LeBron James: Always special sharing the court with Carmelo Anthony | NBA Sound

LeBron James discusses what it was like sharing the court with Carmelo Anthony again, noting that it is always special to him. LeBron reflects on the Lakers' success on the three-game road stretch and he also jokes about keeping Anthony Davis sick in order for him to play well.
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  1. Rob Farris

    Rob Farris21 dag siden

    ABC news: and yes Isaiah Maurice, of University of Memphis Men's Basketball Vs CBS sports television on tomorrow against Georgia at noon on CBS with their head coach Penny Hardaway. and their no doubt about Maurice, is the same carbon copy of Dave Simmons, the great father of Ben Simmons, who play for the Philadelphia 76ers, directors.

  2. i'm wifin' justina valentine

    i'm wifin' justina valentineMåned siden

    Carmelo was never washed up. When he was in OKC he played behind Westbrook and Paul George. How many touches was he gonna get with those 2 around? Same in Houston having to play behind Harden and Paul. Melo played with arguably the 3 most ball dominant guys in the NBA {Russ, Harden, and CP3}. He just didn't have the touches like he's been getting here in Portland.

  3. E Oleary

    E OlearyMåned siden

    But you didn't want him on your team. Lilard wanted him on his team for 3 years and all Bron was doing was hoping he got signed smh

  4. Rap Snacks

    Rap SnacksMåned siden

    LBJ for president

  5. kingREEN23 saavedra

    kingREEN23 saavedraMåned siden

    always my idol..GOAT

  6. Ralphunreal

    RalphunrealMåned siden


  7. Jayhurst 4life

    Jayhurst 4lifeMåned siden

    Great player and an even better person that shows humility at every moment..💯👍🏾👍🏾

  8. Lotto superlotto

    Lotto superlottoMåned siden

    Melo is Lebron if lebron couldnt pass .play defense or dribble

  9. 5150_818 D-89

    5150_818 D-89Måned siden

    Is the guy in the begining talking with his hands

  10. MegaUnavailableusern

    MegaUnavailableusernMåned siden

    kawhi laugh @ 2:05

  11. jay

    jayMåned siden

    Thought i was the only one who notice that🤣

  12. ThePokerbrat626

    ThePokerbrat626Måned siden

    There doing good but they will not win the chip sorry bron bron

  13. Jonathan Hall

    Jonathan HallMåned siden

    The Qing

  14. TheTruthiest

    TheTruthiestMåned siden

    Someone should have asked LeBron why he didn't sign Carmelo to the Lakers?

  15. IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga

    IG: confused_melo For FACTS #GingaMåned siden

    Because he wants a chip casual

  16. Micah

    MicahMåned siden

    Melo would mess up the chemistry

  17. Desmond Hackney

    Desmond HackneyMåned siden

    TheTruthiest bc if he did he’d get accused of building the roster😂he told melo it’d be up to the front office

  18. NoName718

    NoName718Måned siden

    They been playing against each other since h.s. Think about that, thats crazy. Almost 20 years.

  19. sLOVEnia Slime

    sLOVEnia SlimeMåned siden


  20. Young Cedo

    Young CedoMåned siden

    They Got that Young Thugga Thugga playing in the background

  21. chronicle realm

    chronicle realmMåned siden

    Threats all over the floor👍🙌👍💖

  22. irGuilty

    irGuiltyMåned siden

    Lebron always got that alarm on, pretty sure it’s a timer to put on or take off his ice packs.

  23. Snicky G

    Snicky GMåned siden

    irGuilty...Oh, I thought it was probably a reminder to check on the glue on wig pieces!

  24. Pamela McKenney

    Pamela McKenneyMåned siden

    on time on target

  25. Young Bull #2

    Young Bull #2Måned siden


  26. Ralphunreal

    RalphunrealMåned siden


  27. Scott Hinkens

    Scott HinkensMåned siden

    I know things can obviously change and it's only about 1/4 of the season completed so far...but let's give some props to Frank Vogel. There was a lot of criticism towards the Lakers for this selection and he has done a great job so far. Yes, the team is very talented and has 2 too 5 players in the league (in my opinion), but having those egos and a whole new squad if players playing with each other for the first time is tough to do at a high/winning level and he has really gotten the team to play good defense (which is what he was known for back in Indy).

  28. vernon hutchinson

    vernon hutchinsonMåned siden

    Stop with the du rags man.

