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  1. Abigail Tyra

    Abigail Tyra6 minutter siden

    You did such a great job, it wasn’t personal it was great criticism. But I guess she won’t take it seriously and brush it off as hatred. It sucks. Because I really used to love Lilly Singh’s content. But her show it’s cringe. In German the feeling I get while watching her show is called fremdschämen. I can’t watch the show it’s terrible. Such a shame because I was looking forward to her show. Everything you said is so spot on.

  2. Smeek

    SmeekTime siden

    No Drew. You're just obviously sexist and racist.

  3. Jonathan Franco

    Jonathan FrancoTime siden

    Honestly her and Liza TOGETHER can move the world.

  4. Marcus Lau Høgsberg Blauenfeldt Jensen

    Marcus Lau Høgsberg Blauenfeldt JensenTime siden

    Her jokes are just low effort memes

  5. Ohh LanLa

    Ohh LanLa3 timer siden

    i swear to god, the only big youtuber that has a very great ego management are PewDiePie. And also, Gabbie Hanna is a fucking idiot.

  6. Aria Veral

    Aria Veral3 timer siden

    This is the 1st time i ever i saw you and i just... like you? Now dont get too excited cz im not straight, yeah so much for being revelant.. anyway goodluck Drew.. i like you... like so much..

  7. G Graham

    G Graham5 timer siden

    So you admit, she is a diversity hire.

  8. Jasmine Lopez

    Jasmine Lopez5 timer siden

    I hope she sees this and takes it as some constructive criticism rather than you being "another hater"


    HUASHU7 timer siden

    0:44 Now that's the difference between you and me... I try to forcefully roll my eyes into the back of my head just to not look at anymore of it

  10. radcow

    radcow7 timer siden

    This is a real show that they paid money to make

  11. J M

    J M8 timer siden

    Jesus Christ lose the apologetics

  12. Qwerd Werdv

    Qwerd Werdv9 timer siden

    This show can cure insomnia

  13. Mike Thomas

    Mike Thomas9 timer siden

    This is funny because I don’t think this creator shares my political views, but I agree 100%

  14. KNIFEGUY 1701

    KNIFEGUY 170110 timer siden

    Can't tell you how many NO-gos ads I've gotten of her and on TV but I never watched her, glad I wasn't the only person who didn't like her from the start

  15. Slash West

    Slash West10 timer siden

    Yo I think dat riff was from count bassy

  16. zEUs zockt

    zEUs zockt13 timer siden

    @12:37 Ricky Gervais brags about his money... - but then again, it's Ricky Gervais.

  17. J O S H I

    J O S H I13 timer siden

    I’m sorry for what my colored people have done

  18. jmasterX

    jmasterX14 timer siden

    *Correction: first bisexual woman of color!

  19. Borsalino Kizaru

    Borsalino Kizaru16 timer siden

    She tried to invent her talent, not actually develop it

  20. arushi gupta

    arushi gupta17 timer siden

    I used to looooooove her videos. But then I grew up.

  21. Alex Aguirre

    Alex Aguirre17 timer siden

    Conan kind of acts like he’s “so famous” yet somehow he’s funny when he does it

  22. Rumi L

    Rumi L17 timer siden

    Lily is a great person, but I just never find her funny... no hate tho!

  23. neo dog

    neo dog21 time siden

    it has 100 critic rating and 20 audience on rotten tomatoes

  24. neo dog

    neo dog15 timer siden

    @ナノ猫 :3 idk youtube does that to me all the time

  25. ナノ猫 :3

    ナノ猫 :316 timer siden

    why did you post the same comment twice >.>

  26. neo dog

    neo dog21 time siden

    it has 100 critic rating and 20 audience on rotten tomatoes

  27. Fluffy Overload

    Fluffy Overload23 timer siden

    I'm new here. Why does he say "hey guy"?

  28. Meme18

    Meme18Dag siden

    Hey guy?

  29. Achilles94

    Achilles94Dag siden

    Yes she is very successful and she has a lot of subscribers but most of her describers are kids.. her main audience is not adult and Late Show is for adults and maybe that's the reason why it didn't work out

  30. Achilles94

    Achilles94Dag siden

    Yeah that what happens when basically a lot of your material is racist jokes about white people.. it gets old really fast and really not funny anymore

  31. Akeno Chu

    Akeno ChuDag siden

    All you tubers outside of you tubers are terrible. Liza koshys show is terrible aswell.

  32. Brett Sylvester

    Brett SylvesterDag siden

    The fact that woc are like lilly singh is precisely why there jasnt been a woc late night talk show host

  33. Gasnix

    GasnixDag siden

    'as a straight white male it isnt my place to critique these points' Are you critiquing her gender, colour? No? Then how is it not your place?

  34. エスケープEscape

    エスケープEscapeDag siden

    The daily show with trevor noah is better than all these late night shows

  35. rabbeseking

    rabbesekingDag siden

    エスケープEscape tried watching several times over the years & I inevitably come away just thinking about how much I miss jon stewart lol

  36. Zenuk

    ZenukDag siden


  37. TheKnight OfDoom

    TheKnight OfDoomDag siden

    Never heard of her but good god she is crap.

  38. StarWarsKing1337

    StarWarsKing1337Dag siden

    DGD @ 9:20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. k m8

    k m8Dag siden

    If this was diseal reviewing her again, he'd be slamming the hell out of her.

  40. motown

    motownDag siden

    Why do the critics like her show ?

  41. Lizbeth Hernandez

    Lizbeth HernandezDag siden

    I’ve never found her interesting tbh

  42. Adam Cram

    Adam CramDag siden

    You seem talented..but for some reason I got this massive cringe feeling from the material you are covering .....fml is that bad

  43. The Gamebox Reviewer

    The Gamebox ReviewerDag siden

    todd phillips's first movie was actually Hated: The GG Allin story, which is about a punk man who flings poo at the audience and screams obscenities, orrrr what lily's talk show is!

