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4333 Oltedal, Rogaland
Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.


  1. The Marshall Lowry Band

    The Marshall Lowry Band6 timer siden

    Dude I wish you nothing but the best. I look up to you very much as a musician but even more as a person. Stay strong my friend. You are a great person. Much love Leo..-Marshall Lowry

  2. Magnus Knutsen

    Magnus Knutsen13 timer siden

    Sorry to hear that man. Guess who i met in Oslo yesterday. Maria mena. 😄 She was super laid back and easy to talk to. You should do a cover of her. From her early years. Metal it up! 😄

  3. David Franz

    David Franz17 timer siden

    the 15 year old you could do a body double for Yungblud :D

  4. Dusty Jarvis

    Dusty Jarvis20 timer siden

    So sad


    JULIO SPOLZINO21 time siden

    you make my days greater every time I hear a new song, it is all I have to say , see you later

  6. Robert M

    Robert MDag siden

    Funny thing! I actualy meet you 23 may. Now when I know who you are I`m sure wee could have talked about more. Bjørn made you meet me….. Was a strange meet. It was me, Bjørn, Janette And Rargnild…. By the way, Ragnild would be a good girl for you.

  7. Clive W

    Clive WDag siden

    Hope it works out for you, and keep up the music

  8. Andrew Healy

    Andrew HealyDag siden

    Love Buddy. Just love for you and yours. Chin up.

  9. wellstreamshite

    wellstreamshiteDag siden

    Divorce is shit but you get over it.

  10. Radical SR8

    Radical SR8Dag siden

    So sorry to hear of your divorce. It's hard - especially when children are involved. Coming to terms with the fact that you are no longer able to see your children every day is the most difficult thing I've ever faced, and I'm sure you're feeling this pain as well. While it might seem there is no escape from this heartache, I can promise you it WILL get better. Chin up and

  11. Simon James

    Simon JamesDag siden

    Going through the same waves man,

  12. Levent Kaya

    Levent KayaDag siden

    Dude.. We talked at 2014 or something. I know you re a fucking good guy. I wish best for you.

  13. omersjjd

    omersjjdDag siden

    Sad to hear about your divorce

  14. Ricardo Zaras

    Ricardo ZarasDag siden

    Stay safe my man, I truly love your videos, your energy and talent. If something I can do for make you better I will, cheers and send you all my support from Merida, Mexico.

  15. Karen R. Castelli

    Karen R. CastelliDag siden

    We got your back! Love you leo, stay safe.

  16. Insidious DrNine

    Insidious DrNineDag siden

    Time to upgrade. The newer models years they have features that come standard that were not even options last time you bought.

  17. William Bowman

    William BowmanDag siden

    Wow....unbelievable, this is such a sad ting......obviously their split was mutual.....still very sad, I only wish the best for the both of them and their

  18. AutomationDnD

    AutomationDnDDag siden

    *THANK YOU* For putting this out.... and for staying strong I cannot know what it is like............ but I am thankful - if you continue with your work. ....Yet also sad, "Things" do not go perfectly. ......... "Rock On Dude".

  19. Akakabuto Eli

    Akakabuto Eli2 dager siden

  20. Akakabuto Eli

    Akakabuto Eli2 dager siden

    Nä - FRÅN heter det ju! ;)

  21. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt2 dager siden

    I just realized what song I want to hear you cover : ANYTHING from metalocalypse

  22. Mal Bishop

    Mal Bishop2 dager siden

    Sorry to hear that, hope everyone is well as can be.

  23. Apostate Apistevist

    Apostate Apistevist2 dager siden

    Of course, I don't know you personally, but I love what you do and I'm sorry to hear you've had some serious difficulties. I've had a lot of the same ones. Hang in there my man.

  24. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt2 dager siden

    Awww I'm so sorry OMG Sooooooo sorry for you both

  25. tugge666

    tugge6662 dager siden

    Stay strong Leo, but a very important question for us fans: WHERE CAN WE FIND THAT EARLY STUFF?!?!?!

