Mr. Plinkett's Star Trek Picard Review

Mr. Plinkett's review of Star Trek Picard is here! And it's way too long! But who cares? What else are you going to do during an endless pandemic? Also, how many nails can they finally put into the Star Trek coffin!? Well, Star Trek Picard is another one!


  1. Dries du Preez

    Dries du Preez2 timer siden

    Thanks for making this. It was a necessary discomfort

  2. Nick Sam

    Nick Sam3 timer siden

    Wtf writing. Damaging quality characters. So what's happening in 'the current future', Picards sad and depressed hiding at home, Hugh;s murdered, Sevens' a terrorist, Rafis' a drunk, druggie, bad mom, the sword Romulan does nothing, the hyper independent and want Humans help? The might Fed's said no?

  3. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies3 timer siden

    Yeah, The Critical Drinker already tore a new asshole for this shit to drop out of. And it stinks! Funny that: Shit stinking. I tried to watch it, but after just a fewe minutes The Unbelievably Massive Chin convinced me not to watch any more.

  4. Bowen Orcutt

    Bowen Orcutt3 timer siden

    So, for those who've seen it, is it better or worse than the Star Wars sequels? I'd argue that the sequels did at least TRY to keep to the spirit of the franchise, regardless of the... "iffy" execution.

  5. AcidGlow

    AcidGlow3 timer siden

    *Star Trek - Dog Full Movie* Please make this happen. ✅😀

  6. Richard Bagshaw

    Richard Bagshaw4 timer siden

    Negative, miserable and pointless. That's my review of this review, not Picard, which is actually pretty good.

  7. Shane Broussard

    Shane Broussard5 timer siden

    Admiral Fuck-Face is the best.

  8. Skeleton Wizard

    Skeleton Wizard5 timer siden

    Me: Death of the Author is the only truth. We should be able to completely separate art from it's creators and participants. Also Me: Hearing Patrick Stewart say he didn't want to be in a uniform is a bit like hearing George Washington say he only created America to dodge some over-due taxes. It doesn't, like, change the good that was done but jesus it hurts for some reason.

  9. Cheezy Chez

    Cheezy Chez6 timer siden


  10. Cheezy Chez

    Cheezy Chez7 timer siden

    Wow, they pulled the doppelganger of the OG character switch again. They did it with O'Brien, Harry Kim, and now Picard himself. What a nightmare. "Yeah it's basically the same person but not really?" Is it even the same character anymore at that point?

  11. Rainer Zellmer

    Rainer Zellmer7 timer siden

    Star Trek: Discovery is definitly stupid shit. Dump Characters and lazy writing. But in the couse of Star Trek Picard it seems to me like an old man says: Everything was better bevore and even a llittle bit like Haters gona hate. Just remember similar things people said about Enterprise and it took years till it was acceptet in the Fanbase. A bit also it was the same with Voyager. At least the first seasons a not so minor part of the fans hatet a woman as Captain. I bet in a few Years from now Discory stay the unloved part of Star Trek but Picard will be a Classic. Ill also remember my Mother hatet everything from the next Generation onwards. Maybe she was a little in love with Kirk ;-)

  12. Peter DeRosa

    Peter DeRosa7 timer siden

    God this show is such trash, thank you Red Letter for pointing out the bullshit of Kurtzman trek

  13. discman15

    discman157 timer siden

    Am I the only one thinking Plinkett used to be a lot funnier?

  14. mastrtonberry2

    mastrtonberry27 timer siden

    He didn't have all the gags in this one like he did for his Star Wars reviews

  15. S9

    S97 timer siden

    "EnGAYge" - diet coke sprays over keyboard

  16. Valkyrie Sardo

    Valkyrie Sardo8 timer siden

    Time to get out of Dahj.

  17. Steve Crompton

    Steve Crompton8 timer siden

    I know they've announced it, but I doubt we will ever see season 2 of this mess of a series...

  18. ian bodine

    ian bodine9 timer siden

    After trying to watch Discovery, Picard actually seemed ok by comparison. Wish we could get someone who's actually interested in Star Trek in charge of a show.

  19. Charles Mouse

    Charles Mouse9 timer siden

    Awesome, just awesome... and bang-on.

  20. deathsdoor07

    deathsdoor079 timer siden

    You had me and then lost me with random villain bulldozes Picard's vineyard to build a bigger vineyard. Then you got me got me back with Q.

  21. Mike W. Rogers

    Mike W. Rogers10 timer siden

    You won me at anal glands

  22. Radio Free Santa Barbara

    Radio Free Santa Barbara10 timer siden

    This was beautiful. Thanks for making it.

