Joe Rogan Experience #1446 - Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comedian, actor and podcast host. His new special “Hey Big Boy” is now streaming only on Netflix. @Bert Kreischer


  1. garry goodcunt

    garry goodcunt7 minutter siden

    Hearing about Bourdain on this podcast and I'm like yeah and old dried out drug addict blowhard who got worked over by a woman less than half his age and hung himself because he couldn't live with the shame of paying her rape victim off to keep his mouth shut Such a legend of cooking if you're into winery pussy-whipped bitches

  2. SomeReallyWeirdGuyLostOnYoutube Lul

    SomeReallyWeirdGuyLostOnYoutube Lul8 minutter siden

    America has no leaders, just a bunch of greedy old fucks.

  3. i

    iTime siden

    I hope Joe never growls like that again.

  4. JCW

    JCWTime siden

    "I remember North ridge" " ya do" You have to live somewhere with fucked weather to get that. 😂

  5. Chief Seattle

    Chief SeattleTime siden

    Boring ..

  6. Ryan Dee

    Ryan DeeTime siden

    Jim beam was created in 1795

  7. Torstrum

    TorstrumTime siden

    When I was a kid my parents took me to something liek a cub petting at a fair. But it wasn't a cub it was a full grown lion sitting on a table with a chain around one front leg. We still have a picture of all of us with it. I remember it, which surprised my father later talking about this because I was very young. It's funny too because people that young generally only remember things that were significant at the time. I remember being assured that I could pet the lion but knew full well by then that didn't add up so I refused to touch it. And at an unusually young age I remembered that forever because it was the closest I've ever been to a lion, because I understood that, and because I knew what a lion was(books,tv gave the gist).

  8. Nathan Hatt

    Nathan Hatt2 timer siden

    I remember having h1n1 and I can second that u feel absolutely death

  9. simco dosanjh

    simco dosanjh2 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">1:14</a>:27 The time we see the upper classes ' DISAPPEARING ' from the public eye, for WHATEVER reason, then worry to finish,no start, it'd be waaay too late by then. I'm gonna state a FACT. Take it in in whatever way you want but this is a true statement that I stumbled upon whilst trying to see if there COULD be traffic on a journey I want/wanted to make. I wanted to buy a collection ONLY purchase from the net, that i would have needed to drive through, potentially, the worst traffic jams in Britain ( outside of London ) Imagine my surprise when the ONLY traffic jams that G maps highlighted were ALL on the coast. Bournemouth, Bristol, Brighton, Edinburgh, Hull, Liverpool, London, Southampton and Tiverton. This was last Saturday, the 28th March, 3pm GMT. Please do look it up. I wasn't trying to find anything out other than traffic on my route. There you go. EXODUS movement of the people!!!🤔

  10. fish on

    fish on2 timer siden

    The ppl want Tim Wells !

  11. Field Hood Gaming

    Field Hood Gaming2 timer siden

    my cat (not fixed) was a really peaceful cat and didnt pee everywhere except the sandbox

  12. Lizzard Princesss

    Lizzard Princesss2 timer siden

    What number is the Auster Home podcast? I can't find it? Am I spelling it wrong lol

  13. Free for Profit Beats

    Free for Profit Beats2 timer siden

    Such a sweet dude, he introduced me to guacamole 😂

  14. checksix21

    checksix212 timer siden

    Great conversation, enjoyed the interaction. Thanks

  15. Jason W

    Jason W3 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1200">20:00</a>

  16. justin806806

    justin8068063 timer siden

    Please have on Rosa Koire UN AGENDA 2030 EXPOSED

  17. L Smith

    L Smith4 timer siden

    This whole quarantine has me debating and laughing with you guys !!!

  18. Nick Dowdy

    Nick Dowdy4 timer siden

    i wanna know how joe keeps his smooth is it just a razor to it every day or waxing because 21 with a vegeta faded widow peak isnt that great so ive started going full bald but have to shave every 8 hours or else stubble starts to grow

  19. Metallic Hawaii

    Metallic Hawaii4 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a>:46 Bert laughs identically to that Spanish dude, El Risitas.

  20. garcha

    garcha4 timer siden

    Truck driver die From Covid-19 last Week from ca. Age 27

  21. Paris Harper

    Paris Harper4 timer siden

    It took me 3 days to watch this and I loved every minute

  22. Jon Keeter

    Jon Keeter4 timer siden

    Black ice, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="101">1:41</a>:00, Haven’t laughed so hard in weeks

  23. analogdistortion

    analogdistortion5 timer siden


  24. Steven Reckner

    Steven Reckner5 timer siden

    Does anyone know what brand of sunglasses Joe has on his hat?

