Joe Rogan Reacts to Mike Tyson’s Return to Boxing

Taken from JRE #1473 w/Tom Papa:


  1. Wim

    Wim21 minutt siden

    "Yeah, lets all cheer on a convicted rapist and registered sex offender, Murica!

  2. Donte Prince

    Donte PrinceTime siden

    Oh shit Tyson is gonna make somebody his girlfriend. Who ever gets in the ring with him is gonna die. If they dont die it doesent count.

  3. Kosi Papas

    Kosi Papas4 timer siden

    You can eat eggs and tuna fish and work out.At 48 l feel great. But remember these guys have been in sports for years that's the difference.

  4. Veris

    Veris5 timer siden

    “The gods of war have given me some strong hormone injections.”

  5. Chewy CatTails

    Chewy CatTails5 timer siden

    If he's got the shoulders for it, we'll see.

  6. X Y

    X Y10 timer siden


  7. Mark Kim

    Mark Kim10 timer siden

    Imagine getting kicked by Joe Rogan, punched by Tyson, and palm struck/slapped by Bas Rutten

  8. Dustin Moses

    Dustin Moses11 timer siden

    I just want to remind people that Mike Tyson was a convicted rapist. Why does anyone want this guy as a hero? We should be disgusted by him

  9. anthony lakich

    anthony lakich13 timer siden

    so do what "Juice Gut" Joe Rogan says to be a Chump...i mean Champ in the GAY F C and JUICE JUICE JUICE Tell your Gutt Bloats and Your Balls look like BB's.

  10. Bryan S

    Bryan S14 timer siden

    Joe was right. If Tyson was to fight someone even a great fighter. They will not be able to keep Tyson off them especially on the inside.

  11. Sam Campola

    Sam Campola14 timer siden

    Yeah yeah yeah mhm yeah yeah

  12. Todd Vanreyendam

    Todd Vanreyendam14 timer siden

    I love the heart

  13. Sean jr

    Sean jr15 timer siden

    This guy joe is talking to reminds of me... “when I want her too leave already “..

  14. Rock girl

    Rock girl15 timer siden


  15. Oz Oz

    Oz Oz15 timer siden

    tyson's video on 1,5 playback speed tho

  16. Rock girl

    Rock girl15 timer siden

    thats scary as shit wth

  17. Isaac Bishop Junior

    Isaac Bishop Junior16 timer siden

    Mike Tyson flips out, and attacks Joe, during an interview, intent to kill him. Joe's getting punched out, and quickly realizes he's fighting for his life. Who wins?

  18. sam joe

    sam joe16 timer siden

    I can't wait to see great Tyson back to the Ring

  19. Fulguro Geek

    Fulguro Geek16 timer siden

    Rafael Cordeiro is the one who holds the pads for tyson in that comeback video. Rafael Cordeiro is probably the number one coach in the UFC for stiking and he said in an interview that tyson could possibly beat the world champ in the heavyweight divisin with the speed and power he saw . he also adimited that the first few roud he was a bit scared of the punches of tyson while holding the pads lol.

  20. Duke Landry

    Duke Landry17 timer siden

    If Mike Tyson returns, you are looking at the next world champion.

  21. Linda H

    Linda H17 timer siden

    Tyson couldn't even beat Screeach in a fight these days.

  22. lil yeti

    lil yeti18 timer siden

    I have absolutely no doubt that Mike could win a title in his current form. I wouldn't even be surprised by first round knockouts. No one with a similar build has ever had the agility, speed and power that Mike does. Nobody in the sport is prepared defensively to deal with this. He is the ideal form for a heavy weight boxer. Not to mention what Joe said, he has the wisdom and experience of an older man, and clearly stronger and more technical now than he ever was.

