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Match the Pet to the Owner | Lineup | Cut
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  1. Ishel Aiko

    Ishel Aiko44 minutter siden

    No one: Seriously no one: The pet owner guesser lady: the pig reminds her of Ariana Grande ...

  2. Lauren Dalebout

    Lauren Dalebout50 minutter siden

    I have a bearded dragon

  3. sHoOk

    sHoOkTime siden

    did he just say fetuses of rats instead of carcasses?

  4. Emma Riley

    Emma Riley3 timer siden

    That one girls so annoying not holding anything and swearing a lot

  5. Julia Fuentes

    Julia Fuentes4 timer siden

    My future boyfriend be like : "I do sleep with a pig" 7:40

  6. FraudXC

    FraudXC5 timer siden

    0:16 if only xqc was watching this

  7. Karen would like to speak to the Manager

    Karen would like to speak to the Manager5 timer siden

    The girl who owns the snake sounds like lele pons

  8. Seb

    Seb6 timer siden

    Yeah ok but the “weird” girl is hot asf

  9. Nova Supreme

    Nova Supreme6 timer siden

    Yay, Winston!

  10. Neal

    Neal10 timer siden

    4:24, nobody else thought that was wildly racist?

  11. JLene Then

    JLene Then10 timer siden

    You seem like a pig in the nicest way... wooooooo there buddy... lmfaooo he’s saying you dirty! 😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Haley peek

    Haley peek10 timer siden

    So everyone in the comments just gonna let the comment about Ariana grande looks like the pig slip ? Okay.

  13. Luci

    Luci11 timer siden

    Omg the snake was so cute I can't-

  14. 아름다운Lovely

    아름다운Lovely11 timer siden

    "this is your bird" "Yes,this is my bird" Myghad my mind 😂

  15. Layla [T.V.]

    Layla [T.V.]11 timer siden

    How about next time pls pls use a different girl cuz, THOTiona anit it

  16. Blue Ivy

    Blue Ivy11 timer siden

    why do I want a pet snake rn? I want parents probably wouldn't allow me...

  17. Chelsea Sutherland

    Chelsea Sutherland12 timer siden

    Hades is adorable, my snakes like to cuddle too 🥰

  18. Zoey Miller

    Zoey Miller12 timer siden

    When the dude said he’s playing Resident Evil 2 I smiled like wooow a fellow RE fan 😁😁

  19. Eveast

    Eveast13 timer siden

    “Is this....uh.....a sonic?”

  20. Kian Editing

    Kian Editing14 timer siden

    *cries in snake owner*

  21. no bueno.

    no bueno.14 timer siden

    the girl with the snake - Im literally in love.

  22. I&R forever

    I&R forever14 timer siden

    Guessers: I love animals! Reptiles come in: ok, get far away from me, Don't touch me you weird spikey thing 😑

  23. Hugo Leal

    Hugo Leal14 timer siden

    I wanted to touch, pet and kiss all those animals! I love snakes... Actually I love reptiles AND amphibians in general. I can't wait to get my own 😭

  24. Anily Hinds

    Anily Hinds15 timer siden

    did she say she got bit by a bearded dragon- they don’t have teeth.

  25. wølfy Gacha

    wølfy Gacha15 timer siden

    I have a bearded dragon

  26. Valerie Wagner

    Valerie Wagner16 timer siden

    You guys have to do match the name to the person.

  27. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Just Some Guy without a Mustache16 timer siden

    If I brought my husky he would just stand near me lmao

  28. tactical unicorn

    tactical unicorn17 timer siden

    Is this a sonic? Great job man

  29. Joshua E

    Joshua E19 timer siden

    winston is a virgin definitely



    ????? 1:27 ? ? ??

  31. Max TheBorderCollie

    Max TheBorderCollie20 timer siden

    I actually wouldn’t recommend a bearded dragon for a first time reptile owner. I feel as if people underestimate how much care and research you need to put into them. However, if you are well prepared for one, then I believe you will be just fine!

  32. Max TheBorderCollie

    Max TheBorderCollie14 timer siden

    hopegirl518 Ashlynn if you are looking into getting a reptile, I would consider doing research on a leopard gecko. Their minimum tank size is half of what a bearded dragons is which is more affordable and takes up less space. They don’t eat as much as compared to bearded dragon as well, they can consume bugs like crickets and mealworms. They don’t need a light fixture, however I believe they need a heating pad and humid hide. I have never owned a leopard gecko but I have done research on them as I was once looking for a reptile as well. If you were wondering I have a bearded dragon and his name is Waylon. Hope this helps!

