Joe Rogan Experience #1470 - Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a business magnet, entrepreneur and engineer.


  1. Brandon Granger

    Brandon Granger8 timer siden

    Elon "Tony Stark" Musk

  2. Carl Ciadella

    Carl Ciadella8 timer siden

    Anyone think Elon is an alien?

  3. Jiří Pospíšil

    Jiří Pospíšil8 timer siden

    Elon´s mindset is something timeless. I think people in 2200 will talk about him as the biggest person of ours comtemporary world.

  4. Martyq

    Martyq9 timer siden

    Finally the third episode with Tony Stark

  5. Coolkid27

    Coolkid279 timer siden

    I wish someone would ask if the design of the cyber truck will integrate with future Tesla cars

  6. nypad5

    nypad59 timer siden

    Dude, my bro Elon knows about save states in games... god damn man!

  7. Carlo Lapadula

    Carlo Lapadula9 timer siden

    ~ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2160">36:00</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2220">37:00</a> Maybe you edited the Neurolink out of the replayed memory?

  8. lelizondo77

    lelizondo7710 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2196">36:36</a> excel (not responding) for a second

  9. Scott

    Scott10 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2499">41:39</a> "You don't always improve, but you can aspire to improve. You can aspire to be less wrong." Powerful words

  10. 3E11VEN RYAN

    3E11VEN RYAN10 timer siden

    Elon musk is biting his tongue and holding back because he knows the Democrats are trying to keep the country locked down!

  11. Michelle Mattingly

    Michelle Mattingly10 timer siden

    Dude. I’m so dumb. I never even imagined Elon Musk as an actual person. Holy moly. Thank you Joe Rogen. And also took me a good while to come around to your way of thinking/seeing. Thank you for being you. I see the value now.

  12. Broodmother

    Broodmother10 timer siden

    imagine if elon musk was a fantasy freak insted of a scifi. firework gandalf fireworks!

  13. Tre Gains Fitness

    Tre Gains Fitness11 timer siden

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2010">33:30</a> You can tell Elon knows damn well it won’t take 5 years. 😂 The implementations of this technology is going to be good for people who need the surgery for brain injuries, but what he’s not informing us of is if genius’s like himself will use the neurolink despite not having a brain injury. Once you take into account the speed at which cognitive problem solving by the brain will be accelerated by, (Elon said clearly its like our brain is working on 100 bits per second versus 100 TERRABITS per second with the neurolink) it’s not going to take 5 years more like 5 seconds 😂

  14. Yayas

    Yayas11 timer siden

    Thank you Joe Rogan and Elon Musk for having this conversation.

  15. David Gardner

    David Gardner11 timer siden

    Long live Elon Musk, we only get a few really smart unselfish people in a lifetime and we need to recognize him for what he is trying to do for mankind.

  16. StealYourPork

    StealYourPork12 timer siden

    Elon Musk: *takes breath* "If you don't make stuff, there is no stuff"

  17. bernieburnalot

    bernieburnalot12 timer siden

    Is it just me, or are these guys completely Baked out of their Skulls?!😂🤣

  18. JerinDoble

    JerinDoble12 timer siden

    Joe rogan has impressive forehead wrinkles

  19. Lucas Aparecido Oliveira

    Lucas Aparecido Oliveira13 timer siden

    Elon é meu heroi

  20. BitFunk

    BitFunk13 timer siden

    How is using wifi/BlueTooth to transmit binary between two NeuroLink nodes which then processes that information into something that the brain can understand/interpret different from traditional modulated communication? I see how the computers themselves could transmit very precise information very quickly, but once it's fed into the brain and it's associated conscious, it's then left up to interpretation.

  21. Jed Perks

    Jed Perks13 timer siden

    This was pretty interesting until Joe starts pushing his communist universal basic income CNN New York Times vaccine coronavirus bs

  22. Jianding Wang

    Jianding Wang13 timer siden

    fatality is low??? Elon, you mean 5%+ fatality is low???? WOW

  23. Jianding Wang

    Jianding Wang13 timer siden

    And you say tesla have many employee in china and none of them died. That's because the great job of government who asked wuhan to locked down completely, if you talk about statistics, then how many stuff of tesla in china has affected by coronavirus?

