Late Fernandez goal nicks win for Magpies | Newcastle 2-1 Southampton | Premier League Highlights

Highlights from the Premier League as Newcastle won their fourth game from their last six matches courtesy of a spirited comeback that saw them beat Southampton 2-1.
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  1. Alex C

    Alex CMåned siden

    Shelvey and Carroll are class

  2. Xd_efreaks

    Xd_efreaksMåned siden

    Shelvey looks like Gru form despecibale me

  3. Xd_efreaks

    Xd_efreaksMåned siden

    Jonjo shelvey the peoples ballon dor winner........

  4. Shmayd

    ShmaydMåned siden

    How good is dubravka this season

  5. Kyle Seasman

    Kyle SeasmanMåned siden

    Glad Shelvey and ings are doing well

  6. Saeed Yarahmadi

    Saeed YarahmadiMåned siden

    I belive newcastel fans dont deserve steve b,they want big name coach !!!!like benitez??but stay at 17/18 iplace,realy what was benitez achivement???what achivement baby rabson had???or shirrer and so on,i am happy for steve bruce and i hope next year he go to another club,and iam sure thats happening,coz n c dont deserve good and hard working man like S B.

  7. G Linka

    G LinkaMåned siden

    A big thing Newcastle have improved on recently is being able to score twice or more in a match. We struggled doing that at first, but we've managed to score atleast two goals in five of the last six games. It's not much to brag about, but we're making forward steps.

  8. Prescy 2010

    Prescy 2010Måned siden

    Vardy is England's best striker. Should be playing for England

  9. You're Right but...

    You're Right but...Måned siden

    Keep kicking Newcastle. Hi all, a 4 year old boy was left to sleep on the hospital floor because of cuts. Please please vote for our NHS. We need you.

  10. Smart MMA

    Smart MMAMåned siden

    What was the keeper doing on the first Newcastle goal?

  11. Ken Turnbull

    Ken TurnbullMåned siden

    How the hell did southampton not win by 4 or 5 goals

  12. Strawberry Station

    Strawberry StationMåned siden

    that awkward moment when Steve Bruce is doing a better job than Benitez did

  13. Conner Anstiss

    Conner AnstissMåned siden

    Call jonjo up for England!

  14. DEE DUBZ

    DEE DUBZMåned siden

    I knew Steve Bruce would do a good job

  15. Arian Kronos

    Arian KronosMåned siden

    Man i happy for Newcastle and Steve Bruce, The Geordie in him and to prove people wrong was a perfect match for him. Credit to Newcastle.

  16. richgl31

    richgl31Måned siden

    Whisper it... but Newcastle look like a team rather than an assembled bunch of mercenaries. Some credit has to go to Bruce - reinstating a Geordie backbone to the team ; that actually care about the toon ( not that the non- geordies don’t, but they can understand the passion more and ibuy into it to form a team spirit). A long way to go, but encouraging.

  17. Brad Hurst

    Brad HurstMåned siden

    Redmond is dogshit lol

  18. Robert Gouder

    Robert GouderMåned siden

    all the Newcastle fans that didn't want Steve Bruce should send him a big apology

  19. stephen lyle

    stephen lyleMåned siden

    play Carroll from the start instead of joelinton

  20. Lucan 666 devil

    Lucan 666 devilMåned siden

    Redmond the shitter

  21. Adil Chana

    Adil ChanaMåned siden

    Voldemort returns😂

  22. Pat Ormsby

    Pat OrmsbyMåned siden

    great performance from dubravka

  23. Stephen Hoare

    Stephen HoareMåned siden

    Newcastle Utd play the most negative football in the prem.. two lucky wins this week. They’d be bottom of league if not for their goalkeeper

  24. Phillip Scott

    Phillip ScottMåned siden

    @Stephen Hoare Putting the ball in the goal isn't negative. Try again, dimwit.Tell your mum I feel for her.

  25. Stephen Hoare

    Stephen HoareMåned siden

    Phillip Scott Snowflake? Ha ha Don’t think you know what that term means. But here’s one for ya... Dickhead.. I just pointed out that nufc play negative football and you had a strop... who’s the snowflake?

  26. Phillip Scott

    Phillip ScottMåned siden

    Haha, I feel for your mum with that surname, snowflake.

  27. Kevin Kane

    Kevin KaneMåned siden

    Is Fabian Schär usually that bad?

  28. NUFC-1892

    NUFC-1892Måned siden

    Never he was statistically the best defender in the premier league last season with van djk . He been injured for weeks 1 month and that was his first game back coming on in the second half for injured Clarke. One mistake he made . Not match fit and first game back in since lengthy spell out

  29. John Kimmel

    John KimmelMåned siden

    Defender ducks from heading ball? Why!? Cost the team a goal


    IMNOTAMUSED1Måned siden

    2:27 "Shoot!"

  31. S1

    S1Måned siden

    Why did everyone boo long staff?

