My Best Friend Got The Coronavirus

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  1. CaseyNeistat

    CaseyNeistat8 dager siden

    from Dan -

  2. Saqil

    SaqilDag siden

    Venice, CA I’ll find you

  3. Dilan Star

    Dilan Star2 dager siden

    Me gustaría que se pudiera poner subtítulos en Español

  4. Bobby Hunk TV

    Bobby Hunk TV2 dager siden

    stay home and stay safe all.

  5. Jasoninpersonam

    Jasoninpersonam3 dager siden

    This is the hugest example in history of mass mind control brainwashing.

  6. Nouman Saleem

    Nouman Saleem3 dager siden

    Sar pls hel me

  7. Anna Zhu

    Anna ZhuTime siden

    wash your hand and stay health

  8. Daniela Tamayo

    Daniela Tamayo4 timer siden

    now THAT is how you do ~influencer~ right. Thank you for using your massive platform for the benefit of the people. I will always be a fan of you and your family.

  9. Nicobomb 9

    Nicobomb 94 timer siden

    i can tell you live near venice

  10. FreeBird always

    FreeBird always4 timer siden

    No more videos ?

  11. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy4 timer siden

    Textbook narcissist. Told to stay home, instead goes on a tour of the city because the rules don't apply to Casey Neitstat. ffs.

  12. andrewandgale sulam

    andrewandgale sulam5 timer siden

    Hi Casey pls stay home and wear mask when going out.

  13. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy4 timer siden

    It’s affecting everyone life

  14. Shelley Lannon

    Shelley Lannon5 timer siden

    Where are all our lovely American celebrities when it comes to donating!!

  15. CIDGame

    CIDGame6 timer siden

    tested positive and not give a damn wearing a mask. Ok, I understand you'd want your city to be a ghost town, literally.

  16. Maximalist Minibus

    Maximalist Minibus7 timer siden

    Thank you for making such a strong distinction between putting yourself at risk and putting the community at risk. It's important. Also, Swine flu killed 12,000+ people in the US in one year. It could have been the same thing as this, but it some extent it on its own, and by the time it came back around we had a vaccine. If we'd listened back then, we would have been prepared for this now. Back then, the people who died were young, not old, because of built-up immunities. So for all these young peope who feel so invincible, think again. Now is not the time to be a rebel.

  17. Johnny Vu

    Johnny Vu7 timer siden

    Funny how i dont see ambulance around dispict how man people dying

  18. lola

    lola8 timer siden

    when rich people think rules don’t apply to them - yes casey, you are part of this. not surprised, but still disappointed.

  19. pubg broken

    pubg broken8 timer siden

    No one of u using mask??

  20. nizamclt nishu

    nizamclt nishu9 timer siden

    Please support me

  21. Lupan Obidan

    Lupan Obidan10 timer siden

    you are the best, thank so much, for be there.

  22. S. Mart Estretard

    S. Mart Estretard10 timer siden

    Yea and we're supposed to believe Casey didn't just come out of that weed store. Psh.

  23. darkcountry

    darkcountry11 timer siden

    where is your boosted board casey?

  24. Hello World: with Miyah

    Hello World: with Miyah11 timer siden

    Oh Casey, I am so sorry

  25. robert

    robert11 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="22">0:22</a> you positive man- I like your smile

  26. SaturnDirect

    SaturnDirect12 timer siden

    Corona celebrities. Corona fame. Corona BS.

  27. J C

    J C14 timer siden

    I laughed hard af when he said the bud store was the only thing opened lol


    EMC SINATRA X15 timer siden

    It’s affecting everyone life

  29. Donalex Corfgutip

    Donalex Corfgutip15 timer siden

    “No one did this to anyone.” *CCP has entered the chat*

  30. Crazy Japanese

    Crazy Japanese15 timer siden

    I’m in Tokyo. Super famous comedian just passed away, and people here got panic. Tokyo will be lock down on 1st or 2nd April. Really hope that we will get back our normal lives. Thank you for your video and sharing info.

  31. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu15 timer siden

    deaf to this entire thing.

  32. Zichuan Liu

    Zichuan Liu16 timer siden

    I am Chinese ,I wanna make a pen pal and chat together. Could you contact me if you like? thx

  33. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu15 timer siden

    someone be sides your self just because it does not effect pls

  34. Joseph Böhme

    Joseph Böhme16 timer siden

    Damn Belarussians are spitting at safety.

  35. Revelation of the Method

    Revelation of the Method16 timer siden

    My best friend got Ebola. He's dead.

  36. daiviann

    daiviann16 timer siden

    Dude you look like Sean Penn

  37. Darinka Meister

    Darinka Meister16 timer siden

    In Sweden they havet even closed middle Schools so i keep going to school surrounded by people. What should i do?

  38. stop watcing anime

    stop watcing anime16 timer siden

    I think that the corona virus is bigger than the swineflue because of social media, myself i dont even remember the swineflue but my mom said it's like COVID-19.

  39. John Kurc

    John Kurc17 timer siden

    What is the point? We already know that we are in this together!

  40. Wulf Kaiser

    Wulf Kaiser19 timer siden

    Casey, you have a strong opinion and may people listen to what you have to say,. Why are you so silent in a time, we later will call historic? A lot of things are going wrong in your country and in many other countries too. Tell us your opinion!

