bootleg games).I don't mind seeing you experiment,especially if that's what keeps you going on this shitty platform.But I think I speak for everyone in saying that it's also good to go back to the classics once in a while

  42. Delusional_Donut

    Delusional_Donut9 timer siden

    Worst day in 3 years in 2007... was he talking about my birth?

  43. GCPhoenix

    GCPhoenix9 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="126">2:06</a>

  44. Matthew Rease

    Matthew Rease9 timer siden

    I love the 6 feet sign

  45. raynebc

    raynebc10 timer siden

    This would have gone so much differently if they gave the kids some home economics and survival training.

  46. Nisha Sharma

    Nisha Sharma10 timer siden

    When that star was printing LMFAOOOOOOO

  47. Suing for Intelligence

    Suing for Intelligence10 timer siden

    I do hope jimmy understands the gravity of oncology and what he wants. My cousin was an oncology nurse for several years but had to quit and switch over to another nursing area. I think it was mentally and emotionally taxing and she just couldn’t handle it anymore.

  48. DaDewd2112

    DaDewd211210 timer siden

    This feels like the Eric Andre Show except with morality

  49. uncultured emo

    uncultured emo10 timer siden


  50. Ag Jr

    Ag Jr10 timer siden

    Jimmy left Kid Nation first. Jimmy then went on to do cancer research. Be like Jimmy.

  51. Doctor Sobek

    Doctor Sobek10 timer siden

    "That's The Cancer One" -JonTron, May 19, 2020

  52. Peblo51

    Peblo5111 timer siden

    This is beautiful

  53. KingCharizard Yt

    KingCharizard Yt11 timer siden

    John We need that outro man.

  54. Nathan Onderlinde

    Nathan Onderlinde11 timer siden

    I'm not sure if you're aware of Boys and Girls Alone. It had a similar concept, with far better execution, in my own opinion. I think it definitely deserves as much attention as Kid Nation.

  55. Kilkreath

    Kilkreath11 timer siden

    Damn, Jimmy grew up to be such a handsome dude. Trauma must do that to people. I wasn't traumatized enough as a child

  56. MapleSyrup

    MapleSyrup11 timer siden

    y’all not gonna mention that he’s kinda cute now

  57. Owin Killer Memestar

    Owin Killer Memestar11 timer siden

    There’s footage from the end of an episode where Jared was like a foot away from a Scorpion that was about 6 inches long. He was talking about how he wanted a pet like a scorpion when he got home, so yes they did get in.

  58. Michael Buehler

    Michael Buehler11 timer siden

    Good interview.

  59. Troy Carn

    Troy Carn11 timer siden

    When is the second episode of Jon’s happy hour coming out?

  60. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover12 timer siden

    Jimmy seemed like a cool guy, too bad jon killed him...

  61. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover12 timer siden


  62. Gauphastus

    Gauphastus12 timer siden

    This was really charming.

  63. An Di

    An Di12 timer siden

    I want to buy that kid a beer, he's great!

  64. nach0 theminecrafter

    nach0 theminecrafter12 timer siden

    how did jimmy's hair colour change????

  65. Alex Abreu

    Alex Abreu13 timer siden

    The genuine disgust on Jimmy’s face when he heard the printer go chk chk

  66. funnylittlegirl12345

    funnylittlegirl1234513 timer siden

    Jimmy is the proper sweetest guy

  67. B Corie

    B Corie13 timer siden

    The end was the end for jimmy

  68. Ajla Omeragic

    Ajla Omeragic13 timer siden

    I thought that it was all fake. Like, the kids were some really good actors or something. BUT, turns out I was wrong and it was all real...huh.

  69. Aiden Lindquist

    Aiden Lindquist13 timer siden

    I live in New Mexico, and can ensure, that in the non high populated areas, that it gets FREEZING at night, even during the summer.

  70. Do_odle

    Do_odle14 timer siden

    Jontron videos are the best videos. He could make a video about a bologna sandwich, forget the sandwich, just one slice of bologna, and I guarantee you it would be entertaining to me. Yet here he is, putting all this effort into a video, and all I can think to say is... Jon stop putting this much effort into your videos so you can make thousands of em a day please.

  71. Alex

    Alex14 timer siden

    That QR code @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1460">24:20</a> : 42118978 No idea.

  72. cinnamon kitty

    cinnamon kitty14 timer siden

    Jimmy is pretty epic. I’d listen to him talk for hours it’s entertaining

  73. Legazy

    Legazy14 timer siden

    JonTron should get jared on here

  74. Legazy

    Legazy14 timer siden

    fouoii gyhh how lmao

  75. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh14 timer siden


  76. I Have no soul

    I Have no soul14 timer siden

    If at the first Townhall meeting everyone raise their hand jake would have been like no you spoiled little brats and brings out a gun the ratings must be mine

  77. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh14 timer siden

    I was watching the video keemstar recently uploaded. What Ethan/h3h3 did to you in that podcast was awful. Your such a nice guy for him to put you in a situation like that is

  78. devo076

    devo07615 timer siden

    Jontron is starting to turn into a white Eric Andre.

  79. Robert Northup

    Robert Northup15 timer siden

    Wait he's older now, I'm so 😕 but in retrospect he was smart. He was eating fruit loops watching Saturday morning cartoons while the rest were still discussing those big questions like Porto pots or 📺. Dude he had bathroom, TV, plus cereal and mom and got to go on Jon Tron, so whos the real winner here?

  80. Ian Espinal

    Ian Espinal15 timer siden

    In case you guys wanted to, There is a playlist of all the full episodes on NO-gos. Just search Kid Nation and it will pop up

  81. BerretSO4

    BerretSO415 timer siden

    This is straight up journalism JonTron what the fuck

  82. REDARROW101_A5

    REDARROW101_A516 timer siden

    Next Episode: We're dropping 40 kids of at Epstein's House on Little Saint James for 40 days.

  83. Bubbijs

    Bubbijs16 timer siden

    Please ask him to put the episodes online 😭

  84. 페닉다크

    페닉다크16 timer siden

    best video you made so far

  85. Shane Potts

    Shane Potts16 timer siden

    At the beginning it felt like an episode of the eric andre show

  86. Üñdøçkēd Sîñē

    Üñdøçkēd Sîñē16 timer siden

    Does Jimmy have a YT channel?

  87. Eliyahu Kublin

    Eliyahu Kublin16 timer siden

    I just realized that the beginning of this is an episode of the Eric Andre show

  88. ToySoldier Nerio

    ToySoldier Nerio16 timer siden

    so in regards to the outhouse thing. 1 porta pottie is good for 10 people with weekly service. and i remember the terrible times in the army when they didnt bring enough to the field. it was bad enough that female soldiers were shuttled back every 3 days for their personal hygiene just for safety. so 40 kids with 1 toilet is just bad on multiple levels. Also i think Jimmy would be a good youtuber just likeable