Ludacris' 1993 Acura Legend - 2015 SEMA Show

Acura has unveiled a restored Legend owned by Ludacris at the 2015 SEMA Show. Full story:
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  1. ChristopherTheSaint

    ChristopherTheSaintMåned siden

    Wish Acura would do that with my Legend.

  2. Chicago_Beats

    Chicago_Beats4 måneder siden

    That's dope

  3. Andrew W.C.

    Andrew W.C.5 måneder siden

    I used to work at a lube shop, and there was one guy who came in every 3 months on the dot to get the oil changed in his Volkswagen Corrado. This thing was like new. When you see an old car that’s in that good condition, it draws more stares than anything. The best part is, most people can’t even figure out why they like it so much.

  4. TheMAC0876

    TheMAC08766 måneder siden

    I got a 94 vigor with nearly 360k on it and I will soon do a video on it. Haven't seen many videos on them at all. Dinosaurs but some of the best cars ever made.

  5. Juan Echevarria

    Juan Echevarria9 måneder siden

    I had a pearl white 1992 Acura legend in excellent condition with 269k miles until my friend totaled it. saddest day ever...

  6. Darnell Hendeason

    Darnell Hendeason9 måneder siden

    Honda loves snatching failure from the jaws of success, why else would they drop the "Legend" name?

  7. Булат Жумурзин

    Булат Жумурзин10 måneder siden

    У меня такая есть"кто купит?

  8. ChromeMan04

    ChromeMan0411 måneder siden

    I have an 06 Acura TL and I love it as much as Luda loves his legend. There is something about old Acura’s that makes me love em


    AutoGuide.com11 måneder siden

    That's awesome! Thanks for watching!

  10. marte thompson

    marte thompsonÅr siden

    My family thinks I should donate my 1993 Acura Legend. They don't understand why I keep it.

  11. Michael Mace

    Michael MaceÅr siden

    Ludacris sucks bird

  12. ima be be be be

    ima be be be beÅr siden

    Why did they hand the script to a woman?

  13. Darnell Hendeason

    Darnell HendeasonÅr siden

    Honda has a history of abandoning popular model designs!

  14. Greenman404

    Greenman40410 måneder siden

    they need to punish the higher ups who made those decisions

  15. connah jay

    connah jayÅr siden

    I have a 92 Acura Vigor. Has a 176hp Inline 5 engine on it... Pretty great car and fun to drive. Definitely bumped a lot of 90's hip hop in it... Classic.

  16. Steel Here

    Steel Here2 måneder siden

    I had a 1994 Acura Vigor and I am a huge Hip-Hop fan. A Tribe Called Quest is my favorite group. Hip-Hop forever.

  17. Pontiac Bandit

    Pontiac BanditÅr siden

    What happened to the rear lights?! Lol

  18. Yeyson Feliz

    Yeyson FelizÅr siden

    Me gusta esté vehículo me encanta

  19. DI ZAZZO

    DI ZAZZOÅr siden

    In the movie "Only the Strong" the bad guy, Silverio, who was the drug dealer, drove a Legend.

  20. F32_Koto

    F32_KotoÅr siden

    Legend'ary cars are for legendary people - I wouldn't trade mine in for any other car in the world.

  21. Nick Babeaux

    Nick BabeauxÅr siden

    My dad bought the same exact car in 1996. It was the same beautiful tan color with the gold package and chrome 16 in 5 spokes, I always lusted after it and it became my first car at 17 years old, two months later I hit a barrier on the freeway and totaled it Beyond repair it will always be the one that got away LOL I have so much respect for Ludacris now I knew he always love the Legends but I didn't know it was that one, when you see legends today they are in terrible terrible condition except for the rare senior that still has theirs in decent condition that car is a true legend....

  22. David Nguyen

    David NguyenÅr siden

    Beautiful car! My first car was a white 1991 Acura Legend sedan 👍

  23. Toyota Corolla

    Toyota CorollaÅr siden

    I love Asian girls 😍😍😍

  24. stonenap62

    stonenap62År siden

    "Acura took it a special shop that restores vintage Ferrari's" This is a funny statement because this was taken to regular a Honda Service Center and Bodyshop, not a "special shop" and all the articles doesn't give the shop the credit as they worked almost 6 months restoring this car. Acura took all credit for the restoration when all they did was pay for it. -Someone who was part of the restoration team on this car.

  25. NetworkBruh

    NetworkBruh8 måneder siden

    Put some respeck on their name lol

  26. Ike N

    Ike NÅr siden

    stonenap62 The host is an idiot unfortunately.

