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Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) is a pioneer and legendary host on the late-night talk-show circuit. When she’s accused of being a “woman who hates women,” she puts affirmative action on the to-do list, and-presto!-Molly (Mindy Kaling) is hired as the one woman in Katherine’s all-male writers’ room. But Molly might be too little too late, as the formidable Katherine also faces the reality of low ratings and a network that wants to replace her. Molly, wanting to prove she’s not simply a diversity hire who’s disrupting the comfort of the brotherhood, is determined to help Katherine by revitalizing her show and career-and possibly effect even bigger change at the same time.
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Late Night - Official Trailer | Amazon Studios
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  1. Behind You

    Behind You6 dager siden

    This one is great one from Netflix! I wish we have real Late Night Show with Katharine (Emma's character) or Emma herself is also fine!

  2. J

    J11 dager siden

    In the very first scene in the film she comments about "is there nobody funny left in the country?" (after saying why are they giving this to a foreigner - an Englishwoman). The first comedian she lists is Martin Short...a Canadian.

  3. Laura nicholls

    Laura nicholls13 dager siden

    Proper British films are always the best

  4. J. J.

    J. J.15 dager siden

    Got three quarters the way through and gave up caring. It's like watching paint dry. Like wading through mud in the fog. Ironically It's a bad film about a bad show. I want 1 hour and forty minutes back. I could have fallen asleep and had a better dream.

  5. Rhea Draws

    Rhea Draws23 dager siden

    I think everyone missed the point of this movie, which is about women helping each other, not the usual story about the ingenue trying to replace the experienced, older woman or the dragon lady boss.

  6. Pratiksha SH

    Pratiksha SH24 dager siden

    I love you Mindy, you are absolutely brilliant.

  7. Evenios

    Evenios25 dager siden

    good movie, however, i think the indian girl i forgot her name....should have been given a personal trainer or something and lost a little weight. i mean not trying to shame but it seems shes gained a few since the Office and she would look sooo much better if she just had lost a few pounds not skinnie minnie but yeah.....actually kind of a bit of weight 50 pounds maybe .otherwise great movie.

  8. Home Chef

    Home ChefMåned siden

    Just watched it on Amazon Prime. Good Movie !

  9. Thomas Swindle

    Thomas SwindleMåned siden

    this was a great movie!!

  10. Troy Müller

    Troy MüllerMåned siden

    how a bot a real comment?

  11. Jonas Pell

    Jonas PellMåned siden

    Such PC BS

  12. Lydia Luna

    Lydia LunaMåned siden

    I'm all for equality, I'm a woman, but honestly, I prefer a man hosting a Late Night show

  13. Patti Oyler

    Patti OylerMåned siden

    I can’t find this movie on DVD?

  14. Rice Family

    Rice FamilyMåned siden

    It is an enjoyable movie with a heart warming story. Yet, it is an insult to anyone born in "fly over country." The story is about horrible white elitist learning to appreciate and an immigrant, while making middle American "deplorables" and the Republicans we support, the butt of their jokes. Except for the occasional contempt for middle America, there is a noticeable sense that none of the characters know the rest of the country exists. In this world, there are only people that went to Ivy League schools and sympathetic immigrants struggling to get ahead. The average Americans that are still here and wish we could get ahead are not even considered by these people in their bubble. And they wonder why we feel sold out...

  15. B C S

    B C SMåned siden

    This film was surprisingly good. Not perfect or anything. It’s interesting, fun and a bit heartwarming at times too. These trailers make the film look like a shitty devil wears prada remake...which it simply isn’t.

  16. Soearadiri Movie

    Soearadiri Movie2 måneder siden

    Yeah, I rather got Horrible Trailer than Spoiler Trailer...

  17. Bryan B

    Bryan B2 måneder siden

    Really bad movie. Ripoff of devil wears Prada and morning glory. If you like this movie , it’s highly likely you need to be tested.

  18. Smriti Tikoo

    Smriti Tikoo2 måneder siden

    I had been too excited to watch my favourite mindy kaling and sweetest emma Thompson take the centre stage together but after watching the movie i was quite disappointed with the screenplay and the dialogue delivery felt random and not timed to sound hilarious. Too much hype and buzz and not worth the outcome .

  19. B C S

    B C SMåned siden

    I mostly agree. I actually enjoyed the film and feel like the word to describe it is...interesting. It’s not perfect though. Also, I believe that the dialogue was supposed to be odd to add some realism. The characters in the film aren’t really that confident.

