Manager's Press Conference | Liverpool v Manchester United | Premier League

Hear from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ahead of United's trip to Anfield on Sunday to face Premier League leaders Liverpool.
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  1. Diskidplayzfortnite

    DiskidplayzfortniteMåned siden

    You destroyed rashford because you didn't get a replacement for lukaku...PATHETIC

  2. Adly Muhammad

    Adly MuhammadMåned siden

    Bring Back R I M : Rooney , Ibrahimovic , Mourinho .Those people who brought United 3 titles with 2016/2017

  3. Shaxriyor Karimov

    Shaxriyor KarimovMåned siden

    Ole 😠😠😠😠😠👎👎👎

  4. Sugi Antara

    Sugi AntaraMåned siden

    Semua sayang ole



    Mo Salaaaaaah!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰YNWA

  6. Fabio Luisi

    Fabio LuisiMåned siden

    You funny clown!

  7. Snaggle Tooth

    Snaggle ToothMåned siden

    The PE Teacher

  8. FFF ZZZ

    FFF ZZZMåned siden

    just lacking courage in the shoot bruh

  9. Jason Thomason

    Jason ThomasonMåned siden

    Fire ole

  10. Parijat Saha

    Parijat SahaMåned siden

    No Pogba, McTominay, Rashford A bunch of technically average players. A bunch of players with 2 left feet. Lucky it was not 6 - 0. 😔

  11. Parijat Saha

    Parijat SahaMåned siden


  12. Sandy Setiawan

    Sandy SetiawanMåned siden

    When Against Liverpool You Play No More Than A Conch 😂 how can you win the game if the player is slow and doesn't have the quality that Matic still maintains?

  13. Amarjit8maheiba Sharma

    Amarjit8maheiba SharmaMåned siden

    I am big fan of manunited... But after sir alex gone everything gone... Please do something... When will be participate champion league...once again please do something

  14. Danar Sugiyarto

    Danar SugiyartoMåned siden

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must be out...

  15. Momo Fonsecka

    Momo FonseckaMåned siden

    Saya fans MU dari indonesia. Gant pelatihnyaa

  16. Momo Fonsecka

    Momo FonseckaMåned siden


  17. Mohd Kamal

    Mohd KamalMåned siden

    If United lost to Liverpool tonight, Ole please step down as manager because team record during away games so embaressing and no improment,shall replace by Deathwood as new manager

  18. N_BMW

    N_BMWMåned siden

    Who’s here after Liverpool won 1-0

  19. Aridan Stripes'92

    Aridan Stripes'92Måned siden

    Tough fight but MUFC onto Victoryyyy.... Glory glory gloryyyyyy..... 4everMUFC 💖🤩💖🤩💖🤩💖🤩💖🤩💖🤩💥🇲🇾💥🇲🇾💖🤩

  20. Yan Perry

    Yan PerryMåned siden

    Manchester will lose. No doubt about that. Mctominay and Rashford not playing 😣


    IRENE ASIHENEMåned siden

    Manchester united have to buy Bruno frenanbes or pogba can't go to real

  22. rossi wira yuniyansyah

    rossi wira yuniyansyahMåned siden

    Subtitle Indonesia 🙏🙏

  23. molikalak nallagan

    molikalak nallaganMåned siden

    we need saul and bruno!!

  24. Piston Header

    Piston HeaderMåned siden

    Liverpool 6 times European trophies, Utd can never sing that. Also liverpool FC youtube channel, biggest PL NO-gos channel.

  25. Damon Black

    Damon BlackMåned siden

    This club is becoming a real joke

  26. Mark Cooper

    Mark CooperMåned siden

    Hope you stay ole

  27. Dignited

    DignitedMåned siden

    "Liverpool can play different ways" CHANGE YOUR TACTICS OLE OR ELSE WE WILL GET RAILED.

  28. M J Pes player

    M J Pes playerMåned siden

    Get out Woodward

  29. Prince Juma

    Prince JumaMåned siden

    I don't care if Bruno doesn't come but Sell Lingard and Jones with immediate effect

  30. Andri Setiyawan

    Andri SetiyawanMåned siden

    Bruno fernandes wes resmi durung lurr Tulong infone

  31. zulkarnain ktd

    zulkarnain ktdMåned siden

    Ole: We positive and positive and definitely positive... Liverpool: Win with 6 - 0 to MU Ole: We still positives and positives and positives... Me: BORING!!!!!