  24. Mark Deida

    Mark Deida13 timer siden

    I dont know much about this stuff, but being able to interface with each other, doesn't that open up people using it maliciously? If it can stimulate parts of the brain Couldn't it make you feel things that you Wouldn't normally feel, like intese fear, and being able to interface with each other, Wouldn't your implant be hackable then, like this has benefits ya, but this feels like it could be used for low-key mind control in the future.

  25. Carlos

    Carlos13 timer siden

    He's an Annunaki

  26. J C

    J C14 timer siden

    we still only have machine learning no actual artificial intelligence..

  27. seedsy89

    seedsy8914 timer siden

    his speech rate is like a dial up modem

  28. Natural86

    Natural8615 timer siden

    There's no single news source you can go to.. just read as widely across the political spectrum as possible but also read forums/blogs to read/see first hand accounts

  29. colby rodgers

    colby rodgers15 timer siden

    Joe was blown away with online ghost? WTH? I swear he reacts depending on who's talking. If Eddie bravo said the exact same thing word for word on a fight companion they would have piled on him and asked what conspiracy theories he's into now

  30. Julius Eller

    Julius Eller15 timer siden

    If you wanna have a simple statistic of which you can infer the number of actual covid deaths compare the total number of deaths in your country before and after the outbreak

  31. Devin Hill

    Devin Hill15 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="575">9:35</a>

  32. Devin Hill

    Devin Hill15 timer siden

    I don’t care if Elon is an AI robot.. I still appreciate him. He’s learned a good sense of humor

  33. Naram Alhasani

    Naram Alhasani16 timer siden

    why does elon seem less robotic at times he is evolving

  34. niklas johansson

    niklas johansson16 timer siden

    I get bored of the tesla its not as engaging as manuals, but its still awesome

  35. William Trevino

    William Trevino17 timer siden

    Do you think he is robot ????

  36. Anyone want a cheese burger No seriously do you

    Anyone want a cheese burger No seriously do you17 timer siden

    “It’s gonna take a while” “In about 10 years till we don’t need to talk” I might be wrong but that’s definitely not a long time

  37. spankyspangler mcgee

    spankyspangler mcgee17 timer siden

    Elon is the living Tony Stark

  38. A E

    A E18 timer siden

    (minute 45) real conversation starts for those W.H.O. are listening. "mind virus" aka corona virus and us all wearing masks due to fear not facts- aka operant behavioral conditioning psych/sociology 101. based on the fact that most people dont have proper education in biology or access to tech and machines to counter argue with facts. OR mass riots over 1 person being murdered so lets use that to justify breaking into salon, jewelry stores across the country. spray paint "F capitalism" on walls in nice neighborhoods and loot targets then blame it all on trump. u wanna buy a farm and grow all ur own food instead of buying it at trader joes be my guest. has nothing to do with BLM. has nothing to do with justice. pure "mind virus" plain and simple. will only give people in charge more excuse to change even more laws to F us in the end. MLK marched peacefully with 1 million people on the capitol for real change. bread crumbs. knowledge from a very well informed well educated man.

  39. FrostedMantis

    FrostedMantis18 timer siden

    Me eating instant noodles with a cup of water before sleeping...

  40. Jason Nam

    Jason Nam18 timer siden

    ELON MUSK... he better have all sorts of security. He's dangerously real and truthful. Love him. He cares about facts.

  41. Antonio Zhang

    Antonio Zhang19 timer siden

    this is like rick and morty in 2 hours

  42. Corbin High

    Corbin High19 timer siden

    You kinda have to worry with these chips what happens if you're near an EMP, can they be hacked etc, putting tech into your brain might make you vulnerable as well as helping you

  43. Corbin High

    Corbin High19 timer siden

    Would it be like getting your teeth out, could you take your piece of skull home when you get your neuralink imagine the horror bringing that in to work to show people

  44. Scott Gallant

    Scott Gallant19 timer siden

    I'm convinced Elon Musk is a simulation.

  45. Carlos Gomez

    Carlos Gomez20 timer siden

    Joe Rogan did you hear what Anonymous Hacktivist has information of Trump being involved in child and human Trafficking.. and has info that Trump made the order to kill Jeffrey Epstein to cover his tracks. Everybody like this so that this so that he can see this. thank you.

  46. doliio volay

    doliio volay19 timer siden

    Elon's speech rhythm is so fuckin annoying!!! Worse than my father... and I can't talk to him for more than 15 min!!