  23. DonMakaveli Thuglife

    DonMakaveli Thuglife18 timer siden

    finally we will have a experienced boxer in the ring.. now just time for rappers to come back.. 2pac and others and the wannabe yellybean teeth rappers to go on vacation

  24. Original Livedog

    Original Livedog20 timer siden

    Not Victor? =)

  25. C W

    C W21 time siden

    Joe is in his 50's ? Wtf

  26. JOHN

    JOHN22 timer siden

    The heavyweight boxing rankings are not strong at the moment he could have a successful return

  27. Playboi Mario

    Playboi Mario22 timer siden

    The Gods of War. Oof 😤

  28. Candy Sweet

    Candy Sweet22 timer siden

    One of the problems with the big pay-for-view fights today is its so much easier catching the fight live for free from overseas streaming sources if you know where to go.

  29. Pat Kaczmarek

    Pat Kaczmarek23 timer siden

    MT definitley looks ready. Somebody gonna get knocked the fuck out.

  30. Framus Burns-Hagstrom III

    Framus Burns-Hagstrom III23 timer siden

    Well.....I would think it's more about he really needs the money.....sad really ....probably sycophants around him pumping him up and pushing into it...IMHO

  31. Christopher Van Zele

    Christopher Van Zele23 timer siden


  32. Kraglin

    KraglinDag siden

    thats scary as shit wth

  33. Jake Swearingen

    Jake SwearingenDag siden

    Testing to see if Chinese character for the ruling party 中国共产党 will get deleted.

  34. nomadchopper

    nomadchopperDag siden

    Hey Forman kicked something butts why can’t Tyson kick some butts again .

  35. Sam Yaza

    Sam YazaDag siden

    No reason he can't

  36. nomar mar

    nomar marDag siden

    rogan is 52? damn looks like he's 35

  37. Sam Yaza

    Sam YazaDag siden

    Money keeps you young

  38. Lucian Palievici

    Lucian PalieviciDag siden

    One word only: money.

  39. butterfly man

    butterfly manDag siden

    Mike was the dream of all of us. He gave to hope everyone again.

  40. Ben Ji

    Ben JiDag siden

    he probably started taking old gizzards enhancement

  41. Esox Lucius

    Esox LuciusDag siden

    Tyson vs Shannon. Lets go champ!

  42. Esox Lucius

    Esox LuciusDag siden

    Rogan 52?

  43. macross진 7k

    macross진 7kDag siden

    Is he still a vegan?

  44. Saykhel Rachmones

    Saykhel RachmonesDag siden

    Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

  45. Will A

    Will ADag siden

    Michael Jordan should take hormones and come back

  46. Fred Hampton's Ghost

    Fred Hampton's GhostDag siden

    Joe's obsessed with steroids and violence

  47. sycho sid

    sycho sidDag siden

    If tyson gets back in the ring he better end it early because if he doesnt he will be out of gas quick.

  48. Rusty Lonzame

    Rusty LonzameDag siden

    Everyone's gangsta till u get punch in the faith. -ironmike

  49. Loser_Sheens

    Loser_SheensDag siden

    Man I gotta see him spar. I hope we aren’t hyping up an old man to get knocked out.

  50. Kaiju Sensei

    Kaiju SenseiDag siden

    I really don’t want these old dudes to come back and box they made out like a bandit with a clear head and solid gears. Let the old guard rest.

  51. Zach Aman

    Zach AmanDag siden

    The one guy Mike Tyson would have a serious chance of beating at the top level is Deontay Wilder, it would be the perfect match of style to suit Mike, I'm not saying he wins but it would be the only big name he could possibly beat

  52. wagnar

    wagnarDag siden

    I bet 90 years old Tyson could beat my ass.

  53. Wc11

    Wc11Dag siden

    JOE IS 52 !! Wtf hahahaha (I’m not a regular here so I didn’t know this already) but he looks or just generally seems a lot younger than that

  54. Lockdown 23&1.

    Lockdown 23&1.Dag siden

    Joe “hey shoes off in my house” Rogan

  55. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyuiDag siden

    Tyson will die in the ring. All of the coke had to have damaged his heart.

