Logan Paul - GOING BROKE (Antonio Brown Diss Track)

I’d still drop you faster than the patriots
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.
Edited by @HHillierSmith
Co-directed by Juliana Accettone


  1. Red Scwerpio

    Red Scwerpio10 timer siden

    i like because you'r a bitch

  2. Red Scwerpio

    Red Scwerpio10 timer siden

    i like you because you'r a bacth

  3. The real Smiley

    The real Smiley10 timer siden

    Is this the first Logan Paul that’s actually good?

  4. Bisho Obeid

    Bisho Obeid10 timer siden

    This had more likes and views than wake up call jeez logan

  5. Starman

    Starman10 timer siden

    Yo I cant lie this is WAY better than I expected

  6. D4eMon

    D4eMon10 timer siden


  7. Action Jackson

    Action Jackson10 timer siden

    i don’t support logan paul, but i see him rocking that tom brady jersey, so i can respect that as a fellow patriots fan ✊🏼 this shit kinda fire tho ngl

  8. Rafe Cushway

    Rafe Cushway11 timer siden

    He is a god at diss track's

  9. Yung wolf

    Yung wolf11 timer siden

    I like this song

  10. Stevce Talevski

    Stevce Talevski11 timer siden

    So good


    FORTNITE FUN11 timer siden

    thanks tou ksi fo this new version of logan

  12. BBtheBRO

    BBtheBRO12 timer siden

    Why are saying that KSI should not have started on you when he beat you

  13. Axelkuhhh

    Axelkuhhh12 timer siden

    Im for KSI but shit is fire Logan:D keep doing this

  14. Lord Chungus

    Lord Chungus12 timer siden

    AB finna' win cuhz, I mean he a football player, he fast, he probably strong, and the only thing he need is height advantage.

  15. Nicholas Di Ciaccio

    Nicholas Di Ciaccio12 timer siden

    Bro have u seen ab new song What a clown

  16. Saqib Khan

    Saqib Khan12 timer siden

    Logan should've made a music channel instead of vlogs☝🏻

  17. Nina Merryweather

    Nina Merryweather12 timer siden


  18. Xn UrFriend

    Xn UrFriend12 timer siden


  19. Muhammad Beknazarov

    Muhammad Beknazarov12 timer siden


  20. SmashingTrickShots

    SmashingTrickShots12 timer siden

    dope song but ab is going to fuck you up........... i want logan to win

  21. Fabiano Official

    Fabiano Official12 timer siden

    I never liked any of his other music videos but this be smakin

  22. Athear Nasery

    Athear Nasery12 timer siden

    that Daisy line was weak... Just because a guy DM's you doesn't mean he wants to fuck you. Other then that cheap shot, great song.

  23. Charles Lee

    Charles Lee11 timer siden

    Athear Nasery Logan and Daisy were basically dating not too long ago (maybe not officially but they smashed regularly), it was mentioned several times on Logan’s podcast. Also let’s be honest, the only reason AB would be DMing an Instagram model with a gorilla emoji would be to smash. So the diss is actually pretty powerful if you know the back story.

  24. ShadowNinja007

    ShadowNinja00713 timer siden

    You’re singing is shit you lost to ksi😂😂😂😂😂😂Well done

  25. BlandPopcorn

    BlandPopcorn13 timer siden

    Logan is dissing a guy that has basically been playing a sport that is based on tackling. (AB has been playing for 10 years I’m pretty sure)

  26. Leandro Morales

    Leandro Morales13 timer siden

    This shit fire😜

  27. Nancy Ijon

    Nancy Ijon14 timer siden

    It sounds like Post Malone-Wow But itsokay

  28. Hunter Lasiege

    Hunter Lasiege13 timer siden

    Haters gonna hate

  29. Sam Naseri

    Sam Naseri14 timer siden

    Logan your gay and everyone hates you but this song is dope

  30. •Yaretzy•Larios•

    •Yaretzy•Larios•14 timer siden

    Ok but why is this a good song doe

  31. Jake's Takes

    Jake's Takes15 timer siden

    Congratulations! You passed KSI's wake up call in views and likes!

