Julius Randle misses free throw to force OT as Knicks lose heartbreaker | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

In the first game since firing David Fizdale, Mike Miller's coaching debut with the New York Knicks is spoiled in a deflating loss to the Indiana Pacers. With less than a second remaining and down two points, Julius Randle makes the first free throw, but misses the second as the Knicks fall to 4-19 on the 2019-20 NBA regular season.
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  1. Luis Enrique

    Luis EnriqueMåned siden

    RJ is so soft like all canadians

  2. sponge tron

    sponge tronMåned siden

    You know your bad when your own temates start clapping for you

  3. sponge tron

    sponge tronMåned siden

    How the knicks beat the mavs then go back being trash

  4. Stiltmans Stilt

    Stiltmans StiltMåned siden

    I hate these idiots that don't work at there craft. I already got my 11yr old niece shooting FT better then Julius Randle. Like dude freaking practices FTs!!!!!!!!!

  5. Strictly Business

    Strictly BusinessMåned siden

    Mike miller aged well

  6. Ya Boy No0dles

    Ya Boy No0dlesMåned siden

    I swear I thought the thumbnail was a 2k screenshot 😂😂😂

  7. jdelgado216

    jdelgado216Måned siden

    Has anyone lost to the Knicks this season? The are on their way to break Charlotte's record for most loses in a season yikes

  8. Rah-Mel Rosado

    Rah-Mel RosadoMåned siden

    Yet the Knicks organization didn’t wanna sign Carmelo smh

  9. Selfish Stockton

    Selfish StocktonMåned siden

    Rah-Mel Rosado As if that would help them now. He’s doing well as a result of being on a different team. The Knicks ruin players

  10. tmotivate

    tmotivateMåned siden

    Where's Reggie Miller with the fake choke motion when you need him...

  11. Young King

    Young KingMåned siden

    Fiz somewhere smoking a fattie!

  12. Nate Cruz

    Nate CruzMåned siden

    Remember Knicks fans, you still have a shot at the playoffs and a team to build upon. All you have to do is trade for Zion, AD, KD, Kyrie and then win at least 42-44 games.

  13. Dope Boy

    Dope BoyMåned siden

    With all that’s going on they might not win a game until after the all star break 😂

  14. Aubry Stone

    Aubry StoneMåned siden

    Where, when, why and how MSG became the "Mecca" of b-ball, I don't know. Other than the early 70s they have never been relevant. And even then it was a 3 year run at or near the apex. Commentators speak of it as if it's actually sacred hallowed ground. They're just a poorly run organization in a rundown arena in a rundown city in a run down state. They're better off moving to Kansas, Arkansas or heck... Mexico City. They even lost the Madison Avenue pull with the advent of the internet, and the local talent with the rise of aau ball. They're cooked. They went the way of Fordham U, St. Johns and ,Syracuse. Melos NCAA championship will more than likely be the last b-ball championship, of any kind, for NY in my lifetime.

  15. Aubry Stone

    Aubry StoneMåned siden

    @Black & Yellow A sale to new ownership would preclude any move... in the best case scenario.

  16. Black & Yellow

    Black & YellowMåned siden

    @Aubry Stone 1)You dont understand why I said that the Knicks are the 5th most valuable sports franchise. You said that the knicks should move. The question is why should they move? The would lose tremondous value if they did move. The market is telling the knicks to stay in nyc. Also, value is subjective. One person may place more value to a pen more than a shoe. While another person values a shoe more than a pen. Therefore, the knicks should stay where it is now. 2) The reason why I mentioned that the majority of NBA players are from new york is because you said that the new york isn't the "mecca" of basketball. This doesn't mean that they want to play in new york. In other words, because the majority of nba players are from new york, this means that new york is still the "mecca." Both of your claims of "the knicks should move" and " new york isnt the mecca" is false because of the reasons I stated in 1 and 2.

  17. Aubry Stone

    Aubry StoneMåned siden

    And they leave and don't look back. Growing up there for most, more than likely meant getting caught up in the stop and frisk policy and constantly being profiled and harrassed for $hits and giggles by adrenaline addicted, psychotic, homicidal racist cops on the prowl for human trophy kills Hence their lack of enthusiasm to return to the land of ZOG. But I digress; California is #1, Texas is #2, NY State is #3. The top 2 have better weather and tax schemes to boot. And they don't have to move to another state to find decent, affordable housing... read... NJ

  18. Aubry Stone

    Aubry StoneMåned siden

    @Black & Yellow Their value is as inflated as the cost of real estate in Manhattan. And yet they consistently persist at being abysmal every year.

