MUKBANG FOOD that has gone TOO FAR Part 4

MUKBANG FOOD that has gone TOO FAR Part 4! So this is an asmr eating show with a LOT of food! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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  1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolf17 dager siden

    Mr krabs is that u? 🥺

  2. Antonio Lopez

    Antonio Lopez5 dager siden

    I think so

  3. Zaryn Alice Weber

    Zaryn Alice Weber5 dager siden

    Tis me 🦀

  4. 『Cielo Chu 可愛い』

    『Cielo Chu 可愛い』8 dager siden

    Y e s

  5. God's Home Casami Foundation

    God's Home Casami Foundation16 dager siden


  6. Tania Aranda

    Tania Aranda17 dager siden

    Literally I saw this comment when u guys were reacting to her eating a crab.

  7. Cassidi McCorvey

    Cassidi McCorvey3 minutter siden

    Crunchy nuggets and the lobster eww

  8. Abdulee Dbfb

    Abdulee Dbfb19 minutter siden

    Crunci ej sssniperholf who do you like jak Paul or ksi

  9. Noah Heddings

    Noah Heddings24 minutter siden

    I like soft and crunchy nuggets but crunchy a little bit more

  10. Amy Dilorenzo

    Amy Dilorenzo32 minutter siden

    One of the ice creams MOVED 😱

  11. Bridget Tzoy

    Bridget TzoyTime siden

    I'm not a soft chicken nuggets person

  12. Xxpinkiepunkxx Ł

    Xxpinkiepunkxx Ł2 timer siden

    Eww the so called pigs in blankets are maggets

  13. Matt Lin

    Matt Lin4 timer siden

    I only eat the nugget skin

  14. wrondergirl 058

    wrondergirl 0584 timer siden

    its larry the lobster

  15. Whitney Richmond

    Whitney Richmond7 timer siden

    It time for *dodod*reekid ya

  16. فهودي الانيق

    فهودي الانيق14 timer siden

    بس اذا انتي عراقية راح تفهمين تعليقي الهلهوله الي سويتها جميله 💋💋

  17. Wolfie Nate

    Wolfie Nate14 timer siden

    Who else wasn't thinking that that was corn??? lmao

  18. Agatha Lucas

    Agatha Lucas15 timer siden

    I don't have a preference for soft or hard nuggies, If there are nuggies on the plate I'm happy :3

  19. Pink Panda

    Pink Panda15 timer siden

    The girl eatting worms = she didnt even eat it DONT PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD..

  20. Becca Vine

    Becca Vine15 timer siden

    I watcht this like 6000 tines and it never gets old. 😊

  21. Ethan Miller

    Ethan Miller15 timer siden

    Crispy definitely love ur vids❤️

  22. {Łíł Tömbôÿ}

    {Łíł Tömbôÿ}16 timer siden

    I don’t like chicken nuggets but definitely crunchy tho

  23. sam turner

    sam turner17 timer siden

    Crunchy crunchy crunchy

  24. Ariza Valenzuela

    Ariza Valenzuela17 timer siden

    Who eats chicken nuggets with a fork.....??

  25. Xeno de GRIJZE

    Xeno de GRIJZE17 timer siden


  26. kyleeann johnson

    kyleeann johnson18 timer siden


  27. thunder gummy Hernandez

    thunder gummy Hernandez18 timer siden

    Next thing u know someone is gonna freeze a dead body and eat it 🤣🤣🤣

  28. Aɴɢɪᴇ

    Aɴɢɪᴇ18 timer siden

    who else saw @MakeupByPita

  29. Kolton Breece

    Kolton Breece19 timer siden


  30. Ramen Xo

    Ramen Xo19 timer siden


  31. Rose&Aspen GachaProductions

    Rose&Aspen GachaProductions19 timer siden

    I like the chicken nuggets that shatter when you eat them

  32. Elida Chavez

    Elida Chavez19 timer siden


  33. Roadblock _1980

    Roadblock _198019 timer siden

    crunchy because i like the crrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkk sound

  34. suzanna osman

    suzanna osman20 timer siden

    Crunchy chicken nuggets

  35. DBD Killer Main

    DBD Killer Main20 timer siden


  36. DBD Killer Main

    DBD Killer Main20 timer siden

    My name is sophia

  37. David Persinger

    David Persinger20 timer siden

    He's Chinese

  38. Piggy Gachaz

    Piggy Gachaz21 time siden

    So my grandmother had a statue of a peeing baby and then one day the baby's penut-enis went missing I think the lady that ate the statues ate that baby's penut-enis

  39. Jeadyn Valdes-Robotham

    Jeadyn Valdes-Robotham21 time siden

    You guys are chickens

  40. Jeadyn Valdes-Robotham

    Jeadyn Valdes-Robotham21 time siden


  41. Lakenya Mitchell

    Lakenya Mitchell21 time siden


  42. Taiisia Royal Alleyne official

    Taiisia Royal Alleyne official22 timer siden


  43. Ezekiel Webster

    Ezekiel Webster22 timer siden

    I’m both at eating nuggets

  44. Ishtiaq Ahmed

    Ishtiaq Ahmed22 timer siden

    Why did she eat the lobster

  45. TheSmartNoob

    TheSmartNoob23 timer siden

    All nuggets are good to me

  46. Gacha Cupcakes

    Gacha CupcakesDag siden

    I ate this smartphone so I would be smart!I think those seeds are bugs...

  47. Gacha Cupcakes

    Gacha CupcakesDag siden

    I would not eat him... but if he made me bled on purpose I would have been like "OH ITS TIME TO GO!"

  48. Bunny العجمي

    Bunny العجميDag siden

    2:48 me sirching in google 😂

  49. Bunny العجمي

    Bunny العجميDag siden

    2:28 this is me when I be crazy LOL 😂

  50. poetry breezy

    poetry breezyDag siden

    Crunchy gang

  51. Adreanna Gordon

    Adreanna GordonDag siden

    I. Like crunchy. Nuggets

  52. Jennifer Murany

    Jennifer MuranyDag siden

    I haven't tried a chicken nuggets




  54. Julian victoria

    Julian victoriaDag siden

    i hate chicken nuggets

  55. Josh San Juan

    Josh San JuanDag siden

    Crunchy person. ._.

  56. Alissa Erdossy

    Alissa ErdossyDag siden

    I love the black icecream

  57. Maria Hassan

    Maria HassanDag siden

    I would eat both soft and crunchy nuggets as long as there nuggets

  58. Jada McCargar

    Jada McCargarDag siden

    Crunchy chickennugets with BBQ sauce

  59. Mick James

    Mick JamesDag siden


  60. UwU Queen

    UwU QueenDag siden

    ZachChoi Asmr is actually pretty good.

  61. Carly Holcomb

    Carly HolcombDag siden


  62. Carly Holcomb

    Carly HolcombDag siden


  63. Gabby's life

    Gabby's lifeDag siden

    They said you can't play with your food and she gonna fite with her food

  64. Gabby's life

    Gabby's lifeDag siden

    They said you can't play with your food and she gonna fite with her food

  65. Abdulrahman Al sulaiti

    Abdulrahman Al sulaitiDag siden

    Yo the first one I don’t know if i was cursed to see something this disgusting or blessed for the odds of me seeing a shrimp this size

  66. Esther E

    Esther EDag siden