  25. Daenerys

    Daenerys5 timer siden

    I'm glad the whole podcast they brought up covid every 5 min really wanted to hear more about it.

  26. Kelp Farming

    Kelp Farming6 timer siden

    Bert....anyone wanna guess this guys IQ. Exactly.

  27. Lawrence Leong

    Lawrence Leong6 timer siden

    Joe 'Black Guys' Rogan

  28. ZapataBone

    ZapataBone6 timer siden

    Lmao nothing like watching white men talk about race jokes and getting surprised when people of color get understandably mad at them

  29. Dan P

    Dan P6 timer siden

    When they were talking about the oldest companies in America I got curious & figured I'd post what I found in case others were also curious. America's Oldest Companies Caswell-Massey (1752) ... The Hartford Courant (1764) ... Baker's Chocolate (1765) ... Ames (1774) ... King Arthur Flour (1790) ... Cigna (1792) ... Dixon Ticonderoga (1795) ... Jim Beam (1795)

  30. Gaz Ben

    Gaz Ben6 timer siden

    woke up at 2.00am and this was on my laptop. Was laughing so hard at the cat stories, I have a cat that I took on he lived in gardens near my parents and kept ripping my parents dogs face when the dog would corner it. Took a long time to tame him. could really relate to these stories...

  31. Joseph Cooper

    Joseph Cooper7 timer siden

    Joe Rogan is such a pretentious windbag at times. He’s questioning why we’re doing social distancing when we could all end up getting this disease anyways. Dude - it’s about not OVERLOADING THE MEDICAL SYSTEM - which is already fucking taking a beating in places. And after saying it, he goes on the most idiotic, shroom-inspired “we are all stars” bullshit fucking schpiel... Just shut up.

  32. Matt Scully

    Matt Scully7 timer siden

    Joe "Cunty Cat" Rogan

  33. B Dog

    B Dog7 timer siden

    When is the next Ari episode?

  34. Stephen Charles

    Stephen Charles7 timer siden

    Very disrespected that we couldn’t see half the videos they were looking at

  35. Punkuluss Revolutuss

    Punkuluss Revolutuss7 timer siden

    The disrespect, Eric Carr was one of the greatest drummers of all time and gets no recognition since his death

  36. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo7 timer siden

    Conspiracy: Bert knew about COVID19 beforehand that's why he was "touring like its going away"

  37. Brian Bayley

    Brian Bayley8 timer siden

    And the flu kills healthy people too. Everyone reacts differently, sometimes its genetic, its not new news. Add that everyone is super hyper focused on it so now we get more and more data so of course its going to look weird.Viruses are frickin weird.

  38. Frank Salinas

    Frank Salinas8 timer siden

    I wanted to see Kim’s big ass

  39. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo7 timer siden

    @ 2:39:55 I know Joe is referencing Trump but honestly there is no such thing as an honest politician. thats an oxymoron so keep dreaming if you think we have that option in

  40. Luke Lond

    Luke Lond8 timer siden

    I would like to see the ten minutes that were cut out

  41. Frank Salinas

    Frank Salinas8 timer siden

    I’m still like vaping like an asshole

  42. Dominic Saldana

    Dominic Saldana8 timer siden

    Joe "i wonder if bears are like people" Rogan

  43. shawn stacey

    shawn stacey8 timer siden

    Healthy people can get sick

  44. Timothy O'Neal

    Timothy O'Neal8 timer siden

    When you hear Joe and Bert talk about how it doesnt snow in California while your listening to the show while shoveling snow in California....

  45. Stephen Jenkins

    Stephen Jenkins8 timer siden

    Bert "sexual conquest of his own wife" Kreischer.

  46. mattjessika

    mattjessika8 timer siden

    Man caine corsos are sensitive dogs....they look mean have a mean bark....but theres gentle as hell....there no guardian dog....there just for show...I'll take my German shepherds anyday

  47. Curtis K

    Curtis K8 timer siden

    Yes Joe, there are funny people out there that aren’t professional comedians

  48. Adam

    Adam9 timer siden

    They say Bert can communicate with Dolphins

  49. JoelAmbrose

    JoelAmbrose9 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="101">1:41</a>:29 “wait how Many black guys” “not black guys; black ice, Jesus Christ Bert” lol

  50. Rimblerock

    Rimblerock9 timer siden

    Are you ever gonna let the guy speak, Joe? Is everything all about you now, Joe? Come on Joe...

  51. Rachel Santellano

    Rachel Santellano9 timer siden

    Love you guys! Thank you Joe & Bert♥️🌎🌏🌍♥️

  52. Inwood Arts

    Inwood Arts9 timer siden

    Rogan, you want sarscov2 facts? = Dr. Seheult. We Americans all have a right to understand what were dealing with. Stay Strong!