  47. Joel' Killz

    Joel' Killz20 timer siden

    He’s brain is moving so fast you can catch his stutter

  48. doliio volay

    doliio volay19 timer siden

    show more of the guest's face...than yours lol...

  49. LosAngelesStuff

    LosAngelesStuff20 timer siden

    I love how much pause and thought he put into all the hypothetical Qs Joe threw at him

  50. SF 77

    SF 7720 timer siden

    Elon Musk is a smug, insufferable little prick, and just a weirdo. Fuck that guy.

  51. Woo2fly30

    Woo2fly3020 timer siden


  52. Killerinstinct Killerinstinct

    Killerinstinct Killerinstinct20 timer siden

    Protect Elon musk at all times

  53. Woo2fly30

    Woo2fly3020 timer siden

    Elon needs the secret service.

  54. Benjamin Goulet

    Benjamin Goulet21 time siden

    3rd time watching this just because of how important this information is and what isn’t being said that Elon wants to convey is that we have to develop a relationship with so now before it gets ahead of us and we become the trees. I hated the idea of neaurolink link up until I realized it would help communicate my thoughts better than I can speak them. Speaking the words I mean to say for the meaning I meant is probably my biggest dowjfall

  55. Tim Hatzell

    Tim Hatzell21 time siden

    I'd hate to wait on Elon at a restaurant. Waiter: "What are you having today?" Elon: "......silents.... um...uh....well.... what kind of salads do you have?" Waiter: " Chopped, Crab Lue, Cesar, Mixed green." Elon: ".........longer What about soup?

  56. Justin S

    Justin S21 time siden

    This apartheid profiteer is great at making shit explode

  57. Captain Chokdee

    Captain Chokdee22 timer siden

    Maybe, just maybe, Elon IS an Alien!

  58. Alex Webb

    Alex Webb22 timer siden

    I don't see it as entirely neccesary to connect with AI. If the product also ends up with simulated ai..... Too creepy....

  59. Josh Berrong

    Josh Berrong22 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2402">40:02</a> when they're talking about a monkey having conciousness and he laughs. Thst hit me hard. I listened to Elon laugh at it more than several times and I thought about it, even noticing his eyes before the camera cut. I cant understand why this moment mattered to me but it did

  60. collick24

    collick2423 timer siden

    Elons scientifically "cool" and I fuck with him. I don't think he's necessarily screening his words. I think he's dumbing shit down to make it understandable aswell as hiding his weird ass thoughts. Cuz some of em came out and i was like...."whaaa?"

  61. Sean Phillips

    Sean Phillips23 timer siden

    If he can cure my severe epilepsy Id be willing to go. I wish I could get a hold of him, Id accept any unexpected consequences if it meant I could speak full sentences and I could wake up in the morning without fears of falling on the floor with every step I take. I was a Chef on my way to becoming more, now im a line cook in a crap run-down bar...

  62. Fathom

    Fathom23 timer siden

    AI is logical based so I would then say a contract for symbiosis would guarantee the safety of both parties involved. Also our abstract, illogical, chaotic nature is very useful to AI. It might even say, touche.

  63. Jason Nam

    Jason Nam23 timer siden

    show more of the guest's face...than yours lol...

  64. Jay Torr

    Jay Torr23 timer siden

    Elon's speech rhythm is so fuckin annoying!!! Worse than my father... and I can't talk to him for more than 15 min!!

  65. Julian Thomson

    Julian Thomson23 timer siden

    Came back to this podcast after the spacex launch. Thank god for Elon Musk, it'shard to fathom what he has done but in time people will look back at what he's achieved and see him for the pioneer he is

  66. Julian Thomson

    Julian Thomson20 timer siden

    @Justin S he has re-ignited the venture of space exploration. And I mean that in the literal sense of physically sending people out into space rather than just viewing it through a telescope, further more he is doing it with intent to take it further than just the international space station which is where NASA has been stuck for many years. Not too mention the power of doing a full live broadcast of the event which was a very nice touch, it was very inclusive which is more than anything NASA has done. All of this achieved in a relatively short time frame considering that he is one man running the whole show and this is only the beginning

  67. Justin S

    Justin S21 time siden

    What has he "achieved"? Be specific.