  26. GothicDelights

    GothicDelights2 dager siden

    I'm sorry this has happened , but would love the option to kiss those emotional wounds better.

  27. rudy noetz

    rudy noetz2 dager siden

    Keep your chin up and I love your music wish you well and keep rocking brother

  28. Nils Cronauer

    Nils Cronauer2 dager siden

    I hope that you stay strong and please don't loose your brilliant humour! I don't know what happened last year but it was also a hard time for my son and me, divorces everywhere and I didn't see you last year at WACKEN, it was too late or too early for me. 🤔😅 I hope that you be back there, to a better time and of course a bigger Stage, rain or shine 🤘🏼 I don't know if you already read this, but my son and I, we love and support you! Greetings from Germany near the polish border!

  29. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty2 dager siden

    at a time! Good luck to you & your family!!!!!!!!

  30. David Book

    David Book2 dager siden

    As long as y'all are good. Love y'all!!

  31. 70 Shorty

    70 Shorty2 dager siden

    I'm in the same space brother, stay strong, stay safe, and be kind to yourself, what doesn't kill us makes us better, never give up music, it is that one gift that brings peace to ones heart and soul, if you ever make it to the PNW it will be incredible 🤙

  32. Christopher M. Richardson

    Christopher M. Richardson2 dager siden

  33. Tiziano Fangazio

    Tiziano Fangazio2 dager siden

    Sorry for that dude. Never say never. Who knows? Maybe the end of the story hasn't been written yet. The big ball is spinning just to drop us at the same place every single day...forza.

  34. whoever92

    whoever922 dager siden

    Im totally surprised to hear this news. I wish there was a way that this could be worked out. In the videos it seemed liked you were all having so much fun! I hope everything can be worked out for the better. Take care Leo and your spouse and daughter!

  35. nunya

    nunya2 dager siden

    Even the best divorce can make you feel as though the other partner died. It's a death of sorts: an end. There is a mourning, but you endure and move on. The end of one thing is the beginning of another, a new chapter of your life. Keep doing what you love and stay safe.

  36. Curtis Litchfield

    Curtis Litchfield2 dager siden

    You probably won't see this Leo but if you do. You have helped me through my divorce which has already lasted 3.5 years. I'm sorry you have to deal with it but I'm glad there is no drama. It's still hard but your energy and saavy have helped me through mine. Lean on your friends and remind them you need support. Good luck.

  37. Kev K

    Kev K3 dager siden

    right on brother! wish you the best man! you will find the right lady in time!

  38. J A

    J A3 dager siden

    Well if you need use where here

  39. J A

    J A3 dager siden

    Awww I'm so sorry OMG Sooooooo sorry for you both

  40. Thomas Jones

    Thomas Jones3 dager siden

    Sorry to hear about the news, my dude. But it's nice to see and hear that things are still going strong.

  41. VergeOfChaos

    VergeOfChaos3 dager siden

    You are, and will continue to be, the MAN.

  42. Adam Kilroe

    Adam Kilroe3 dager siden

    I hear where you are coming from. Sorry about the divorce and it is never easy. I wish you all all the best. I also love your comments about mental health, it does need to be talked about more and more needs investing in mental health treatment and early detection. Take care, and keep rocking. Hope you break through into the international scene soon, you are awesome.

  43. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon3 dager siden

    If life wasn't hard the good moments would be less meaningful

  44. Jeff Collins

    Jeff Collins3 dager siden

    Be well man. Your music brings a lot of joy to those who listen. It is awesome to see you and your friends be goofy AF and make some amazing music.

  45. Benjamin Judas

    Benjamin Judas3 dager siden

    The curse of the married building a house struck again.

  46. Mark Harry

    Mark Harry3 dager siden

    My wife and I were married for one year and she left me, she soon found out that men only want one thing and it's not a relationship, she came back and we've been together for 32 years.

