Magician Justin Willman Teaches Jimmy a Trick to Make Soda Disappear with His Mind

Justin Willman, star of Netflix's Magic for Humans, uses two guys and two cups to help Jimmy make a can of soda disappear and reappear with his mind.
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Magician Justin Willman Teaches Jimmy a Trick to Make Soda Disappear with His Mind


  1. Hardstyle / Rawstyle Lover

    Hardstyle / Rawstyle Lover13 dager siden


  2. ytg50162011

    ytg5016201128 dager siden

    Jimmy had a trick cup. Yawn....

  3. Edward Cullen

    Edward CullenMåned siden

    Can anyone explain that??? He drank it I saw him but wha the it was gone I’m don’t... I’m shock Does anyone know how that happened Comment if you do Like if you are confused. 👇🏻🤔

  4. Edward Cullen

    Edward Cullen28 dager siden

    ytg50162011 I wasn’t being sarcastic

  5. ytg50162011

    ytg5016201128 dager siden

    Oops. I missed your sarcasm. Well done. Shame face....

  6. Edward Cullen

    Edward Cullen28 dager siden

    ytg50162011 Lol

  7. ytg50162011

    ytg5016201128 dager siden

    Jimmy had a trick cup.

  8. Adhvay Naidu

    Adhvay NaiduMåned siden

    There is a sponge at the bottom that soaks up the soda bruh.

  9. sweiland75

    sweiland75Måned siden

    It's called pop.

  10. swathi Maddi

    swathi MaddiMåned siden

    That was sooo fun to watch.

  11. Steven Whitfield

    Steven WhitfieldMåned siden

    "hold it like you're toasting the audience" so you don't look inside.

  12. lito dan

    lito danMåned siden

    isnt there a youtuber that did this trick and showed how it was done like 7 years ago

  13. Jake Samuel

    Jake SamuelMåned siden

    How is Justin Willman not a household name? He’s literally the best magician I’ve ever seen. Absolutely LOVE his show on Netflix! Is so impressive and extremely hilarious. Highly recommend

  14. DakotaTube 2

    DakotaTube 2Måned siden

    Justin: A wise man once said leap and the net will appear Jimmy: Did he only say it once? Justin: well yeah he’s dead 😂😂😂

  15. Cayley Ish

    Cayley IshMåned siden

    As he said "three", a pop tag appeared so I couldn't see when Jimmy turned the cup on his head

  16. Garrison Fjord

    Garrison Fjord29 dager siden

    @SHiN yeah I guess it's the "I" button, during the middle of videos a white box with black text pops up on the top right hand corner of the screen. And you have to slide it over to get rid of it, or wait for it to go away on its own but they stay on the screen for a long time.

  17. SHiN

    SHiN29 dager siden

    Garrison Fjord i was also watching on my phone.. didn’t get any. Im confused though. Do you mean the video links in the ‘i’ button or the video that NO-gos recommends at the end of every video? From your description thats what comes to my mind

  18. Garrison Fjord

    Garrison Fjord29 dager siden

    @SHiN when on the phone, they're not really ads but pop ups for links to other videos, on the top right of the screen. They're wicked annoying.

  19. SHiN

    SHiN29 dager siden

    Garrison Fjord what pop up? Ads?

  20. Garrison Fjord

    Garrison FjordMåned siden

    I hate those pop up things. I wish there was a way to turn them off when watching on my phone, but they don't give you that option. It's so stupid.



    ????? 1:45 ? ? ? ??

  22. Nuances !!!

    Nuances !!!Måned siden

    Same old magic on jimmy show set up . Garbage. .

  23. Michael Weston

    Michael WestonMåned siden

    if you pause it right at the 2:59 mark you can clearly see Jimmy standing there like an idiot

  24. BaiAnNa2014 Twitter

    BaiAnNa2014 TwitterMåned siden

    Tweeted Now you see it, now you don't then you see it again with @JustinWillman

  25. Ken Wong

    Ken WongMåned siden

    This ain't entry-level

  26. Cpt. Walker

    Cpt. WalkerMåned siden

    Jimmy was the best part of this video. Sorry Justin. You need newer tricks. I did this trick over 8 years ago.

  27. Avetor UAC

    Avetor UACMåned siden

    ooo im scintist who like magic) aga bear full empty)) LIon ROAR) KATTY PERY> HA who will repeat 1:03 aaa I even felt embarrassed 2:28 aahah CardI)) 2:55 Jimmy (^_^) 4:11 Hmm i cant andertsand) till FUll not full? mb no i see after & think!!! fined ansver

  28. infamous vagabond

    infamous vagabondMåned siden

    No such things as magic. Neat tricks only. 1. He threw the first can on the ground. 2. Jimmy's cup got absorbent on the surface. Looks different too (for identification). 3. Jimmy takes time and absorbent did the trick. Notice the trick is done with a sip of soda not the whole soda in the can. 4. After that he takes another can from the Table Which has a design of ' opening' on the top. You can make the same with some adhesive. Popping the dent is all physics. Use slight pressure. 5. Pours the soda.

