Jose Mourinho on WHAT has caused Dele Alli’s change in form | Post Match

Jose Mourinho feels Dele Alli is close to rediscovering his best form after scoring twice in Tottenham's 3-2 win against Bournemouth.
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  1. onu maureen

    onu maureen27 dager siden

    Nice haircut ronaldo

  2. Stephen Hipgrave

    Stephen HipgraveMåned siden

    Piss poor no heart no backbone

  3. Uzo Design

    Uzo DesignMåned siden

    Those Nike swooshes in the background though.

  4. JayJay _7

    JayJay _7Måned siden

    Kane and Son have to leave a team. Mourinho makes them defend and waste their energy.

  5. Batmanna Man

    Batmanna ManMåned siden

    Delhi alli

  6. Babyk

    BabykMåned siden

    Change in what form dele ale is a lazy jackass just watch how he will go quiet sooner or later

  7. max tyson

    max tysonMåned siden

    god that game sucked. hope we turn it around at wolves but i feel like adama is going to abuse our deffense

  8. 犬熊玉

    犬熊玉Måned siden

    He is using iPhone 8 plus

  9. Attaquwa Tv

    Attaquwa TvMåned siden

    People say No body is bigger than a club , but to I think Mourinho is bigger than many clubs and that is a gift given to him by Allah ✍️✍️✍️

  10. Them Mz

    Them MzMåned siden

    Emery : Good EBENING Mourinho: Everybody SOUGHT

  11. Karthik Mohan

    Karthik MohanMåned siden

    Spurs have better players than Man Utd

  12. Jeroxvids

    JeroxvidsMåned siden

    am a man u fan but now i'll be watching all spurs games while missing some man u games....unless man u is playing spurs

  13. Madhu Kumar

    Madhu KumarMåned siden

    We know that he can't pronounce "think" or "t" he says "sing" if im not wrong Then how he pronunce titles or title race ????? Uffff out of my mind😜😝🤔😃

  14. goodnight, nate

    goodnight, nateMåned siden

    He was worried those old tweets would put him on the bench😂

  15. no one

    no oneMåned siden

    Change in form? He’s had 3 games in a week 😂


    JAMES JOHNMåned siden

    U just love the way he speaks. I bet you he cant understand Harry Kane speaking English..


    DEBASIS ROUTMåned siden

    I love two managers. Jose and Kante. Fantastic spirits.


    DEBASIS ROUTMåned siden

    Now I am a fan of Tottenham.

  19. Muhammad Baba

    Muhammad BabaMåned siden

    No EPL without Jose !

  20. Dusan Vukicevic

    Dusan VukicevicMåned siden

    I would never have though that I will hear Jose say "I want my team to score goals" he is either playing us or he really changed his approach

  21. Jonny Vokuhila

    Jonny VokuhilaMåned siden

    Deli Ali has a pathetic work ethos.

  22. Anemone Star

    Anemone StarMåned siden

    Forget Manutd, now i enjoy watching spurs Coz jose

  23. SiN HaN

    SiN HaNMåned siden

    I sink and I sought! 🤣🤣

  24. Roby

    RobyMåned siden

    He is calling him sonny already they must have a special connections i sink

  25. J H07

    J H07Måned siden

    Thats what we call a football brain.

  26. Nama Saya Toro

    Nama Saya ToroMåned siden

    My hatred on woodward growing big everyday and still growing

  27. Canadian proud

    Canadian proudMåned siden

    I think you'll sink very soon!

  28. JinGwee

    JinGweeMåned siden

    I sink mourinho is a good steal for tottenham. I sot i will never look at other club's post-match interview but i sot wrong.

  29. Michael Deane

    Michael DeaneMåned siden

    Two beautiful long passes. A pleasure to watch..

  30. Enter Fil

    Enter FilMåned siden

    He has an iPhone 8 Plus just a heads up

  31. Zounnouraine BAH

    Zounnouraine BAHMåned siden

    He’ll make Dele Ali the best midfielder in the world

  32. Anshul Gupta

    Anshul GuptaMåned siden

    Jose is a permanent interim manager in every club. 😂😂😂

  33. Cityzen zen

    Cityzen zenMåned siden

    " I sink "

  34. Robert Thompson

    Robert ThompsonMåned siden

    Its only a matter of time before he gets fired again and then see what he has to say.

  35. Coen Pietersen

    Coen PietersenMåned siden

    "I sink" - Oh no mate! I'll call the coastguard!