  23. mart6788

    mart678810 timer siden

    Admiral fuckface! hahahahaha

  24. civandalic

    civandalic10 timer siden

    Niel Breen's Star Trek.

  25. Philoe Beddo

    Philoe Beddo11 timer siden

    It’s ‘by’ accident,not ‘on’ accident.Apologies for being a petty prick RLM👍🏻

  26. tele vision

    tele vision11 timer siden

    Patrick Stewart has shown himself to be far inferior to the character he played.

  27. Jack Flank

    Jack Flank11 timer siden

    Did Patrick Stewart actually say that he might be dead if it wearn't for STNG?

  28. Eric Robertson

    Eric Robertson12 timer siden

    I got the REAL FEELZ watching this, which is more than I can say for any of the secret hideout productions.

  29. David Wood

    David Wood12 timer siden

    I love you, Mike Stoklasa. You are amazing.

  30. Peter Ainsworth

    Peter Ainsworth13 timer siden

    Patrick Stewart's egomania killed Picard.

  31. mastrtonberry2

    mastrtonberry27 timer siden


  32. neutralentr0py

    neutralentr0py13 timer siden

    got to admit I never made it through the whole thing. i watched a couple of stints of three episodes each because 1. they felt like enough story in three episodes to make an actual episode and 2. it never felt like appointment tv, it was an utter chore to watch and every once in a while there would be a bunch more saved up. So I was thinking to myself that I'd given it all the chance it deserved and then some committing to the first few episodes and it was boring and badly written. I ended up just not getting round to the rest for like a month, then it got longer and I just realised why bother?

  33. Peter Ainsworth

    Peter Ainsworth14 timer siden

    After two years of Discovery and now this my goodwill has finally been exhausted. I don't care what they're saying about 'Strange New Worlds'. If any of the hacks involved with the previous shows are behind SNW I won't be bothering to watch.

  34. TheFireflyGuy

    TheFireflyGuy14 timer siden

    I love both Star Trek and Star Wars - but do you know what really pisses me off about the dynamic of each right now? Star Wars fans complain as loudly as they can that the new movies AREN’T STAR WARS and that Disney has ruined the franchise. Really? From what I can see the movies still at least FEEL like Star Wars (y’know the music, characters, setting, action, effects and universe), not to mention you have numerous video games that are great, tv shows like The Mandalorian and Clone Wars and plenty more content that keeps the original vision alive. Star TREK seriously if I have to hear one more whiny man baby complain about Luke Skywalker 🤦‍♂️ just LOOK at what they did to Picard!? In TLJ they at least TRY to explain Luke’s actions and how his sense of hope was pretty much destroyed by a series of unfortunate events and mistakes. What happened to Picard? We literally see him like a year after the events of Nemesis and he’s just not the same guy. I mean yeah the show itself sucks and pretty much gets EVERYTHING wrong but fuck me could we not at least enjoy the characters we used to watch and love? Let’s look at the content Star Trek has been getting for the past 10-12 years shall we? Started with a series of movies that, while pretty decent for the most part, feel far more like Star Wars than anything else. Then we finally got more tv content in the shape of Discovery and, while I personally like it, that clearly split the fandom in half as it’s not particularly similar to what came before. Now Picard - a show that for all intents and purposes has shit all over the legacy of TNG and pretty much every other Star Trek show of the time. On all fronts it insults what came before and it does it unapologetically. Star Wars fans - you’re sad that some of the movies went places you didn’t want them to? That must suck. Try being a Star Trek fan - then you’ll know what real disappointment feels like.


    OPERATION SKY PEBBLES14 timer siden

    This was an absolute frickin masterpiece, and no I’m not a Kurtzman induced Russian bot. Your exposition had all the feels. Sorry couldn’t resist. I am now subscribed to your Channel, and am glad that Gary at Nerdrotic recommended you and this video. Thanks for all the immense time and effort in putting this all together. In hindsight I regret spending thousands of $ in toys and magazines for ST: TNG and spending half a grand for tickets to Holodiction 92 at The Gazebo Hotel in Sydney. Long live The Expanse and The Orville, and Shari Redstone please put us out of this misery and sell this train wreck to Seth MacFarlane. Ja’loja.

  36. Leo Laster

    Leo Laster15 timer siden

    that sex toy is the key to all this

  37. Sensei McCall

    Sensei McCall15 timer siden

    I truly hope the producers and directors of STD and PICARD watch this review. They may just actually learn something. Thanks for all your hard work putting this together.

