Joyner Lucas & Will Smith - Will (Remix)

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  1. Burt Swanson

    Burt Swanson6 minutter siden

    Boss man flexin that muscle

  2. Eric Brooks

    Eric Brooks6 minutter siden

    Tell will to make an album 2020 needs it

  3. Sherman Davis

    Sherman Davis38 minutter siden

    Will killed this shit🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Baldis Basics

    Baldis Basics41 minutt siden

    when you aren’t picked for a project so the teacher helps you out

  5. Big Suge

    Big SugeTime siden


  6. Black Power Millennium

    Black Power MillenniumTime siden

    Go Lucas! Go Will! Great job guys👍🏽🔥💚

  7. PhireMaine Entertainment

    PhireMaine EntertainmentTime siden

    we need an eminem x will smith (am i wrong?)

  8. SDS Overfiend

    SDS OverfiendTime siden

    Only reason Niggas thought Will was corner cause Eminem was on his dick hating on him. He kept attacking him for no reason.

  9. kya

    kya2 timer siden

    too fye!! two of my favorite people!

  10. david collier

    david collier2 timer siden

    Yes sir the bomb

  11. jupiterbeings

    jupiterbeings2 timer siden

    It's strange though that Wills name is on the flight log of Epsteins Lolita Express don't you think??

  12. awesome 26

    awesome 262 timer siden

    Good work

  13. Carlos Espinal-rosales

    Carlos Espinal-rosales2 timer siden


  14. TheCarsoul

    TheCarsoul2 timer siden


  15. Blasphamy

    Blasphamy2 timer siden

    🥱🥱🥱🥱 All hype

  16. Nave

    Nave2 timer siden

    When Will spits more bars than his son

  17. Kevin Douglas

    Kevin Douglas3 timer siden

    Crank Lucas 💯💯respect came along way and so on // stay safe man and keep staying loyal and humble 🤘🏻💯🇨🇦Ontario Kingston

  18. Lixxy Chris

    Lixxy Chris3 timer siden

    More plz

  19. Firmfiasco Gaming

    Firmfiasco Gaming3 timer siden

    I get that "Let Nas down" vibe right here

  20. Tyeshawn Tarver

    Tyeshawn Tarver3 timer siden


  21. John Kruger

    John Kruger4 timer siden


  22. Spectre psycho

    Spectre psycho4 timer siden

    I related to most things and I am truly inspired by will but all ah got is my mom man and it hard well I hv a brother also but yh man love this song listen to everyday since it came out❤

  23. Pablo Partida

    Pablo Partida5 timer siden

    Will Smith= didnt have to cuss to keep it real.. NF enters chat= EXACTLY!!!

  24. Oso Banner

    Oso Banner5 timer siden

    Best track I heard n years

  25. Robert Goodman

    Robert Goodman5 timer siden

    That boy Will Smith !!

  26. マイケル

    マイケル5 timer siden

    Subscribe to me and get me to 100 subs before the end of june!

  27. I need a ps4 Nnm

    I need a ps4 Nnm5 timer siden

    Im feeling like will

  28. James Townsend

    James Townsend6 timer siden

    Will Smith just blazed every rapper with a grill 😆

  29. Kipton Anthony

    Kipton Anthony6 timer siden

    GOAT is used to often but in the case you really are looking at one of the greatest to do it

  30. High Templar

    High Templar6 timer siden

    Original track =

  31. Coraggio 19

    Coraggio 197 timer siden


  32. Amare' Moore-Vinson

    Amare' Moore-Vinson7 timer siden

    Its awesome that for once the rappers are getting views for love and positivity instead of dissing each other. Truly beautiful work by both of them

  33. Derek Cruse

    Derek Cruse7 timer siden

    Will said ima go hard on it .

  34. Gabriel Dorsett

    Gabriel Dorsett7 timer siden

    This video tell us everything about Will Smith 💯 he right about the curse words tho

  35. Robin

    Robin7 timer siden

    I'm just sitting here like damn🔥🔥🔥

  36. shankems2000

    shankems20008 timer siden

    I didn't know Will had bars. I obviously know he rapped backed in the day, I just didn't know he maintained his lyrical prowess this far along in his life and this far removed from his musical career. Anyways, pleasantly surprised by his verse.

  37. SF TV

    SF TV8 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="48">0:48</a> one of them is children trafficking ??

  38. Camden Yohe

    Camden Yohe8 timer siden

    Omg, wow. I don't want to say I underestimated Will by any means, but I definitely did. That content, all of it, so real and meaningful, breaking hearts and mending them at the same time. Truly incredible talent that you might not expect, even from a legend like Will Smith...

  39. Leon Mcclerin

    Leon Mcclerin9 timer siden

    Will still got it

  40. Khalil Tippin

    Khalil Tippin9 timer siden

    What a time to be alive. Damn

  41. Max Sindo

    Max Sindo10 timer siden

    Will Smith never lost it, 'it' just went to a whole other level!

