Marcus Rashford masterclass against Spurs | Premier League Round Up | Matchday 15

All of the biggest moments from a brilliant midweek of Premier League football, including Manchester United's win over Tottenham, Arsenal's loss at home against Brighton and Liverpool's triumph in the Merseyside derby.
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  1. murphh57

    murphh57Måned siden

    he only did what hes gettin paid 2do,and thats only 1 game this season,wheres he been in all the other games,nowhere!.

  2. Essexginge

    EssexgingeMåned siden

    so when is sky going to catch upto amazon???

  3. Nina

    NinaMåned siden

    Ronaldo must be proud

  4. Stacey Lynch

    Stacey LynchMåned siden

    So many views... So little likes 😥

  5. Daniel Son

    Daniel SonMåned siden

    Rashford is class, just turned 22 best years ahead of him

  6. Apollyon 1975

    Apollyon 1975Måned siden

    Two left feet the whole season and then turns into Ronaldo playing my Spurs..........typical

  7. No Man’s Stuff whatever

    No Man’s Stuff whateverMåned siden

    Clown comment. He’s been bagging them for weeks in an England shirt and a United shirt.

  8. d obianuli

    d obianuliMåned siden

    Apollyon 1975 all season ?

  9. Pauly Smith

    Pauly SmithMåned siden

    VAR eeesh...yes Everton are bad, but could been so different at 2-1, clear penalty for Everton, Van Dijk Sent off. Could have been different..wouldn’t have been because Everton can’t defend for “Toffee” lol

  10. Anttwarne Essor

    Anttwarne EssorMåned siden

    All of these salty ppl saying rashford ain't doing good 🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. XJokermanX

    XJokermanXMåned siden

    How was it a master class?

  12. •

    Måned siden

    @XJokermanX lol

  13. •

    Måned siden

    @XJokermanX Eowwwww

  14. XJokermanX

    XJokermanXMåned siden

    @• oh shut up xd

  15. •

    Måned siden

    @XJokermanX So you Support Sheffield Utd(Be specific)Xd

  16. •

    Måned siden

    Spurs Fan?I can see

  17. Dylan Gleeson

    Dylan GleesonMåned siden

    MASTERCLASS ................... GOOD JOKE

  18. •

    Måned siden

    Better tgan Abraham.

  19. Glen Austin

    Glen AustinMåned siden

    Rashford masterclass 🤔😂🤣 I think it was a case of gazzaniga disasterclass

  20. Glen Austin

    Glen AustinMåned siden

    Gazzaniga did do a few good saves but he blundered for the 1st,also we can't have a team with winks and sissoko in cm together that's what cost pochettinho his job, winks can't pass forward at all and sissoko can't pass full stop, no positional sense in either of them too, we need holding midfielder dier or a fit wanyama, desperately need a win today, coys.

  21. Ollie_OT_

    Ollie_OT_Måned siden

    gaaza stoped rashford scoring 4 to be fair

  22. xd EaZy

    xd EaZyMåned siden

    Gazzaniga played well

  23. James Scullion

    James ScullionMåned siden

    Rashford Rashford Rashford

  24. Khalid Ali

    Khalid AliMåned siden


  25. tristman 84

    tristman 84Måned siden

    Everyone was like mourinho going to sack ollie lol

  26. Amal Mohamed

    Amal MohamedMåned siden

    Rashnaldo on the left rash bandicoot through the middle

  27. Murray

    MurrayMåned siden

    I'm not sure if it's the narrator, but somehow you've managed to make football seem very boring in this video

  28. Manaal

    ManaalMåned siden

    This Marcus rashford appreciation 💉💉💉💉

  29. Darragh Claffey

    Darragh ClaffeyMåned siden

    Love u marcus 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  30. Jayden Lloyd

    Jayden LloydMåned siden

    Rashford went from overrated to underrated fast

  31. •

    Måned siden


  32. 1000 Subscribers With No Video Challenge

    1000 Subscribers With No Video ChallengeMåned siden

    dmc431 shut up

  33. Jayden Lloyd

    Jayden LloydMåned siden

    dmc431 how am i a fool

  34. James Milner

    James MilnerMåned siden


  35. dmc431

    dmc431Måned siden

    Get a grip you fool.

  36. Andrei Cretu

    Andrei CretuMåned siden

    Rashford, the most inconsistent player in the EPL.

  37. KWO

    KWOMåned siden

    Im a Liverpool fan and happy to see Marcus Rashford turning into the potential he has want him to do well in the euros next year its coming home

  38. Ian Tuohy

    Ian TuohyMåned siden

    A goal the keeper should have saved and a dive for a penalty is a masterclass nowadays? 😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Ian Tuohy

    Ian TuohyMåned siden

    @• United have twice as many penos as any other team in the league... Team of divers 😂

  40. •

    Måned siden

    Lol Tells Kane That Spurs Know everything About diving

  41. Feint

    FeintMåned siden

    @Ian Tuohy Martial isn't that lazy you know... He sulks when the chances don't go his way after so many. But his work rate this season compared to last, he's been outstanding this season. Shame he's been out with injury so much he could have 10+ goals, but I fear he's become injury prone...

