Metal Detector Battle | Dude Perfect

It's time to find some treasure!
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  1. Elizabeth Szoc

    Elizabeth Szoc8 timer siden


  2. Kaveen Subasinghe

    Kaveen Subasinghe18 timer siden

    you should do a magnetic trickshot or something to do with magnets

  3. Kaden Wooden

    Kaden Wooden19 timer siden

    Cody try to convince you that he found something expensive

  4. Nico

    Nico20 timer siden

    Whoever is watching this during quarantine and remembers when you could hang out with people

  5. BloopiBoi

    BloopiBoiDag siden

    I just noticed the professional metal detector on the beach just so happens to have the same brand of metal detector that everyone else uses

  6. Camilla Runesten

    Camilla RunestenDag siden


  7. BellyFlopZilla

    BellyFlopZillaDag siden


  8. Crescentia Amimo

    Crescentia Amimo2 dager siden

    Im bored

  9. Carly Theo

    Carly Theo2 dager siden

    “Where’s scooby doo when you need him” 💀

  10. æœ

    æœ2 dager siden

    Money run low

  11. Meme Land

    Meme Land3 dager siden

    When one of them kept finding coins and counting them as face value made me sooo mad

  12. James Biggs

    James Biggs3 dager siden

    what would a U-Boat be doing that close to the shore

  13. m i n d

    m i n d4 dager siden

    why does this video feel like it never started

  14. Victoria Martinez

    Victoria Martinez4 dager siden

    I have been watching dude perfect for five years ❤️

  15. Paul Stepansky

    Paul Stepansky4 dager siden

    Cody 1 twice, and Garrett lost twice

  16. Will BTU

    Will BTU4 dager siden

    Who else noticed at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="196">3:16</a> Cory swore. Wow it said in the captions

  17. Mr. Lampshade

    Mr. Lampshade2 dager siden

    No, it's just an s-word bomb. He said "Ship"

  18. Corn Acres

    Corn Acres4 dager siden

    if you can read this make this the most liked commet

  19. Corn Acres

    Corn Acres4 dager siden

    i mean comment

  20. Corn Acres

    Corn Acres5 dager siden

    like for medal detector battle 3

  21. Jace Kimbrell

    Jace Kimbrell5 dager siden

    I’ve been a fan of dudeperfect sense day one

  22. Sam Franks

    Sam Franks5 dager siden

    Hey can you tell me who said do you perfect in the intro I would like to really know

  23. Silvia Yanez

    Silvia Yanez5 dager siden

    That park was where my field trip was at

  24. Thatcher Donaldson

    Thatcher Donaldson6 dager siden

    Anybody watching this in coved

  25. Kathleen McKinstra

    Kathleen McKinstra6 dager siden

    dont get mad

  26. Will S

    Will S6 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="143">2:23</a> the moment you realise Garret owns a metal detector brand.

  27. Hannibal the cannibal

    Hannibal the cannibal6 dager siden

    Tall guy stop pretending to be an expert it’s CRINGE 😬

  28. Ruby Diano

    Ruby Diano6 dager siden

    Why am I waiting for someone to find a metal detector with a metal detector?


    ABDUL RAHEEM6 dager siden

    Now i understood why garrett stayed at backyard for the metal detector battle 2

  30. Angela Black

    Angela Black6 dager siden

    Cody wins one and two

  31. Shirley Zhang

    Shirley Zhang6 dager siden

    💓Team Coby forever!💓

  32. Studio Baili

    Studio Baili7 dager siden

    Cody is trying to make absolute TRASH sound so COOL

  33. Jamie we

    Jamie we7 dager siden

    Can you do more of the metal detector thing I love them

  34. the Gaming C

    the Gaming C7 dager siden

    gotta love Tyler's faces

  35. Aidan Kai Sheng Tan

    Aidan Kai Sheng Tan7 dager siden


  36. Piper Henry

    Piper Henry7 dager siden

    Why would you waist your time going to California just for a challenge but still think you guys are funny

  37. Elliana Lowery

    Elliana Lowery8 dager siden


  38. Kayla B

    Kayla B8 dager siden

    Who else is rewatching old videos in quarintine

  39. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer8 dager siden

    U liked ur own comment...

  40. Art with the Elwoods

    Art with the Elwoods8 dager siden

    Where is panda

  41. ZXV Boot

    ZXV Boot9 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="202">3:22</a> who thought dude perfect said there first swear word

  42. Tucker Hughes

    Tucker Hughes9 dager siden


  43. Beverly Short

    Beverly Short9 dager siden

    Dude perfect rating:600 : history time with coby rating: 9999999999999999

  44. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer8 dager siden

    U liked ur own comment

  45. Jonathan Saunderson

    Jonathan Saunderson9 dager siden

    Have you found the ring from the last metal detecting video?🤔

  46. Grady Burford

    Grady Burford9 dager siden


  47. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer8 dager siden

    U liked ur own comment...