  27. Sadullah Malek

    Sadullah MalekÅr siden

    I don't really give a shit about these new cars I have 1999 acura rl and feels so luxury

  28. Anthony Frank

    Anthony FrankÅr siden

    Beautiful car

  29. b.lew_photography

    b.lew_photography2 år siden

    Ludacris got some great taste in cars if his favorite ride is his Acura Legend...they are Legend'ary cars ;)

  30. Lex Selfmade Life

    Lex Selfmade Life2 år siden

    Haha, I had 1995 Acura Legend L and I loved it! When I bought my Lexus I sold it dirt cheap and always regretted it, I should have kept it. Great car, I still think about it, like today, that's how I found this video.

  31. Relinquish

    Relinquish2 år siden

    what a timeless design

  32. Bakayaga

    Bakayaga2 år siden

    "Rapper cars"... Ugh

  33. Joey Herrera

    Joey Herrera2 år siden

    My wife and I had a 93 Legend when we first started our lives together...... I loved that car and miss it so........ Booooofuckinghoooo you know that plucked your heart strings a little bit and if it didn't you have no soul, eat babies, and worship Hitler. Prove you don't. You can't you souless Hitler loving baby eater.

  34. Tom Atos

    Tom Atos2 år siden

    With the brakes wheels stance and go fast mods that Thing looks perfect

  35. Matthew Rodriguez

    Matthew Rodriguez2 år siden

    beautiful car.... Ludacris​ I'm a legend so I still drive in my ac ! lol

  36. Die

    Die3 år siden

    they need to bring the legends back

  37. Israel Amador

    Israel Amador16 dager siden

    They never stopped making legends. They just changed the name.

  38. fuck uzitearz

    fuck uzitearzÅr siden

    the RL is what the legend is now

  39. Infamous

    Infamous2 år siden

    Drê yessss

  40. krocialblack

    krocialblack3 år siden

    This car will be featured in The Fate And The Furious, jumping over helicopters, crashing into takes, driving out of exploding buildings and bikini models shaking their asses around it.

  41. xXDeathMetalThrasherXx

    xXDeathMetalThrasherXx3 år siden

    I actually like the Legend more than a lot of modern cars. This car came from a time where almost every car manufacturer had a crown jewl(s) this was one of them. This car has character, it influenced other car designs that came after it.

  42. David Mora

    David Mora3 år siden

    I have a 2002 acura TL and dearly love it as it is my first car... I'll probably be doing the same thing Ludacris did with his legend

  43. Harley Weedwax

    Harley Weedwax4 år siden

    some suspension drop and strut bar would have been nice I had the stock 94 legend , my cousin had the 92 Vigor on rims...other cuz with the 92 Mazda 929...good times.. I still have a nice 91 sedan in the shop..doesnt look lowered though

  44. geoff

    geoff4 år siden

    why would this dummy make a comment about drug dealers? dasf

  45. Travis Berry

    Travis Berry4 år siden

    Ludacris said that about the car

  46. The Mouse In Your Room

    The Mouse In Your Room4 år siden

    Man, looking at these cars side by side, you really see how far technology has come...

  47. Infamous Mindz ent.

    Infamous Mindz ent.4 år siden

    I Have A 1991 Acura Legend L Coupe So Far It Has 245,654 Miles On It And Still Going Strong ^.^

  48. Carty Christopher

    Carty Christopher2 år siden

    can someone help me find a link or someone I could contact to get parts for my 1994 Acura legend 2 door ???????

  49. PSYk1ll4h

    PSYk1ll4h3 år siden

    Sedan 300,000+ miles, got it for free, still runs, came with 2 12" subs. Also my first car. i want another one.

  50. BassikProductions

    BassikProductions3 år siden

    93 Legend Coupe .. 152k :)

  51. Harley Weedwax

    Harley Weedwax4 år siden

    +Infamous Mindz ent. 91 sedan...158k :)

  52. wayne

    wayne wei.man4 år siden

    Old school new school all cool and is always good to see people still taking care of the old car , everyone every car have their story . thumb up for Ludacris .

  53. Positive VibeOnly

    Positive VibeOnly4 år siden

    My fav car.

  54. mzondi1970

    mzondi19704 år siden

    I had a white 5 speed coupe. I loved that car

  55. Cthis

    Cthis4 år siden

    legend - a popular car for drug dealers

  56. osamaFXX

    osamaFXX4 år siden

    I always wondered why is it on his album cover (Ludaversal).

