Margot Robbie Pushes Her Limits While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Margot Robbie has a pair of Academy Award nominations and a list of film highlights that includes Wolf of Wall Street, Bombshell, Suicide Squad, and many more. Her latest, "Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn," is set to hit theaters February 7th. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the multi-talented actor battles the wings of death and discusses everything from Australian slang, to the time she won a spaghetti Bolognese eating competition. Plus, a very special wing-10 surprise!
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  1. First We Feast

    First We Feast21 dag siden

    Season 11 is finally here! We are so happy to be back, get ready for a wild ride!

  2. Philip Bouri

    Philip BouriDag siden

    She was sooo good in this . a real sport! The boring ones are the ones who can eat spicy stuff. But given that I hate spicy stuff too, being on this show would be equivalent to be at Six Flag's Kingda Ka.

  3. Paul Singh

    Paul SinghDag siden

    😂😂 Sean needs to take a lil break...all this hot sauce is domestic to give him Forest Whittaker eye ( 23:10 )

  4. - Toothpick -

    - Toothpick -2 dager siden

    Why dont people realise that water makes the spiciness worse

  5. Travis

    Travis2 dager siden

    The music is too loud in the recent interviews.

  6. Akmal Alamsyah

    Akmal Alamsyah7 timer siden

    This video is so HOT

  7. Sebastian Kennedy

    Sebastian Kennedy9 timer siden

    The perfect woman does exist!

  8. Renato Vieira

    Renato Vieira9 timer siden

    I always felt like starting the vid with the guests reacting to some of the hotter wings spoils it a bit. I wanna see how it progresses slowly. :)

  9. Nicole Song

    Nicole Song9 timer siden

    "She's both Korean and Filipino, so she's got this. (wipes) I am just a bogan, from Australia." Margot we love you, if you're a bogan I want to call myself one too

  10. Cjneela I.

    Cjneela I.10 timer siden

    She kept it calm and professional. By almost the last wing... "holy fuck!!"

  11. Cjneela I.

    Cjneela I.10 timer siden

    She's so gorgeous 😍

  12. The Guy Behind your Local Red Lobster

    The Guy Behind your Local Red Lobster10 timer siden

    Imagine walking into Subway and seeing Margot Robbie.

  13. keefesutton1

    keefesutton110 timer siden

    Jurnee Is my Girl, WA BAM ! She snuck in and took the tour behind Margot, Seriously wish I could do this. This is the best show to show the person inside of the Celeb. I salute you Sean ~

  14. Gola245

    Gola24510 timer siden

    Imagine they added one of those hot sauces in Harley’s egg sandwich

  15. Dr.Mist31 R13

    Dr.Mist31 R1310 timer siden

    please get conan

  16. Lesley Harrys

    Lesley Harrys10 timer siden

    Isn’t that the wise ass girl from Jack?

  17. noah ysaguirre

    noah ysaguirre11 timer siden

    Aye you guys should do a celeb wing interview like when playijn ebeer pong and get to know the normie in this generation!!! Thsts would be cooll

  18. José Rolón

    José Rolón11 timer siden

    Lous calienties Roujos jajajjaajaja

  19. Taylor

    Taylor12 timer siden

    shes so ugly

  20. jenny lee

    jenny lee12 timer siden

    It’s crazy how much better other humans treat you just because of how the cells of your face formed when you were inside your mother. Well except Koreans and kardashians the surgeon helped them out.

  21. Darleen Smith

    Darleen Smith12 timer siden

    Just might kill somebody

  22. Darleen Smith

    Darleen Smith13 timer siden

    Can you get Robert Pattinson to do this

  23. hnek

    hnek13 timer siden

    Love these women and love the film sooooooo much! They were great and this was fun!

  24. CoNvERsEKiDd09

    CoNvERsEKiDd0914 timer siden

    Lol awwww poor Margot🤣🤣🤣

  25. SceneTurkey

    SceneTurkey14 timer siden

    "This one's hotter!" at the end solidifies the belief that they dull the last wing to make the guests feel better at the end.

  26. Audra Southerland

    Audra Southerland15 timer siden

    This is so unbelievably scripted and fake. And the worst acting ever. Doesn’t eat spicy foods and can’t handle the first wing but “da bomb” is so hot, but handles it with like a few sips of milk and is good to go? No tears, no snot, no runny nose, makeup held up, no sweat? Faaaaaaaaaaake

  27. Audra Southerland

    Audra Southerland15 timer siden

    Allergic to chicken egg whites? Wtf. Seriously.

  28. Spine Grinder

    Spine Grinder16 timer siden

    i love Margot

  29. Aaron Ruiz

    Aaron Ruiz16 timer siden

    3:58 Minecraft water drinking?