  47. TrashPanda 365

    TrashPanda 3653 dager siden

    All those weird, stupid, quirky feeling traits you had were all just little parts of the wonderful and talented and AMAZING person you are! Know that you ARE NOT ALONE in those feelings. You found a great outlet and have mastered so many arts. Embrace your piece of crazy in the world, it is yours!

  48. johnnie cameron

    johnnie cameron3 dager siden

    Life can be rough ...KEEP STRONG

  49. Louis Reeves

    Louis Reeves3 dager siden

    Sorry Dude. Take it easy and move slow. no need to rush anything. Just take care of you your self and your own feelings for at least a year. Do thinks that make you happy. - I lived on my own in my own aprtment and just enjoyed my own company for a year. things started to come together after that - CHeers and dont be afraid to just be ok with yourself-

  50. el profesor

    el profesor4 dager siden

    This is sad to hear. Me and my wife decided to change our relationship after nearly 25 years into a friendship. We share a big time of our life. Nothing can replace this. Good times. But we've grown apart in our daily lives caring about our kids, hunting for money ... stressed out too many times. Hope dies last. But all is cool. There's no anger. Just a bit sadness that finally we - this rock solid and cool couple institution - also got hit by long term relationship effects. Our great advantage is that we have always had an open relationship. Therefore, there is no jealousy if new (sex) partners come into our lives. No drama. But a bit frustration from my side because it would have had been so easy to fix the issues. But we were trapped into a routine and I was focused too much on my profession and myself. Good news is: After a long talk we decided still to live together with our kids as a family but not as a couple. And this works pretty good ... in Covid-19 times. I am running my business at home since February and have taken over a lot of things automatically like coaching my kids for home schooling. I get more insight in the daily life of my "ex-wife". I do now more parts of the daily housework because shit simply has to be done and it feels pretty balanced now. And we are totally relaxed with this. My "ex-wife" is not stressed out anymore and I see a big chance for me to transform myself to a next level of life. The message of Covid-19 is anyway: Things must not continue as they have been before. We both feel more freedom to do what we want to do without having a remorse. Now that the children are older my wife is on the road a lot. She enjoys this freedom. For 15 years she has been taking care of the family management. She deserves it. We both love each other in our special ways. She's my big love. Period! So I am enjoying the fact that we made a long run without ending up in arguments, accusations and hate. We are 52 and 54. We are not interested into another cycle of relationship again. What also came into our life at the right time before: Eckhart Tolle. His books have influenced our consciousness and our view of life. We've explained it to our sons (13 and 15) that we stay together as a family but their parents are not a classic couple anymore. They have taken it pretty well and they are happy that their live is not really changing. So we see it simply this way: It is how it is. We do what we have to do. We care about each other. We are still a good team. And I will support her plans to become financially independent ... what will be good for both of us. We'll see where that takes us. You only live once. And your music is a part of my therapy. ;-)

  51. Biro Levi

    Biro Levi4 dager siden

    Hey, head's up, as Louis CK said: No good marriage ended up in divorce! :) Take a look to cheer you up:

  52. Natty Tempest

    Natty Tempest4 dager siden

    I don't comment often, but I do enjoy your music. I don't usually take interest in an artist's personal life as it feels a bit... stalker-ish? But I will peek. I'm sorry to hear about the divorce, but not having cancer is a definite positive! It's amazing to look at 'little Leo', and although you will see all the annoying traits you have gotten over, it's still really clear that you had talent and that you've only improved. I wish you all the best as a fan, and as a fellow survivor of mental health problems. Hang in there man. Keep being you, because from what I can see, that's an awesome guy to be!

