1. Peter G

    Peter GMåned siden

    Thanks, Malcolm J, for spotlighting and supporting the great work of the ACLU, particularly in Pennsylvania.

  2. Sebastian Yoon

    Sebastian YoonMåned siden

    I'm not a Eagles' fan, but I am definitely a fan of Malcolm Jenkins!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm Forever bwa

    I'm Forever bwaMåned siden


  4. Anthony Shepherd

    Anthony ShepherdMåned siden

    Go Buckeyes!!!

  5. Dennis Kim

    Dennis KimMåned siden

    That shoe designer stole my shoes and $186 dollars from me.

  6. Noel G

    Noel GMåned siden

    Michael Jordan knows his people will make him rich

  7. nesseiht gnay

    nesseiht gnayMåned siden

    The people that want to change. Give them a chance. The ones who don't let them rot in prison

  8. flon57 2.0

    flon57 2.0Måned siden

    Why should prisoners receive a free education when they have committed a crime???????

  9. flon57 2.0

    flon57 2.0Måned siden

    @Roberto Benavides when law-abiding citizens can't afford higher education, they'll give it to prisoners that I disagree with

  10. Gavin Silva

    Gavin SilvaMåned siden

    Well do u want society to be more likely to go back to jail

  11. Roberto Benavides

    Roberto BenavidesMåned siden

    flon57 2.0 because the norm and agreed penalty for some crimes is one’s freedom. Sounds like you don’t really want people to better themselves.

  12. Ric Tone

    Ric ToneMåned siden

    Let them rot. Just don't put people in jail for weed but everything else yea.

  13. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayMåned siden

    Great player and great teammate

  14. Paulline Cooper

    Paulline CooperMåned siden

    I can guarantee you the judges and politicans who couped this are theives, liers, murderers, organized gang riots, ploted to benefit a secured government position or worked to protect the money bags and transfers. Sad days we are living in, decent Citizens criminalized, held hostage, human Rights violated inorder to steal an individual possessions or Political agendas. Who is holding the LAW executors for abuse of POWER? What judgements are executed when the LAW itself is weights in a balance?

  15. Carolina Howard

    Carolina HowardMåned siden

    Which one is better.... NBA or NFL .? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  16. Carolina Howard

    Carolina HowardMåned siden

    RajOfColumbus ok I was just asking lovE 😘

  17. RajOfColumbus

    RajOfColumbusMåned siden

    NBA obviously

  18. WrathofRavage

    WrathofRavageMåned siden

    Id say the NBA just because its played an accepted more on a worldwide scale, but NFL is good if you like more aggressive style sports. Your preference really, wat u think?

  19. Crazy Wolf Gaming

    Crazy Wolf GamingMåned siden