  29. Ralphunreal

    RalphunrealMåned siden


  30. Da__mang 910

    Da__mang 910Måned siden

    I hear a new DRAKE IN THE BACKGROUND I THINK. All I Want For Christmas is Carmelo Anthony to go to the Lakers so he can win a championship ring

  31. IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga

    IG: confused_melo For FACTS #GingaMåned siden

    Then u woke up

  32. PUGGER

    PUGGERMåned siden

    Im surprised the Portland commentators didnt accuse lebron of being disrespectful for knocking over an old lady.

  33. Young God

    Young GodMåned siden

    PUGGER nah they show love in Portland!

  34. MIDNightPT4

    MIDNightPT4Måned siden

    Marvin Vendome more like 19.9/20

  35. MIDNightPT4

    MIDNightPT4Måned siden

    Arjun Mann delete your comment plz lol

  36. Marvin Vendome

    Marvin VendomeMåned siden

    Lol 20 out of 19 people understood the sarcasm

  37. Arjun Mann

    Arjun MannMåned siden

    Eunoia Ville Didn’t really sound like sarcasm

  38. Marlin Martin

    Marlin MartinMåned siden

    The reporter said “You probably don’t remember this...” lol You know dayum well LeBron “Photographic Memory” James remembers EVERY lil detail of every game ever played! 😂

  39. Tevin Evans

    Tevin EvansMåned siden

    @Phillip 2018 lol my bad

  40. Phillip

    PhillipMåned siden

    @Tevin Evans 2018

  41. Tevin Evans

    Tevin EvansMåned siden

    I know he gonna ALWAYS remember what JR SMITH did in 2016 😂😂😂😂

  42. Micah

    MicahMåned siden

    @AMW You like to think about meat don't you? 😉

  43. Phillip

    PhillipMåned siden

    @AMW Dude! Clean your mind.

  44. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayMåned siden

    it amazes me how LeBron is doing all of this in year 17

  45. E Oleary

    E OlearyMåned siden


  46. K -Trilla

    K -TrillaMåned siden

    vernon hutchinson hater

  47. vernon hutchinson

    vernon hutchinsonMåned siden

    It's called PED's man.

  48. raymos 8732

    raymos 8732Måned siden

    Og b sayin sum real ishh "i dont seek jus tha right way" 🐐JAMES👑

  49. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayMåned siden

    it amazes me how LeBron and melo are still doing this in year 17

  50. J Money

    J MoneyMåned siden

    Drezzy G.F.T.P Vince is just collecting as much money as he can I don’t blame him lol

  51. IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga

    IG: confused_melo For FACTS #GingaMåned siden

    It's more amazing how one was dedicated to winning and the other......

  52. Jamaine Johnson

    Jamaine JohnsonMåned siden

    Drezzy G.F.T.P he’s not playing at a high level like Lebron. Even Melo isn’t playing like old Melo. Lebron in year 17, looks like 2012-2013 Miami Lebron. That’s scary

  53. Israel Diaz

    Israel DiazMåned siden

    Don't forget me my career was amazing Google me

  54. Drezzy EFTP

    Drezzy EFTPMåned siden

    Don't forget Vince

  55. Axl Jon Bolinas

    Axl Jon BolinasMåned siden

    I LOVE YOU LEBRON JAMES😎 Biggest fan here in the philippines🏀 godbless my HERO

  56. Leo Paoulo Corpus

    Leo Paoulo CorpusMåned siden

    Only Real Men wearing Durags

  57. Ona Ebodaghe

    Ona EbodagheMåned siden

    That alarm always go off when Bron gets interviewed 😂

  58. M D

    M DMåned siden

    @Marc Nelson lol for real tho

  59. Jack Dough

    Jack DoughMåned siden

    He has timer set on ice packs he takes cares of his body to the next level

  60. Mark O'Dwyer

    Mark O'DwyerMåned siden

    @SinisterMud haha no problem bud lol

  61. SinisterMud

    SinisterMudMåned siden

    @Mark O'Dwyer lol I always wondered. Now I can sleep again!

  62. Mark O'Dwyer

    Mark O'DwyerMåned siden

    @Marc Nelson He the GOAT

  63. Ona Ebodaghe

    Ona EbodagheMåned siden

    Loving how this team is playing‼️ 👑 x 〰️ = 🏆🏆🏆

  64. E Oleary

    E OlearyMåned siden


  65. Jonny Era

    Jonny EraMåned siden

    LBJ going for his 4rth 🏆

  66. Boss G

    Boss GMåned siden

    What's the purpose of that pirate bandana? 🤔

  67. Adam818 Lakers

    Adam818 LakersMåned siden

    @Prithvi Satish his bald head got no waves

  68. Satanic Skater

    Satanic SkaterMåned siden

    Pirate bandana 🤣🤣

  69. Prithvi Satish

    Prithvi SatishMåned siden

    waves my guy

  70. krisko713daclarke

    krisko713daclarkeMåned siden

    The biased officiating in the NBA is making it unwatchable. Call it the same way for both teams.

