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  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect12 dager siden

    Thanks for watching everyone! Stay safe out there + DONATE to those in need! We'll be back tomorrow at 7 PM CST!

  2. John Smith

    John Smith4 dager siden

    @Dude Perfect the announcer, Sparky, did a great job as well, I feel like he's been left down a little bit in the comments. Shout out to him and you all! 👏🏻

  3. Pro Gamer

    Pro Gamer5 dager siden

    Dude Perfect you rock

  4. jmcteer

    jmcteer5 dager siden

    I am a subscriber and love your channel I am a Christian just like you. You are an awesome role model thank you

  5. Ava Ross

    Ava Ross5 dager siden

    Dude Perfect did you guys want to do this?

  6. Haris Aslam

    Haris Aslam5 dager siden

    I can’t donate it says i can’t donate in this region

  7. • /{ing •

    • /{ing •16 timer siden

    Garrett is a shooter??

  8. Bridget Mitchell

    Bridget Mitchell16 timer siden

    If you love dp then give this comment a like! Leave a like on this basketball video!!!

  9. roddy keene

    roddy keeneDag siden

    How do you guys do this?

  10. Adam Huron

    Adam HuronDag siden

    I been watching these guys for a long time and never declared a favorite but I’m definitely team purple hoser.

  11. Divyansh Singh

    Divyansh SinghDag siden

    The thumbnails looks as if ty got a paralysis attack Look at his right hand Basically the wrist

  12. infinity CLIPS

    infinity CLIPSDag siden

    like it only for RANGE MONSTER

  13. Mike Mitchell

    Mike MitchellDag siden

    Thank you guys so much for keeping us entertained during these crazy times

  14. Bridget Mitchell

    Bridget MitchellDag siden

    I love how the are compiteing for tolite paeper

  15. nini nii

    nini niiDag siden

    That's really nice trophy bcs of virus there can't be even tioilet papers.

  16. kctay80

    kctay80Dag siden

    Cody l hope your arm fells better

  17. Bridget Mitchell

    Bridget MitchellDag siden

    You’re guys videos are so cool I just love them so much

  18. Bridget Mitchell

    Bridget MitchellDag siden

    I love your video’s and you guys are my favorite NO-gosers ever

  19. Chen Linong Maoming

    Chen Linong MaomingDag siden


  20. sheetal magon

    sheetal magonDag siden

    Hi dude perfect

  21. Rhino Athlete

    Rhino Athlete2 dager siden

    They should’ve doubled Cody’s points to make it more fair

  22. Jb_ red

    Jb_ red2 dager siden

    AlL SnEaKeRHeAds ArE In CrINge CuZ Of CoRy

  23. Night Guardian

    Night Guardian2 dager siden

    TP from DP

  24. Josiah Munshaw

    Josiah Munshaw2 dager siden

    Anyone else see Coby get rejected a high five at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1225">20:25</a>?

  25. The Myers Family

    The Myers Family2 dager siden

    Sorry but Sparkys voice is so.... just can’t take it. Make Cody full time announcer.

  26. Keith Ellerie Tenorio

    Keith Ellerie Tenorio2 dager siden


  27. Eli slayton

    Eli slayton2 dager siden

    The jump shot

  28. David Hernandez

    David Hernandez2 dager siden

    Bru the commentator was a lil extra 😂

  29. Jakob Trujillo

    Jakob Trujillo2 dager siden

    My family has the virus

  30. Aaron Mitzel

    Aaron Mitzel2 dager siden

    Cody always has a broken arm

  31. Croftz _

    Croftz _3 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1223">20:23</a> coby😂

  32. Sam Neale

    Sam Neale3 dager siden

    I just have to say who would be able to make a shot with that commentator in your ear every shot 🤷‍♂️😂

  33. Bryce Osborne

    Bryce Osborne3 dager siden

    They forgot to count Garrett’s money ball on the third rack in the first round <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="432">7:12</a>

  34. Arafat Hosen

    Arafat Hosen3 dager siden

    I love Tular , long mane.

  35. Caden Moody

    Caden Moody3 dager siden

    Normal Prize in a video: Trophy and NO-gos fame. This Prize for a quarantined video: tOiLeT pApEr


    KOMPAK KREASI BUDAYA3 dager siden

    Please Help Subscribe My Chanel From Indonesia 🙏🏻🇮🇩 Thanks😄😁

  37. Huy Dừa

    Huy Dừa3 dager siden

    Garret if he can shoot the last rank,may be him have more ponit than the NBA.And you guys dont have money ball rank

  38. Liam Piazza

    Liam Piazza3 dager siden

    We not gonna talk abt how Cody has a fake hand <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="98">1:38</a>

  39. Sam Fava

    Sam Fava3 dager siden

    MJ got 6 in the three point competition

  40. Parkers Crazy life

    Parkers Crazy life3 dager siden

    Is it just me that thought that the commentator was annoying he wouldn’t shut up

  41. knrd_

    knrd_3 dager siden

    Did nobody noticed that Coby wasn't interviewed at the beginning?!

  42. Flashplayz 17

    Flashplayz 173 dager siden

    This is the real dude perfect

  43. Brendan Mulvaney

    Brendan Mulvaney3 dager siden

    Go TT!!!