  32. NUFC-1892

    NUFC-1892Måned siden

    No they didn’t they said “shooooot “ and he did 😂😂😂

  33. App Foresight Limited

    App Foresight LimitedMåned siden

    Southampton wishing Forster wasn't at Celtic! Poor parry for the winner.

  34. E

    EMåned siden

    Not really Forster made a lot more mistakes than McCarthy did for us, if you look at West Ham 3-0 Southampton the last game Forster played he was almost as bad as Gunn

  35. Ben L

    Ben LMåned siden

    Lucky Magpies

  36. Snax Pendragon

    Snax PendragonMåned siden

    "The form if his life"? Really? Get a grip mate.

  37. MrBernad09

    MrBernad09Måned siden

    Couldn't decide name have on back of shirt but after scoring today's winner and being great team player I'm having Fernandez on it.

  38. yanchand

    yanchandMåned siden

    Ings so underrated

  39. chew_chew86439

    chew_chew86439Måned siden

    Last two games . 2 carol assists and 2 shelvey goals

  40. Lol Lol

    Lol LolMåned siden

    If Newcastle had a half decent striker and maybe another good attacking midfielder, then who knows how well they could do.

  41. The Lads

    The LadsMåned siden

    Race for the golden boot Shelvey or Vardy 😂😂

  42. imronaldo1985

    imronaldo1985Måned siden

    Betrand Best Goal Line Clearance of the Season 🤣🤣🤣

  43. liamdor

    liamdorMåned siden

    Liverpools 12th man doing bits

  44. Daniel Balding

    Daniel BaldingMåned siden

    Lmao it’s so biased it doesn’t show all the Newcastle attacks early on

  45. Nabeel

    NabeelMåned siden

    Talk about lazy kit design. Southamptons away kit is just their home kit, with the white stripes being replaced with red.

  46. Gregory Wraith

    Gregory WraithMåned siden

    This isn't an official kit. But Southampton had to use it due to all 3 official kits clashing with Newcastle's.

  47. AnthonyUK

    AnthonyUKMåned siden

    I remember we were the laughing stock for bringing in Stevie Bruce. Who has got the last laugh now. We are above Arsenal in the league at the halfway stage and one point behind the 2018 Champions League finalists.

  48. CloneX2

    CloneX2Måned siden

    No one cares

  49. JanuMeza

    JanuMezaMåned siden

    Is it just me that thinks lord voldermort wouldn’t be half the player he is if he had hair 😂😂

  50. •

    Måned siden


  51. Khal Drogo

    Khal DrogoMåned siden

    Southampton are doing so bad no one realised Ings is on 5 goals in a row until the commentator mentioned it

  52. EV0STEV0 1

    EV0STEV0 1Måned siden

    Love watching Newcastle wins at home👍

  53. Dean Sullivan

    Dean SullivanMåned siden

    Dubravka is very underrated.

  54. Dean Sullivan

    Dean SullivanMåned siden

    A lad at the pub said that Bruce would be sacked after 10 games. He is all quiet now.

  55. Roach YT

    Roach YTMåned siden

    Shelvey = Gru

  56. Kundai Chirozvani

    Kundai ChirozvaniMåned siden

    Carol and Shelvey at it again after Liverpool

  57. screambluemurder101

    screambluemurder101Måned siden

    Shelvey proudly wearing the rainbow armband, if you know what I mean... You heard it here first!

  58. Thankyou Please

    Thankyou PleaseMåned siden

    screambluemurder101 believe it or not I seen him first thing this morning at Newcastle central station platform 2. Accompanied by a very very smart lady. You could say he scored twice yesterday.

  59. ell kibblewhite

    ell kibblewhiteMåned siden

    And Baldy strikes again!!!

  60. Roman Sparks

    Roman SparksMåned siden

    Dubravka is on fire🔥 definitely been performing in the top 4 keepers in the league💯

  61. I Can’t Think Of A Username

    I Can’t Think Of A UsernameMåned siden

    Newcastle May be doing well but I still think that Rafa would have done bits with them if he was giving money. He’s a serial winner even when he wasn’t doing well.

  62. Ted Playz

    Ted PlayzMåned siden

    Why the hell are southampton wearing last years kit

  63. Ronnie Biggs

    Ronnie BiggsMåned siden

    Looks like a Brucie bonus

  64. Hidden Pizza boy

    Hidden Pizza boyMåned siden

    Can someone explain why Southampton are wearing that KIT because it's different?

  65. Zhansi

    ZhansiMåned siden

    2:28 "SHOOT" - from the crowd is exactly what I thought lol

  66. Ashok Bhardwaj

    Ashok BhardwajMåned siden


  67. Umar

    UmarMåned siden

    *1:37*It should've been "and it's VOLDEMORT!!!"

  68. Silver Back

    Silver BackMåned siden

    I'm just happy to see us winning even when we shouldn't sometimes. Shows we have a good squad of players for a change.

  69. stephen lyle

    stephen lyleMåned siden

    dubrovka best keeper newcastle have had

  70. nateCFC

    nateCFCMåned siden

    Dubravka is so underrated