Kim and Kanye Quiz Each Other On Home Design, Family, and Life | Architectural Digest

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West join Architectural Digest from inside their minimalist mansion to take an illuminating personal design quiz. Which room has the best light in the house for selfies? How would Kanye describe interior designer and frequent collaborator Axel Vervoordt? Kim and Kanye pose thoughtful questions and give playfully insightful answers to one another, revealing not only how their taste is expressed through design, but where its functionality is influenced by their exuberant kids.
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Kim and Kanye Quiz Each Other On Home Design, Family, and Life | Architectural Digest


  1. Page Sousa

    Page Sousa21 time siden

    ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤♥️💘💝💖💗💓💞💕 too CUTE!!

  2. Ti Nicole Official

    Ti Nicole Official21 time siden

    Every so often I have dreams about them. I love them so much and can’t wait to see them grow more in God!🙌🏾

  3. Rosa Moreno

    Rosa Moreno23 timer siden

    It’s nice to see Kanye smile so much 👍🏻 It humanizes him and it’s a great smile 😊

  4. Marina Cover

    Marina CoverDag siden

    I had no idea their house looked like this. I absolutely love it!

  5. Nahshon Hill

    Nahshon HillDag siden

    Can u believe that, can u believe that we dont a have a jacuzzi 😂😂😂😂


    KXNG DAVIDDag siden

    He doesn’t like anything but that crap music he’s putting out now.

  7. Random Reine

    Random ReineDag siden

    Kim: Weeeee got pregnant and then I got pregnant

  8. Bbeautiful Porsche

    Bbeautiful PorscheDag siden

    Kanye need help it’s so sad to see

  9. Guy VanBuren

    Guy VanBurenDag siden

    Oddly they seem super down to earth

  10. Guy VanBuren

    Guy VanBurenDag siden

    Kanye looks like he’s doing much better

  11. Queen chahrazed

    Queen chahrazedDag siden

    I want to know how kim & kanie get to know each other 🤔! I love them ❤

  12. Calo Calo KENYA

    Calo Calo KENYADag siden

    Kanye is African

  13. Ashley Franco

    Ashley FrancoDag siden

    they watch rick and morty!😍

  14. India

    IndiaDag siden

    Imagine thinking this is normal

  15. Lydia Lydia

    Lydia LydiaDag siden

    🤣😂😂😂They are complete opposites, but so similar and compatible at the same time. It's so weird but they fit so perfect together. A total Ying and yang balance. I love them.

  16. swish rivera

    swish riveraDag siden


  17. D-ammo Bruh

    D-ammo BruhDag siden

    Can you believe that? Can you believe that we are all here for the same reason?

  18. Lucky Sahar

    Lucky SaharDag siden

    8:56 North: No, this is a good couch (her da’s lap) ! This kid has such a sense of humor 💕

  19. Lucky Sahar

    Lucky SaharDag siden

    She looks Latina more than Armenian

  20. faabix

    faabixDag siden

    Dance Till You Kanye on my channel guys, goes pretty hard u don't want to miss it hahaha

  21. Sophia goulden

    Sophia gouldenDag siden

    Ain't watching this just wanted to say check out Taylor Swift miss America ✌✌

  22. trolltrackz

    trolltrackzDag siden

    Kanye is such a good dude 😌


    WALLOOPDag siden

    You are a gay fish

  24. Angelo jan

    Angelo janDag siden

    A fine meme I must say

  25. jglow

    jglowDag siden

    I just love how they so truly love and respect each other, and how he still charms her, and she still react's to his charm!❤️

  26. sharron munyi

    sharron munyiDag siden

    Kim:. What's the most priced possession of the Hse Kanye:. You Kim. : Awwww😔😔😔😔 Kanye: But if asked again I'd say me

  27. HIGHkeyTRENT

    HIGHkeyTRENTDag siden

    We all know why your here so here it is 2:49

  28. Damian Peters

    Damian PetersDag siden

    The song would be rayj hit it first!

  29. Ćøřřïñē ScHuLtZ

    Ćøřřïñē ScHuLtZDag siden

    W - we got pregnant? KANYE'S PREGNANT!?!

