Microsoft Paint Tutorial | 5,000 Subscriber Special!

5,000 subs! Wow. I am totally aware of the irony here; I spent 4 days making this video because I have the attention span of a toddler and by the time I was done my subscriber base had almost tripled. Seriously, thank you so much for that, it's super encouraging to get as much support as I've gotten in the past week, and only motivates me even more to continue filming myself taking massive shits and posting them to this website.
This video was requested (probably as a joke but who cares) by a few people, and so I made it. If you're here because you wanted to watch a sincere tutorial about the ins and outs of Microsoft Paint, two things:
1. You've come to the wrong place
2. There's like 3 buttons in Paint I'm sure you can figure it out
Thanks for watching and subscribing. I feel the power of the Drew Gooders growing exponentially each day, and it won't be long before we are such a menace to society that the government feels the need to intervene.
This week’s drinking game: take a shot every time I say “of course”
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The good music at the end is by my good friend, not by me. I ain't tryna take credit for somethin i ain't did.
Webster's dictionary defines "video description" as a description for a video. Not very helpful if you ask me. Anyway if you're still reading this, comment your astrological sign so I can make fun of you for believing in that shit lol.


  1. Alex Tusa

    Alex Tusa2 år siden

    Stop putting out these shitty MS Paint tutorials and put out a video essay you thought provoking fuck.

  2. Leen

    Leen26 dager siden


  3. bloodclaw does stuff

    bloodclaw does stuff3 måneder siden

    I'm voting you for president

  4. Джинджербред Студиос

    Джинджербред Студиос3 måneder siden

    damn dudeeeee he hearted u

  5. Daisy Paws

    Daisy Paws5 måneder siden

    This comment has more subscribers than he did at the time

  6. Oliver Kile

    Oliver Kile5 måneder siden

    MART WAL not you this is a few years old

  7. Joe Pass

    Joe PassDag siden

    Ah gosh, I remembered when you hit 5,000 subscribers and then blew up. That’s crazy man, it’s sweet to see how big you’ve gotta. All grown up

  8. Freaking loser

    Freaking loser2 dager siden

    You see, it was a terrible, dark, stormy night, and I had run out of Danny Gonzales videos to watch. So I said; "Wait, what's that other guy?" and so I found you. Oh and then I branched off to watching Kurtis Conner too, so.

  9. madeleine steele

    madeleine steele2 dager siden

    Omg just 2 years ago he was at 5k?


    ASLAN THE GREAT3 dager siden

    Danny gonzales

  11. Abigail Rhoades

    Abigail Rhoades4 dager siden

    wow 5000 now it’s 2M

  12. Sarah Crabill

    Sarah Crabill6 dager siden

    Congrats on 2 million subs!


    ITSMENIKKl8 dager siden

    I'm watching Phil of the Future as I'm watching this video...which was very creepy

  14. misokgu·

    misokgu·9 dager siden

    He's grown..too much. TOO much.

  15. i n

    i n12 dager siden

    Found you through Kurtis Connor

  16. Loretta Lynn

    Loretta Lynn17 dager siden

    I found you from the clout song luxurypranks made.

  17. Phoenix Lunsford

    Phoenix Lunsford17 dager siden

    Drew: kids are like adults but shorter and stupider Me, a kid: sounds about right

  18. Molly Krulewitch

    Molly Krulewitch18 dager siden

    It took me a minute and twenty seconds to notice he misspelled subscriber

  19. lxmontarts

    lxmontarts20 dager siden

    3:28 “I love word association games” - Logan Sanders 2017 (A creation by Thomas Sanders)

  20. IlikePOTATOES! !

    IlikePOTATOES! !20 dager siden

    Watching the 5,000 subscriber special when he has 1.82 million Edit: 1.92 million

  21. A HodgePodge of AudgePaudge

    A HodgePodge of AudgePaudge23 dager siden

    Subscribing cuz you’re so darn close to 2 mil

  22. Bruno Lopes

    Bruno Lopes23 dager siden

    3:44 that didn’t write PHIL. I’m lost. Help me please

  23. Madi Los

    Madi Los25 dager siden

    I was watching your other yt channel (for some reason itz called Danny Gonzalez)

  24. little stinker aka greg

    little stinker aka greg24 dager siden

    Yea it's kinda like paul and troy u see

  25. notsosmall

    notsosmall26 dager siden

    i found u in my dreams love u DOB 24/12/0BC social security no. is 7 hope this helps bye

  26. Leen

    Leen26 dager siden

    ThIs gUY dOEsN'T KnoW WhAT HE'S DoIng

  27. Emma Katherine

    Emma Katherine27 dager siden

    i could watch hours of this

  28. Colton Brooks

    Colton Brooks27 dager siden

    Do another one of these vids

  29. Jon Walworth

    Jon Walworth28 dager siden

    Your background is very zany

  30. Steven Perez

    Steven PerezMåned siden

    I found you the Day before Christmas when I searched up Christmas Movie Reviews

  31. Pink Pineapple

    Pink PineappleMåned siden

    wow he really drew gooden this video

  32. Chester Shoeberry

    Chester ShoeberryMåned siden

    Why did you copy a comment with 7.4k likes

  33. Isaac’s Art

    Isaac’s ArtMåned siden

    watching when he has 1 mil

  34. C

    CMåned siden

    I'm a Gemini

  35. Teehee

    TeeheeMåned siden

    I’m a Pisces

  36. M e

    M eMåned siden

    cool dude

  37. Alyson Smart

    Alyson SmartMåned siden

    so -- i'm watching this video, k? and in the beginning, drew says that he tweeted for people to send him a noun! so immediately, my mind goes, "yes, the ancient nouns: a e i o u and sometimes - y." so of course he starts drawing and i'm thinking "what fucking idiots, he asked for a NOUN, why r u giving him WORDS" and so now i'm at 8:21 in the video and i'm realizing that a noun is in fact not a vowel. thanks for coming to my ted talk.