  42. Christian Geelan

    Christian Geelan10 timer siden

    No one NO ONE CAN SAY WILL HASNT STILL GOT IT!!! he has a place in the hall of fame for me BELIEVE

  43. Rishawn Anthony

    Rishawn Anthony11 timer siden

    Big will is on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏

  44. Chrystian Foreman

    Chrystian Foreman11 timer siden

    UNREAL what I just heard from Will!!! To still have it like this. I think this was his best flow by far.

  45. Jamario Hewins

    Jamario Hewins11 timer siden

    “Martin Lawrence get a Rose too” I felt that in my soul...Big Willie still got it 🔥💪🏾💪🏾

  46. Enzo Igrejas

    Enzo Igrejas12 timer siden

    Fresh prince didn’t waste any verse

  47. Sebastian Rojas

    Sebastian Rojas12 timer siden

    Anyone else feels like they know will personally?

  48. Vyp3rッ

    Vyp3rッ13 timer siden

    Fortnite Font? Im sorry

  49. Abigail Abbott 23 (STUDENT)

    Abigail Abbott 23 (STUDENT)13 timer siden

    BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!! ❤️🙂👍👌

  50. Prabhat Singh

    Prabhat Singh13 timer siden

    will's bars are still fresh after all these years

  51. MrTryHardツ

    MrTryHardツ13 timer siden

    Will is spitting more bars than a prison

  52. Young Chang

    Young Chang13 timer siden

    C’mon I couldn’t have been the only one who thought Joyner looked like Will Smith c’mon now?

  53. Brandon Schoonheim

    Brandon Schoonheim13 timer siden

    will is a legend no cap❤️❤️🙏🏽💯

  54. Muhammad Akmal Khairullah Wijaya

    Muhammad Akmal Khairullah Wijaya14 timer siden

    back on the days, when will got roast by Eminem.

  55. Eric

    Eric14 timer siden

    Straight goosebumps tune

  56. camilo rodriguez

    camilo rodriguez14 timer siden

    This was fire someone should do one on Eminem

  57. Legit Lennox

    Legit Lennox14 timer siden

    Quarantine is no longer boring with this jam🔥🔥

  58. Nick Flick

    Nick Flick14 timer siden


  59. Craig Begay

    Craig Begay14 timer siden

    MIB is my shit! 😁👽🤖🚀🛸👾📡

  60. Jine Butterfingers-

    Jine Butterfingers-15 timer siden

    Its already Good Game Well Played when Will Smith joined the song..

  61. Alshenaifi_A

    Alshenaifi_A15 timer siden

    Man! this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  62. IsraeliF4TS0

    IsraeliF4TS016 timer siden

    bruh, Will got it

  63. lilsnoopy90

    lilsnoopy9016 timer siden

    Will’s Part flashed me away. Very emotional

  64. Caleb Perkins

    Caleb Perkins16 timer siden


  65. KING PMR

    KING PMR17 timer siden

    This whole remix is wholesome af

  66. Akhil Sekhar

    Akhil Sekhar17 timer siden


  67. Da1TruArtistPup

    Da1TruArtistPup17 timer siden


  68. Jay Angel Latigo

    Jay Angel Latigo18 timer siden


  69. The Real Black Hammer

    The Real Black Hammer18 timer siden

    oh my god, this shit is fire

  70. xTRA Tv

    xTRA Tv19 timer siden

  71. Stephen Pilolla

    Stephen Pilolla19 timer siden

    c r i n g e

  72. Kiwi.Drawingz

    Kiwi.Drawingz18 timer siden



    JERKSWAGGA19 timer siden

    Love this !! 💓

  74. Saw Dust

    Saw Dust20 timer siden

    Will can rap rap

  75. Benja Menéndez

    Benja Menéndez20 timer siden

    My god, I loved it

  76. Edward Barnes

    Edward Barnes20 timer siden

    Fuck 2020... except this... this is maybe the greatest thing ever made

  77. Alicia Willingham

    Alicia Willingham21 time siden

    “ I did it ALL WITH NO CUSS WORDS , I don’t have to curse to keep it REAL!” FACTS!!! Fresh Prince STILL have BARZZ. throughout all these years and never lost it . Joyner Lucas and Will Smith together, untouchable song . ~ALWAYS RESPECT , F.P ~

  78. Tylor Cameron

    Tylor Cameron21 time siden

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  79. A Couple's Christian Journey

    A Couple's Christian Journey21 time siden

    Damn this is fire😶😶😶 Will where were all these bars ☠💥💥💥💥💥

  80. Cj Go hard

    Cj Go hard22 timer siden

    Even when the streets call him corny he still didn’t let the hate break him

  81. cabiness C

    cabiness C22 timer siden