  32. EDG Family

    EDG Family15 timer siden

    Logan finna beat the hell outta the bowl gl

  33. Sebastian Cordova

    Sebastian Cordova15 timer siden

    Bro you

  34. Nodiak

    Nodiak15 timer siden

    i’m joining the logang strictly for this fight. destroy this fool

  35. Emvi_Editz Hamilton

    Emvi_Editz Hamilton15 timer siden

    Sooooo who thoug this was a video? Vls this is fire. And Logan stop starting with other you tubers

  36. George Schultz

    George Schultz15 timer siden

    bro.. 2 days who this was at 10mill... 20 now😂 omg bro logan this shit surprised a shit tone of people😂😂 wholy fuck my dude

  37. George Schultz

    George Schultz15 timer siden

    i have now realized i fucked up 😂

  38. Josh Connell

    Josh Connell15 timer siden

    This is actually not a bad track

  39. Dumb Whore

    Dumb Whore15 timer siden

    Ummm....this is actually good

  40. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty15 timer siden

    That diss track had a serious vibe to it. He's grown up a lot and good on him. Really changed my opinion on him after the ksi beef.

  41. killer beast

    killer beast15 timer siden


  42. Hope Hessler

    Hope Hessler15 timer siden

    Bruh this song is lowkey fire

  43. SmyanTrippin

    SmyanTrippin16 timer siden

    I hate Logan Paul but this songs actually good

  44. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty15 timer siden

    Yo Logan i love you so much i have been a sub for about 2 yrs you can beat him i have faith:)

  45. TPG Josh6rover

    TPG Josh6rover16 timer siden


  46. Terminator 371

    Terminator 37116 timer siden

    This has more views than Ksi’s song with Trippie Redd 😂 let’s gooo logan 🔥

  47. Dave Guerrero

    Dave Guerrero16 timer siden

    I’m conflicted about how I feel about this

  48. Aditya Murali

    Aditya Murali16 timer siden

    The amount of respect Logan earned in the last 2 weeks is actually MAD...

  49. Reptile_ Lover

    Reptile_ Lover16 timer siden

    Like and you will get the hottest girl this month👇🏽

  50. Jarno Zenteno

    Jarno Zenteno16 timer siden

    Lowkey slaps

  51. Elena Chhith

    Elena Chhith16 timer siden

    i hate logan

  52. Gabriel Garza

    Gabriel Garza16 timer siden

    You cant sing or rap

  53. Jose Guzman

    Jose Guzman16 timer siden

    Who’s here after listening to that bum ass music from Anthonio Brown

  54. Gabriel Garza

    Gabriel Garza16 timer siden

    At least he don't record dead body's

  55. bpjuicery

    bpjuicery16 timer siden

    I hate Logan Paul as much as the next guy but this kinda slaps doe 😳 never thought I’d ever say that

  56. Aka Fire

    Aka Fire16 timer siden

    Wow this ain’t bad 🔥🔥🔥

  57. Ood4s_Tr4sh_AF

    Ood4s_Tr4sh_AF17 timer siden

    Imagine juju, ksi, and deestroying go

  58. Joshua Paterson

    Joshua Paterson17 timer siden

    As much as I hate him, the beat is fucking 🔥, his singing actually isn’t that bad and he’s got some serious fuckin bars in here. Good job.

  59. Sanjay Jadubans

    Sanjay Jadubans17 timer siden

    Yo Logan i love you so much i have been a sub for about 2 yrs you can beat him i have faith:)

  60. Newfie Nick

    Newfie Nick17 timer siden

    Lit, finally a good diss track

  61. Aaron Lopez

    Aaron Lopez17 timer siden

    Dis got 10mill views in 2 weeks and Jake Paul's song "these days" got 7.2mill views in 2 months 😆😂

  62. Bryce Allen

    Bryce Allen17 timer siden

    Why Antonio Brown why you almost hit a 2 year old

  63. Land

    Land17 timer siden

    you won

  64. Kenny Joseph

    Kenny Joseph17 timer siden

    I like this one it’s fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