  29. Gabriela Guzman

    Gabriela GuzmanMåned siden

    This is hella fake, he put it in his sleeve

  30. joey s4c

    joey s4cMåned siden

    For everyone saying “oH tHeRe Is A sPoNgE iN tHe CuP” the trick really wasn’t the soda in the cup it was the coke can being transformed back undented, closed ,with soda in it.

  31. Jovan Nunez

    Jovan NunezMåned siden

    OMG HE SAID THAT" two guys one cup" jajajajja

  32. M fink

    M finkMåned siden

    Don't know if you guys noticed, but around 1:50 , and pay close attention because is very subtle, but he drink the coke. You're welcome!

  33. Gordon

    GordonMåned siden

    Justin Willman!😃😁😆

  34. blue crow

    blue crowMåned siden

    If you don’t like coke or don’t know coke’s flavor is actually is good, you will be 10 years more left life struggle time. - Present Moon

  35. G Sam

    G SamMåned siden

    01:07- Justin (in cahoots with Jimmy) makes a crass enough reference which warrants Jimmy facing him and "coincidentally" completely blocking their view to Justin. Justin's arm reaches all the way across Jimmy's body seemingly something in his pocket, after which Jimmy even tugs on his jacket to make sure something is not revealed.

  36. TruePerception

    TruePerceptionMåned siden

    It's a trick can. When he crushed it, he didn't crush it all the way. There must be two compartments, and probably a trick with the tab that allows you to switch between them. When he poured what seemed to be half a can out, it was one compartment. That compartment must also have some kind of gas that can be activated to reinflate it. When he popped the tab away from the camera, he simply switched from one compartment to the other, probably spinning a "seal" in place and pulling it up, to appear solid.

  37. TruePerception

    TruePerceptionMåned siden

    It's probably a one-time use, and the second compartment has a proper seal, actually. Otherwise, making the proper pop and hiss sounds would be tricky.

  38. Jerry Herr

    Jerry HerrMåned siden

    "2 guys 2 cups".... ominous music plays

  39. vcarter0723

    vcarter0723Måned siden

    4:12 “watch the top, watch the top!” .....turns the can away from the screen 🤔

  40. Jonathan Palacios

    Jonathan PalaciosMåned siden

    😆 that guy is awesome.

  41. AKWhyNotMinecraft

    AKWhyNotMinecraftMåned siden

    Its science guys! (Spoiler, don't continue reading if you don't want to know how the first part of the trick worked) Actually in Jimmy's cup is a powder called sodium polyacrylate (Sorry if I spelled that wrong) and what it does it turns the water into a solid almost instantly still having the feeling of it having a liquid inside. It sticks to the cup and boom, you tip it over, and it stays inside, Justin grabs the cup almost immediately as Jimmy tips it so he doesn't seen what's inside! Now the can inflating... no idea. I just did this science trick in class :)

  42. HouseMDaddict

    HouseMDaddictMåned siden

    "little more cardi b" LMAO

  43. flee2321

    flee2321Måned siden

    I kinda just wanted to watch them drink it for it to disappear.

  44. Pelican74

    Pelican74Måned siden

    He's an alien



    Ummm anybody else think of Palpatine when he said " You're my apprentice? " lol

  46. Tony Stark

    Tony StarkMåned siden

    -two guys two cups- nope. *two guys*

  47. Autumn Campbell

    Autumn CampbellMåned siden


  48. Lydia Luna

    Lydia LunaMåned siden

    Whoa that was so cool!

  49. TheBluRayCritic

    TheBluRayCriticMåned siden

    The way he grabbed the cup from Jimmy clearly shows he didn’t want the bottom of the cup revealed. The soda was hidden behind a layer inside the cup.

  50. Chilli Insanity

    Chilli InsanityMåned siden

    It's a trick can, it wasn't a new one because there wasn't much liquid in it.

  51. Zack Fair

    Zack FairMåned siden

    This started off incredibly lackluster for me and ended in comeplete awe

  52. raflocruz99

    raflocruz99Måned siden

    4:03 it looks like as if Jimmy’s giving the finger, lmao

  53. Kevin Ducharme

    Kevin DucharmeMåned siden

    It's funny how many people comment about a "sponge" being in the cup. This is a fairly old trick, and a lot of people have seen it before, as the comments have said like on Brittan's got Talent, or some other comedic magicians. I know how this trick is done, but why spoil it? All I will say is that there is no sponge.

  54. Kevin Ducharme

    Kevin DucharmeMåned siden

    ​@Keith Roylance With the head dump, that kind of knocks a lot of them off the list. The empty to full can though was beautifully executed.

  55. Keith Roylance

    Keith RoylanceMåned siden

    @Kevin Ducharme I know, there are multiple ways to do it, a false bottom, sponge, water gel, trick cup, etc.