  36. Always hopeful Probably loud

    Always hopeful Probably loudMåned siden

    Delighted to see Jose Mourinho back in form. He will get the best possible results & football from his players with this mentality. Still top 5 best manager to date, silver wear doesn't lie" plus another 25 million pounds in his pleasant bank account. Shrewd, clever, smart individual..

  37. zaihan92

    zaihan92Måned siden

    Steady Papa Mou kitaaaa

  38. nabil abdallah

    nabil abdallahMåned siden

    I missed Jose.." I sink!!"

  39. DaProdigy

    DaProdigyMåned siden

    Good ebening uhh, I look for coaching job, you have? - Unai Emery

  40. Allah is gay

    Allah is gayMåned siden

    This winnings won't last long, I hope Spurs sticks with him in his bad days.

  41. EXO-L SuperM

    EXO-L SuperMMåned siden

    I'm Chelsea fan! Wtf am I doing here tho!?🤦🏻‍♂️

  42. Litia Kalima

    Litia KalimaMåned siden

    Dele Alli's good form is mainly as a result of motivation and an overall change in mentality by both him and the entire squad (Thanks to Mou ofcourse). You lot talking about his position obviously never really followed Spurs until now. Potch played him in the right position majority of the time and Eriksen is the one who would have to play wide when both of them were in the starting 11.

  43. Mr.Asmadi Sir Duai generation

    Mr.Asmadi Sir Duai generationMåned siden

    Some people put it in formal file - Name: alexus shancuz Age : 29 Religion : jose mourinho

  44. golden riquelme

    golden riquelmeMåned siden

    Jose is back and joy is back on football fans

  45. Johair Salic

    Johair SalicMåned siden

    I think I'm Tottenham fan now because of Jose mourinho the special one

  46. Farid Musbah

    Farid MusbahMåned siden

    He Sinks and he Soughts

  47. Tony Lawlor

    Tony LawlorMåned siden

    Ali ought to be ashamed of himself, he downed tools under Poch. A lot of premiership players are selfish, overpaid babies. Put a shift in no matter who the manager is, you are getting well paid to play football, cop on.

  48. McBrian Miller

    McBrian MillerMåned siden

    Dele and Sony. Ok Jose keep sthinking.

  49. Moses Peru

    Moses PeruMåned siden

    Everyone- absolutely everyone: Son Mourinho: Sonny Legend 🙌🏾🤣

  50. Umar Chowdhury

    Umar ChowdhuryMåned siden

    I LOVE this new Mourniho

  51. taufiq suhaimi

    taufiq suhaimiMåned siden

    Marry me I'm tottenham fans since 2008

  52. Anubhav Chatterjee

    Anubhav ChatterjeeMåned siden

    We will see the old mourinho at spurs. He still has got it in him..

  53. Mah Cj

    Mah CjMåned siden

    Tottenham front 4 is the shield 3.0

  54. Robert Yi

    Robert YiMåned siden

    Hate to say it but looks like Dele wants to be on the English euro team.

  55. Ivory Deluxe

    Ivory DeluxeMåned siden

    I wish spurs all the best and I'm glad José has stayed in the PL

  56. David Beckham

    David BeckhamMåned siden

    First game win is like a piece of cake for him..I want to see tot slash MU 10 - 0 this week

  57. chumun roshan

    chumun roshanMåned siden

    14 0 would be better. One goal per player.

  58. Zulkhairi Juman

    Zulkhairi JumanMåned siden

    As a chelsea fans, im following the spurs fixtures due to mr mourinho.. Jose Mourinho will always one of us.. he n mr abramovich, helps to create the image n foundation for chelsea fc..

  59. Icon Ackah

    Icon AckahMåned siden

    Mou has the bolts that exactly fit the nuts perfectly at Spurs. More sweet memories for him at Spurs than at backward Old Trafford. Go Mou.

  60. Cris Muhil

    Cris MuhilMåned siden

    Jose is a Great Positive Man as usually he is!!! He takes the Positives of the Match!!! ❤️

  61. Aling King

    Aling KingMåned siden

    Jose Murinho: “Premier League is Premier League “. A statement more meaningful than all the words spoken by Gary Neville in his punditry career.

  62. Aling King

    Aling KingMåned siden

    Shaz U - Obviously you don’t listened to his interviews or have the ability to understand the meaning or context of the statement. You are keyboard Gary Neville

  63. Shaz U

    Shaz UMåned siden

    Obviously you don't know football