  57. RNM AutomotiveAddiction

    RNM AutomotiveAddiction4 år siden

    Legend looks better than any new Acura design by far - definitely timeless car.

  58. eli eli

    eli eli2 måneder siden

    yeah the better

  59. fabulousprofound

    fabulousprofound4 år siden

    nice. love the old acuras, back when they were built to last and they had real names, not a bunch of alphabets... it's got just the right amount of updating without going overboard.

  60. jjlwis

    jjlwis4 år siden

    still a really good looking car!

  61. Matt Downs

    Matt Downs4 år siden

    should've changed the headlights and taillights to something similar but nicer than the oems on it. imo it wouldve made it look better

  62. I Love Chicago

    I Love Chicago4 år siden

    Nothing but an over priced Honda 😁

  63. b.lew_photography

    b.lew_photography2 år siden

    Obviously only a comment a non-car person would say...

  64. Travis Berry

    Travis Berry4 år siden

    They're dirt cheap

  65. 3089280288

    30892802884 år siden

    +Breanna Ward In most markets it is called a Honda

  66. Thomas Thomas

    Thomas Thomas4 år siden

    Hey how's it going? You're A-OK! fire productive What's your opinion about

  67. evilpeach2

    evilpeach24 år siden

    Still driving my 1993 Honda Accord. Same car as this. I can see why he enjoys his so much. It's a joy to drive!

  68. connah jay

    connah jayÅr siden

    The Acura Vigor was the super/luxory Accord style car. It had a 176hp engine, I think the Accord had a 125hp engine or so?

  69. evilpeach2

    evilpeach23 år siden

    I figured that out after i posted the comment a year ago lol

  70. Corey Kleinman

    Corey Kleinman3 år siden

    evilpeach2 definitely not the same. Legend was far more plush and luxurious, heavier, quieter, more power

  71. SANYUR

    SANYUR4 år siden

    Wu Tang got me into Acura Legends in 1993

  72. ChromeMan04

    ChromeMan0411 måneder siden

    len jon that was a 300zx

  73. connah jay

    connah jayÅr siden

    This is comment is dope!

  74. tman4life01

    tman4life012 år siden

    SANYUR its in the heaven or hell video too

  75. len jon

    len jon2 år siden

    I think in was in the video cream

  76. Malie

    Malie4 år siden

    how? did they drive it in their vids?

  77. George Pearce

    George Pearce4 år siden

    Sup yo! Great! amazing mammoth What do you think...

  78. averagejoe

    averagejoe4 år siden


  79. kano b

    kano b4 år siden

    Acura has absolutely nothing on their lineup

  80. pra3t0rian

    pra3t0rian4 år siden

    Yay drug dealers!

  81. Chris Sorreda

    Chris Sorreda4 år siden

    Lexus should restore Matt Farrah's million mile lexus when it gets to one million.

  82. Ike N

    Ike NÅr siden

    Chris Sorreda Give it a rest with the dumbass cliche schtick. There is nothing remarkable about that Lexus other than its mileage. The prefacelift 2nd generation LS400 was a low point for Lexus just like the 1996-98 RL was for Acura. This car was remarkable and outsold the LS400, until the uninspired RL replaced it.

  83. ChosenSword

    ChosenSword4 år siden

    who wrote this?

  84. GLC522

    GLC5224 år siden

    he says that driving his acura is humbling

  85. RAJohnson713

    RAJohnson7134 år siden

    Why would he want those stupid aftermarket wheels??

  86. Kev27RS

    Kev27RS3 år siden

    I don't know if Luda actually choose those wheels… In my opinion they should have kept the original ones, like the ones on his ''LUDAVERSAL'' album cover, or at least put some 18 or 19 inch chrome wheels or polished wheels to keep that ''bling'' style! ;)

  87. HossKirkland

    HossKirkland4 år siden

    I've always respected that he kept this car.

  88. Steeve McCloud

    Steeve McCloud4 år siden

    +carlos ortiz to...

  89. carlos ortiz

    carlos ortiz4 år siden

    And it has always been look after to

  90. ldawson103

    ldawson1034 år siden

    It says a lot when he could have any car in production and a 93 Acura is his favorite.

  91. Andrew D

    Andrew D4 år siden

    Whats with the drug dealer comment?

  92. Shang Tsung

    Shang Tsung3 måneder siden

    Yeah, if you're not from around that environment growing up you can't really relate to it.