  56. Kevin Ducharme

    Kevin DucharmeMåned siden

    Keith Roylance Michael Weston, I actually expected me to get downvoted to hell for making this post. I will add that the liquid disappearing is not very complicated, although it is not absorption. And yes, the new can at the end is very difficult to pull off and he did it well except he slips up a little at the 3:48 part (i don't know how to add links or whatever). But it doesn't give the entire trick away, it just was a quick error

  57. Michael Weston

    Michael WestonMåned siden

    either something absorbs the liquid or there is a secondary cup inside that the coke is collected in when turned upside down. either way, not nearly as impressive as whatever happens with the new can at the end

  58. Keith Roylance

    Keith RoylanceMåned siden

    Water Gel right?

  59. Bruno Silvestrin

    Bruno SilvestrinMåned siden

    its 2020 we aint falling for this ish any more.

  60. charles hetrick

    charles hetrickMåned siden

    Is there a magic trick for getting the Virginia legislature to listen to its counterparts in West Virginia and letting the 91 second amendment sanctuary counties, who’ve voted to ignore any new gun laws, leave the state and become part of West Virginia?

  61. isidra noyola

    isidra noyolaMåned siden

    Stop trying to figure it out. Just enjoy the magic and go!!!!

  62. isidra noyola

    isidra noyolaMåned siden

    assmane999 okay good for you?? i said that because some people discredit the magician when they’re trying to figure it out. Btw: shut up ugly 😍

  63. assmane999

    assmane999Måned siden

    isidra noyola To me, part of the fun of magic is trying to figure out how it’s done. It’s a compliment to the magician, because if we are trying to figure it out, it means the trick is very convincing and perplexing. Btw: don’t tell me what to do.

  64. Vera Alves

    Vera AlvesMåned siden


  65. S K Lodhi

    S K LodhiMåned siden

    This trick was already done last year on Britain’s Got Talent.......

  66. Eric Oswald

    Eric OswaldMåned siden

    @Lash 3280 First thing I thought was he did this on the tonight show in 2012 with Leno. Conveniently been deleted from the site I see- but Hugh proves it.

  67. Lash 3280

    Lash 3280Måned siden

    First thing I thought

  68. Coldwire

    ColdwireMåned siden

    yes these are entry level tricks even the re-filled can one. David Blaine did the re filled can back in the late 90s

  69. Super5152

    Super5152Måned siden

    If I care..

  70. Jolie Brown

    Jolie BrownMåned siden

    throwback to when he was on the suite life on deck

  71. Sameer Khalid

    Sameer KhalidMåned siden

    Wayne Hoffmann did it years ago

  72. Varekooza

    VarekoozaMåned siden

    theres no soda!

  73. cyan10101

    cyan10101Måned siden

    I can't but think cupcakes when I see Justin Willman these days.

  74. Denise W.

    Denise W.Måned siden

    They're so happy using demons for their "tricks" until the demons are through using them and eternal payment comes due!

  75. Justin Willman

    Justin WillmanMåned siden

    This was a blast. Thank you all for watching. Check out my Netflix show Magic for Humans for more. Season 3 coming in May!

  76. Edward Cullen

    Edward Cullen7 dager siden

    milamt4 Lol 😂😂😂

  77. milamt4

    milamt47 dager siden

    Oh this is great

  78. Edward Cullen

    Edward Cullen28 dager siden

    Luiz Guilherme English

  79. Luiz Guilherme

    Luiz Guilherme28 dager siden

    Amo demais essa sua série na Netflix! You are so great!

  80. Edward Cullen

    Edward Cullen29 dager siden

    TheFirstSlice Lol that’s right

  81. Xe M

    Xe MMåned siden

    Seen this a gazzilion times.

  82. Boredtolife

    BoredtolifeMåned siden

    ah dude that's sick! what's it like being you? bet it's pretty rad

  83. The SpiNtriX

    The SpiNtriXMåned siden

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  84. Nikola Polzerová

    Nikola PolzerováMåned siden

    He sounds just like Johnny Galecki.

  85. jimbo27796

    jimbo27796Måned siden

    Poke a hole in an unopened can at the rim.... squeeze some out of the hole to make it look crushed...... place finger over the pin hole and shake.... the carbonation fills the can back up and you can pop the top..... plus there was black marker on the top to make it look opened he just rubbed off with his finger.

  86. _atruth 1993

    _atruth 1993Måned siden

    Wish I could make a bag of hot cheetos fill up again

  87. Kamron Locklear

    Kamron LocklearMåned siden

    Magic would be so cool is it wasnt fake

  88. Jarvbs Jones

    Jarvbs JonesMåned siden

    @Kamron Locklear did you take that line from some edgy cornball subreddit as well? man are you cool.

  89. Kamron Locklear

    Kamron LocklearMåned siden

    @Jarvbs Jones do they give out medals for playing online hero?

  90. Jarvbs Jones

    Jarvbs JonesMåned siden

    @Kamron Locklear Ah right because chris angel is an illusionist. haha... you flipped it and ironically used it on me because I'm not a "fake" screaming douche. good one cool guy

  91. Kamron Locklear

    Kamron LocklearMåned siden

    @Jarvbs Jones easy with those comebacks there Chris Angel...might hurt somebody

  92. Jarvbs Jones

    Jarvbs JonesMåned siden

    @Kamron Locklear you know you're an insecure loser when you think you're too good for an illusion or mind trick.