  19. Black & Yellow

    Black & YellowMåned siden

    Aubry Stone also the majority of NBA players are from new York.

  20. niesha patterson

    niesha pattersonMåned siden

    Where are knicks try outs I'm sure any one of us could make this squad 😕

  21. Jamal Abdelbaset

    Jamal AbdelbasetMåned siden

    Think Knicks fans were having flashbacks to Game 5 of the 93 ECF with that last sequence?

  22. Jamal Abdelbaset

    Jamal AbdelbasetMåned siden

    Man! Mike Miller aged FAST!

  23. Andris Aleksejevs

    Andris AleksejevsMåned siden

    Makes me smile. The knicks fans deserve nothing less than this. Thats what you get for booing KP, you rabid dorks.

  24. Mc Kylle Melendez

    Mc Kylle MelendezMåned siden

    Still the laughing stock of the league. Hahahahaha

  25. Legend1Man

    Legend1ManMåned siden

    Unbelievable yooo smfh... 3 chances. 3!!!

  26. Chris Vaccaro

    Chris VaccaroMåned siden

    Oh but fizdale was the problem not the fact that the ownership of this team hasn't had one decent season since melo left not that it was good then team was still trash they need a new GM and honestly a new owner. this team has been the laughing stock of the NBA forever like Jesus how doesn't the management in this place even get a job like everytime they have decent players they trade them so they can "rebuild" smh like this team actually sat there and for some reason thought that they were guaranteed Zion in a lottery pick like what dumbass in that company is the one who knows nothing about how the lottery pick and just assumed oh we are getting him I've never laughed so hard when I saw pelicans get drawn as number one pic

  27. Black & Yellow

    Black & YellowMåned siden

    Chris Vaccaro fizdale was a problem.

  28. Joeki11a

    Joeki11aMåned siden

    They will trade RJ to Pelicans watch lol

  29. Rudie Obias

    Rudie ObiasMåned siden

    Julius Randle is the NY Knicks savior! Haha!

  30. EIB

    EIBMåned siden

    Imagine if the Knicks finish the season without another win.

  31. Custom Shade

    Custom ShadeMåned siden

    NEVER feel sorry for a New Yorker--they're probably a Yankees fan!

  32. ImTrippy916

    ImTrippy916Måned siden

    Whoever brought the ball up on that last possession fucked up the entire play by missing that easy down low pass to Julius Randle on the break

  33. blackist butter

    blackist butterMåned siden

    Fire whole staff

  34. MagneticQubzian %

    MagneticQubzian %Måned siden

    About to get the 1 pick in the wrong year

  35. Team BEER

    Team BEERMåned siden

    Problem is not the coach nor the players it is the front office

  36. Love Winterr

    Love WinterrMåned siden

    Lol set him up for failure

  37. youdontknow da1/2

    youdontknow da1/2Måned siden

    you can see that he choked that shot hard asf. that boy got no confidence

  38. yungsh0w

    yungsh0wMåned siden

    They'll turn things around,miller is a better coach than Fizdale was,you'll see more iggy,knox and trier get more gametime.

  39. A02 Endless

    A02 EndlessMåned siden

    The pressure got to him , u could see the release was all wrong. Always tough when the game on the line , but there’s some that live for the moment. GG

  40. Peter Stark

    Peter StarkMåned siden

    I see Stephen A Smith throwing Randle's jersey for the second time.. 😂

  41. Jay20431

    Jay20431Måned siden

    Don't worry Knicks, you have this coming Wednesday against the Warriors to end this streak. The tank bowl will be upon us!

  42. James Sikes

    James SikesMåned siden

    Can't spell L without Knicks.

  43. Iam2flycam awa

    Iam2flycam awaMåned siden

    Good lord this team is super trash. Lol, got 4 PGs and 4 PFs. And none of them can shoot🤣🤣🤣

  44. Chris Suda

    Chris SudaMåned siden

    Tough year for Knicks fans.