  53. mattjessika

    mattjessika9 timer siden

    Joe...u dont need a rooster...

  54. StringybeanAndEggpiece

    StringybeanAndEggpiece10 timer siden

    Watch "motivational speech from a kid!" on NO-gos This kids funny

  55. Michael

    Michael10 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3243">54:03</a> so weird to see Joe look right at the camera

  56. M S

    M S11 timer siden

    @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="159">2:39</a>:55 I know Joe is referencing Trump but honestly there is no such thing as an honest politician. thats an oxymoron so keep dreaming if you think we have that option in the next election.

  57. a u g u s t u s

    a u g u s t u s11 timer siden

    I love Joe Rogan. I listen to every podcast...BUT i have something to fucking say. Now I know Norm MacDonald is a fucking weird dude (and we all love him for it), so there is a REMOTE chance that he is avoiding to come onto your podcast Joe. But I would just want to remind you that if this is somehow YOUR decision not to have him on - it is a big mistake. You honestly do not have a choice. You must ask the man to join the podcast or it reveals a massive flaw in your character as a comedian and a human.

  58. Julian Adame

    Julian Adame11 timer siden

    Those push ups are touch ups! All the way up all the way down and elbows to the side parallel to your body.

  59. Fast4SloW 717

    Fast4SloW 71711 timer siden

    Training on a gun is not like riding a bike... you must continually practice with your very gun.

  60. blamous

    blamous11 timer siden

    Joe look up George Watsky... fast rap, phenom

  61. Julian Adame

    Julian Adame11 timer siden

    If we get hit by a meteoroid then thank you for entertaining me for all these years while I was procrastinating finishing reading the Bible.

  62. J. Kish

    J. Kish11 timer siden

    ""As long as they're not black." HAHAHA Bert is the best!

  63. Cody Owings

    Cody Owings11 timer siden

    I'm pretty sure heroin killed Amy Winehouse

  64. ShaneRanae Kelley

    ShaneRanae Kelley12 timer siden

    Bert said his special was not important but I disagree, that special made me laugh when my world was falling. Love you guys.

  65. Moises Pinon

    Moises Pinon12 timer siden

    I like how Joe's podcast can go from talking serious scientific study's one day to dicking around for 3hrs the next 😂

  66. Keegan Sweeney

    Keegan Sweeney12 timer siden

    I love how Joe never leaves an elephant in the room

  67. Emily Lester

    Emily Lester12 timer siden

    Joe loves his friends. Good job Joe.

  68. Julian Adame

    Julian Adame12 timer siden

    Joe Rogan is the boss

  69. Dan Everton

    Dan Everton12 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a>:10 The Pandemic Response Team was defunded by Trump.

  70. Christopher Vega

    Christopher Vega12 timer siden

    I quick drinking and cigars... smokes and drinks during the podcast lol

  71. Luke Lond

    Luke Lond13 timer siden

    Why is it always gay guys fucking with the tigers.

  72. Oxford Hunting

    Oxford Hunting13 timer siden

    I heard of his special on the Billy Madison show pretty funny Bert should have said what meds to take

  73. Retr0Viking

    Retr0Viking13 timer siden

    Joe "Robust" Rogan.

  74. Isabel Borges

    Isabel Borges14 timer siden

    I want some of what they smoking....😁😁😁

  75. Frank Enno

    Frank Enno14 timer siden

    #1446 Rumour bourdain was battleing heiroin addiction...depression

  76. okie dokie

    okie dokie14 timer siden

    Im sooo glad you talked about cats. I got 2 cats that have lived inside and outside 1st in the city now on a rural farm. They have huge personality

  77. Flight Hours

    Flight Hours14 timer siden

    he laughs like a dolphin

  78. R. L.

    R. L.14 timer siden

    Don't pretend that you didn't hear "black guys" instead of black ice. Bitches please.

  79. Keegan Sweeney

    Keegan Sweeney15 timer siden

    How long are they gonna talk about cats

  80. el jefe

    el jefe15 timer siden

    This is a great podcast Joe, Bert is legit. Do you believe there might be a group above elected officials?

  81. Michael Scheiber

    Michael Scheiber15 timer siden

    I am legitimate trying to find the pubic information on another YT video of another channel "10 most mysterious discoveries made frozen in ice" @ Origins Explained where their number 9 discovery was ancient viruses by Americans and Chinese scientists in 2015. There was some published "research findings"but gone down rabbit holes trying to find the published sience article and possible pictures of the new virus strand discoveries. There was no reference information. Every search engine returns the similar news (2015 ancient virus discovery, dubbed the Pandora Virus, has over 2,500 genes (compared to HIV having 9 genes).