Johannes Høsflot Klæbo 30 Km Duathlon Amazing Finish Lillehammer World Cup 2017

Johannes Høsflot Klæbo 30 Km Duathlon Amazing Finish Lillehammer World Cup 2017
verdenscup lillehammer 2017


  1. ppetr77

    ppetr77Måned siden

    красивая развязка, ничего не скажешь

  2. Болат Балтабаев

    Болат Балтабаев2 måneder siden

    астматики красавчики , жестко отработали .

  3. Эдуард Якушкин

    Эдуард Якушкин3 måneder siden


  4. lbhtdc zz_

    lbhtdc zz_2 måneder siden


  5. RedShipsofSpainAgain

    RedShipsofSpainAgain3 måneder siden

    I get goosebumps every time I watch this video. Klaebo is hunting down Sunby. He launches off of Holund coming out of that left-hand turn at the bottom of the hill and slingshots his momentum up the next climb, gaining a second or two on Sundby. Then Klaebo makes a massive attack on the final hill, enough to get just behind Sundby's slipstream. Sundby was caught by surprise coming into the final straightaway, and at that point, the race was over: Sundby was never going to beat a world-class sprinter at that point. Just incredible tactics and athletic ability demonstrated by Klaebo. Chappo!

  6. Wilderwes

    Wilderwes2 måneder siden

    The way he passed Holund on that hill bottom corner was amazing. He kept more speed going through the corner by step turning rather than sliding - like Sundby had done ahead of him. Not many (if any) can step turn through a corner like he did at that speed.

  7. Terje Skuggen

    Terje Skuggen3 måneder siden

    I must have watched this video 50 times and it's one of the most epic runs ever. Tour de Ski started today and Klæbo won last year. I hope he'll give us many more goosebumps there and in years to come.

  8. Greywind

    Greywind4 måneder siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="463">7:43</a>

  9. Ankara Kayak Kulübü

    Ankara Kayak Kulübü6 måneder siden

    Follow me place türkiye clup

  10. vdnkvndsk00

    vdnkvndsk00År siden

    Han är duktig Klaebo...önska att våra svenska manliga åkare var lika bra....

  11. lbhtdc zz_

    lbhtdc zz_2 måneder siden

    Ikke på samme nivå.

  12. Rutenium Based Refractory Form PRS-F

    Rutenium Based Refractory Form PRS-FÅr siden


  13. Саша белый

    Саша белыйÅr siden

    Лучший лыжник на данный момент 💪клебо лучший

  14. Johannes høsflot Klaebo Fan

    Johannes høsflot Klaebo FanÅr siden


  15. narciarz

    narciarzÅr siden

    Woow klaebo

  16. Антон Кукреш

    Антон КукрешÅr siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="495">8:15</a> very bad sliding Sundby's ski.

  17. exentr

    exentrÅr siden

    It's an advantage to attack from behind down hill

  18. Finnish Ski Bum

    Finnish Ski BumÅr siden

    Klaebo pushed better at the top of the hill

  19. N Pantano

    N PantanoÅr siden


  20. exentr

    exentrÅr siden

    meanwhile Nillo Pantano and Ivangelgir share dildo.

  21. ventende

    ventendeÅr siden

    The norskies are showing strength as usual. It's NOR - NOR- NOR - NOR. No wonder they are calling it the red threat! And that Klaebo guy is just out of this world. What a talent.

  22. lbhtdc zz_

    lbhtdc zz_2 måneder siden

    @Linus Ludescher ok så la han være en patriotisk norsk fyr spm skriver på engelsk.

  23. davd1986

    davd1986År siden

    Why don’t you just write in Norwegian?

  24. Linus Ludescher

    Linus LudescherÅr siden

    Gratulerer alle sammen med å få annerkjennelse av en patriotisk norsk dust som føler seg bedre når han roser norge på engelsk.

  25. Olga Mars

    Olga Mars2 år siden


  26. Adam Hvesser

    Adam Hvesser3 måneder siden

    Two of the Norwegians Sundby and johaug has been caught of getting doped and that was a accident

  27. Old man from Northland

    Old man from Northland10 måneder siden

    Not only Norway, but every single athlete of ANY team who competes at the world level.

  28. exentr

    exentrÅr siden

    @davd1986 Why not just admit that the Norwegians rule the world. We're the vikings. Did you ever hear about the vikings? The Norwegians that were more savage than any others, stronger than any others and tougher than any others.That's us. The vikings.

  29. davd1986

    davd1986År siden

    And Johaug, and all those juniors in 2015 and 2016 (Klaebo included) that we’re given medicine even though they didn’t need any, and for the past 25+ years of systematic asthma use on healthy athletes. Shall I go on?

  30. Florian Wohlwend

    Florian WohlwendÅr siden

    Well, at least in the case of Sundby she has a point...

  31. Xavier Charles

    Xavier Charles2 år siden

    What a finish and what a monster. Norway championships!!

  32. The New Way

    The New Way2 år siden

    Arne Per