Man Saves Frozen Bird Stuck To Fence

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Big Rock: pB7FZuF5nxSh/
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Ball Drop: bradbmagic
Floppy Dog:
House: pB6TjrgkAbT4/
Flips: pB6DxGwxA6P-/
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  1. Nick Angelucci

    Nick Angelucci4 dager siden

    Me: mom can we get some snacks My mom: we have snacks at the house Snacks at the house: 0:59

  2. Alan Hoang

    Alan Hoang23 timer siden


  3. Mi Na

    Mi NaDag siden


  4. mike smith

    mike smithDag siden

    I'm curious, isn't "at home" the right way to say it?

  5. Quantum Zenith

    Quantum Zenith2 dager siden

    And there’s only a crumb...

  6. Ryan Damasco

    Ryan Damasco2 dager siden

    snacks at the house: 0:03

  7. green marble

    green marble11 timer siden

    1:36 THe EaRTh iS fLat ThIs iS FakE

  8. Destructo WIZ

    Destructo WIZ12 timer siden

    “frozen food”

  9. Cross Ken

    Cross Ken12 timer siden

    1:10 me trying to choose the porn of the day.

  10. Artur . B

    Artur . B12 timer siden

    We have one of those burners

  11. 1892thereds

    1892thereds12 timer siden

    1:24 flip the phone upside down and have the screen locked

  12. Tha_Monsta88

    Tha_Monsta8812 timer siden

    So I guess it's TRUE what they say. Women born after 93 can't cook anything but a bag of cheetos from a corner store.

  13. Speed Shot

    Speed Shot12 timer siden

    Wholesome 101

  14. Just Bread Inside

    Just Bread Inside12 timer siden

    It's like you sound like leafy so I like to think you're an alternate universe leafy who did better videos rather than cyber bullying

  15. Why the pineapple

    Why the pineapple13 timer siden

    *ripps off feet*

  16. gamerProsdudeX

    gamerProsdudeX13 timer siden

    Was that guy Ron Dunn from Parks and rec

  17. Ananya Dragged

    Ananya Dragged13 timer siden

    girls always have the best handwriting.

  18. Christiankeys08

    Christiankeys0813 timer siden

    Sounds like leafy i hate it

  19. xMXWLx

    xMXWLx14 timer siden

    he just ripped that birds feet off...

  20. Zxro

    Zxro14 timer siden

    Santa saved a bird in the North Pole (Caught on camera)!

  21. el papi

    el papi14 timer siden

    0:52 When that kid stepped into the shrink machine in willy wonkers chocolate factory

  22. Ninja Mah

    Ninja Mah14 timer siden

    bruh i feel bad for the sealion

  23. TheoDr

    TheoDr14 timer siden

    Everyone who has a near perfect writing is my personal enemy.

  24. The Guy

    The Guy15 timer siden

    I Hate your voice

  25. noob hack

    noob hack15 timer siden

    Hope he squished the bird after

  26. Demon Joker

    Demon Joker15 timer siden

    2:30 yeah it's definitely semen

  27. Aiman Haraz

    Aiman Haraz15 timer siden

    0:50 looks like it came from rick and morty

  28. AJSM 1276

    AJSM 127616 timer siden

    I just wanted to say that I have depression. Whenever I watch your videos, I forget that I even have depression. I just wanted to say thank you.

  29. Prof Toast Lord Roy Nathan amaro

    Prof Toast Lord Roy Nathan amaro16 timer siden

    My hand writing is the definition of ass

  30. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy15 timer siden

    @1:18 the essence of Majin Buu

  31. III-GabeN-III

    III-GabeN-III16 timer siden

    Your voice is so punchable jesus...

  32. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy15 timer siden

    Who wants a daily dose of lottery?

  33. Happycow the Great

    Happycow the Great16 timer siden

    Why does that guy who freed that bird sound like Bob Ross

  34. Terrence Timmons

    Terrence Timmons17 timer siden

    My handwriting looks like Comic Sans if the person who wrote it were one drink away from alcohol poisoning.

