Morty Resets His Life | Rick and Morty | adult swim

The season finale of Rick and Morty is this Sunday, May 24 at 11:30pm ET/PT.
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  1. 29Tries

    29Tries4 timer siden

    fucking Jerry

  2. valen varese

    valen varese4 timer siden

    F*** Jerry >:o

  3. jutubowe konto

    jutubowe konto4 timer siden


  4. pawlak

    pawlak4 timer siden


  5. Itay Shney Dor

    Itay Shney Dor4 timer siden

    My favorite episode from the 5 episodes until now.

  6. Wombat

    Wombat5 timer siden

    Jerry is the most important character in Rick and Morty don't @ me

  7. The Seeker

    The Seeker5 timer siden


  8. TOP NEO

    TOP NEO5 timer siden

    Stupid Jerry

  9. Bob

    Bob5 timer siden

    This show has dealt me some blows before but it never broke me until now

  10. Depresito

    Depresito5 timer siden

    Finally awake

  11. Samxel

    Samxel5 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">00:00</a> moe's

  12. Jevon 0

    Jevon 05 timer siden


  13. Suduri

    Suduri5 timer siden

    Lmfao, imagine if that was the Evil Morty trying to get revenge from Rick after ruining a perfect relationship and making him kill himself in different Dimensions

  14. nihnaz05

    nihnaz055 timer siden

    I haven't seen this on hulu

  15. Pablo Carvalho

    Pablo Carvalho5 timer siden


  16. Comic Jim Bruce

    Comic Jim Bruce5 timer siden

    Moe's tavern again. Awesome.

  17. timer siden

    the part where he was pressing the phone with his finger and it came apart made me feel queasy

  18. Euri Dancel

    Euri Dancel5 timer siden


  19. Frank Li

    Frank Li5 timer siden

    ohhhhhhh- good old jerry

  20. Ashlee Castro

    Ashlee Castro5 timer siden

    That chick was literally Candy from gravity falls 😳

  21. Daniele Orlando

    Daniele Orlando5 timer siden

    Never reset your life

  22. Dylan Slender

    Dylan Slender5 timer siden

    Damn it Jerry🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  23. RS summers

    RS summers5 timer siden

    This makes me wanna die😭😭

  24. Emiliano Daniel Arriola

    Emiliano Daniel Arriola5 timer siden


  25. Diogo Almeida

    Diogo Almeida5 timer siden

    This gave some Roy's vibes but more emotional

  26. The Movie Mania

    The Movie Mania5 timer siden

    Man I hate Jerry....

  27. Hunter Wilkinson

    Hunter Wilkinson5 timer siden

    Working super hard on a word document just to have your computer go flat without saving it

  28. LJV2

    LJV25 timer siden

    This makes me hate Marty’s Dad even more

  29. Gandalf McDumbledore

    Gandalf McDumbledore5 timer siden

    Goddamit Jerry you used to be my favourite character

  30. Filip Pavković

    Filip Pavković5 timer siden

    Anybody know the melody/song?

  31. Fey __

    Fey __6 timer siden


  32. جارمين كيل

    جارمين كيل6 timer siden

    Leave it to Jerry to always ruin everything.

  33. master burger_s

    master burger_s6 timer siden

    When you have dream about bein in relation ship with sexy bitch and then yo wake up 😊😭😭

  34. The Quiet Kid

    The Quiet Kid6 timer siden

    Brooo the whole show would be better off without that braindead Jerry

  35. REDDIT Lover69

    REDDIT Lover696 timer siden

    You are all so quick to blame jerry for this, morty is the one that fucked it up by not saving more often haha

  36. Jonathon Julien

    Jonathon Julien6 timer siden

    I'm so sad

  37. Jonathon Julien

    Jonathon Julien6 timer siden

    Bro noooooooooo

  38. Betterthanyou _E

    Betterthanyou _E6 timer siden

    FUCK SAKE JERRY🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  39. Tesco Robinson

    Tesco Robinson6 timer siden

    This scene made me laugh the hardest I'd laughed at anything this whole season

  40. Tom Walker

    Tom Walker6 timer siden

    Classic Jerry

  41. Little Sapphire

    Little Sapphire6 timer siden

    *F**** *YOU JERRY!!*

  42. Adrian Bojorquez

    Adrian Bojorquez6 timer siden

    Fuck Jerry all my homies hate Jerry

  43. Hannah Summers

    Hannah Summers6 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> plane scene reminded me of Final Destination. Thought Morty was gonna cheat death.