  93. Demetris Ross

    Demetris Ross10 måneder siden

    Guy grew up in Georgia, what would you think?

  94. Galvani 89

    Galvani 89År siden

    @Luke Ellis really lexus

  95. Luke Ellis

    Luke EllisÅr siden

    dont forget lexus @Galvani 89

  96. P2floyd

    P2floydÅr siden

    It was luda's quote. Fucking idiots don't listen.

  97. Rick Smooth

    Rick Smooth4 år siden

    Ludicrous is a true car guy

  98. Drew xP

    Drew xP4 år siden

    When Acura takes your 20 year old beater and restores it What you gon do? Act a FOOL!

  99. Ben Valenzuela

    Ben Valenzuela4 år siden


  100. Fc1 Von

    Fc1 Von4 år siden

    I walked into that 😭😂😂

  101. dv8tion388

    dv8tion3884 år siden

    About time Legends got some respect. ~Dv8

  102. Clifton Millsap

    Clifton Millsap4 år siden

    You still have the yellow turbo Legend?

  103. Dr. Bananable Lector

    Dr. Bananable Lector4 år siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="49">0:49</a> They missed a spot on the trunk lit

  104. xAdamLeex

    xAdamLeex4 år siden

    LUDA! Haha

  105. 123bigred

    123bigred4 år siden

    lol you said "drug dealer" aren't you cool now lol

  106. yes sir

    yes sir4 år siden

    its a shame the last nice interior from acura was in 93.

  107. Running Coyote

    Running CoyoteÅr siden

    I think the tl had nice interiors also.

  108. Ike N

    Ike NÅr siden

    Corey Kleinman 1990-95, 91-95 for the coupe.

  109. Corey Kleinman

    Corey Kleinman3 år siden

    yes sir this Legend was 91-95

  110. ErwinSchrodinger64

    ErwinSchrodinger644 år siden

    Call me crazy but if they would of retrofitted the headlights with projectors, HID's, Brembo 4-piston calipers, updated leather Recaro seats, updated the instruments panel with high quality instrumentation, LED's, navigation system (Alpine 8-inch display or Pioneer NEX-8100), updated sound system, and being Acura, with all their resources, added the 3.5 L from the would of looked better than a lot of Acura's current line up.

  111. Darnell Hendeason

    Darnell Hendeason9 måneder siden

    ...looks better just the way it is.

  112. chodumsqeal

    chodumsqealÅr siden

    Props to Acura. Near custome block since they bored an open block. And getting a standalone ecu in a gen 2 costs a pretty penny

  113. LeftyLin72

    LeftyLin72År siden

    Idk about the 3.5 l from the rl, but they could have put a type 2 head and upgraded the ecu for an extra 30hp

  114. reedrich4rds

    reedrich4rds2 år siden

    "He's not trying to set a laptime"

  115. pete2011

    pete20112 år siden

    It's a sofa on wheels.

  116. Senduran Packiarasa

    Senduran Packiarasa4 år siden

    then ,Jodi Lai, you implying Ludicrous is drug dealer back in the days? ,that racist

  117. Senduran Packiarasa

    Senduran Packiarasa4 år siden

    I know most of the main steamers expect Kanye

  118. ~Nimble Navigator~

    ~Nimble Navigator~4 år siden

    @Senduran Pac IF you think that most rappers are not drug dealers. If you do think so then yes you're a dumbass. :D

  119. Senduran Packiarasa

    Senduran Packiarasa4 år siden

    Then you calling me an idiot ?

  120. ~Nimble Navigator~

    ~Nimble Navigator~4 år siden

    @Senduran Pac Yes, most of them. You're claiming it's not? If so you're an idiot.

  121. Senduran Packiarasa

    Senduran Packiarasa4 år siden

    Oh oooh really ?

  122. DashCamEyes

    DashCamEyes4 år siden

    I love it too. This is beautiful car.

  123. Bango Me

    Bango Me4 år siden

    Lol drug dealer

  124. Bitcoin Video University

    Bitcoin Video University4 år siden

    Had a green Legend LS myself. Transmissions for it are a bitch, but it was a sweet ride. STILL better than a lot of Acuras recent efforts.

  125. Darksyne

    Darksyne4 år siden

    Gotta respect the guy for staying loyal to his original car. A shame it was in a wreck but karma to the other guy because he didn't get his car restored for free ;)

  126. Rat Face

    Rat Face4 år siden

    That gold ILX tho.