  38. nxreliant1864

    nxreliant186415 timer siden

    They don’t need to watch it. They blatantly admitted what they are doing and why they are doing it. Fans want optimism but they are liberal progressives that are butthurt and want to show us that things can’t be optimistic bc the world is turning “to the right.”. They also feel any white hero character needs to be humbled bc of their privileges. Read what they write. Listen to their explanations. Watch their interviews. They are purposely doing these things to rebel and they don’t care how much they alienate the fans. It’s insanity. It’s not only Trek. It’s many franchises. It’s a movement that’s infected Hollywood. Talk about batshit crazy.

  39. Volbla

    Volbla15 timer siden

    Who in the world wrote the yum yum line? Because i hate them.

  40. My.Digital.Platform

    My.Digital.Platform15 timer siden

    Honest question: Does RLM offer professional script coverage service?

  41. Larchleaf

    Larchleaf16 timer siden

    The last few minutes of this are so horrible and graphic, I couldn't finish watching...and the few minutes before that were so uplifting and inspiring that I had a little tear in my eye...perfect summing up of the contrast between the real thing and the pathetic reinvention, Mr Plinkett - thanks!

  42. Peteruspl

    Peteruspl17 timer siden

    4 hack writing process: 1. Pick winners and loser from the get go. 2. Go over their color, sex, sexual preferences so right amount of demographics get dissed and right amount of different demographics get cheered. 3. Choose as a theme one of the vast complex unending quandaries like "mortality itself" or "limits of humanity" that requires deep and focused thinking to even try and do it justice. 4. Fill it up with stupid action scenes, or disjointed character actions. Don't fret to much about developing the theme or logical progression! Just rush this b ch through from point to point. What matters is smug moments for your pets and embarrassing scenes for the foils!

  43. my dude

    my dude18 timer siden

    cancelling CBS subscription was the cream on top of the cherry

  44. Owen F

    Owen F18 timer siden

    It's kind of hilarious Mike paid to see this. I haven't paid for media since 1996, and before then I just stole CDs and snuck into movie theaters.

  45. The Amused

    The Amused14 timer siden

    I still sneak into the movies...

  46. Lernaean Hydra

    Lernaean Hydra18 timer siden

    Kinda a sign of the laziness of movies/shows these days that Star Wars ep IX had copy paste star destroyers for its big bag fleet except for one ship and Star Trek had copy paste ships for both its fleets except for the one Romulan command ship.

  47. Army of The 12 Monkeys

    Army of The 12 Monkeys18 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1280">21:20</a>

  48. Owen F

    Owen F18 timer siden

    This reminds me of how mad I was when JJ put humans in a TIE fighter with no life support, and then tried to lie about them having life support after the fucking movie came out. Mike didn't catch that one, but I don't blame him because clearly he's a Trecker. After I caught it, and pointed it out, all these young fan kids were like "that wasn't canon." It's not about canon, it's about continuity.

  49. Simon Lynch

    Simon Lynch18 timer siden

    "Actors are generally unncreative people for the most part, I mean there are some exceptions." - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">01:23</a>:20 Previously... "Actors are creative people too. They can provide valuable insight on the characters and a lot of really good ideas." - Plinkett, TPM review, part 7, from 6th minute

  50. DevMag 52

    DevMag 5215 timer siden

    What he meant was THESE actors. 😂😂😂 And he’d be correct

  51. Adrian sutton

    Adrian sutton18 timer siden

    I haven't seen something get so completely destroyed like this before. Mr.Plinkett Laid waste to this shows integrity and left any sense of artistry the creators tried to convey in absolute ruin.

  52. Stephen Shoihet

    Stephen Shoihet19 timer siden

    what a mess.

  53. Doodle Books

    Doodle Books20 timer siden

    I started watching Futureman on Hulu. It's really good. There's 3 seasons.

  54. Stephen Moore

    Stephen Moore20 timer siden

    Alex Kurtzman should be charged with crimes against creativity! I was astounded when Disney did the impossible and destroyed the economic viability of Star Wars, by the time we got to Star Trek being ruined, I had full faith that anything was truly possible!

  55. dyuloose

    dyuloose20 timer siden

    god helps us all, if you exist.

  56. Mark Lechman

    Mark Lechman20 timer siden

    For the first 37 minutes of this video I thought you were saying synth band. Makes way more sense now.

  57. Tim Day

    Tim Day20 timer siden

    Shill Wheaton

  58. MrSuckeragi

    MrSuckeragi20 timer siden

    Finally I can know what this shit show was all about.

  59. waverly2468

    waverly246821 time siden

    A long time ago they said if you want to kill a show then put in on ABC. Now if you want to kill a franchise give it to JJ Abrams or Alex Kurtzman.

  60. Joshua R. Poulson

    Joshua R. Poulson22 timer siden

    This review was more entertaining and heart-wrenching than Discovery and Picard combined.

