Joe Rogan Experience - Fight Companion - January 9, 2020

Joe is joined by Eddie Bravo, Bryan Callen & Brendan Schaub.


  1. Steven Frost

    Steven Frost12 timer siden

    You don’t need a gun to protect your family end of

  2. Doc Darkness

    Doc Darkness12 timer siden

    Jamie: Right click: select “open image in new tab” wallah there’s your full size image 😉

  3. NearlyH3adlessNick

    NearlyH3adlessNick12 timer siden

    The bad part is diarrhea-- *I like Diarrhea!*

  4. For the ments

    For the ments12 timer siden

    I love Eddie Bravo. That is all.

  5. Bundy 4Prez

    Bundy 4Prez12 timer siden

    Fries and beer! Vegan is awesome!

  6. TRTL

    TRTL12 timer siden

    Enough with the “joe says something and brenden agrees” comments holy shit it’s so annoying to see a repeat comment 413 times gd

  7. reinders82

    reinders8213 timer siden

    Someone tell Yul Brynner he looks like Joe Rogan.

  8. Anthony Mace

    Anthony Mace13 timer siden

    Eddie look like "Roe Jogan" I'm fuckin' dead 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Uhh bam

    Uhh bam13 timer siden

    Brendan “ sharp as a tic “ Schwab

  10. Davy Brazell

    Davy Brazell13 timer siden


  11. Harlan Meehan

    Harlan Meehan13 timer siden

    I love how Eddie and Joe talk about the importance of family , I will never forget it

  12. will stokes

    will stokes13 timer siden

    yo joe you should consider getting that shaun atwood dude on your podcast in the future, been watching his videos ever since eddie shout him out

  13. Pedro Strom

    Pedro Strom14 timer siden

    this are so stupid , i still dont understand if this extreme stupidity is an american thing or just an LA thing !! but my god this fucks are dumb !

  14. Xendar WR

    Xendar WR14 timer siden

    The one bible story joe latches onto is about a bald guy being treated unfairly by God

  15. Shrimp Taquito

    Shrimp Taquito14 timer siden

    It is so discouraging to know that some one as dumb as Eddie can absolutely kill my ass. Wtf man.

  16. Jachob

    Jachob14 timer siden

    joe dont have eddie on if you are just going to be annoyed with him 90% of the time lol

  17. cwhoff290

    cwhoff29015 timer siden

    Eddie "Deaf Jack Russell" Bravo... He's gone & you can't get him back. -Theo Von

  18. Viskraft Creations

    Viskraft Creations15 timer siden

    DARPA created the internet.

  19. BMF G0AT

    BMF G0AT15 timer siden

    I came for the conspiracies, was more satisfied than seeing a drunk girl alone passed out.

  20. Viskraft Creations

    Viskraft Creations15 timer siden

    Veganism is a starvation diet that destroys health over time. Speaking from 3 years experience of vegetarian and 3 years vegan. Meat saved my health and gave me my strength stability and resiliency back. Fuck Veganism.

  21. Dee Eee

    Dee Eee15 timer siden

    Fuck that, it's time for Eddie to make a podcast called Eddie unleashed and if he gets banned on NO-gos, I'll follow the website he starts up 👍🏾💯👽😈🤡👹👺💀👻👾🤖🤖🙊

  22. cnmmd qiuoo

    cnmmd qiuoo14 timer siden

    in books and then not tell us the title.

  23. Matthew Swartz

    Matthew Swartz15 timer siden

    2:10:52 Joe's Queen of England joke, holy sheeeeeet! 😂😂😂

  24. kaleb vera

    kaleb vera15 timer siden

    i couldnt help but think at around 1.18 .00 minutes when they were saying why the Elite havent recruited Joe Rogan, ¨all these fuckers are already in it¨ those were my thoughts ,i mean why wouldnt they be , why stay with Team Loser if you could be with Team Winner? especially since they have callen in that group

  25. MidwayMonsters 6

    MidwayMonsters 615 timer siden

    Bravo has finally gone off the deep end

  26. Daniel Bocanegra

    Daniel Bocanegra16 timer siden

    Say what ya want but Edie Bravo is absolutely right about a lot of what he’s saying through this whole episode..conspiracy theories are not always theories..look up DAN BONGINO he’s an ex secret service officer and knows what’s really going on in DC

  27. Uhh bam

    Uhh bam16 timer siden

    Fuck yeah Sean Atwood shout out !!

  28. Morsdro V

    Morsdro V16 timer siden

    I’m gon be sad when the gov takes out Eddie bro... he knowTooo much!!! 🤣😂

  29. kaleb vera

    kaleb vera16 timer siden

    oh i cant stand Bryan Callen, hes such a shill

  30. James Doe

    James Doe16 timer siden

    Stipe is Croatian and Christian like 90% of Croats.

  31. theomega616

    theomega61616 timer siden

    Lucifer means light bringer, it even said in the article something about "the telescope shed light on the darkest corners of space" or some shit ...

  32. Daniel Bocanegra

    Daniel Bocanegra16 timer siden

    We ARE in a simulation but it’s a biological one..this world and our lives are a test that we are going through..god created the angels specifically to worship him and SATAN and other angels betrayed him..he created us with free will to see who will choose to live our lives how he asks us to whole hearted in love..the Bible says that for those of us who make it the end he will tell us why we were here and why we had to live through this says ..he will reveal the great secret in the very for your test ..god bless

  33. Joshua Smith

    Joshua Smith17 timer siden

    JOE!!! The only reason people watch the compilation is for THE BRAVO!!! Stop changing the subject!!! Let Bravo woke people!!!!!!