  44. Adam Coughlin

    Adam Coughlin6 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="232">3:52</a> Bad Jerry bad.

  45. Hannah Summers

    Hannah Summers6 timer siden

    Jerry ruins everything. Rick's right. Fuck him.

  46. lt2 prs

    lt2 prs6 timer siden

    F5 F9

  47. LiLMJ29

    LiLMJ296 timer siden

    This was a real life event tho damn

  48. Aaron

    Aaron6 timer siden

    is it just me or is there a southpark easter egg in here? (the hats of the other 2 survivors)

  49. Станислав Каменский

    Станислав Каменский6 timer siden

    this hurts so much

  50. Дима Васильченко

    Дима Васильченко6 timer siden


  51. kaz5150619

    kaz51506196 timer siden

    Makes u hate Jerry sooooo much

  52. Norp _

    Norp _6 timer siden

    Morties Frost Bitten finger on the phone is the worst thing I have seen

  53. Kira Necromancer

    Kira Necromancer6 timer siden

    Its truly made in heaven

  54. Chimeng Lee

    Chimeng Lee6 timer siden

    i feel bad for morty

  55. Nulli

    Nulli7 timer siden


  56. Pepe The frog

    Pepe The frog7 timer siden

    It reminds me re : zero

  57. Pi3c3Of Sh1t

    Pi3c3Of Sh1t7 timer siden

    I’ve always felt sorry for jerry....Not anymore

  58. Pinguino del Rio

    Pinguino del Rio7 timer siden

    Watching this again after knowing what happens, it’s kind of hilarious to know that somewhere in the multiverse, a Morty died just so our Morty can get a second chance at catching a cheese puff in his mouth.

  59. Poll Pollo

    Poll Pollo7 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="233">3:53</a> Poor morty

  60. Hikari Naru

    Hikari Naru7 timer siden

    Why, actually why. I hate it. Morty deserves better than this.

  61. PeugeotStuff

    PeugeotStuff7 timer siden

    I feel like the whole silent sequence is a nod to the intro of Up

  62. Just Your random cat

    Just Your random cat7 timer siden


  63. Daxter1024

    Daxter10247 timer siden

    I usually hate making theories for this show, but could this be why there's an Evil Morty? I'm sure there's hundreds of events that could've caused Morty to snap in life but this one seems like a pretty justifiable reason for going dark, not to mention the damage to his eyes at the end.

  64. Tim Campbell

    Tim Campbell7 timer siden

    * manages to go several months without triggering the save button, even in an airplane crash where his bag gets thrashed around a cabin. *falls onto ass and instantly saves.

  65. Silver Dicks

    Silver Dicks7 timer siden

    Doblaje al castellano ya!!!! No hay quien entienda rick y morty subtitulado de mala manera, gracias, yo personalmente no voy a ver ningún capitulo de los nuevos hasta que haya doblaje, vaya F eso de andar grabando los doblajes en el ultimo momento.

  66. Paluchini 4

    Paluchini 47 timer siden

    This is beautiful...

  67. Weird M Amir

    Weird M Amir7 timer siden

    Alive 1993

  68. Sphɛl

    Sphɛl7 timer siden

    And that's why you always save your game

  69. Ozzysyn

    Ozzysyn7 timer siden

    Fun fact: this isnt a fun fact i just fucking hate jerry more somehow now

  70. Synux

    Synux7 timer siden


  71. Digital_Mask

    Digital_Mask7 timer siden

    What makes it worse is the fact that there were so many consequences to this morty killed multiple Morty’s Hundreds maybe thousands

  72. -tan s

    -tan s7 timer siden


  73. Кузембаев Нурсултан

    Кузембаев Нурсултан8 timer siden


  74. ZoomS

    ZoomS8 timer siden

    Jerry you piece of shit goddammit!

  75. Alexander

    Alexander8 timer siden

    Fuck you Jerry

  76. LennyTheGoat

    LennyTheGoat8 timer siden

    Isn't the plane crash a reference to the tragic plane crash where a soccer team was stranded on snowy mountains?

  77. ZoomS

    ZoomS8 timer siden

    Why? WHy? WHY?

  78. Beatrice

    Beatrice8 timer siden

    flowey when he get determination

  79. Absolution

    Absolution8 timer siden

    Should've saved

  80. Ocean Ko

    Ocean Ko8 timer siden

    okay but the plane crash is based on a true story and its really sad 😩🤧