  45. dabuilder -

    dabuilder -Måned siden

    They should've ran a play for Marcus Morris dude is clutch asf

  46. Selfish Stockton

    Selfish StocktonMåned siden

    dabuilder - If he’s best player, that’s the problem right there

  47. dabuilder -

    dabuilder -Måned siden

    @Nate Cruz wdym he's not.All you have to do is search up his game winners and you'll see plus he's knicks best player this season thats another reason to give him the last shot

  48. Nate Cruz

    Nate CruzMåned siden

    No tf he isn’t 😂😂😂😂

  49. Geoff Thompson

    Geoff ThompsonMåned siden

    Have the Knicks started bidding on Jason Kidd yet?

  50. Zeke D.

    Zeke D.Måned siden

    @4:18 he should have went up with the left.

  51. Ghosti3 06

    Ghosti3 06Måned siden

    Zeke D. He should’ve passed it to Julius Randle who was already down court🤦🏾‍♂️

  52. james benedict

    james benedictMåned siden

    Upside. They didn't blew it by 30 pts.

  53. deon brinson

    deon brinsonMåned siden


  54. Joseph vertuoso

    Joseph vertuosoMåned siden

    How do the Warriors have a better record than the Knicks? The knicks have Morris, Randle, RJ, DSJ.

  55. Sahid Kromah

    Sahid KromahMåned siden

    Didn’t realize this would be a Knick highlight reel lol

  56. ssimpson11234

    ssimpson11234Måned siden


  57. macmikemo

    macmikemoMåned siden

    Replace heartbreaking fashion with hilarious necessity 😂😂😂

  58. Daniel Tayong

    Daniel TayongMåned siden

    Both teams play hard my man. Both teams played hard.

  59. LA Clippers

    LA ClippersMåned siden

    Blue and orange is as hideous as purple and yellow 💜💛... 🤣 New York Knickerbockers is still one of the original teams still with its original name and city. Them and the Boston Celtics.

  60. LA Clippers

    LA ClippersMåned siden

    I personally don't want Ballmer to change the logo or the Clippers name if we win the championship this season or next. Just alter the uniforms. I want one in red again. Knicks should keep the name but change everything else.

  61. LA Clippers

    LA ClippersMåned siden

    Rebrand the Knicks. Change the logo. Haven't won a championship in 46 years going on 47. Change the colors. Most teams who keep changing their logo and uniforms have no real history. Think Nuggets.

  62. David R

    David RMåned siden

    Love Stephen A.s knicks pain 😆

  63. LA Clippers

    LA ClippersMåned siden

    If the Knicks move to LA, it wouldn't be the first time a NY team moved there ⚾. If Clippers become the third wheel in LA, so be it. Ballmer is loaded. He can afford his own arena and have nobody show up to them if he wanted to.

  64. Partyall

    PartyallMåned siden

    They would have lost in overtime anyway

  65. Dick Bayless

    Dick BaylessMåned siden

    Only the Knicks could find a way to lose like this.

  66. LA Clippers

    LA ClippersMåned siden

    I remember my Clippers losing to the Heat last year that I attended with my family. We lost by over 20+ at home to a lottery team. Went 6-9 in December after starting 15-6. Losses like that can send teams into a tailspin.

  67. louis thomas

    louis thomasMåned siden

    Its not the coach its the players!!

  68. LA Clippers

    LA ClippersMåned siden

    My Clippers got the Wizards today, Pacers tomorrow, Raps on Tues. Now is not a time to dwell on the losses. Focus bouncing back from an ugly loss. Don't let the Milwaukee beatdown break the team psychologically.

  69. LA Clippers

    LA ClippersMåned siden

    I'm trying to think what's worse? My Clippers being bad from 1981-2011 or the Knicks being bad from 2000-2019? Understand, Clippers were stuck with a tightwad, racist, sexist owner and a market disadvantage vs the Lakers.

  70. kosmique

    kosmiqueMåned siden

    Clippers are not only worse, they are the worst.

  71. DDG Fan

    DDG FanMåned siden

    All that handling the ball and trying shoot 3s in the summer should of been working on free throws..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  72. LA Clippers

    LA ClippersMåned siden

    Knicks should move to the Great Western Forum. More stars will join them because they all want to live in LA and smoke weed freely like Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson do.