  53. Darth Chaos

    Darth Chaos4 dager siden just hang in there, bro! You are WICKED talented and you make me SMILE! I understand much of what you are saying and it feels crummy, but I have learned that it will get better! You will get better! You are a true "Defender of the Faith", dude. The Metal will "Lift You Up"!! \m/ yer friend chaos! :)

  54. ILuvJokerandClayface

    ILuvJokerandClayface4 dager siden

    I can't say anything better than what *Kevin Smith* said. All I can say is *Your music brightens my day whenever I am feeling like nothing is right. So thank you for what you do. I hope y'all are doing well, staying safe, and that you both find happiness! - a fan from Louisiana,USA!*

  55. TIMEBITE Productions

    TIMEBITE Productions4 dager siden

    f.. hell it seems like you were a great metal-singer since forever. I´ve gone through a divorce ten years ago. I figured patience is key. In my opinion you´re on a good way. wish you all the best.

  56. Judas Skymning

    Judas Skymning4 dager siden


  57. D Step

    D Step4 dager siden

    Leo sorry to hear about life's problem you've been facing. I've been thru some of your same scares before and its very hard but I made it. Stay safe for everyone my friend. So keep your head up and thanks for all the laughs and great tunes. Cheers from GA in the US...

  58. Christopher Brake

    Christopher Brake4 dager siden

    My first comment ever on any public post...I too am going thru a divorce and have a five year old kid and I love you music we listen to you daily..sorry you are going thru to this..I have been fighting cancer for five years..and glad you didn't have matter what life throws at us we have to keep our heads up and push thru is a great channel to keep people inspired in life..I'm not a metal fan at all ..but I love every song you have covered..keep up the great job..and I look forward to seeing more songs from frog leap studios...from a guy and his daughter in Kansas.👍🖐️

  59. Yann Folange

    Yann Folange4 dager siden

    Hey Leo, no real words to say, but I feel for you, and hope you can take every day one at a time, and move forward towards a new you. Guns'N'Roses, "14 Years".

  60. dsSa

    dsSa2 dager siden


  61. ceerw buty

    ceerw buty4 dager siden

    If life wasn't hard the good moments would be less meaningful

  62. Marcus Moyer

    Marcus Moyer4 dager siden

    Sorry to hear about you and your wife been there and it was messy. Keep your chin up brother.

  63. Christopher Potvin

    Christopher Potvin4 dager siden

    holy shit, Leo, I'm sorry to hear about that. I've been following you for a long time and feel like a friend just told me that, even though we've never met. I wish you happiness in the times ahead. Just know that you have thousands(Tens of) of people all over the world supporting you and wishing you the best

  64. ceerw buty

    ceerw buty4 dager siden

    Stay strong man

  65. Carlos Silva

    Carlos Silva4 dager siden

    Stay strong, and keep up with good work... and have fun ;-)

  66. Pedronimus Piace

    Pedronimus Piace4 dager siden

    Hope your missus and kids are OK man... You ROCK so fucking hard tho... I wish YOU the best man...U have my support dude.

  67. maria Oxman

    maria Oxman4 dager siden

    Aww Leo, I'm so sorry, marriage is so hard on musicians, I wish nothing but the best for both of you, ya'll are a part of my family, just love that baby, nothing else matters! Much love from New Orleans, Louisiana!

  68. Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes4 dager siden

    I'm sorry to hear that. That's very sad. I wish you all the best, man. Stay strong. It takes time.

  69. Bullets ForTeeth

    Bullets ForTeeth5 dager siden

    Hey man, my X thought she could do better than me too... A year later she married a douchebag who lived in his mothers basement, 9 weeks into their marriage the cops kicked in his door and arrested him for dealing meth and distribution of child porn. This dumb bitch had the audacity to call me up apologizing and begging me to take her back! I told her to fuck off, and I lived happily ever after!

  70. drumaddict89

    drumaddict895 dager siden

    wishing you the best! stay strong mate✌️💪💪

  71. Blas Carrasco

    Blas Carrasco5 dager siden

    Thank you Leo for opening up on camera and sharing with your fans. I appreciate all you do man.

  72. Can't_Start A_Fire

    Can't_Start A_Fire5 dager siden

    Sorry bro.... I love your videos and they've put a smile on my face during some dark times. This will pass. Your daughter will always be there for you, put your energy into that relationship. As a wise man said, "the mind is a garden" don't let bad/dark thoughts (seeds) take root. Re-direct your thinking when your mind goes to those places. I know the music you create this year will be amazing. God Bless y'all.

