Mason Mount thunder volley secures Chelsea win | Chelsea 2-1 Aston Villa | Premier League Highlights

Highlights from Stamford Bridge of Chelsea's 2-1 win over Aston Villa.
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    Sky Sports FootballMåned siden

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  2. M1U7Z5

    M1U7Z5Måned siden

    At 0:20 I really thought that yellow marker was the fifa ball spot....

  3. Jack Jenkins

    Jack JenkinsMåned siden

    Sky showing amazon football

  4. Chris Fastrak Davies

    Chris Fastrak DaviesMåned siden

    Must be time Southgate called up our no 1 he outstanding between sticks for Villains?

  5. Mr. Wig.

    Mr. Wig.Måned siden

    Kool highlights

  6. MB Gamer 127

    MB Gamer 127Måned siden

    Is mason mount trying to do the josh king objective

  7. SBKP 0507

    SBKP 0507Måned siden

    Chelsea 1-0 0:41 Chelsea 2-1 1:33

  8. Aidan McGlinchey

    Aidan McGlincheyMåned siden

    Willian had a blinder

  9. x c

    x cMåned siden

    need to sell Christensen he is dogshit defender

  10. the701squad1

    the701squad1Måned siden

    what's a thunder volley? is that when you shank it off your knee?

  11. yeet

    yeetMåned siden

    Why was Reece James getting booed?

  12. Mr Nobody

    Mr NobodyMåned siden

    What an assist off Tammy B's chest ffs. Superb football.

  13. Groove

    GrooveMåned siden

    I swear why is Willian the best at ALMOST scoring.

  14. Duvee Hie

    Duvee HieMåned siden

    Mason's goal looked so well choreographed. Abraham knew what he was doing

  15. ShXde Kam

    ShXde KamMåned siden

    The commentator's voice was so dead

  16. Sam N’cho

    Sam N’choMåned siden

    Welcome back Tammy, a goal after injury 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵

  17. Vishaal Venugopal

    Vishaal VenugopalMåned siden

    Abraham keeps saying he looks up to Kane.....after last night I ain’t sure he should be

  18. DevineAaron

    DevineAaronMåned siden

    That 2nd Chelsea goal. Jesus what an assist

  19. Jesse Owens

    Jesse OwensMåned siden

    I have a sister named Chelsea. But anyway, at LAST we have a win!

  20. Senbai

    SenbaiMåned siden


  21. Ben Buckley

    Ben BuckleyMåned siden

    Like seing good save's like seing a striker's face after he see's the ball tipped over or wide in pure disblief an your guranted see good keeping against chelsea But torre's didn't require a keeper being needed in a blue's shirt go figure

  22. Michael Glynn

    Michael GlynnMåned siden

    Every goalkeeper seems to try extra hard against Chelsea. Like “Excuse me while I save nearly everything you throw at me.” 😂

  23. Ahmed Ali

    Ahmed AliMåned siden

    This is why Tammy Abraham is so important to Chelsea. The game he wasn’t in we lost to West Ham he comes back we win 2-1 to Aston Villa

  24. xboxguy2341

    xboxguy2341Måned siden

    I was too busy watching on amazon video like most of us here

  25. jack grealish is a bastard

    jack grealish is a bastardMåned siden

    (Willian free kick) commentators on fifa: he had no right to save that

  26. graham jones

    graham jonesMåned siden

    My free football prediction the blues were going to win on wed. 4th

  27. Slugger •

    Slugger •Måned siden

    That second Chelsea goal was art

  28. SilentlyMysterius1

    SilentlyMysterius1Måned siden

    Trezegeut's turn when he scored was as good as Mount's volley.

  29. Robert Marston

    Robert MarstonMåned siden

    top 4 for chelsea!!!!!

  30. 17:58

    17:58Måned siden

    Tresagay: I scored against Chelsea His kids: wow can I see Tresagay: 1:20 His kids: ...🥴

  31. Turf Talk 1882

    Turf Talk 1882Måned siden

    tom heaton. two words. one machine

  32. CrazyGamer351

    CrazyGamer351Måned siden

    Look at that run from Pulisic. Why don’t any United players do that? Really beggars belief.

  33. Josh Rayner

    Josh RaynerMåned siden

    This commentator is shite

  34. K Liu

    K LiuMåned siden

    Jack Grealish were basically just walking all the time... poor performance from him for this game.

  35. Macca’s Movies

    Macca’s MoviesMåned siden

    0.51 Sellsea in front 😂

  36. Mount Billbob is a nitwit Give me a punch

    Mount Billbob is a nitwit Give me a punchMåned siden

    Well done chelsea we needed a reaction from weekend and came back on top aston villa played decant football but the men in blue kept rolling to the end and secure the 3 points!!!!

