Kickstarter Denied Our Project And We Are Furious About It

It is with a sad heart that I write this description.
It is unfortunate that we seem to live in a world where genious is shot down by those in power, who get intimidated by the brilliant, and wouldn't recognize Albert Einstein in a stack of pictures of Albert Einstein.
Gabe and I are not Albert Einstein. However, we are bette,r imo, and smarter. There are two of us, and only one of Albert.
Please tell your friends about the injustice we have been served with. Do not cry, for we will come out of this as better people. Kickstarter may have won the war, but we will win the rest of the war (against kickstarter)


  1. Happy Hannah

    Happy Hannah24 dager siden

    Lovin the people watching this in dec 2019

  2. Chakisa Momin

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  3. Cameron Chenoweth

    Cameron Chenoweth25 dager siden

    Come on just use squarespace! Use your own link for 10% off.

  4. Aayush Varma

    Aayush Varma27 dager siden

    Should've used Squarespace and when you're ready to make your website live, go to to get 10% off your first purchase.

  5. ellie

    ellieMåned siden

    Why am I *just* finding this 3 and a half year old video?

  6. Freesmart Channel

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  7. Brian May is my Meme lord

    Brian May is my Meme lord3 måneder siden

    I’m sorry that this happened, but one easy way to make a great website today is square space, in square space you can create and design your OWN website! I’m so sorry I’m an absolute mess

  8. Danielle D

    Danielle D4 måneder siden

    Did you intentionally spell "genius" wrong?

  9. Adam Nordmark

    Adam Nordmark4 måneder siden

    Wasn't safe enough

  10. Jokūbas Maščinskas

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  11. Trinity Gutteridge

    Trinity Gutteridge5 måneder siden

    Just use square space and get $10 off your first purchase with the code name 'drew'

  12. Shambavi Ganesh

    Shambavi Ganesh8 måneder siden

    I love how the category is Science and Technology 😂

  13. Elora Bevington

    Elora Bevington8 måneder siden

    Hey, Danny Gonzalez!

  14. M'aiq The Liar

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  15. Husk

    Husk8 måneder siden

    If only Gabe was funny :(

  16. mar !

    mar !9 måneder siden

    we need gabe on the channel again

  17. Lamp Shark

    Lamp Shark9 måneder siden

    Silly Drew, just make on squarespace

  18. gameboy 10k

    gameboy 10k10 måneder siden

    2019 anyone

  19. hsiF A

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  20. cc - X3

    cc - X310 måneder siden

    I need pre drew to get to ur vids faster

  21. Ethan P.

    Ethan P.11 måneder siden

    Best video description ever.

  22. Galactic Punt

    Galactic Punt11 måneder siden

    This fuckin society we live in smh

  23. Z00T

    Z00TÅr siden

    Why does drew wanna start a new website? He already owns NO-gos.

  24. For Cause

    For CauseÅr siden

    This reminds me of the good old days of SNL

  25. stinky sock

    stinky sockÅr siden

    The dislikes are the Kickstarter employees

  26. stinky sock

    stinky sockÅr siden

    • *two* • *young* • *handsome* • *beautiful* • *cool* • *geniouses*

  27. Harmbow Salem

    Harmbow SalemÅr siden

    Go Fund Me

  28. paige glamelin

    paige glamelinÅr siden

    i luv my youtubers

  29. Mr. Ecklestone

    Mr. EcklestoneÅr siden

    *keeps drinking*

  30. tentative stagename

    tentative stagenameÅr siden

    It's Gabey and Drew inside!

  31. Roshni Pasupula

    Roshni PasupulaÅr siden

    this is a dark time in history, and a big blow to capitalism and free enterprise in America.

  32. thehappycactus

    thehappycactusÅr siden

    I just went through all of drews content :( i have nothing left

  33. xxIluvyouguysxx

    xxIluvyouguysxxÅr siden

    How do I go to Jeb Bush?

  34. Echo Storm

    Echo StormÅr siden

    Clap (please)

  35. Bruce Wang

    Bruce WangÅr siden

    Derek needs to take it easy on the Dr pepper. It might make him do something he will regret later

  36. Jena Kaay

    Jena KaayÅr siden

    this is why 2016 sucked ass- because kickstarter denied pregoogle

  37. Onizuka

    OnizukaÅr siden

    i heard that there is another site called lady gogo?! not sure about the name.