  61. WARRI0R-P0ET

    WARRI0R-P0ETDag siden

    I got goosebumps at the end with the montage of all the Captains from TOS to ENT then immediately went numb with the montage of the new crap...

  62. Jose Juarez

    Jose JuarezDag siden

    This is brilliant! Picard is absolute junk. Turned it off after 15 minutes!

  63. HAWK stringfellow

    HAWK stringfellowDag siden

    DS9 WAS THE SHIT Plenty of action adventure with philosophy politics, but i will say i enjoy the battles but they need substance

  64. Derek Bozich

    Derek BozichDag siden

    Everytime he says soji I hear shoji and expect an Asian dude to come out playing a fiddle

  65. ZaZa 3rd

    ZaZa 3rdDag siden

    Picard deserved better.

  66. Matt Zarilla

    Matt ZarillaDag siden

    "Everyone worked hard on this." You may have worked hard on making a turd, but it's still a turd.

  67. kerr avon

    kerr avonDag siden

    The last five minutes broke my heart. I cant watch any star trek again ever.

  68. Andy

    AndyDag siden


  69. Jonathan Sotelo

    Jonathan SoteloDag siden

    Ah yes. "Powerful women" like powerful women who can storm into rooms of unarmed people and execute them with laser guns.

  70. Dead Drone

    Dead DroneDag siden

    This totally made my week! Here's hoping for a Plinkett rise of Skywalker review soon. Can't wait for him to tear that piece of s*** a new one!

  71. TheVargr

    TheVargrDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a>:48 He was such a cunt when he said this. This millionaire man badmouthed the British people for voting for Brexit then flew to LA to his mansion with a swimming pool. I lost all respect for him when he did that.

  72. Hiraghm

    HiraghmDag siden

    "what, they don't vet people in the 23rd century?" Uhhh... we don't vet people _now_ because of "diversity" and "quotas" and "xenophobia".

  73. David S

    David SDag siden

    Phenomenal piece of work, gentlemen. It presents the culmination of your writing and visual communication skills to date. As an original Star Trek and New Generation fan with a countless amount of dollars and emotional investment dedicated to the two shows’ “universes”, the last 5 minutes of this review brought tears to my eyes. Who would have thought a group of cold, calculating, pseudo-hipster and ideological trendy culture marauders would strip away the original shows’ very essences from Gene Roddenberry? And who would have thought one of the guilty party would be Patrick Stewart himself. Sheer f*cking hubris.

  74. Hiraghm

    HiraghmDag siden

    Actually, "stunning and brave" and original would be if Raffi rejected her son because he shacked up with member of another species.

  75. Hiraghm

    HiraghmDag siden

    Six minutes of bullshit before you get to talking about the real show.

  76. Hiraghm

    HiraghmDag siden

    Almost 8 minutes

  77. Phoenix Might

    Phoenix MightDag siden

    I still blame jj abrams star trek that changed it for the worse

  78. Dave McBeardface

    Dave McBeardfaceDag siden

    This show was such a POS

  79. Skip Toloo

    Skip TolooDag siden

    "Without Star Trek: The Next Generation, I might not be here." MIGHT NOT???

  80. tolstoy143

    tolstoy143Dag siden

    I don’t think that’s the right email address. I tried to send you an email but it came back undeliverable.

  81. Daniel Sitar

    Daniel SitarDag siden

    If you listen to the interviews with the show runners they use a lot of words but really dont say anything.

  82. informant09

    informant09Dag siden

    Why do you talk like that? Really annoying to listen to.

  83. NCR Ranger

    NCR RangerDag siden

    This is a literal episodic ripoff of Mass Effect 3 LMFAO!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂GASP😵😵😵LMFAO!😂😂😂😂😂

  84. Robbizoid

    RobbizoidDag siden

    They made this piece of crap was made for stupid millennials who don't know or care about Star Trek and Alex Klutzman must go. For God's sake, bring back Rick Berman... Yes, I went there. I'm so depressed, I'm heating some pizza rolls and watching real Star Trek!

  85. DevMag 52

    DevMag 5215 timer siden

    (Maybe it’s for those riot loving types. Yeah I went there)

  86. Eugene R

    Eugene R22 timer siden

    I never got the hatred for Berman. He made some mistakes ( personally I think nemesis is a travesty!) but he did a lot more good than bad.

  87. SkaerKrow

    SkaerKrowDag siden

    That final sequence is damning enough to make Kurtzman’s handling of the franchise seem legitimately criminal.

  88. Theresa the kid

    Theresa the kidDag siden

    I was so excited about this show. I am so disappointed.