  34. Call Robert Crawford

    Call Robert Crawford17 timer siden

    Joe. Queen owns British petroleum. BP. She owns the oil and pays those saudis

  35. Josh Taylor

    Josh Taylor17 timer siden

    Does anybody know what book Joe Rogan is talking about that he is reading about the Comanches? I already read one book he recommended about the Comanches called Empire of the summer Moon. I'd really like to know what book he is reading now that he said had him sweating. What's the damn title of the book Joe?! You can't be mentioned in books and then not tell us the title.

  36. Carbon Ninja

    Carbon Ninja18 timer siden

    Looks like Eddie started trt

  37. alex_silahli

    alex_silahli18 timer siden

    do this without bryan

  38. Daniel Gestakovski

    Daniel Gestakovski18 timer siden

    Eddie bravo for president!

  39. James Highroller

    James Highroller18 timer siden

    Only Schaub “Wasn’t he super young when he grabbed that dick?” 😂😂😂

  40. Lil Stack'n

    Lil Stack'n19 timer siden

    I bet Brendan is "United". Lots of people don't really know about it but it's very common. My dad's United and I don't think he knows the difference between that and Catholics.

  41. MD payne

    MD payne19 timer siden

    Normally I like these... but man Eddie is just way too fucking crazy. I had to turn this off. Most of his conspiracy theory stuff is just tied to his lack of understanding of history.

  42. GhostofAlexJonesss

    GhostofAlexJonesss19 timer siden

    Bryan I support Harvey Weinstein and bohemian Grove callun. Stupid POS Hollywood scumbag

  43. GhostofAlexJonesss

    GhostofAlexJonesss19 timer siden

    Not everyone is that Bryan calling you scumbag. People are finally getting hip.too it you POS three years after the 2016 election. Finally people have become sick of the propaganda and media tricks. You piece of trash , your a boring media puppet baduc sellout loser. Your comedy sucks and your a brainwashed sheep shut ur mouth, you too Joe, we know you bring Bryan on to cause more distraction and steer the conversation in your direction, fu

  44. Chris P

    Chris P19 timer siden

    This was the most un-fight companion I’ve ever heard...but I’m not mad

  45. A A

    A A20 timer siden

    Dan Bongino would be a great guest on Joe's show.

  46. Kravist 518

    Kravist 51820 timer siden

    He should professional skeptic Michael Shermer on a mma show and see how he analyze’s a fight

  47. AngelicBeatdown

    AngelicBeatdown20 timer siden

    Eddie America is not fucking prosperous. Unemployment is low because people work shitty jobs as gigs. The wealthy have grown their wealth while the rest of us have gotten poorer.

  48. Jack Spratt

    Jack Spratt20 timer siden

    Joe , you're hilarious and i love your podcast , Brendan you're a real likable guy and hey , even Eddie is great to watch on the mat , but fuck dudes , the second you start talking about a total fucking loser like Trump and taking his side on anything is where you 3 act and sound like guys that have absolutely no fucking credibility and are idiots . He lies through his teeth He destroys lives everyday He's a racist , and a total rapist . He's the phoniest loser in the business world that is not , nor has he ever been smart enough to count to ten let alone make business sense or legal money . He has lost billions of other people's money that will never been paid back . He should be shitting his pants , because the second he's out of the white house he's going to prison . I hope he's fucking raped every day till he dies in a cell all alone . Oh , wait a minute , sorry about that last part , his loser 2 sons will be in the cell with him getting raped . The sooner the better . Also , hey Eddie , shut the fuck up about Hillary . You have no proof , nor would you ever have been in the same circle with any of them . So you know shit .

  49. ibadrov

    ibadrov21 time siden

    Eddy is right! It does represents hell. And Jesus has gone to hell to complete his mission and than left.

  50. Jeff Andrews

    Jeff Andrews21 time siden

    Eddie is the best!

  51. Jacob Rogers

    Jacob Rogers21 time siden

    England literally never has any mass shootings, wonder why 🧐

  52. Juan Morales

    Juan Morales21 time siden

    Joe: "They're just kidnapping their kids, raping women, killing people, stealing their horses" Eddie: *chuckles*

  53. stephen hartwig

    stephen hartwig22 timer siden

    Always a great show when this gang get together, cheers

  54. Rashad Almomani

    Rashad Almomani22 timer siden

    It’s pretty bad when Shaub because the voice of logic and reason when they all begin discussing nutrition.

  55. Nik Quinn

    Nik Quinn22 timer siden

    Eddie needs to look into it

  56. Lee King

    Lee King22 timer siden

    Steve-O Looking thicc these days

  57. FreeWill ThaGreat

    FreeWill ThaGreat22 timer siden

    18:55 nice Spanish eddie

  58. Maria Picard

    Maria Picard23 timer siden

    It’s really fucking cool when you all talk at the same fucking time. 😂😂

  59. Addy Adds

    Addy Adds23 timer siden

    eddie bravo makes me 😂 😆 😂

  60. Kram M

    Kram M23 timer siden


  61. Zerg

    Zerg23 timer siden

    1:20:16 - that first time i tried to use a clitoris...