MotorWeek | Retro Review: '93 Acura Legend Coupe

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  1. Choo Choo MotherTrucker

    Choo Choo MotherTrucker11 dager siden

    One of my favorite car when I was a teenager

  2. Tony Martins

    Tony Martins16 dager siden

    Growin up in Newy York in the 90s, this used to be the dope boy car. Uniform was baggy jeans, timberlands, tommy or carmouflag jacket. Acura legend or LS 400 for the money making ones. They used to down south to the carolina’s or Virginia to buy these cars. I wanted to be them so bad but my pops had a different idea. Forced me into the army and the rest is history. Still got a LS450 and loving it though.

  3. Derek Dreke

    Derek DrekeMåned siden

    Had one of these at the garage super rare 6 spd as well what a car

  4. Chris Cornelius

    Chris CorneliusMåned siden

    That interior is beautiful

  5. TargetRender

    TargetRender2 måneder siden

    MotorWeek ‘93: The last year MotorWeek had the year number in the title.

  6. John Drake

    John Drake3 måneder siden

    Why would they compare the Legend to the SC? They're not in the same class.

  7. John Drake

    John Drake3 måneder siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="163">2:43</a>. Compared to a Ford Torino, that's a lot of leaning for a car built for luxury not performance.

  8. VinceThe1

    VinceThe13 måneder siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="175">2:55</a> When 215 section width tires were considered "fat" :D

  9. HiPlains1

    HiPlains13 måneder siden

    This looks better then a brand new honda/acura. For me, the design language for Honda went down the toilet shortly after this car was made. Love the early nineties honda.

  10. Venelin Keremedchiev

    Venelin Keremedchiev5 måneder siden

    This car looks great even in 2019

  11. kemicala

    kemicala7 måneder siden

    this 93 was my first car, in gray with the metallic flakes. started my passion for autos. I miss it so much but it definitely isn't a low maintenance vehicle. loved the smell it made burning premium gas too.

  12. 1keykneedeep

    1keykneedeep7 måneder siden

    Thats a beautiful car. Easily more attractive than todays pickings.

  13. mack cummy

    mack cummy7 måneder siden


  14. FerrariCarr

    FerrariCarr8 måneder siden

    I thought these were attractive in some angles, but at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="215">3:35</a>, I can’t stand that slab-sided area by the trunk, which is enhanced by how long the car is. Just an odd area of negative space.

  15. Dreamy

    Dreamy8 måneder siden

    Back when Acura and Lexus easily built a fan base off of strong reliable and affordable cars that can the down audi and benz. Then they started comparing to Infiniti and Cadillac and it all went down hill

  16. Skyward 687

    Skyward 6878 måneder siden

    Wow GSR is faster


    IBU OR UBME8 måneder siden

    Acura legend 6spd, soft close doors, type ll engine. Rare car to find now

  18. Doublevanoz

    Doublevanoz8 måneder siden

    Comfy looking seats

  19. Darnell Hendeason

    Darnell Hendeason9 måneder siden

    Honda was stupid to retire the Legend name! ...93 coup was the best looking car of the 90's!

  20. Corbin Greiner

    Corbin Greiner10 måneder siden

    Back when I was a YUPI I bought this when I couldn't get a loan for an NSX. I was fun, but I will always regret not holding out for an NSX


    SPECTRE10 måneder siden

    Man a 6 speed 2 door Legend. Thats unicorn Territory

  22. Renzo Gracies BrokenArm

    Renzo Gracies BrokenArm10 måneder siden

    Should have been RWD

  23. The Boogeyman

    The Boogeyman10 måneder siden

    One of my dream cars

  24. Vekurus

    Vekurus10 måneder siden

    The coupe is still a sexy beast!

  25. Floyd McCarty

    Floyd McCartyÅr siden

    It is a shame that Acura hardly supports parts availability for cars of this era. With the exception of someone who is a famous. I have a Vigor 1992 a great hush hush hint to Acura’s future vehicles. Alas the end of an era and the future is BLAH BLAND AT BEST. ACURA HAD SOMETHING NO ONE ELSE HAD, SELF IMPOSED STYLE! Even their sales technique displays a arrogance that lends to lack of interest. They look like everyone else alpha numeric titles that describe nothing. Nothing ALPHA ABOUT ACURA AT ALL. Its like they lost their soul VIGOROUSLY WITH LEGENDARY ALOOFNESS TO THEMSELVES.

  26. M MILNER

    M MILNERÅr siden

    I would love to see the Vigor review!

  27. Langolier

    LangolierÅr siden

    Car and Driver's verdict on this car was; "A decaf, but a very good decaf"

  28. HoldMyBeer76

    HoldMyBeer76År siden

    Wow! Much slower than the 1993 Honda Prelude with only 190 horsepower.

