Joe Alwyn & Nicholas Hoult Go Speed Dating | The Favourite | MTV Movies

The male leads of the quirky comedy-drama EVERYONE'S talking about, The Favourite, Joe Alwyn and Nicholas Hoult, reveal what made them feel SUPER SASSY on set, their secret party tricks, their reality TV obsessions, and Joe Alwyn’s plan to join the Spider-Man movies as a villain!
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  1. Regina Danielle

    Regina Danielle4 timer siden

    His voice sounds exactly like Tom hiddleston lmao

  2. Kumara Nina

    Kumara Nina12 timer siden

    Nicholas Hoult❤

  3. Juliétte

    Juliétte20 timer siden

    Why cant we rent this film?

  4. Prwnklchryish

    Prwnklchryish3 dager siden

    does any body having a nicholas hoult marathon bc of The Great or is it just me? well anyway HUZZAH !

  5. xx

    xx8 dager siden

    This particular video is sending me because he’s obviously very comfortable with other men + always looks miserable with his “girlfriend”, I mean come on, my gaydar is literally breaking just by looking at him...

  6. Samina Zafar

    Samina Zafar12 dager siden


  7. Lorie Daffodil

    Lorie Daffodil25 dager siden

    Joe is such a charming decent guy 😍 I'm so happy for Taylor ❤️

  8. jhonard

    jhonardMåned siden

    my eyes were just looking to Joe from the start to end lol

  9. mariam swift

    mariam swiftMåned siden

    he's so gorgeouuus ,I cant say anything to his face .

  10. Antonette Limbo

    Antonette Limbo2 måneder siden

    Younger than my exes but he act like such a man, so I see nothing better, I keep him forever Like a vendetta-ta

  11. Blue

    Blue2 måneder siden

    okay but why does Joe's voice sound like Tom Hiddleston

  12. sehajpreet dhaliwal

    sehajpreet dhaliwal2 måneder siden

    Taylor; not even in the video, not even her name but rocking in the comment section.

  13. Michael Myers

    Michael Myers2 måneder siden

    I always thought Nicholas hoult looked like a male version of Taylor swift

  14. valerie valerie

    valerie valerie3 måneder siden

    Like JLaw I am mesmerized whenever I see Nicholas. 😋


    ANKITA JAMWAL3 måneder siden

    Damn he's (Joe) stunning

  16. Alex Hammer

    Alex Hammer3 måneder siden

    Nicholas is such a cutie!

  17. Yha Lou

    Yha Lou4 måneder siden

    Real life prince charming joe aldwyn😍

  18. meriam cobain

    meriam cobain5 måneder siden


  19. Color Splash

    Color Splash5 måneder siden

    Like 99.99% of the people here are swifties.Including me... 😛

  20. Aisya

    Aisya5 måneder siden

    Joe looks better in beardd

  21. Gardenia w

    Gardenia w5 måneder siden

    are people gushing over him because they TRULY find him dashing or.... because he's taylor swift's bf and ya all just hmmm like each of her bf but hate on them the minute they break up???

  22. RhedM Entertainment

    RhedM Entertainment5 måneder siden

    what a british accent. . .love it. .

  23. Tiz

    Tiz5 måneder siden

    British man have this cute accent like omg is so cute. I can often listen to theyr accent and still never get bored at all. I don't know this guy Joe at all. Honestly i have never seen a movie of him before but i do know that other guy in black who sits next to him, idk his face reminds me like i saw a movie of that guy before but idk which movie. But the joe guy i havent watched his movie before otherwise i would remember his face. I only know about him when i saw he is Taylor bf. I was like wow a not famous celebrity can even date a very famous person like Taylor. Means he means a lot to Taylor. Taylor is definetly 100% in love with this guy. Loving this cute joe taylor couple

  24. sara ra

    sara ra5 måneder siden

    That voice Joe ❤👂

  25. Elise Kathleen

    Elise Kathleen5 måneder siden

    wholesome masculinity spotting

  26. Thet Myat Noe

    Thet Myat Noe5 måneder siden


  27. Hennah Narciso

    Hennah Narciso5 måneder siden

    I keep imagine Taylor's name will be Taylor Alwyn

  28. Bubble Tae

    Bubble Tae5 måneder siden

    I love Nicholas Hoult, he's always been one of my fave actors and celebrity crushes. I'm totally happy for him as a fan and all but I'm a little jealous of his girlfriend :,)

  29. vaishnavi Thakur

    vaishnavi Thakur5 måneder siden

    Joe is so cute!!