  71. krisko713daclarke

    krisko713daclarkeMåned siden

    Can't call touch fouls for one team and no fouls on the other.

  72. anders johnsen

    anders johnsenMåned siden

    Yeah man hard to watch it was free throws every min for Lakers

  73. Eunoia Ville

    Eunoia VilleMåned siden

    Yall say the same thing every year but still watch

  74. Yasha Dj

    Yasha DjMåned siden

    they catching up for all the miscalls on lebron for 15 years

  75. Blunt Sessions

    Blunt SessionsMåned siden

    Good for betting bad for watching I agree

  76. ג'וני ביררוב

    ג'וני ביררובMåned siden

    1. LeBron 2. Harden 3. Doncic 4. Kawhi 4. Lillard 6, Davis 7. Giannis 8. Westbrook 9. Siakam 10. Jokić

  77. IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga

    IG: confused_melo For FACTS #GingaMåned siden

    Lillard ahead of Giannis go sharpen some pencils and fall on them.

  78. Omar Kbiri

    Omar KbiriMåned siden

    @C L he isn't providing a + to his team

  79. Omar Kbiri

    Omar KbiriMåned siden

    @prodigy2591 injured

  80. Boochie Gang

    Boochie GangMåned siden

    The only one u got right was lebron 💀

  81. Boochie Gang

    Boochie GangMåned siden

    kev j u tripping

  82. Carolina Howard

    Carolina HowardMåned siden

    *Everybody stop whatever y’all doing* ........ GOAT 🐐JAMES IS TALKING

  83. Zayd Blackwood

    Zayd BlackwoodMåned siden

    @Ralphunreal a goat

  84. Ralphunreal

    RalphunrealMåned siden


  85. ASMR KJohnson

    ASMR KJohnsonMåned siden

    Ur beautiful

  86. C B

    C BMåned siden

    @Stopping Bronsexuals Seems like you're obssesed with LeBron. Makes you wonder who the real Bronsexuals are....

  87. ali ahmadi

    ali ahmadiMåned siden

    Y'all mad mad

  88. TTV_endlessdubz1

    TTV_endlessdubz1Måned siden

    No dislikes plz

  89. sonisisuper

    sonisisuperMåned siden

    He's so fine...

  90. Isaiah Q Jones

    Isaiah Q JonesMåned siden

    @Poppa J Walker lol

  91. Poppa J Walker

    Poppa J WalkerMåned siden

    Isaiah Q Jones the comment smell fruity

  92. Isaiah Q Jones

    Isaiah Q JonesMåned siden

    @Poppa J Walker how you know it's not a woman saying it

  93. Poppa J Walker

    Poppa J WalkerMåned siden

    sonisisuper pause

  94. Jnorri Twenty-Eight

    Jnorri Twenty-EightMåned siden

    Reporter 10 years later how does it feel to share the court with paul george again Kawhi: good

  95. Mike Luikang

    Mike LuikangMåned siden

    More like “Fun”

  96. Ralphunreal

    RalphunrealMåned siden

    @Young Bull #2 regular season, we just saw kawhi destroying him when it matters in the playoffs.

  97. Ralphunreal

    RalphunrealMåned siden

    @Donovan Miller it's possible, vince carter still playing.

  98. Jonny Era

    Jonny EraMåned siden

    He just needs more load management that’s all folks🤪🤪🤪🤪

  99. Young Bull #2

    Young Bull #2Måned siden

    Giannis destroyed Kawhi, LeBron wouldn't let that happen to him

  100. Kingk23

    Kingk23Måned siden

    Tell bron to get a silky

  101. Adactylous

    AdactylousMåned siden

    trade kuzma

  102. HS2019WuzGud ,

    HS2019WuzGud ,Måned siden

    Bookie Killer picks lollll

  103. chris barlow

    chris barlowMåned siden

    Adactylous kuzma isn’t going anywhere

  104. Bookie Killer picks

    Bookie Killer picksMåned siden

    Kuz tapping the owner he ain't going no where.

  105. anthony rodriguez

    anthony rodriguezMåned siden


  106. 11410陳宇皓

    11410陳宇皓Måned siden

    The 1st one