  38. Allie Mezias

    Allie MeziasMåned siden

    Ok but why did I know that the first kid would be named Fred??

  39. jil davison

    jil davisonMåned siden

    and now you have over 300x the amount of followers

  40. Emmanuel Martin

    Emmanuel MartinMåned siden

    on a drew binge and god damn this shits hilarious, he should make youtube videos

  41. Noah Renne

    Noah RenneMåned siden

    drew please clean your shelf or i am going to cry

  42. Shubham Singh

    Shubham SinghMåned siden

    Such a great tutorial. Now I can finally compete for master rank in MS paint championships. Now I only need to know how to save the file. And why is there only 593K views on this.

  43. Roxy Fire

    Roxy FireMåned siden

    Honestly, I don't know "how" i found you I like to believe it was destiny :)

  44. Joy Grace

    Joy GraceMåned siden

    Dob: 69/69/6969 SSN: 666-66-6666

  45. i like frogs

    i like frogsMåned siden

    1.92 million in two years not bad drew , not bad .

  46. christmastiger

    christmastigerMåned siden

    I mean you're a former vine star who makes youtube videos about popular internet personalities, it's not surprising you're rocketing to fame a little faster than is normal (I'd say it's mostly deserved but I really prefer your weirder non-internet personality videos much more). I think 2020 you'll hit your stride

  47. Blue Middle

    Blue MiddleMåned siden

    You're so cute

  48. Ferenc Szaffenauer

    Ferenc SzaffenauerMåned siden

    You will NEVER get more than 10k subs!! Loser!

  49. MrHumatang

    MrHumatangMåned siden

    I want to make a video suggestion, so naturally I went to a really old video to post my suggestion. Do a video on conspiracy theories and conspiracy theory groups!

  50. A K

    A KMåned siden

    7:13 That thigh gap tho

  51. penngheeney

    penngheeneyMåned siden

    Changed my like to a dislike for #sawl

  52. Elliot Grant

    Elliot GrantMåned siden

    ok but going thru and misindentifying all the paint tools was just me as a child @ computers in general

  53. Souria

    SouriaMåned siden


  54. Alex Teagle

    Alex TeagleMåned siden

    08/09/1999 301-06-7957

  55. emily

    emilyMåned siden

    "woow! 5 thousand subscribbers!" also you look like the road work ahead guy

  56. emily

    emilyMåned siden

    @roxy merry yeah i know that was the joke

  57. roxy merry

    roxy merryMåned siden

    Emily Williams he is the road work again guy lmaoo

  58. Jack Prince

    Jack Prince2 måneder siden

    what's up coming @ you from late 2019... I found you through danny gonzalez lmao. youtube did rec him to me and I've been binge watching the two of you for several days while playing the video game 'pokemon'

  59. Jack Prince

    Jack Prince2 måneder siden

    I found danny from watching those troom troom videos

  60. jargo jr

    jargo jr2 måneder siden

    Why is Zayn Malik on the... k

  61. Na Sto

    Na Sto2 måneder siden

    That hair tho.


    ÏŞHTĀÄŘ2 måneder siden

    Dear Drew! 9:46 I found your channel thanks to video on Friends tv show commentary, later I saw the video on contemporary situation in comedy. I liked it alot! Many good points there Please consider making commentary on comedy in future

  63. aleister crowley

    aleister crowley2 måneder siden

    i've wathed all your videos over dozens of times but i've never watched this one because i thought it was going to be a serious fucking tutorial and im really bored and decided to watch it i hate myself so much for thinking youd ever upload something serious on this channel

  64. Jaxinofree

    Jaxinofree2 måneder siden

    I’m shitting while watching this video

  65. Madison Frank

    Madison Frank2 måneder siden

    i'm a leo

  66. Rea Keebz

    Rea Keebz2 måneder siden

    instructions unclear. turned zayn malik into a book.

  67. Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname

    Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname2 måneder siden

    Typing "#sp" instead of "#ad" or "#sponsored" is kinda scummy. "#ad" uses the same amount of characters and a lot of people won't know what "sp" means, defeating the purpose of requiring the tag in the first place, which is to make it clear that it is a sponsored post. Also why are you using the terrible post-Win7 version of Paint instead of the older Vista-or-prior version?

  68. Jacie And Madi show

    Jacie And Madi show2 måneder siden

    who’s here when he has 1.76 million

  69. Prachika DM

    Prachika DM2 måneder siden

    *title* 5000 subscriber special *what I see* 1.76M subs

  70. ChelosWorld

    ChelosWorld2 måneder siden

    Peep that maplestory

  71. Megan Ezell

    Megan Ezell3 måneder siden