  68. Fathom

    Fathom23 timer siden

    One of the best lines in any movie: "Do it the Russian way." Sure enough a smack to the computer on a spaceship with a wrench fixed the problem and we got Ben Affleck home.

  69. Guy Stewart

    Guy Stewart23 timer siden

    Rogan - "There's two arguments ..." : <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a>:00 Musk - "If someone doesn't make the stuff, there is no stuff": <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a>:00

  70. Adam Kajganic

    Adam Kajganic23 timer siden

    why on earth would anyone dislike this?

  71. Kevin Stanleyy

    Kevin StanleyyDag siden

    I fuckin love Elon Musk. This literally happened- Joe Rogan: talking about some crazy shit that is just so crazy to imagine Elon Musk: Yes

  72. richard selmer

    richard selmerDag siden

    Human are lifes agents. Our destiny is to develop into a mulit planet species to expand life throughout the univers. Time is vastly runnig out. Therfore vi must use the window of oppertunity before its to late. Elon Musk wil go down in human history as one of the most important and remarkable beings of mankind to ever walked planet earth. Elon Just remember.... "Do not go gentle into that good night" We salute you.

  73. First born unicorn

    First born unicornDag siden

    But what i don’t understand is why so many people are afraid of the virus, I googled it back in December and I read that in very rare cases people could die from Clovid-19

  74. David O'Neill

    David O'NeillDag siden

    I love the guy, but I found Elon's attitude to Covid and lockdown a bit disappointing tbh. If the public are left to make the decision for themselves as to whether they carry on as normal, no doubt the virus would just spread and spread. As for the low mortality rate, fine, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to suppress it; and it doesn't make the covid-related deaths okay, no matter how small the percentage when they could have otherwise been avoided. As for his point regarding improving the data, I agree, and it would help provide a better picture, and a better response. What can't be denied however is that in many of the worst affected countries, there is a clear PEAK IN DEATHS FROM ALL CASES in recent months compared with recent years. This is just a coincidence is it? Go SpaceX 😉

  75. Ano Nimi

    Ano NimiDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2033">33:53</a> architypal *ANAL* 😂

  76. inez looney

    inez looneyDag siden

    he literallly has a hypotonising top on thats how cool he is

  77. Danny Burke

    Danny BurkeDag siden

    Elon is a good dude.

  78. Choco Later

    Choco LaterDag siden

    When Elon Musk pauses and thinks, he actually communicates with AI.

  79. DonovanShouse

    DonovanShouseDag siden

    duuude!! is it just me or is elon rocking a space balls"ludacris speed!!" tshirt

  80. RJ Quinn

    RJ QuinnDag siden


  81. Davey Dowling

    Davey DowlingDag siden

    Subtitles needed for Elon

  82. MyessYallyah Americus

    MyessYallyah AmericusDag siden

    whats interesting about letting a corrupt congress steal my money when they already robbed five generations of my family last century? wouldnt it be a a more corrupt thing if they didnt rob my family for once??? since ive already been robbed my entire life and have the body of a 95 year old man already? ive been robbed of my health and if they dont stop robbing me my children will never be born and my entire life will have been wasted when they already ruined 41 years of it i can recall.

  83. Harrison Schapelhouman

    Harrison SchapelhoumanDag siden

    I joined just because I herd his ditching NO-gos and I want his leaving to hurt lets get as many people to join and follow his steps.

  84. Gus Levy

    Gus LevyDag siden

    If Elon can find a cure for my tinnitus, then I promise to buy one of Grimes’ records. I’m serious.


    BIGLIKEDEZDag siden

    Elon be fucking the shit out of these women damn dude got 7 kids

  86. Thatonekid

    ThatonekidDag siden

    @ about 7 min, my opinion on the topic introduced: I respect Elon Musk as an intellectual. His story is vastly more compelling because of his success. His success is due to his diligence and calculated decisions, and risks taken. His success has enabled him to also become an extreme philanthropist, and allowed him to invest in the resources to innovate in the next generations of human infrastructure in a profitable and rapidly-revised set of strategies that have come to pay off and also succeed. We, all of us who support Elon and SpaceX as a specific company of amazingly capable people, put the lives of Bob and Doug on the top of a giant bomb, and put them in space from American soil for the first time in 9 years. As far as I can tell, he is also a genuine, good, and perfectly flawed human being that I fully support, and hope to emulate in many of the best ways the values and principles I know him for. He also is worth billions.