  20. It gets worst

    It gets worst2 måneder siden

    What happened to Mindy Kaling?! she is almost unrecognizable

  21. B C S

    B C SMåned siden

    I think she had some work done on her face and another factor could be is that she is a fair bit older than she was on The Office and stuff.

  22. Yogesh Paneru

    Yogesh Paneru2 måneder siden

    Awesome movie

  23. TheAlexis4444

    TheAlexis44442 måneder siden

    What is wrong with Hollywood..? Mindy Kaling is a horrible actress.. she is so overarted and Hollywood just made her famous just to be politically accute.

  24. stenbak88

    stenbak882 måneder siden


  25. Jared Hutchins

    Jared Hutchins3 måneder siden

    Went to see dis July 4th. Worst comedy I've eva seen 😂😂😂 it was horrendous

  26. Róbert Èvi

    Róbert Èvi3 måneder siden


  27. JB

    JB3 måneder siden

    This looks terrible

  28. P Jared

    P Jared3 måneder siden

    Hugh Dancy is so cute😍💕

  29. Daisy a Day

    Daisy a Day3 måneder siden

    Extremely boring movie. Best part was it ending!

  30. Ethan Hawkins

    Ethan Hawkins3 måneder siden


  31. kenny omega

    kenny omega3 måneder siden


  32. Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams3 måneder siden

    Amazon Studios just announced the release date of late night on Blu-ray and DVD same with Brittany runs a marathon because I would love to pre order both and buy them to own part of my collection

  33. Miss Oshin

    Miss Oshin4 måneder siden

    Watched it. Hate it .. Stupid movie.

  34. tee brinner

    tee brinner4 måneder siden

    This stale pale female is trying to connect to da sisters yeh

  35. M R

    M R4 måneder siden

    Such a shame Thompson has fallen to this level.

  36. Haku Ponyo

    Haku Ponyo4 måneder siden

    Wanted to see it until she a little old and white 🙄🙄🙄🙄 can we stop with this bullshit racism everywhere omg! Who tf cares what colour u are!!!

  37. B C S

    B C SMåned siden

    That wasn’t really a racist comment though. Have you seen the film? You might get it if you have seen it.

  38. S

    S5 måneder siden

    here you go again, another manipulation and division. i stopped watching the movie right from the beginning. this bs is everywhere - news, movies, etc.

  39. tori2dles

    tori2dles5 måneder siden

    I waited to watch thinking it was a weekly sitcom. Thought I’d wait and binge watch it when I had time. Today was the day. Super flick!!! Wish it truly was a sitcom, though. Very entertaining!

  40. Emina S

    Emina S5 måneder siden

    Saw the movie and enjoyed it very much! See the movie for itself, the trailer doesn't do it much justice (English is not my first language)!

  41. Rafael Rios

    Rafael Rios5 måneder siden

    Regardless of the trailer the movie was great and spoke truths much less of a fairytale. I commend the a Indian comedian woman. Go girl

  42. thejullycabral

    thejullycabral5 måneder siden

    Finally, a not woke film that talks about diversity. So rare nowadays, no preaching and so funny. I wish I had the change to watch it in a movie theater.

  43. kleeblatt

    kleeblatt5 måneder siden

    The trailer doesn't display how great and funny the movie is at all! I've watched it and I haven't laughed this much in a long time. Go Mindy.

  44. Goldberg Brian

    Goldberg Brian10 dager siden


  45. shahana malik

    shahana malik5 måneder siden

    Not only she looks bad with her fake lips.. this indian woman is such a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE actress!! Who TF casted her!?? she ruined the whole movie!!

  46. shahana malik

    shahana malik5 måneder siden

    @DrunkardCow - ahhh that explains it! The movie wasn't that original nor great.. seems like a mix of a lot of various chick-flicks.. I only watched it because i adore Emma Thompson! What an awesome actress!!

  47. DrunkardCow

    DrunkardCow5 måneder siden

    Well, she wrote the movie...

  48. ALOHAMORA2.0

    ALOHAMORA2.05 måneder siden

    the whole movie is narrated, its like Alexa telling the story.

  49. ivedoneitall

    ivedoneitall5 måneder siden

    very politically lopsided.... sad movie toward white men.