  37. emmanuel martins

    emmanuel martinsMåned siden

    Respect to abraham

  38. Ahmad Miraj

    Ahmad MirajMåned siden

    He was doing the Josh King objective 😂

  39. Harjit SANDHU

    Harjit SANDHUMåned siden

    what a brilliant win for chelsea mounts goal was unreal

  40. Duncan Sherman

    Duncan ShermanMåned siden

    I wish we had scored more

  41. STANI X

    STANI XMåned siden

    Aston Villa are doing great this season they should of drew imo

  42. STANI X

    STANI XMåned siden

    Ragz Brumtown and i wouldnt count Newcastle awful lmao

  43. STANI X

    STANI XMåned siden

    Ragz Brumtown villa is kind off there in the premier not like it’s a big team Sheffield are a bigger team and yes there doing good

  44. Ragz Brumtown

    Ragz BrumtownMåned siden

    @STANI X not at all but it's hardly amazing. Sheffield United are having an amazing season not Villa

  45. STANI X

    STANI XMåned siden

    Ragz Brumtown also ur thinking ur smart when they did amazing against Chelsea and Man Utd

  46. STANI X

    STANI XMåned siden

    Ragz Brumtown I mean u expect them to win every game ur basically saying?

  47. Aaron Stride

    Aaron StrideMåned siden

    hullo mite

  48. MobEra89

    MobEra89Måned siden

    Tom Heaton is easily the best English goalkeeper

  49. new moon

    new moonMåned siden

    That was a wonderful shot for mount it was just brilliant

  50. Jay Johnston

    Jay JohnstonMåned siden

    Wow Heaton! What a game would of been a few more for Chelsea if it wasn’t for him. Epic performance

  51. DeRocker9686

    DeRocker9686Måned siden


  52. Villainofthepiste

    VillainofthepisteMåned siden

    Fair play Chelsea- better team won...wish we still had Tammy :(

  53. Neil Dickson

    Neil DicksonMåned siden

    why didnt tammy celebrate when villa scored to show respect.what a load of bullshit that respect thing is.if ya score doesnt matter who youre playing against we all understand youve just made 15000 quid on that goal so celebrate away mate

  54. Zack Hallam

    Zack HallamMåned siden

    Good to see a English manager in the top 4

  55. LegendaryChelsea

    LegendaryChelseaMåned siden

    who else thought tammy would become the next morata after his injury?

  56. Direct 2talk

    Direct 2talkMåned siden

    Guys hit me up if you have a dream to become a footballer but don’t have the confidence or motivation 🤙

  57. Fire Up

    Fire UpMåned siden

    Tammy's assist to Mount.......intelligent, precise execution. Going to be a Premier League star for the next 10+ years.

  58. Liam Corbett

    Liam CorbettMåned siden

    Chelsea fans are one of my favourite sets always respectful and not chatting pure shite like United. From a Villa fan :)

  59. Ragz Brumtown

    Ragz BrumtownMåned siden

    you mean apart from them being racists? lool

  60. Jj Adams

    Jj AdamsMåned siden

    Respect and good luck for the rest of the season

  61. joshua mahaka

    joshua mahakaMåned siden

    The most disgraceful thing about us Chelsea fans is how we have given Willian no respect over the last 5 yrs.

  62. chelseacharger

    chelseachargerMåned siden

    Are you kidding? The fella has his song sung probably more than any other player. Don't mistake nitwits on Twitter with those who are at the match.

  63. Grandson Little Billy

    Grandson Little BillyMåned siden

    well done mason I'm sure grandma mount is proud

  64. Carl Horton

    Carl HortonMåned siden

    Hats off to Tammy for having enough respect to not celebrate his goal. Thank you for your service last season, great player (from a grateful Villa fan)

  65. S. G.

    S. G.Måned siden

    For god's sake, can Gareth wake up and realise Tom Heaton is twice the keeper that Pickford is?

  66. Sammy Rochford

    Sammy RochfordMåned siden

    Mason Mount = Baller 💙🔥🚀🙌

  67. javid Jan

    javid JanMåned siden

    As a Villa fan... Hands up, chelsea were awesome tonight.... Felt we backed off too much and allowed space for the Chelsea midfield. William has been my favourite Chelsea player for a long time and again showed his class....... Tammy Abraham is amazing, all us villans love him....he will get you goals.... Gutted he didn't resign for us..... Great goal by mount. Villa kept in the game.... Chelsea easily top 4, villa will be mid table.. 👌

  68. Soljaboi Dunkon’eeem

    Soljaboi Dunkon’eeemMåned siden

    Is it just me or does every team suddenly turn into their best form whenever they play Chelsea.