  56. Lee

    LeeDag siden

    The music Tyson cane out to against Frazier. It was just a dark constant drone with the occasional clanging of chains. Even I shit myself watching it at home🤣

  57. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyuiDag siden

    Tyson / Maywether?

  58. John

    JohnDag siden

    "mid life Crithis"

  59. Hawkins Hawkins

    Hawkins HawkinsDag siden

    Why they hate black men doing what They LOVE???

  60. John Higgins

    John HigginsDag siden

    Was speccy getting off to Tyson in his leathers?

  61. Mike Newsome

    Mike Newsome2 dager siden

    Horrible decision..your 53..reaction time is very bad

  62. spydurr

    spydurr2 dager siden

    Belfort was actually in his early or mid 30s during trt

  63. me e

    me e2 dager siden

    What a joke the dipshit would get knocked stupid by any rumdumb in boxing .Give up old and stupid .

  64. To Arise

    To Arise2 dager siden

    Mike Tyson is only A LION 🦁 whenever he wants to enter ring He does for goats hahaha...... Nothing surprise....

  65. Charles Taylor

    Charles Taylor2 dager siden

    And don't forget, Tyson didn't get punched a lot so he's not working with old injuries and numerous concussions.

  66. mike brink

    mike brink2 dager siden

    They need an all drug UFC division where fighters can take all the roids they want and do a meth heroin speed ball before the fight.

  67. abbey810g

    abbey810g2 dager siden

    Sounds like the other guy in the studio is having an orgasm half the time in this video

  68. thetopodrilo sm

    thetopodrilo sm2 dager siden

    Vegan power!! 💪🏽🌱

  69. Mike Tyson

    Mike Tyson2 dager siden

    ym 53

  70. David Bird

    David Bird2 dager siden

    Isn't Mike Tyson a rapist?

  71. ggm 888

    ggm 8882 dager siden

    The co host is so damn annoying

  72. James Smith

    James Smith2 dager siden

    Tyson / Maywether?

  73. Hank Acuff

    Hank Acuff2 dager siden

    Tyson will die in the ring. All of the coke had to have damaged his heart.

  74. James to the Jamo

    James to the Jamo2 dager siden

    Yeah Right Mhm Yeah Repeat what joe says Yeah Right

  75. RogerThat

    RogerThat2 dager siden

    Tyson looks great and all, but his ego needs to take a step down and realize its pointless.

  76. Stacey Abrams

    Stacey Abrams5 timer siden

    @RogerThat Hows your moms basement?

  77. RogerThat

    RogerThat6 timer siden

    @Stacey Abrams haha bro you are literally so scary. I can't even sleep now 😫

  78. Stacey Abrams

    Stacey Abrams12 timer siden

    He would jaw you in 4 seconds dude. I would 2

  79. bing bong

    bing bong2 dager siden

    War king arm ease 👊

  80. BRJH Sports & Entertainment

    BRJH Sports & Entertainment2 dager siden

  81. Brian Golden

    Brian Golden2 dager siden

    Let's just say Mike trimmed his weight back down to between 215lbs -230lbs, with that display of speed & power at his advanced age! I wonder 50s the new 29

  82. Premo Wilson

    Premo Wilson2 dager siden

    Tyson peds

  83. Jay Y

    Jay Y2 dager siden

    Tyson just finished playing God of war.

  84. Tony Dillinger

    Tony Dillinger2 dager siden

    Wow... good for him... NO... THE EGO IS EVIL...

  85. Steven Stinnett

    Steven Stinnett2 dager siden

    Can his chin hold up is the only real question.

  86. John Smith

    John Smith2 dager siden

    Tyson: "Every fight was an execution" Bhahahaha

  87. Arctic Verse

    Arctic Verse2 dager siden

    He’s a animal

  88. John Smith

    John Smith2 dager siden

    Tyson could have all his limbs amputated and I still wouldn't fight him because he would smash me with his stumps