  50. B C S

    B C SMåned siden

    I’m a white man and I enjoyed this film. This trailer doesn’t do the film justice. This isn’t some hate towards men type film.

  51. Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams5 måneder siden

    Amazon Studios when are you gonna release late night on DvD and Blu-ray I want to own it badly it one of my favorite movies of this year and no I don’t want to only stream it on prime video ask liongate to help you release it you did it to the big sick

  52. Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams3 måneder siden

    Hussein Nour no it shouldn’t

  53. Hussein Nour

    Hussein Nour5 måneder siden

    Just wanted to ask, I have the DVD, Does the movie have narration? I seem to have narration included in my DVD. Just making sure. Thanks. :)

  54. Andrew Laxton

    Andrew Laxton5 måneder siden

    I wasn’t really feeling this movie. It wasn’t a bad movie. The acting was good and it had a few laughs, but the comedy felt too safe for me. It felt like it was trying really hard not to be offensive, and the movie seemed to think its more clever than it actually is. Especially at the very end 😒

  55. Hussein Nour

    Hussein Nour5 måneder siden

    Just wanted to ask, I have the DVD, Does the movie have narration? I seem to have narration included in my DVD. Just making sure. Thanks. :)

  56. HappyHappy JoyJoy

    HappyHappy JoyJoy5 måneder siden

    Just finished watching this ..great movie Emma is at the top of her game as always and Mindy got a new fan

  57. Hussein Nour

    Hussein Nour5 måneder siden

    Just wanted to ask, I have the DVD, Does the movie have narration? I seem to have narration included in my DVD. Just making sure. Thanks. :)

  58. Mariana Alves

    Mariana Alves5 måneder siden

    Hugh dancy i love you

  59. Sanket

    Sanket5 måneder siden

    Why do these Britishers purposely speak with accent? Do they think by doing it people will see them as superior?

  60. B C S

    B C SMåned siden

    Rahul Are you stupid or something? Everyone has an accent of some kind. You think accents are fake or something?

  61. Sanket

    Sanket5 måneder siden

    @HappyHappy JoyJoy F*ck off CHAKKE!

  62. HappyHappy JoyJoy

    HappyHappy JoyJoy5 måneder siden

    You can't possibly be that dumb..

  63. chris lim

    chris lim5 måneder siden

    seeing Mindy Kaling is like watching "the office" again.

  64. U.S. Constitution

    U.S. Constitution5 måneder siden

    Why do Liberal Pedophile Hollywood think its OK to make fun of Abortion.

  65. Pete Myers

    Pete Myers5 måneder siden

    This must be about conan o brien because she used to work for him just same like this

  66. ariaaspromised

    ariaaspromised5 måneder siden

    movie is WAYYY better than what this trailer made it out to be. one of the better films to come out this year thus far, imo.

  67. Hussein Nour

    Hussein Nour5 måneder siden

    @ariaaspromised Thanks. :)

  68. ariaaspromised

    ariaaspromised5 måneder siden

    @Hussein Nour no, i don't remember it having narration when i watched it on amazon.

  69. Hussein Nour

    Hussein Nour5 måneder siden

    Just wanted to ask, I have the DVD, Does the movie have narration? I seem to have narration included in my DVD. Just making sure. Thanks. :)

  70. Messofanego

    Messofanego5 måneder siden

    Really great and socially relevant comedy. More people should see it.

  71. Cak Redi

    Cak Redi5 måneder siden

    *I expect Craig Ferguson is in this.*

  72. Muhammad ali Khan

    Muhammad ali Khan5 måneder siden

    Emma Thompson talking abt boundaries while living in a dot ...

  73. nibsvkh

    nibsvkh5 måneder siden

    Just finished watching this movie..quite entertaining and Mindy was great as always!

  74. PerceptiveThoughts

    PerceptiveThoughts5 måneder siden

    Imagine moving to India and telling your boss the problem is "you're a little old and a little brown"



    More Hollywood female bigotry.

  76. pavel rahman

    pavel rahman5 måneder siden

    yes all white males are trash chubby useless slobs or tyrants.boss lady fired everyone for literally showing their face or saying their name,on the other hand this dumb brown lady show up late,dump trash on the floor and she is witty and talented.i bet boss lady didn't told her once in this movie that she's fired. my god hollywood and american culture became trash

  77. Paul Roberts

    Paul Roberts5 måneder siden

    Finally, someone gets it right & says English accent instead of British accent, well done!