Johannes Høsflot Klæbo - Demons

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  1. Chingiz B

    Chingiz B26 dager siden

    Guys I can’t understand why you are all in loved to this skier... In my opinion very weak skier in long distance. I don’t like sprints... it’s not about cross country... The veterans of this sport shocks everytime with those short races... It’s killing cross country.. You can check and choose the best when you see his power and stamina in long distances and this is about cross country... this is about who is the best. In my opinion Bolshunov the best skier all rounded in the world. He alone confronts the entire Norwegian team, which is constantly trying to cheat on him

  2. Dave

    DaveMåned siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="35">0:35</a> why ?

  3. Novy

    NovyMåned siden

    calle halfvarsson broke the tip on his right ski pole :pp, u can actually see it if u pause at 0:32

  4. equinox project

    equinox projectMåned siden

    His amplitude and rate up hill is insane.

  5. David Helm

    David HelmMåned siden

    Nice. So close to the heart. I was hammering today at City of Lakes and some young buck broke my pole way to early in the race. I'll be watching these guys soon in March at MN world cup.

  6. Cliff Kelsey

    Cliff Kelsey2 måneder siden

    The real story behind the quest for a medal - relentless determination to succeed. Super video!

  7. Тёмыч FifaMobile

    Тёмыч FifaMobile3 måneder siden

    Блять вроде норм, а в роде музыка хуита полная блять

  8. Til Zimmermann

    Til Zimmermann6 måneder siden

    I‘m also a Cross Country skiing athlete at the Sport grammar school in Oberhof. Johannes is my idol. I like his fast finishes and for me he is the best skiier of the world

  9. Ski Creations

    Ski Creations7 måneder siden

    Please do a video with Fearless as music

  10. Mons Vassdal

    Mons Vassdal9 måneder siden

    Best video!

  11. Mathys Labb�

    Mathys Labb�9 måneder siden

    Nice video Man

  12. Ski Creations

    Ski Creations10 måneder siden

    I promise I have at least watched this video 15 times

  13. Ski Creations

    Ski Creations10 måneder siden

    Klæbo have to see this video

  14. Валентин Конкин

    Валентин Конкин11 måneder siden

    Song say my name with Klaebo, I think this is a good idea👍

  15. Adelina Storrø

    Adelina Storrø11 måneder siden

    your best video!!🤩

  16. Marianne Özkan

    Marianne ÖzkanÅr siden

    Hva bruker du får å klippe å sette inn den musikken

  17. Heini Hiltunen

    Heini HiltunenÅr siden

    Onko suomalaisii

  18. Naryu

    NaryuÅr siden

    klaebo - the best sprinter. Bolshunov - the best skier.

  19. copodenieve 22

    copodenieve 22År siden

    Amazing job!

  20. danil29

    danil29År siden

    Норм, мне понравилось.

  21. Alexander Deryabin

    Alexander DeryabinÅr siden

    Klebo is the fastest skier of Earth nowdays! Bravo!

  22. Johannes høsflot Klaebo Fan

    Johannes høsflot Klaebo FanÅr siden


  23. chypres89

    chypres89År siden

    3 swedes and 2 russians disliked he video. figures.

  24. Elle Štěpánková

    Elle ŠtěpánkováÅr siden

    Wau! Iam crying.. This is one of the best videos.. PLEASE do another like this!! 💖👌🏻

  25. SCK

    SCKÅr siden

    Beast! I love these edits

  26. Joakim Vaskinn

    Joakim VaskinnÅr siden

    I don't know why this comes up on my start page LMAO!

  27. CR7XHD

    CR7XHDÅr siden

    Amazing work man

  28. DAG

    DAGÅr siden


  29. Erik Mitchell

    Erik MitchellÅr siden

    The finish of the sprint (skate) is some of the best xc footage I think I've ever seen. He was just flying.

  30. Einar Richter Wold

    Einar Richter WoldÅr siden

    Bra video!🔥🔥

  31. Mythnic- OG

    Mythnic- OGÅr siden

    The klææææb

  32. Ferdi On Soundcloud

    Ferdi On SoundcloudÅr siden



    MALFRE HDÅr siden

    Sick video !!!💘💘

  34. Ghost_Vypx

    Ghost_VypxÅr siden


  35. Виталий Суслов

    Виталий СусловÅr siden

    Клебо-это лыжник от Бога!

  36. Naryu

    NaryuÅr siden

    Спринтер ты хотел написать? Лыжник от бога это Большунов.

  37. Артур Байтимиров

    Артур БайтимировÅr siden

    Четкий клип!

  38. Fizkulturnik Kulturnii

    Fizkulturnik KulturniiÅr siden

    Клэбо! Браво!

  39. Golden Retriever

    Golden RetrieverÅr siden

    It kind of seems like the other competitors don't like him much.

  40. Novy

    NovyÅr siden

    @Joosua Lahti 😂😂

  41. Joosua Lahti

    Joosua LahtiÅr siden

    Why would you like a guy you can't beat?

  42. border kolie

    border kolieÅr siden

    Amazing video 👍❤️🇳🇴

  43. zDxnie

    zDxnieÅr siden

    eyy, Norge er best

  44. Base-o

    Base-oÅr siden

    cocky kid lol

  45. Ski Creations

    Ski CreationsÅr siden

    Any inspiration from one of my videos?

  46. Novy

    NovyÅr siden

    ​@Ski Creations veldig hyggelig å høre kompis😎

  47. Ski Creations

    Ski CreationsÅr siden

    Nej jag skojade bara. Det är två lika videos med samma budskap. You are the reason I make my videos👌🏼

  48. Novy

    NovyÅr siden

    not rly



    I got goosebumps😍



    You have take make more videos like these!!!❤️ Espicially with Klæbo❤️

  51. Linda R

    Linda RÅr siden

    This video is top👌

  52. jakobii jackii

    jakobii jackiiÅr siden

    This is probobly the best video ever made by you. Crazy!!!!

  53. Nea

    NeaÅr siden

    Yaas!! Finally😍😍

  54. Päivi Karppinen

    Päivi KarppinenÅr siden


  55. Heini Hiltunen

    Heini HiltunenÅr siden