Johannes Høsflot Klæbo - Fearless


  1. Old man from Northland

    Old man from NorthlandDag siden

    Fearless? Ha-h, he's just a little sissy. He's afraid of 50km races ('cause can't even take a place on the top-ten list ). Tells lies about broken fingers and that. A typical mama's boy.

  2. Ski Creations

    Ski CreationsDag siden

    Old man from Northland hehe Fearless is the name of the song.

  3. kooop _omg

    kooop _omg7 dager siden

    No doping

  4. heimo heimo

    heimo heimo18 dager siden


  5. Sergio Boyd

    Sergio Boyd8 dager siden

    You dolbayeb

  6. Evgeni Varbev

    Evgeni Varbev2 måneder siden

    Nice video ,do some more

  7. Ski Creations

    Ski Creations2 måneder siden

    Evgeni Varbev thanks a lot but I’m sick so I can’t make any videos.

  8. Skyguy

    Skyguy4 måneder siden

    Spectacular video! Where and when did he break his ski pole?

  9. Skyguy

    Skyguy4 måneder siden

    @Ski Creations Thank you!

  10. Ski Creations

    Ski Creations4 måneder siden

    It was in the semi finals in Lillehammer, 2018 beginning of the season. Glad you liked it

  11. Lisa Costello

    Lisa Costello4 måneder siden


  12. Ski Creations

    Ski Creations4 måneder siden


  13. Артур Байтимиров

    Артур Байтимиров5 måneder siden


  14. Anders Bergland

    Anders Bergland6 måneder siden

    Great video!

  15. Ski Creations

    Ski Creations6 måneder siden

    Anders Bergland thanks 🙏