  29. mack cummy

    mack cummy7 måneder siden

    more weight and bigger gear ratios

  30. Marcus Mizerak

    Marcus MizerakÅr siden

    I miss these cars. My brother had a red 4 door, manual. The smell of the leather was lovely and felt like I was riding on a cloud, so smooth and power always on tap. Surely one of my favorite cars growing up. I've been in the coupe and was a bit faster but either choice is great. Can't find an Acura Vigor yet though 5cyl!

  31. Famicom Nintendo

    Famicom NintendoÅr siden

    Now I know where my RLX got it's inspiration from. Soo niicee!!! I'm drooling!

  32. Rat Lives Matter

    Rat Lives MatterÅr siden

    After the Legend Acura turned into idiocracy Spaceshipcura

  33. Nicolas Perez

    Nicolas PerezÅr siden

    What kind of rims r those

  34. TheGrumpy Diabetic

    TheGrumpy DiabeticÅr siden

    I miss my TypeII

  35. Takeo Mack

    Takeo MackÅr siden


  36. WK J

    WK JÅr siden

    Wow he was orange even back in 1993!

  37. night rider

    night riderÅr siden

    But does it have a 2jz??

  38. Танкист Disilberg

    Танкист DisilbergÅr siden


  39. williamfswann

    williamfswannÅr siden

    My father-N-Law had the 1991 version and he had almost 300,000 trouble free miles when he sold it to someone else, very well made cars.

  40. orituhkguyjmnrmnht

    orituhkguyjmnrmnhtÅr siden

    The Acura Legend COUP

  41. Chris Skelton

    Chris SkeltonÅr siden

    7.2 seconds 0-60 is really good for '93

  42. James Curle

    James CurleÅr siden

    You guys need to drive a TLX

  43. Ken Adams

    Ken AdamsÅr siden

    That back is beautiful

  44. japanwatchconnection

    japanwatchconnectionÅr siden

    The decline of Acura started the minute they discontinued the Legend sedan and coupe in 1996. The lame RL sedan that came after it and all their fail attempts at a flagship sedan after that,still haunts them 22+ years later. Another cardinal sin of Honda/Acura was their refusal to build a proper RWD platform architecture and offer a V8 engine.

  45. eurosonly

    eurosonlyÅr siden

    Sponsored by die hard....lmao

  46. Nick Babeaux

    Nick BabeauxÅr siden

    I inherited this car for my dad and even at 20 years old I'd beat the hell out of it and it kept on going. The 4-speed automatic was pretty smooth until you jumped on it and the shifts were pretty harsh as well as the torque steer. Surprisingly though it did end up having a blown head gasket and the $1,800 to fix it was not justifiable when we had several other newer cars that were a little safer but I tell you the soft-close doors work perfectly even at 20 years old LOL

  47. sertyuhg

    sertyuhgÅr siden

    That was when Acura was desirable

  48. Antares NaE

    Antares NaEÅr siden

    I wonder if she handles her husband's penis as roughly as she did that manual gear shifter. Poor guy.

  49. Robert D.

    Robert D.År siden

    This car was definitely an aspirational car. I am and have been a long term, since 1992, Honda product owner. Both Acura and Honda seem to have lost their way since Mr. Honda passed in 1991. I have nearly no doubt that the bean counters and marketing specialists took over and do not allow for much innovation and that dried up the passion. Just look at their line up. A bunch of me-too products. My 2012 Accord Coupe V6 is a me-too car and probably my last Honda. Has it been reliable? Yes. But it has its share of minor problems and annoyances that my early 90s cars never had. Just looking back at this Legend coupe has me yearning for that time again, when Honda was a leader. What a beautiful car.

  50. 10272k9 140

    10272k9 140År siden

    If any you guys still watch this I'm selling a 1993 Acura legend with the type ll motor and 6 speed here in Minnesota

  51. Tommy Cruz

    Tommy CruzÅr siden

    There's a '91 two door automatic with 106k miles in my town for $3600 and it's a very clean black on black all stock example. I already have a '92 Lexus SC400 that is constantly needing love! I'll probably pass... But maybe not

  52. Tornado Of Souls

    Tornado Of SoulsÅr siden

    Too bad Honda was so freaking conservative. A V8 was needed badly

  53. Fields 1

    Fields 1År siden

    So many of my friends and family are in the graveyard right now trying to get this car back in the day... RIP

  54. RoyalOceanRWB

    RoyalOceanRWBÅr siden

    Lexus SC is better in every way

  55. ZildjianGuy Man

    ZildjianGuy ManÅr siden

    A car with a 6 spd manual in 1993 had to be very unusual.