  33. hopegirl518 Ashlynn

    hopegirl518 Ashlynn14 timer siden

    What is a good reptile for a first time owner.

  34. Abby

    Abby20 timer siden

    pig guy is my favorite person on the planet

  35. Devika Suresh

    Devika Suresh20 timer siden

    the girl guessing the pet owners was so annoying ohmygod

  36. Freya’s World

    Freya’s World21 time siden

    Poor pig x

  37. Lixi i

    Lixi i21 time siden

    Beani guys give me cat vibes tbh

  38. Julie U.M

    Julie U.M21 time siden

    “I don’t think that people think that people in farm are pretty” Bitch wtf

  39. Layla Adli

    Layla Adli21 time siden

    I’d love to have a snake I’m legit jealous of the snakes owner

  40. Lindseyszn

    Lindseyszn21 time siden

    i used to have a hedgehog but she died, seeing that cute teddy just made my heart happy lol

  41. Unwxnted_tensei

    Unwxnted_tensei21 time siden

    Damn thotiana

  42. Kirsty De-Rose

    Kirsty De-Rose21 time siden

    Wish they had gotten someone with a ferret, love seeing peoples reactions to those fuzzbutts 😂

  43. Freya Rowe

    Freya Rowe21 time siden

    When that dude called the girl a weirdo 🙄🙄

  44. Blue Slushie

    Blue Slushie21 time siden

    Okay but Winston is a real one

  45. Isabel McCance

    Isabel McCance22 timer siden

    The girl didn’t pass the vibe check😬 never trust someone who doesn’t like animals🤷🏼‍♀️

  46. Hanna Pircher

    Hanna Pircher22 timer siden

    match favourite song to person!!!!

  47. Simon

    Simon22 timer siden

    why tf do people think snake owners are weirdos?? And btw pinkies or what he said "rat fetus" are not a fetus they are newly born mice or rats

  48. elly

    elly22 timer siden

    "Reminds me of Arianna Grande" 😂

  49. Velle

    Velle22 timer siden

    Girl with the weird shirt is smoking gorgeous

  50. Raphlez

    Raphlez23 timer siden

    Why all the snake hate tho 😭 buncha cute pets in this vid

  51. Sam mvp

    Sam mvp23 timer siden

    Is this ahhhh a sonic ?

  52. haner Rains

    haner Rains23 timer siden

    I have 10 snakes im offended

  53. TA Outdoors

    TA OutdoorsDag siden

    Holy shit, Wilber or Wilbert looks soooo heavy, and also I would not freaking pick him up because that screetch is gnarly

  54. TA Outdoors

    TA OutdoorsDag siden

    Spikey potato 😂😂 also, I knew that as soon as she grabbed her hedgehog without gloves it was hers. Then, when the bird climbed up to his shoulder I knew it was a natural thing for both the bird and the dude lol

  55. TA Outdoors

    TA OutdoorsDag siden

    Mmk well, I promise you that not all rat owners shows less. Also, not all snake keepers at creepy. I promise 😂 Btw, "I don't wanna just blow all my load on this" 😂😂😂

  56. Bora Qazimi

    Bora QazimiDag siden

    The snake was soooo cute

  57. CuteAkiraGaming

    CuteAkiraGamingDag siden

    Snake owners are werido‘s : owners shirt has written on it weird

  58. JoshSkiii

    JoshSkiiiDag siden

    Jacque is cheating on Jon

  59. Mariana Toma

    Mariana TomaDag siden

    Why does there always have to be that one jerk... that girl down right dissing the animals AND the owners I understand she is scared or pretty much just grossed out about them like I mean she didn't know hedgehogs aren't rodents...but like she had no respect for neither the animals nor the people so yeah, a jerk

  60. Mariana Toma

    Mariana TomaDag siden

    A hedgehog isn't a rodent And if it was what?

  61. Bethany Unik

    Bethany UnikDag siden

    “I don’t like rodents and I think this is one of them!” 😂

  62. Claire O.R.

    Claire O.R.Dag siden

    I own 3 snakes and I don’t game 🤣 vet tech dude is such a mansplainer I can’t

  63. El Patucos

    El PatucosDag siden

    M o r e