  30. Miss Panama

    Miss Panama5 måneder siden

    (I Just saw Harriett)...He wore those sexy hats underneath with those seductive, mysterious eyes and gorgeous velvet vests and suede trench coats OMG!...Plus how he sits, stands, and walks with such quiet sexiness and confidence O-M-G!!! He is definitely HOT!!!

  31. Zoe G

    Zoe G6 måneder siden

    so i just watched harriet and joe caught my eye with how hot he is and now im just watching his interviews

  32. Miss Panama

    Miss Panama5 måneder siden

    Me Too (Just saw Harriett)...He wore those sexy hats underneath with those seductive, mysterious eyes and gorgeous velvet vests and suede trench coats OMG!...Plus how he sits, stands, and walks with such confidence O-M-G!!! He is definitely HOT!!!

  33. Jey

    Jey7 måneder siden

    They said, home is where the heart is, but God I love the English. 💜✨

  34. abbyrockchick

    abbyrockchick7 måneder siden

    Joe Alwyn is gay, right?

  35. XAVIER

    XAVIER6 måneder siden

    he's Taylor Swifts boyfriend lol

  36. Sofia Randal

    Sofia Randal7 måneder siden


  37. fayola

    fayola7 måneder siden

    His acts are so stunnin'

  38. Summer Tummer

    Summer Tummer7 måneder siden

    I was trying to remember where I have seen the man on the right. Then it struck me: About a boy!

  39. Mark Dwight Tadina

    Mark Dwight Tadina8 måneder siden

    Nicolas Hault lookin like Scooter Braun

  40. thestars .night

    thestars .night8 måneder siden

    Why are these two men looking at each other like they are in love? It definitely looks like there is attraction and chemistry between them, regardless of whether Joe is dating Taylor. Am I the only one not ignoring the elephant in the room?

  41. Georgina Mrd

    Georgina Mrd8 måneder siden

    Solo vine aqui, para verificar porque Taylor Swift en -London boy- dice q ama los ingleses. Hahahaha Ahora le doy todaaaa la razon!! Hahaha

  42. Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar8 måneder siden

    Gimme a minute, I just need to get over how long Joe's fingers are 😋😏

  43. Anna Praill

    Anna Praill8 måneder siden

    y'all swifties really here for joe, nah bruh that's tony from skins

  44. Lori Luo

    Lori Luo8 måneder siden

    Love Nicholas

  45. Kakashi BnL

    Kakashi BnL8 måneder siden

    Bro i never heard of Joe before he started dating Taylor tbh, and now he's all over my youtube lol,, am i the only one?

  46. Ha Ay

    Ha Ay8 måneder siden

    Just came by to see how the London boy is doing

  47. Niko McSound

    Niko McSound8 måneder siden

    Why you two have the same voice?;

  48. Inge van Westerhuis

    Inge van Westerhuis8 måneder siden

    "He looks up grinning like a devil" :)

  49. Tia Chia

    Tia Chia8 måneder siden

    No:..... Joe: Spiderman Hollanders: Tom Holland is the greatest Spiderman alive

  50. Lydia Schmidt

    Lydia Schmidt8 måneder siden

    That’s Tay’s boyfriend and Effy’s brother 😱


    ABBY WEIS8 måneder siden


  52. Andrea Cadena

    Andrea Cadena8 måneder siden

    Taylor is one lucky girl

  53. patricia Bermudez

    patricia Bermudez8 måneder siden

    Wow joe alwyn voice is amazing so manly and calm

  54. Alice Maria Mc Nugget

    Alice Maria Mc Nugget8 måneder siden

    Joe is not good looking at all ew

  55. Grace Saunders

    Grace Saunders8 måneder siden

    they seem like a couple wtf

  56. Lu 995

    Lu 9958 måneder siden

    Wow.... Joe is so GORGEOUS, like in every way...So happy for Tay💜 ...

  57. Swifty Girl

    Swifty Girl9 måneder siden

    How if Taylor and alwyn go to speed dating. 😍😍😍😍😍

  58. Shangmila Dilbung

    Shangmila Dilbung9 måneder siden

    Watched the whole video and realised I didn’t get a thing. Couldn’t stop staring at their beautiful faces. 😑 zero concentration power here.

  59. not that dreamy boy

    not that dreamy boy9 måneder siden

    “I’m highly suspicious, that everyone who sees you wants you” Careful, Nicholas 😂

  60. JetStar 23

    JetStar 239 måneder siden

    fridge Joe's face is like if you combine all the pretty men

  61. Nicole_Allisonn

    Nicole_Allisonn9 måneder siden

    I’m so happy for Taylor ♥️

  62. vinayak sharma

    vinayak sharma9 måneder siden

    Marvel do something joe wants to be a superhero

  63. Audrey O. Patrick

    Audrey O. Patrick9 måneder siden

    Didn't know Hoult is an English man???!