  30. Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson16 timer siden

    Can we please get Basedgod on here

  31. Lemuel John Rodriguez Carranza

    Lemuel John Rodriguez Carranza16 timer siden

    Yep getting a tattoo while drunk is a no no itll be bloody

  32. Jorge Gallardo

    Jorge Gallardo17 timer siden

    That Jurnee Smollette-Bell looks almost Exactly like Fairuza Balk

  33. MattHeaven

    MattHeaven17 timer siden

    Hold your breath for 5 min? Navy frogman: yah ok

  34. Amber Coco

    Amber Coco17 timer siden

    She looks a bit like Ann Hathaway...idk if its just me or what...its a good thing btw fyi

  35. XMetalMatter Rammstein

    XMetalMatter Rammstein17 timer siden

    I think you killed Margot Robbie!

  36. Jesus Hernandez jr

    Jesus Hernandez jr18 timer siden

    Good God i would marry her in a Second !! ☺😍😘❤💏🏩👫🏻

  37. Roxanne De Leon

    Roxanne De Leon19 timer siden

    I hope they will do some kind of a movie about Harlene Quinzel being the psychiatrist before she bacame Harley Quinn. It would be amazing 😍❤️

  38. Alex Jeffries

    Alex Jeffries19 timer siden

    Margot Robbie, you are a beautiful person

  39. Mitchell Hogg

    Mitchell Hogg20 timer siden

    She's unaturally well mannered

  40. bigricester

    bigricester20 timer siden

    In the movie she doesn’t really come off as Humble, but either she is acting that way or she really is, and to me anyone that’s truly Humble is a turn on

  41. Kata C

    Kata C20 timer siden

    this is the MOST dedication i swear i’ve ever seen from a celebrity, margot was dying from wing 3 and yet refused to quit, ma’am you dropped this 👑

  42. Andrew Horton

    Andrew Horton20 timer siden

    Margot is such a fighter, I loved this so much

  43. Nikhil Shetty

    Nikhil Shetty20 timer siden

    i wish my husband would watch me talk for 25 minutes straight

  44. Bryan L olds97_lss

    Bryan L olds97_lss15 timer siden

    Maybe try doing it while your both eating hot wings.

  45. harpy

    harpy21 time siden

    I strongly disliked Suicide Squad, so I've been biased against Margot unfairly for a few years. I watched this to get some insight, and damn she seems really cool and down to earth. Also, once again, props to the research for asking deep cut questions that havent been asked a million times. Hearing Sean get complimented on his interview skills makes me happy

  46. Lil_dashiepogs

    Lil_dashiepogs21 time siden

    If Keanu Reeves ever comes to this show you best bet there better not be a pencil or anything that’s normal to have

  47. baddestkweeny

    baddestkweeny21 time siden

    Cant believe she’s only 29 ...

  48. kaduzy

    kaduzy21 time siden

    Juicy Smoolyet's sister seems to have as much of an issue with reality as he does.

  49. kaduzy

    kaduzy21 time siden

    What was the bowl of blue stuff?

  50. Obscure Developer

    Obscure Developer21 time siden

    Sorry, was anyone else just like "wait what..." when Sean said "Bolognese" the way he did?...

  51. Arctic Gem2

    Arctic Gem222 timer siden

    Margot is a LEGEND!!!🔥

  52. Joe Rohle

    Joe Rohle22 timer siden

    Logan Paul on the show?

  53. Lori Sue

    Lori Sue22 timer siden

    I expected her to slay this. I'm disappointed.

  54. Joe Rohle

    Joe Rohle22 timer siden

    whose gunna deny Margot Robbie from taking off her jacket when she wearing a see through shirt

  55. johnflea

    johnflea22 timer siden

    poor girl :(

  56. YunoEsdeath

    YunoEsdeath22 timer siden

    Best one I’ve seen. Love Margot and props to her getting to the end. Haven’t seen Sean that concerned before so she was definitely hurting. When the lady came out I got nervous.

  57. motavator

    motavator23 timer siden


  58. Mario

    Mario23 timer siden


  59. Hemi204

    Hemi20423 timer siden

    *She is such a BABE!* *You can tell the show business hasn't got to her head...very down to earth!*

  60. JWelcomeMedia

    JWelcomeMedia23 timer siden

    When Sean said "Its getting hot in here"... he played that off so smooth. Give that man an award

  61. Zee Bee

    Zee BeeDag siden

    Margot robbie is incredibley overrated IMO. if she wasn't used as a total piece of eye candy for guys to drool over in wolf of wall street nobody would care about her. She got to where she is cause she looked good in a bikini. That's it. Don't read this and get butt hurt defensive and become a keyboard warrior.

  62. Hemi204

    Hemi20423 timer siden

    spoken like a truly jealous woman...soo textbook Here's some advice..STFU and get back to work at Taco Bell 🌮 you talent-less twat

  63. callnight

    callnightDag siden

    She did well. She always does.

  64. Dillon Besky

    Dillon BeskyDag siden

    She is so awesome and beautiful

  65. North Douglas

    North DouglasDag siden

    Zombie always say she done.

  66. nevergiveup092

    nevergiveup092Dag siden

    This is one of the best ones I’ve watched lol 😂 she thought it was hot from the beginning lmao 🤣 awesome she made it to the end!