  42. Ian Tuohy

    Ian TuohyMåned siden

    @Star I agree man can't stand martial or pogba way too lazy

  43. abbas younus

    abbas younusMåned siden

    He will always be Rashbeck in my eyes

  44. Gorillasaur

    GorillasaurMåned siden

    @abbas younus i read your name and my furniture started floating

  45. abbas younus

    abbas younusMåned siden

    @Ollie_OT_ I try my best and take each day at a time

  46. Ollie_OT_

    Ollie_OT_Måned siden

    Must be a hard life as a blind man, respect.

  47. DML 25

    DML 25Måned siden

    Don't worry arsenal fans emery being sacked must really Brighton up your day

  48. H3nry_a09

    H3nry_a09Måned siden

    this deserve's more likes

  49. kev b

    kev bMåned siden

    Ha ha boy

  50. r l

    r lMåned siden

    Nice copy and paste

  51. Ross X

    Ross XMåned siden

    DML 25 good one

  52. Feint

    FeintMåned siden

    i said this about Spurs losing to Brighton...

  53. Man utd FAN CLUB

    Man utd FAN CLUBMåned siden

    How the f is Rashford so good ffs?? he is better than all 3 lacazette pepe and aubameyang combined

  54. Feint

    FeintMåned siden

    @Star Clearly not very good when he's got same stats as Mane, a player people said should win Ballon 'Dor.

  55. Star

    StarMåned siden

    @Big lad 200 I don't think its a good comparison anyway...Rashford also has a good amount of assists this season as well. Aubameyang is a raw goalscorer, Rashford is a dangerous winger who can score if you don't mark him properly and give him too much space.

  56. Big lad 200

    Big lad 200Måned siden

    Arsenal fc fan club & Man City supporter I wouldn’t dare say auba he’s absolutely awesome let’s not forgot he was top goal scorer last season

  57. Amaan Hussain

    Amaan HussainMåned siden

    Tammy drogba

  58. dmc431

    dmc431Måned siden

    Rashford Masterclass? LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  59. •

    Måned siden

    @El Primero Lol He Mafe Us Draw with liverpool

  60. •

    Måned siden

    @dmc431 Probabaly Not .You just watchhiglgihts I can tell your a Either Chelsea Or Man Sheiky Liberpool fan

  61. •

    Måned siden

    What can you ?Wait Forgot you cant do anything.

  62. 1000 Subscribers With No Video Challenge

    1000 Subscribers With No Video ChallengeMåned siden

    dmc431 u dont watch football

  63. El Primero

    El PrimeroMåned siden

    Jayden Lloyd ripping a top six side apart has to be a masterclass

  64. Ruairi Tilley

    Ruairi TilleyMåned siden

    arsenal: we will sign a world class defender *signs willy saliba arsenal fans:*visible confusion

  65. Yeet

    YeetMåned siden

    I completely forgot saliba signed for arsenal

  66. Connor wilde

    Connor wildeMåned siden

    Who is going to win the league Like: Watford Comment: liverpool

  67. Pranay N

    Pranay NMåned siden

    Obviously Watford

  68. N1ght7lash

    N1ght7lashMåned siden

    Watford You don’t need to ask we all know they will win

  69. Haroon Nadim

    Haroon NadimMåned siden

    Connor wilde i think Watford will win with ease

  70. Issiahjames

    IssiahjamesMåned siden

    Watford clearly win

  71. Shaamz25

    Shaamz25Måned siden

    Connor wilde how on earth is that even a question of course Watford

  72. Lincoln Jacdonmi

    Lincoln JacdonmiMåned siden

    0:07 They just be mishearing "zonal, lads, it's a corner" for "hold a high line, boys, free kick in-swinger coming in!"

  73. Webber

    WebberMåned siden

    Freddie regretting everything

  74. M_V4LL1

    M_V4LL1Måned siden

    Lets all take a minute to laugh at arsenal.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Khalid Ali

    Khalid AliMåned siden


  76. PriinceBrvce

    PriinceBrvceMåned siden

    remains You’re going to have to speak a little louder, can’t hear you mid table fans. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  77. remains

    remainsMåned siden

    @PriinceBrvce says the United fan, like you have anything to laugh at.

  78. Chris M

    Chris MMåned siden


  79. Sean M

    Sean MMåned siden

    Rashford is too good

  80. KWO

    KWOMåned siden

    True MY G

  81. Dommgames

    DommgamesMåned siden