  44. Andre Switzer

    Andre Switzer3 dager siden


  45. Jcb 08

    Jcb 084 dager siden

    Garret should join the nba 3point contest

  46. Matthew Boyle

    Matthew Boyle4 dager siden

    You guys should do another edition sometime.

  47. Daniel Baker

    Daniel Baker4 dager siden

    Not a big deal, cause it's your money, but couldn't you donate to a better organization than the Red Cross?

  48. Maxwell Schneidereith

    Maxwell Schneidereith4 dager siden

    Best Channel on NO-gos by FAR.

  49. you will never know my name

    you will never know my name4 dager siden

    They make the court look small

  50. 1000 subs help

    1000 subs help4 dager siden

    If u see the fundraiser icon in the video u havr to like this comment for a fresh tasty cookie

  51. JackieDJ

    JackieDJ4 dager siden


  52. Ur Mom

    Ur Mom4 dager siden

    anyone else remember when mj got 5 points in the 3 point contest

  53. Stella T

    Stella T4 dager siden

    Streamed on my bfay

  54. Bethany Campione

    Bethany Campione4 dager siden

    The moment you realize one armed man only lost to Tyler by one point

  55. Easton Weber

    Easton Weber4 dager siden

    anyone else notice that Cody almost did better than Tyler with a sling

  56. Bethany Campione

    Bethany Campione4 dager siden

    I'm not a fan of regular sports, so this would be really boring to me without Sparky's commentary

  57. 구독해라ᄋᄋ

    구독해라ᄋᄋ4 dager siden

    Ev ery one d id a goo d job!

  58. LoHan Gaming

    LoHan Gaming4 dager siden

    Garret and Cory doing an air hi five. Commentator putting his hand on everyone’s shoulders

  59. Amanda Winans

    Amanda Winans4 dager siden

    My kids are making a thing like this today. Everybody come watch it on The Jaxon channel

  60. Aaron

    Aaron4 dager siden


  61. Carter Barko

    Carter Barko4 dager siden

    a nike shirt under a dress coat???????????????????????????

  62. Natasha James

    Natasha James4 dager siden

    Can you guys do more blooper videos please and Go Coby Go

  63. Mark Gavrilyuk

    Mark Gavrilyuk4 dager siden

    Tyler was so nervous

  64. Kacey Buss

    Kacey Buss4 dager siden

    I have watched all of your videos and they were amazing can you make more and give me a showtime out

  65. Malehkii Deronette

    Malehkii Deronette4 dager siden

    Cody should of got my time he has 1 arm

  66. LoudPumpkin

    LoudPumpkin4 dager siden

    The rage monster is real!? That makes sense I guess but it's so weird to see Ty actually mad

  67. Deathmatch _31

    Deathmatch _315 dager siden

    Garrett has the best form

  68. Милица Mica

    Милица Mica5 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1225">20:25</a> TURNED OUT!

  69. Carson Brown

    Carson Brown5 dager siden

    You need to make Halloween stereotypes

  70. airam ramel

    airam ramel5 dager siden

    Tyler: 10 points with 2 hands. Cody: 9 points with 1 hand.

  71. Silas Marion

    Silas Marion5 dager siden

    Garrett shoots better than Trae Young even without Mountain Dew balls and money balls

  72. Nancee phillips

    Nancee phillips5 dager siden

    Anyone realize ty shoots like lonzo ball???

  73. Dat Boi

    Dat Boi5 dager siden

    We are disappointed in you coby

  74. BigDaddyCoon

    BigDaddyCoon5 dager siden

    Cody I had the same surgery as mine as well as 3 weeks ago February 13 was mine and I’m only 16 sadly but lol i got new that I need surgery on January 29th my birthday what a great bday present right lol

  75. TheLilspic

    TheLilspic5 dager siden

    Garrett playing like he trying out for NBA combine 🤣

  76. Tyler Parker

    Tyler Parker5 dager siden

    ty literally rekt the rack xD

  77. Hamlet Seyranyan

    Hamlet Seyranyan5 dager siden

    You said there is a bonus if u saw ur description in the vid for me it was corys form

  78. Onza Pikines

    Onza Pikines5 dager siden

    GARRETT always complaining

  79. April Veurink

    April Veurink5 dager siden

    I'm with you Family Edge

  80. Mac Gobble

    Mac Gobble5 dager siden

    Is sparky panda????

  81. Unfixing YT

    Unfixing YT5 dager siden


  82. Dalton Peters

    Dalton Peters5 dager siden

    The host is definitely the panda

  83. TM Borjas

    TM Borjas5 dager siden

    Team coby for life

  84. Dexter Smith

    Dexter Smith5 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1223">20:23</a> wow Garrett never leave someone hanging

  85. Treestone Films

    Treestone Films4 dager siden

    Don;t know if you're joking or not but because of the coronavirus the do air high fives, you can't tell from this angle but Garret does it, they do it later in the video too after Garret wins

  86. Finn Henderson

    Finn Henderson5 dager siden

    Dude Perfect should hold a moch summer olympics, because they cancelled them.