  48. Kaitlyn Smith

    Kaitlyn Smith9 dager siden

    Cory in metal detector battle one: “I’m going to California!” Cory in metal detector battle 2: “I’m going to Colorado!” Geez this dude loves to travel

  49. Alaina Lawlor

    Alaina Lawlor9 dager siden

    Dude perfect is awesome. Trick shots show overtime everything

  50. Michael Hensley

    Michael Hensley9 dager siden

    Cory should have won!

  51. Claire A

    Claire A9 dager siden

    Gary is so lazy

  52. bzn 1243

    bzn 124310 dager siden

    cody"retails for about ten dollars" professional says 4 bucks for all of it. This is why I hate cody. He is just soo soooooo sososo SO dumb.

  53. Jackson King

    Jackson King10 dager siden

    My granddad fort in war

  54. Akshar Pandey

    Akshar Pandey10 dager siden



    GAMESTER10 dager siden

    Plzzzz come to india after covid19

  56. Aaron Duran

    Aaron Duran10 dager siden

    Cody just found a bunch of trash and called it rare

  57. Cosmic Shatter

    Cosmic Shatter10 dager siden

    Did Garrett find his wife’s wedding ring in metal detector battle 2? I hope he did

  58. Morgan Rodenborg

    Morgan Rodenborg10 dager siden

    I wish that I could pay attention to history the way Cody does......

  59. Paul Scott

    Paul Scott10 dager siden

    sound like cody make everythign up jus to win

  60. Paul Scott

    Paul Scott10 dager siden

    Where's scooby doo when you need him? hhaa classic

  61. Larson Morris

    Larson Morris11 dager siden


  62. Zahidur Rahman

    Zahidur Rahman11 dager siden

    cory got robbed again

  63. bently brains

    bently brains11 dager siden

    How do you make trick shots?

  64. calvin blueher

    calvin blueher11 dager siden

    My dad builds wagons, Tyler and those hoop and sticks are actually wagon wheel parts.

  65. BruhItzLuigi

    BruhItzLuigi3 dager siden

    calvin blueher So Tyler is a wheel?

  66. Nikole Byrd

    Nikole Byrd5 dager siden

    They are

  67. Nathan Franklin

    Nathan Franklin11 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="406">6:46</a> Congratulations Cory, you're a prophet! Still on Team Coby though.

  68. Dylan Gacovski

    Dylan Gacovski12 dager siden

    Zoom is the best thing to do with the iPhone

  69. Dylan Gacovski

    Dylan Gacovski12 dager siden

    F you please don't be rude man

  70. karl Hillscher

    karl Hillscher12 dager siden

    But its schit of data save sorry for the broke englisch i m of Germany

  71. Auggie Scherting

    Auggie Scherting12 dager siden

    Did Garrett ever find the wedding ring?

  72. Evan Ebnet-Cox

    Evan Ebnet-Cox12 dager siden

    Auggie Scherting yes it was in his pool go to metal detector 2

  73. echo walker

    echo walker12 dager siden

    I want more medal detecting videos

  74. Lilly Samms

    Lilly Samms12 dager siden

    Stuff cody

  75. Best combat player Hi

    Best combat player Hi12 dager siden

    I heard 2016 why if we are in 2020

  76. Bass express

    Bass express12 dager siden

    What was the creepiest you’ve ever dug up

  77. #almost twins

    #almost twins12 dager siden


  78. Muhammed Sahin

    Muhammed Sahin12 dager siden

    Love how cody tries to make everything interesting by adding random dates and claiming that its super old

  79. Boiboi 47

    Boiboi 4713 dager siden

    Lol, my friend found a ww 1 revolver in his front yard.

  80. Sadierooski

    Sadierooski13 dager siden

    Yall should really do part 3

  81. Bryce Gallaugher

    Bryce Gallaugher13 dager siden

    Dang Cody payed attention in history class

  82. J D

    J D13 dager siden

    Did anyone else hear Cory say the s word at 322

  83. Evan Ebnet-Cox

    Evan Ebnet-Cox12 dager siden

    J D he said ship

  84. Mikey Digs It

    Mikey Digs It13 dager siden

    Did dude end up finding his wife’s wedding ring? LOL

  85. Mogan

    Mogan13 dager siden

    Nobody Not even a mouse Cody: ThAts FrOm wOrLd wAr 2


    SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢13 dager siden

    do not agree with the expert at all. Tyler wins!


    SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢13 dager siden

    the views on these guys tho!


    SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢13 dager siden



    SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢13 dager siden

    i once found $20 in Toonies past the 2nd base on a baseball field! Who was playing baseball with that much change in their picket?

  90. wolfy929

    wolfy92913 dager siden

    LOL garret said all of that for a peice of garbage but it was clearly edited and you could guess what he said that had to be edited out XD

  91. Luke Haddad The Cowboys fan

    Luke Haddad The Cowboys fan13 dager siden

    Time for history lesson with Mr. Jones (Cody Jones)