  35. The4Eyes Andrew

    The4Eyes Andrew17 timer siden

    1:23 this is damn satisfying

  36. Blythe Kairu

    Blythe Kairu18 timer siden

    Bless the man who helped the bird Uwu*

  37. GrapeDrank25

    GrapeDrank2518 timer siden

    Looked like he ripped that birds legs off

  38. Em rymz

    Em rymz18 timer siden


  39. Redd Cosmic

    Redd Cosmic18 timer siden

    The cheeto bag got shrinkrayed

  40. The Revolvers

    The Revolvers18 timer siden

    Please pin this comment

  41. Andreas

    Andreas19 timer siden

    Instead of filming yourself doing a good deed, just do it as you dont need our applause for it to be approved.

  42. GO LD

    GO LD19 timer siden

    The cheetos got smaller

  43. Holy Water Muffin

    Holy Water Muffin19 timer siden

    The human brain can be so weird, seeing him free the bird made me happy, but if my cat caught that bird I wouldn't be particularly mad at her.

  44. armouredcat23

    armouredcat2319 timer siden

    2:20 i swear these are the girls who will ask the teacher to stay on the slide while taking notes like 4 times and then get a C on the test

  45. Jake Armas

    Jake Armas19 timer siden

    Plot twist: the bird flew on another pole and got stuck

  46. Kalixed

    Kalixed20 timer siden

    1:46 Me:

  47. LOTTERY GUY [Subscribers take Half of Winning]

    LOTTERY GUY [Subscribers take Half of Winning]20 timer siden

    Who wants a daily dose of lottery?

  48. ChiquitaSpeaks

    ChiquitaSpeaks20 timer siden

    @1:18 the essence of Majin Buu

  49. Vicky the shadow bunny

    Vicky the shadow bunny20 timer siden

    0:11 A chick called Albert is a bird saviour

  50. Jonah Black

    Jonah Black20 timer siden

    damn sign that bird to the NFL

  51. Confused Screaming

    Confused Screaming20 timer siden

    Love for our feathered friends

  52. potygenesis

    potygenesis21 time siden

    2:10 reminds me of the game life is strange

  53. Gaming with Theofficialgalaxy

    Gaming with Theofficialgalaxy21 time siden

    Anyone know the background photo for 1:35

  54. Jeff O

    Jeff O16 timer siden

    Photo? You sure you got the right timestamp?

  55. Gm Y

    Gm Y21 time siden

    "This girl probably has the most perfect and beautiful hand writing in the world." Teachers: Are you challenging me?

  56. Žiga slon 5555

    Žiga slon 555521 time siden

    Thanks mr. Obvious

  57. EmJ

    EmJ22 timer siden

    Minecraft houses be like: 3:17

  58. Isaac W

    Isaac W22 timer siden

    it looks so weird if you pause it at 1:49

  59. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui21 time siden

    this is reploaded right

  60. Hi there

    Hi there22 timer siden

    2:00 rewind

  61. Raven Claww

    Raven Claww22 timer siden

    1:32 So for all the sᴛᴜᴘɪᴅ(NᎾ JᎾKᏆNᏩ) ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ who keeps saying that the earth is Flat can go ᏚᏌᏟK ᎢᎻᎬ ᎠᎬᏙᏆᏞ'Ꮪ ᏴᏞᎪᏟK ᎻᎾᏞᎬ and ᏟᎻᎬᎬᏚY ᎷᎾᏞᎠY ᏟᎾᏟK. ( ̄へ ̄)🖕

  62. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui21 time siden

    "Most beautiful handwriting" *writes perfectly in comic sans"

  63. Jack Playz

    Jack Playz22 timer siden

    This. Does put a smile on my face

  64. Black Scythe

    Black Scythe23 timer siden

    this person has the best handwriting that looks straight out of a text book i guess it’s the asian girl from my school

  65. Conor Lai

    Conor Lai23 timer siden

    The bird vid is like 5 years old

  66. BrzrK Riot

    BrzrK Riot23 timer siden

    Checkmate flat earthers

  67. Slaydianテンペスト

    Slaydianテンペスト23 timer siden

    1:51 tanjiro poster in the background

  68. David Fredman

    David Fredman23 timer siden

    Wait... So you're telling me there is some psychopath out there writing in Comic Sans?

  69. A random Battle brother

    A random Battle brother23 timer siden

    That first one is Old

  70. Jerry H

    Jerry H23 timer siden

    imagine if the bird gets eaten by an eagle as its flying away lol ironic