  32. Sjåstad

    SjåstadMåned siden

    Will Marcus play today?

  33. Remypo Sadiq

    Remypo SadiqMåned siden

    Ole will let liverpool win .. Liverpool 3 0 manchester united .... Manunited will be relegated ..come on lads ole is living on the past glories

  34. Alfred Regis

    Alfred RegisMåned siden

    MU must win

  35. Meow Animasi

    Meow AnimasiMåned siden

    Play save n attack plase..

  36. vaduzcrew

    vaduzcrewMåned siden

    Rest Rashford let him play from the bench. Play Mata. And, keep away from Lingardinho

  37. Elango Swamiappan

    Elango SwamiappanMåned siden

    Where is bruno fernandes ???

  38. Mbayan Kosia

    Mbayan KosiaMåned siden

    Strago boys

  39. doombrush

    doombrushMåned siden

    Big dosser gonna get smashed later hahahaha

  40. Chaschuechli96

    Chaschuechli96Måned siden

    Looking forward to see the disappointed old lesbian fired fired after the game

  41. Antony D'silva

    Antony D'silvaMåned siden

    Tbf, I want these stupid Liverpool fans to try an intimidate our squad. If that happens, we surely win win the match because nothing we motivate you more to get in the faces who despise you. Certainly Rashford, William's, Perraira, Maquire, AWB even DDg will be up for it.

  42. LuXuS

    LuXuSMåned siden

    Harry Maguire got the captain armband just because he is british! This is bullshit! He hasn't earned the captain armband!!

  43. Jaka Jeršin

    Jaka JeršinMåned siden

    He loves Liverpool sooo much

  44. Muhd Arif

    Muhd ArifMåned siden


  45. Mark Cooper

    Mark CooperMåned siden

    Before he went to Manchester United he was a paid up member of Liverpool football club . 😂😂😂 it could be Liverpool 6 7 8 9 nil today for Liverpool 💪😁

  46. scouser Jay 85

    scouser Jay 85Måned siden

    The psg game was about ten years ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what a laughing stock these have become

  47. Rakshit Sonowal

    Rakshit SonowalMåned siden

    idk what goes through the mind of deadwood. it seems apparently harry maguire is worth 80 mil but not fernandes to him..i dont see any future unless our boardroom is totally flushed out.

  48. Mo Azril

    Mo AzrilMåned siden


  49. arvind vind

    arvind vindMåned siden

    The game where man utd going to create a history.. Man utd is the 1st team that going to end liverpools unbeaten record.. I strongly believe in man utd players.. Mata and young should be there in the game.. Red devil will show its true face in this game👹

  50. BroKenyan

    BroKenyanMåned siden

    Lingard will be key for this fixture... As a linesman..

  51. Peter Gabriel

    Peter GabrielMåned siden


  52. Phuc Nguyen

    Phuc NguyenMåned siden

    Glory Glory Man United💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  53. Granit Haliti

    Granit HalitiMåned siden


  54. Kevoh Wa Pipeline Transami

    Kevoh Wa Pipeline TransamiMåned siden

    Remember it is Man U against Li-VAR-pool now you know who will win😎😎😎

  55. sagar adhikari

    sagar adhikariMåned siden

    I wish Liverpool banged us 5 or 6 goals so that this clown gets sacked !!

  56. HArke asd

    HArke asdMåned siden

    sagar adhikari Chup bahun

  57. Tony Don

    Tony DonMåned siden

    Why do they always show that woman everytime she asks a question. So pathetic, what just bexause she is decent?

  58. Sow AG

    Sow AGMåned siden

    Tony Don 1991Abz ingrid halstensen is the journalists name. She is a Norwegian journalist mainly covering Ole and united.

  59. Tony Don

    Tony DonMåned siden

    De Gea has done more for us in theast few years than Ole did in his career... He should have been captain. Let that sink in.

  60. vinny clough

    vinny cloughMåned siden

    Rival fans like the video so ole stays in job as long as possible 🙏

  61. thewonderofyou1

    thewonderofyou1Måned siden

    Gollum and the ring will return to anfield...pressccuiuus.. Mancs will lose.. For a millennium

  62. skils brills

    skils brillsMåned siden

    Liverpool players Virgil Firmino mane salad minimio