  30. Angie

    AngieDag siden

    Kanye said: cAn YoU bEliEvE wE dOnT hAvE a JaCuZzi

  31. Katrina Kardashian

    Katrina KardashianDag siden

    So kute

  32. burtau

    burtau2 dager siden

    what if kanye blasts yeezus when he’s home alone

  33. Kendal Hill

    Kendal Hill2 dager siden

    Clearly he is under Mk ultra mind control

  34. MichaelAnne M

    MichaelAnne M2 dager siden


  35. L_27 Forsythe

    L_27 Forsythe2 dager siden

    They are such a flippin’ cute couple

  36. Tennis Boy

    Tennis Boy2 dager siden

    Kanye: Bald...oh yea😭🤣

  37. Алмат Агманов

    Алмат Агманов2 dager siden

    I wonder how they started the relationship: -Hi, I'm Kanye ... -I see. What do you want Kanye? -First, a girl ... -Here you go ... Or maybe: -I Kanye -Do not believe, prove ... - A-a eeeeh-eh, A-a eeeeh-eh, We living in 21st century ... -Take me babe, Kiss me all over...

  38. Angel Bulldog

    Angel Bulldog2 dager siden

    Stupid rich today equals trashy fools. They're so lost even Google maps can't find them!

  39. Grace Rae

    Grace Rae2 dager siden

    2:42 your welcome

  40. Mystiquex G

    Mystiquex G2 dager siden

  41. Ishekaguugiy Byfield

    Ishekaguugiy Byfield2 dager siden

    Xhv hffg x TX s to

  42. beenCookingSince7

    beenCookingSince72 dager siden

    Never watched you two together before great couple. Also, yes Vishnu is King. Better than Shiva, that guy's spoiled. Lol

  43. Amadeus

    Amadeus2 dager siden

    10:36 Bro Kanye is the funniest, "Now you do it and say me"

  44. Aaron Jones

    Aaron Jones2 dager siden

    She really got famous from a sextape 😂😂😂

  45. Isabel Martin

    Isabel Martin2 dager siden

    Beautiful video ! I loved their vibe and North is the cutest kid. Kim and Kanye are really loving and communicative and it shows.

  46. Brenda Chibura

    Brenda Chibura2 dager siden

    In my eyes I can see that Kim looks like Stormy

  47. Andi Eva

    Andi Eva2 dager siden

    They seem like a genuinely happy, loving couple who respects each other... very sweet

  48. Josh McGuire

    Josh McGuire2 dager siden

    Rick and morty

  49. Ellie Melon

    Ellie Melon2 dager siden

    I thought North was 4... Don't get me wrong I'm not hating but just by the sound of her voice and when she interrupted her parents when they talked, I wouldn't have guessed she was 7.

  50. Chris o-one

    Chris o-one2 dager siden

    Kanye is so different than how I imagined him based off how his music is. I feel like he's lost all of his personality being with Kim for so long. It's almost scary..

  51. Alexsandro Patrick

    Alexsandro Patrick3 dager siden

    I loved😍❤

  52. Adrian De La Cruz

    Adrian De La Cruz3 dager siden

    They are both narcissistic

  53. NewGardner

    NewGardner3 dager siden

    To be successful in this world, there has to be a high level of narcism. Uhm, check. Hahaha

  54. Бригада Remontov

    Бригада Remontov3 dager siden

    The delightful interior of the apartment.

  55. Zentiment

    Zentiment3 dager siden

    this really just seems like they argue all the time. notice how even his response to certain things was cut from the video

  56. Lord Nad Lordovima

    Lord Nad Lordovima3 dager siden

    * question for Kanye * Kim: okay,I’m gonna answer 😌

  57. OGPN Cowboys

    OGPN Cowboys3 dager siden

    10:08 Kanye: Ima let you finish, but this ain't your interview

  58. LT Taylor

    LT Taylor3 dager siden

    Never seen Kanye like this and Kim Kanye tho changed my mind I'm sorry I judged in the first place godbless x

  59. EvaN _hdJ

    EvaN _hdJ3 dager siden


  60. Najee Films LLC

    Najee Films LLC3 dager siden

    I'm f**ing tired of her