  56. MilkTrafficker

    MilkTrafficker2 år siden

    Elegant car (much nicer than today's Acuras) but it costed the same as a BMW 5 Series. Get real, Acuras are good but they are not BMWs. Back then the only brands that compared to BMW, safety and quality-wise, were Volvo and Mercedes-Benz.

  57. japanwatchconnection

    japanwatchconnectionÅr siden

    MilkTrafficker An E34 BMW 5 Series 525 would have been my choice at the time.

  58. TheAce86

    TheAce862 år siden

    I'm always surprised how good these cars look in reality. They do look much better up close than in videos.

  59. Ja Lee

    Ja Lee2 år siden

    15.5@93mph? Thats a 14.9 second worthy mph trap speed if the guy knew how to launch.

  60. Shit Stain

    Shit Stain2 år siden

    shXtcan the latest failed RL (X) and bring in an all new rear wheel drive Acura Legend and make sure it earns the name! Then, Acura can begin thinking about an all new Integra to challenge the upcoming Supra..

  61. Jay Burris

    Jay Burris2 år siden

    What do you need a volt meter and oil pressure gauge for???

  62. Ben W

    Ben W2 år siden

    Wow that body roll

  63. Rhoan Campbell

    Rhoan CampbellÅr siden

    Acura should resurrect the 94 legend body style, that car looks so damn good.

  64. travisp11

    travisp112 år siden

    I wonder if the Acura Vigor was ever covered by MotorWeek?

  65. Jay YouTube

    Jay YouTube2 år siden

    I kick myself in the ass for selling mine.. But I didn't wanna shell out the $ to replace the timing belt at the time, so I sold it... It was a great car..

  66. deephouse O

    deephouse O2 år siden

    What a beautiful car, has aged really well. I had a 91 L Midnight blue... miss that car looking at this vid.

  67. Jorge Lopez

    Jorge Lopez2 år siden

    Imagine if Acura could reproduce cars from the 90s and leave them the way they were, I bet they would sell a lot of them as long as they don't overprice them, I myself wouldn't mind buying a new 1994 Acura integra gsr sedan

  68. japanwatchconnection

    japanwatchconnectionÅr siden

    Jorge Lopez none would meet today’s safety standards. And no one would buy them in absence of tech toys and infotainment systems. These cars were simply glorified Accords. You could drive an Accord EX and a Legend back to back and feel little difference between the two.

  69. Jorge Lopez

    Jorge Lopez2 år siden

    Rumor has it that motorweek is still waiting for a volt and oil pressure meter for this car

  70. landyachtfan79

    landyachtfan792 år siden

    I'd love to see the first gen '87.

  71. Nick Babeaux

    Nick Babeaux2 år siden

    Had this exact car when I was a kid!! Very reliable, everything worked until it needed a new top end at 140k. Loved the automatic soft close doors!!!

  72. Mario Torrez Quant

    Mario Torrez Quant2 år siden

    Can you do the Vigor test? Tks!

  73. Kevron Harris

    Kevron Harris2 år siden

    These Acura Legend coupes still looks attractive to this day! Man, I want one right now...

  74. chieftp

    chieftp2 år siden

    front wheel drive? nah, I'll pass.

  75. Cary Sledge

    Cary Sledge2 år siden

    Honda does everything well, but nothing extraordinary.

  76. LEFTY LoCo

    LEFTY LoCo2 år siden

    The legend is beautiful! If it was rwd it would've slayed the competition

  77. crombie92

    crombie922 år siden

    $37,000 for that piece of shit, i would rather get a supra

  78. Mr. Cayote 5.0

    Mr. Cayote 5.02 år siden

    today Acura's looks like it's made with cheap plastic. The front grill is hideous!!! Watching these retro reviews reminds me that all car companies are boring. All cars look alike and nothing exciting. It's like the cellphone evolution, all phones look alike, when we had flip phones there were some cool design, but not anymore.

  79. Bo Han

    Bo Han2 år siden

    Acura has sure came a long way.....going downhill

  80. Trudeau da fraud

    Trudeau da fraud2 år siden

    this was cool. sweet car. they don't have any nice models like this now.

  81. Robby D’s garage

    Robby D’s garage2 år siden

    I've never seen one of these with a manual transmission hmm🤔

  82. Suave House

    Suave House2 år siden

    I remember Grampa pulled up in a brand new 1996 Legend sedan he was the man lol 😂

  83. Samthebam4044

    Samthebam40442 år siden

    What a belter of a car. Though the car seems to jerk and judder at the back and nose dive abit with every gear change you can see it. Either a bad gear change time or the gearbox linkage is jerky I dunno the gearstick sounds abit clunky.

  84. NeATaNDtURdy

    NeATaNDtURdy2 år siden

    the taillights does not belong to the car at all