  44. Baeleigh Harris

    Baeleigh HarrisDag siden

    I think people are taking this too politely; she's not funny because she plainly offends people, and is saying things that should not be taken lightly. You're not a white man - obviously, who cares? Not funny. You're a feminist? Great! Go for it! But, that's not funny, and people get offended when you make jokes about men - wait for it - in a derogatory manner...if you go by the same logic as feminists seem to be using. You support equality of genders and whatnot? Great, that's awesome! But, not funny...you see where I'm going with this? If another person made these jokes if they were either A) Straight B) White or C) Male (or any combination of these), society'd go wild, there'd be names thrown, there'd be "how dare you" thrown around a lot, and it'd be a real s**t-show to put it plainly. Yet, because Lilly Singh seems to be a female, multicultural feminist, she's got the golden ticket to bag out anyone - awesome! There's nothing wrong with being proud of who you are, but like I said, you can make a joke....but - it's not funny to plainly make the same repetitive jokes, let alone jokes that just aren't ok and aren't to be taken lightly - especially when feminists and society are begging for "equal rights." (Yes, I know, big call for everyone except lgbtqi+, feminists, "black" people, etc. to have equal rights). Making jokes against white men (for example), when there's really nothing wrong with being a white man, is not only racist (yes, it's racist - being white does not exempt racism, consider Germans, Polish, Russians, or even Italian in my case). But really, I mean come on, yell at me all you want, you cant deny this - imagine if a white man was saying, "I'm not a black woman" - the outcry! He'd be called "you racist pr**k!" and probably be bashed for it; this is the real problem, and as much as society wants to ignore it and pretend this isn't discrimination - it is, it really, really is. It always disgusts me that I get told no-one can be racist to me - that I haven't experienced racism because "you're white". Ever heard of the Italian ethnicities? People need to wake up and realise racism's not the issue society makes it out to be, or even feminism for that matter, and there are way bigger problems at hand - like people that are "fighting" racism or discrimination being either extremely racist or discriminatory themselves.

  45. Startcadian

    StartcadianDag siden

    you're a cute straight white male

  46. Madison Summer

    Madison SummerDag siden

    i can believe the gabbie hanna tried to come for drew. he wasn't being rude, just blunt. sure i'd be upset if he was talking about me, however i can realize hes just being blunt.

  47. Tom Varrette

    Tom VarretteDag siden

    Lilly is a racist, for pretending to be black. shame on lilly

  48. Vick_HushPuppy 215

    Vick_HushPuppy 215Dag siden

    I think the network might be doing a dinner with schmucks type of thing lol

  49. Vick_HushPuppy 215

    Vick_HushPuppy 215Dag siden

    This chick is just not funny at all she is human cringe

  50. Hiphop618

    Hiphop618Dag siden

    Just because you're a white man, Drew, doesn't mean your opinions about her show matter less. Jesus, I'm tired of this sort of framing.

  51. rabbeseking

    rabbesekingDag siden

    Hiphop618 i don’t think that’s what he was trying to say, drew is pretty obviously a white dude, & to mirror your point, he was just aware how this type of shit gets framed itself. think he wanted to make it clear he’s aware he may not be the target audience/demographic for this show but still wanted to constructively criticize the product.

  52. Hamo B

    Hamo BDag siden

    0:06 worst thing I’ve ever heard

  53. hirul chase crowford

    hirul chase crowfordDag siden

    update: imdb 1.9 star

  54. The Dutch guy

    The Dutch guyDag siden

    "Hey guy"

  55. reema rimz

    reema rimzDag siden

    I'm an Indian girl and I did like her as a NO-gosr but I must say even I'm not a fan of her late night show and I tried my best to like her in this but i just don't find her funny at all anymore. Her NO-gos contents are way better than this. She needs this criticism as it is necessary for her to work on herself as a host. You've hit the nail on the head whilst being kind to her. She should watch this video as she can learn. Maybe she's not coming up with the contents to her late night show but I think she probably needs to quit then and not further jeopardise her rep.

  56. john maziasz

    john maziaszDag siden

    C’mon guys... she’s a poc, woman and bisexual. She checks all of the comedy boxes

  57. Jon Doe

    Jon DoeDag siden


  58. Amy Benson

    Amy BensonDag siden

    When she said "okay bloomer" my Google assistant told me what the weather was. I didn't want the weather, google, I wanted you to be quiet

  59. Saga Nord

    Saga NordDag siden

    You and David (michelangelo sculpture) have almost the exact same nose.

  60. Ari A.

    Ari A.Dag siden

    I miss her old videos so much, she’s changed for the worse tbh

  61. Bárður Joensen

    Bárður JoensenDag siden

    2:04 Jesus Christ have a god damn backbone. What the fuck is happening to white men these days. So afraid to even exist

  62. Bárður Joensen

    Bárður JoensenDag siden

    @rabbeseking no he was clearly saying that his input on race and gender is less important because of the fact that he's a white man. White Americans do this all the time when talking about race. It's pathetic

  63. rabbeseking

    rabbesekingDag siden

    Bárður Joensen think he just wanted to make it clear he’s aware he isn’t the target demo for this show of hers, but still wanted to constructively criticize it regardless

  64. Henry Livingston

    Henry LivingstonDag siden

    ay little bit of dance gavin dance during the transition at 9:20

  65. ruski muejek

    ruski muejekDag siden

    Conan is hilarious. Her show is painful....

  66. A Bobble

    A BobbleDag siden

    “Hey, but white people, right?”