Maria Bonnevie in Fredrik Skavlan's talk show Først og sist (First and Last) from 14.1.2005

Maria Bonnevie in Fredrik Skavlan's TV talk show Først og sist (First and Last) with Christine Koht and
Thorbjørn Harr. They speak norwegian, so i'll be happy, when someone can help me with translation into english. I think (according to show's date) Maria and Fredrik - nowadays couple - started their relationship after this talk show. I don't wonder Fredrik :)


  1. Julemand Haakansson

    Julemand Haakansson5 måneder siden

    åh Maria du er den smukkeste og mest interessante kvinde i verden :)

  2. Bianking4Life

    Bianking4Life3 år siden

    Hey, Can I ask you where you found the "Først and Sist" video? I'm looking for a specific interview but can not find the episodes anywhere online.

  3. Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

    Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας4 år siden

    Beyond any doubt,i find her one of the most fascinating women i've ever seen.The older she gets,the more charming and sexy she becomes,what a fascinating woman..alomst,irresistible!

  4. Dustin H

    Dustin H5 år siden

    Love Maria, what a goddess :D

  5. William Otto

    William Otto6 år siden

    Bon pour vous Fredick ,

  6. WhisperingToTheWind

    WhisperingToTheWind7 år siden

    Agree.. Too intense, and almost without blinking.. kinda weird. But it's charming in a way, too. :)

  7. ayyo liana

    ayyo liana8 år siden

    omg wat r they saying :O

  8. besmb2105

    besmb21059 år siden

    Hun er skikkelig søt og flott):

  9. explodinglint

    explodinglint9 år siden

    She is doing a play in Norway, but has to speak Swedish in the play due to her being employed by the Swedish theatre "Dramaten". She would rather speak in Norwegian, though. It's a play by Henrik Ibsen, and the Norwegian audience responds best in her view, compared to the Swedes/Danes. She also thinks it's easier to portray happiness when speaking Norw. as you sound like you're happy when you speak that language. In the end, the brunette compliments Maria for her looks and posture. :)

  10. Gunnhild Edwards

    Gunnhild EdwardsÅr siden

    It's so stupid. If she's performing for Norwegian Audiences and is able to speak Norwegian why isn't she allowed to that oh that's right, pressed Swedes.

  11. Vashi1

    Vashi19 år siden

    In my opinion she speaks norweigan with a litte little swedish accent sometimes. Although it's not weird, she is half norweigan and half swedish, but raised in sweden, as far as I know.

  12. Gunnhild Edwards

    Gunnhild EdwardsÅr siden

    She was raised in Norway.

  13. airasweetie

    airasweetie9 år siden

    @Nehelenja you´re so wrong. she speaks fluent norwiegan and she speaks swedish too but with a norwiegan accent.

  14. priMADonna

    priMADonna10 måneder siden

    Hon pratar perfekt svenska, ingen norsk accent alls.

  15. salilu

    salilu9 år siden

    @dohyou Det e det. Men det var typ innan eller tror det.

  16. DmitriRus

    DmitriRus10 år siden

    Amazing actress and amazing woman, have watched almost all of her films

  17. hasekdom

    hasekdom10 år siden

    Hun er pen og norsk, ellers hadde hun vært stygg og svensk. Svensker er så teite. dumme i grunn.

  18. somethingbaby

    somethingbaby10 år siden

    Fordi hun er norsk-svensk? Hun er oppvokst i Norge som plt86 sa.

  19. Azenah

    Azenah10 år siden

    Aww,she's so sweet and modest:) She seems so nice!

  20. kaiserkarl2

    kaiserkarl210 år siden

    Ja jag såg det sedan! Norsk-svensk stod det när jag kollade lite bättre! Så kan det gå mistake söta bror!

  21. plt86

    plt8610 år siden

    fordi hun har vokst opp i norge

  22. kaiserkarl2

    kaiserkarl210 år siden

    Varför i helvete pratar hon norska för? Skavlan gör sig inte till i hon som är så fantastiskt härlig! Nu sjönk hon en bit...

  23. Gunnhild Edwards

    Gunnhild Edwards2 år siden

    Skavlan is Norwegian. She's Norwegian. Seems more fitting that they would be speaking the same language together wouldn't they?

  24. Ms. Molly

    Ms. Molly11 år siden

    dom är ihop

  25. lehnrik

    lehnrik11 år siden

    She is beautiful. Great actress too.