  64. Kristin2007

    Kristin20079 måneder siden

    Am i the only one who thinks it's ironic that Joe said he'd like to play a villain in a Spider-Man movie when Taylor's ex Jake just played a villain in Spider-Man?

  65. trght rrhjkj

    trght rrhjkj9 måneder siden

    Joe is more than Taylor Swift's boyfriend. Respect him as human.

  66. נטע רות שגיא

    נטע רות שגיא3 måneder siden

    @ŁÄŃÅ why is that?

  67. ŁÄŃÅ

    ŁÄŃÅ3 måneder siden

    If you are an Israeli, then you're the last one to talk about that And if you are not, then I'm sorry

  68. Nandira Shafira

    Nandira Shafira5 måneder siden

    Especially as an actor

  69. Kita Pritasari

    Kita Pritasari9 måneder siden

    For the first time in an interview with Nicholas Hoult, I can't keep my eyes off of the OTHER person. Joe, you are something else

  70. Just Me

    Just Me9 måneder siden

    Um does Taylor know?

  71. Jessica Ariño

    Jessica Ariño9 måneder siden

    He's so elegant...he needs to play someone who is the total opposite.

  72. Colin Harkins

    Colin Harkins9 måneder siden

    Who’s here after lover 💗

  73. Jo Jo

    Jo Jo9 måneder siden

    Joe, would you be up for taking on a superhero movie role? Joe: I'd be up for joining anything that is working with great people and an exciting project; whether that's an independent movie or a massive movie--you just want to do good things. I guess his superhero role (in real life) has a great person in it with exciting projects ahead [marriage? fatherhood?] because, hey, he just wants to do "good things." I think maybe this one o' Taylor's will know & even appreciate just how "massively" lucky he is! smart bloke, that one? WELCOME TO THE SWIFTIE FAMILY, Joe! Just be her superhero, yeah?

  74. River Zane

    River Zane9 måneder siden

    I just want to say that nick looks slick!

  75. giovana simão

    giovana simão9 måneder siden


  76. Priyadarshini JR

    Priyadarshini JR9 måneder siden

    Why does Joe Alwyn look like Gigi Hadid😂

  77. i'm the queen

    i'm the queen8 måneder siden

    From where?? Lolol

  78. Sammy

    Sammy9 måneder siden

    I love Nicholas so much and now Joe is trying to steal the spot

  79. omotitty

    omotitty9 måneder siden

    joe doesn’t have dimples

  80. i'm the queen

    i'm the queen8 måneder siden

    He have just look closely

  81. Lợi Giáp

    Lợi Giáp8 måneder siden

    Karlie Kloss does

  82. le orange

    le orange9 måneder siden

    Nicholas hoult 😍

  83. Charlotte Garside

    Charlotte Garside9 måneder siden

    “He got that boyish look that I like in a man”

  84. sandip saindane

    sandip saindane9 måneder siden

    Joe's voice and accent... Dammmmn he is so charming ☺

  85. Jane _

    Jane _9 måneder siden

    *“ and you’ll save all your dirtiest jokes for me, and at every table I’ll save you a seat.”*

  86. Schimercles Blob

    Schimercles Blob9 måneder siden

    “I take this magnetic force of a man to be my-“

  87. Esra Baran

    Esra Baran9 måneder siden


  88. Karen S

    Karen S9 måneder siden

    Holy cow. T. Swift: He’s a young Robert Redford.

  89. nimra habib

    nimra habib9 måneder siden

    He has such a intimidating personality. And the accent is so attractive.He looks like a real life prince

  90. NoI'mNot Crazy

    NoI'mNot Crazy3 måneder siden

    Ikr!!! Like he's scary in a strict kinda way. Like he's very serious and does entertain any bulllshit. It's hot

  91. Des

    Des9 måneder siden

    I do not think he and Taylor are really together. It's fake I believe. Literally never together in public. And she'd annoy the fuck out of him honestly. I said what I said.😜

  92. Esra Baran

    Esra Baran9 måneder siden

    They're dating for 3 years and everyone knows their relationship . And including "London Boy", there are so many songs for Hoe Alwyn in Taylor's last realised album " Lover" 😽 They're dating . And i think Taylor is really in love with this man

  93. Jer Her

    Jer Her9 måneder siden

    I heard him laughing I saw the dimples first and then I heard the accent