  73. Daniel Bjerkebekk

    Daniel Bjerkebekk5 dager siden

    Også på 17 Mai!

  74. jeremy sellers

    jeremy sellers5 dager siden

    This whole year has been crazy. My wife and I decided to get a divorce last year and everything has just been going downhill from there (finances, my dog passed away from cancer last week, Covid-19...) Stay Strong and know that you have millions of fans out there to give you kind words and support in the difficult times.

  75. MV1890HHT

    MV1890HHT5 dager siden

    Dude, this almost made me cry. I really wish the best for you.

  76. Drake Jones

    Drake Jones5 dager siden

    Ok. I am sorry to hear that dude. My wife and I recently fell out. She took my wedding ring, and the one my son gave me, and threw them in the yard. They were lost. It wasn't my wedding ring I cared for. It was the one my sone gave me. She did find it because my sone was very pissed at her and let her know he wasn't happy that she threw his ring away. He gave it back to me and I swear I'll never take it off again. I just hope and pray that I can some how fix what I have fucked up. It was my fault. I deserve everything headed my way. I fucked up. My fault. I don't know your faith, but if God is real, in my opinion, we ALL scared him and he left. But I hope you and your family work out even if you do not come back together. You can still be a family separate. Harder yes. But it's where I come from. I should of paid more attention at how I acted instead of living in the moment. Love peace and chicken grease dude! Still and always my favorite cover artist!

  77. Drake Jones

    Drake Jones4 dager siden

    Well fuck! I'm headed to rehab. I hate flying, but I love my kids more hammered the way there, preying like I'm gonna die on the way back! Goddamn I hate flying 🤬

  78. west aussie rider

    west aussie rider5 dager siden

    I understand your pain. Although i dont have kids. But i just mutually split with my partner. Also i'm going in for a second op this yr to remove the rest of a tumour they found with my apendix... Although im not famous like you. I understand everything... Would love to see you in australia if that ever happens

  79. Vwlss Nvwls

    Vwlss Nvwls5 dager siden

    Sucks dude. I came from a broken family, and all I can say is don't make it an issue with your daughter, and it never will be. As much as I cannot stand my ex-wife, I have never and never will say anything bad about her around my daughter.

  80. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo5 dager siden

    Kia kaha Leo.

  81. Oroberus

    Oroberus5 dager siden

    Love and affection goes just as it comes, although it might feel terrible, based on how this stuff works, it's more usual then it goes away at some time then to persist forever. Just cherish the good times you had and look forward with a positive mindset Leo, the more one is likely to do so, the more it is likely that it turns into fondness then despise and that's something everyone breaking up should keep in mind.

  82. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo5 dager siden

    You will be happy again. I guarantee it.


    CPTBRYN5 dager siden

    Stay strong man

  84. DeadmeatDarkdaylight

    DeadmeatDarkdaylight5 dager siden

    sad to hear those news! stay strong and take a little rest over there and come back stronger! I hope your divorse was easy ,mine wasn´t...

  85. TheAndromedaGalaxy

    TheAndromedaGalaxy5 dager siden

    Sorry to hear this man. I've been a fan of yours for years now. I too struggling with anxiety and depression, glad to hear yours hasn't been to bad lately! Keep looking on the bright side and stay safe my friend!

  86. Thibault Dragon

    Thibault Dragon5 dager siden

    Wow man, that's tough... I hope you're gonna be fine and I'm glad to see that you seem to be okay for now ! Good luck for the future !

  87. Riot Knight

    Riot Knight5 dager siden

    You just need to take care of yourself and your kids we got you man

  88. johnqharris

    johnqharris5 dager siden

    Wanted to drop you a message to say hang in there. Enjoyed the content you have made and appreciate the tricky times. Take care of yourself.