  38. PocketFruit

    PocketFruitÅr siden

  39. 11 52

    11 52År siden

    obviously ripping of

  40. Amateur Gamer

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  41. H

    HÅr siden

    >end of capitalism nice

  42. 11 52

    11 52År siden

    Hunter sounds good to me

  43. Emerson Kloostra

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  44. Brooklynne J

    Brooklynne JÅr siden

    For free you create the 3rd fastest way: put in your description of this video 1:open up 2:type in 3:go to drew Goodens channel 4:click on 2nd video 5:open up video description 6: click link

  45. liam o connor

    liam o connorÅr siden

    *Category:* Science & Technology

  46. J

    JÅr siden

    Found your channel.... ...and here now to binge watch all videos. 💯% quality content

  47. DexterityYT

    DexterityYTÅr siden

    Man I guess you can call this some... Kickstarter Crap

  48. Will Ochoa

    Will OchoaÅr siden

    Why am I just seeing this now? Drew how have you always been such a great content creator???

  49. Sidecutt3

    Sidecutt3År siden

    "Professional friend"

  50. Jay Berghuis

    Jay BerghuisÅr siden

    "the end of capitalism" oh no......don't...............

  51. Alex Gooch

    Alex GoochÅr siden

    I'll will give you 48 dollars

  52. Artistically

    ArtisticallyÅr siden

    ^ It don't matter

  53. Ethan P.

    Ethan P.År siden

    Either 'I will' OR 'I'll' Not both. Your grammar sucks so bad.

  54. thiccy thanos 69

    thiccy thanos 69År siden

    smh DENYING the amazing CREATOR of youtube?? They made a terrible mistake

  55. FrostedGaming

    FrostedGamingÅr siden

    Yo I'm watching this in 2018 and fortnite has a emote called fresh and the song at the start of the video is where it came from. Weird

  56. bailey price

    bailey priceÅr siden

    i just want to know why you have blinds in your hallway

  57. Michelle Kaiser

    Michelle KaiserÅr siden

    my only dream in life is to make a reality. i mean if man can walk on the moon then why cant we have access to google? this is just silly.

  58. Greta Elisabeth

    Greta ElisabethÅr siden

    This video made my Google home talk to me multiple times. I'm scared.

  59. Will Ochoa

    Will OchoaÅr siden

    Snork Dude ouch

  60. Snork Dude

    Snork DudeÅr siden

    Greta Elisabeth notice how no one cares

  61. themikead99

    themikead992 år siden

    Did they actually try to put this on kickstarter?

  62. Dynamite

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    Why are there only 32 comments

  63. Dynamite

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    Cmim gaming live he's right

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    Dynamite clearly there are 38 comments y'all

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    Ethan Roberts hey there big fella I count 36 go back to the mental hospital

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    ????? Can you read their is 35!!!

  67. Ethan Roberts

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    Dummie?? There is cleeerly 33 comments🚺🚺🚺🔘🔘🔘🔊🔊🔊🃏🃏🃏📢👁‍🗨♣️🇳🇵🇳🇵😪😪👺👺👺👺💩💩🤖🤖🤖👾👾👌👌👌😹😹😹🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😂😂👃🏿👃🏿🔙🔙💱🔊👁‍🗨🅿️🅿️🅿️

  68. olivia klein

    olivia klein2 år siden

    I just watched all your videos. Please make more I need more videos.

  69. annA Clare

    annA Clare2 år siden

    they probably saw that you dont know how to blink and everyone denied you

  70. Inoculated Eye Productions

    Inoculated Eye Productions2 år siden

    Donnie Darko

  71. I can’t think Of a name

    I can’t think Of a name2 år siden

    I’m so sorry about your loss. I was movies by this video. KEEP FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS.

  72. OddBone

    OddBone2 år siden

    I found this video using, which is mostly porn, and ads, and...human trafficking.

  73. JSON Bourne

    JSON BourneÅr siden

    OddBone dafuq

  74. Jeff-a-long

    Jeff-a-long2 år siden

    *denies a normal project* *accepts "projects" "like fund my ass"*