  41. Farida Banu Aslam Basha

    Farida Banu Aslam Basha20 timer siden

    Why do people blame rudely, he is being honest.

  42. Jordan Wende

    Jordan Wende22 timer siden

    My dude, I love what you do but please show some self constraint and put aside the “do what I want” attitude for a few weeks and just stay inside. Imagine what those streets would look like if everyone was taking the liberties that you are.

  43. IronCloud

    IronCloudDag siden

    GTAV with population density on low

  44. Heb M

    Heb MDag siden

    No bad guy? come on if this indeed came from China then the world should pressure them to not keep those wild animals in same places and to stop eating those animals. They had all the free will as they please but when it starts affecting the whole damn world then we have all the right to tell not to eat them fucking thing. Bat, rat, tigers,snakes, ant eater and lord know what else.

  45. Jessica Lawrence

    Jessica LawrenceDag siden

    So who is gonna be shipping out your merch?? What an ass move for those people that have to do that job.

  46. Jessica Lawrence

    Jessica LawrenceDag siden

    At least you admit you are the jerk in this situation....

  47. Jessica Lawrence

    Jessica LawrenceDag siden

    You really could have taken this chance and your platform to be a good example and really make a difference but instead you made this video showing you think the rules are for everyone but you and your friends... I'm truly disappointed

  48. Drsoosstttm

    DrsoosstttmDag siden

    My birthday is the same as yours

  49. roman Gonzalaz

    roman GonzalazDag siden

    Do use all a favor stay home because if you get it you could effect someone really important to you or someone else pls pls don’t go running around cause your board think someone be sides your self just because it does not effect pls

  50. roman Gonzalaz

    roman GonzalazDag siden

    This is for everyone reading Casey’s blog the Casey pls stay home and safe

  51. Vivian Young

    Vivian YoungDag siden

    I'm so glad your friend is doing well. Yesterday I learned that a NJ friend died from COVID19.

  52. Soumojit Ghosh

    Soumojit GhoshDag siden

    China virus

  53. Captain Fin

    Captain FinDag siden

    A fokken Does, most irresponsible entitled BS video, you should just stay home with your family, adhere to the gov. request. Home means home unless you need to buy food or pharmacy emergency.

  54. Peto Pedro

    Peto PedroDag siden

    Resident Evil 3 remake outbreak is real ..

  55. s.q

    s.qDag siden


  56. 南山上的来客

    南山上的来客Dag siden

    wearing fxxking mask is not So hard

  57. Tracey Sok

    Tracey SokDag siden

    Now the U.S is the first most affected by the corona

  58. Queenslander

    QueenslanderDag siden

    The old codger working the tin mine out in ‘whoop whoop’ will be just fine.

  59. Shova Bista

    Shova BistaDag siden

    Sir 🙏plz tell me when Australia air port will open my visa will expire on august 6th

  60. Jennifer MacKinnon

    Jennifer MacKinnonDag siden

    Dont be so selfish. Here in Canada beaches are closed. They should be there too, maybe by now they are. You're going out runnning and surfing. What part of "stay inside" do you not get? Why are you special? What if everyone went running? STAY INSIDE. Thousands and thousands are going to die, dont make it worse.

  61. howie Desu

    howie DesuDag siden

    Everyone who sees this message please take advise!!!! Vitamin C 500 mg/day Vitamin E 100 units/ day the one on top is for the people who does not have Covid-19 And the one on the bottom are for the ones that has Covid-19 Vitamin C 3000 mg/ day maximum Vitamin E 1000 unit/ day maximum please take these Vitamins, highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Jean-Claude Delorme

    Jean-Claude DelormeDag siden

    "STAY HOME, CASEY". Did you hear me ?

  63. Results Velocity

    Results VelocityDag siden

    It’s not just the virus causing the changes that you’re feeling. Big energies are waking people up and catalyzing resistance simultaneously.

  64. Businessvio

    BusinessvioDag siden

    Stay home ...Stay safe .. we need to maintain this.

  65. Kikai Flores

    Kikai FloresDag siden

    2-3 Weeks ago it was also allowed to go out to jog, walk the dogs or bicycling but cases never drops down, instead it goes a thousand higher in 24hrs time and worst numbers of death getting higher by 100-200 in 24hrs time as well. Almost every week or even after 2days quarantine rules changes, like jail time for rule breakers was raised from 3months to 6 months. Still 50k people were caught violating home quarantine, and Mayors are already loosing their grip going out just to tell their constituents to go home, some even calling out on social media teary eyed begging everyone to stay at home, just last wk the Gov't decided to increase the penalty from 206€ to 3k € and now jail time is 12yrs. And now jogging, walking the dogs and bicycling is no longer allowed and Supermarkets & Pharmacy is only open during weekdays. And fortunately cases begin to slow down, but the number of deaths are still significantly high. That's why as early as now STAY AT HOME! Or end up like us here in Lombardy Region.

  66. Derrick Cui

    Derrick CuiDag siden

    Welcome to 200,000 cases in a week.

  67. Grace Irlanda

    Grace IrlandaDag siden

    U wanna help ppl so u ask ur working class fans to donate $? Just donate ur own fucking money if u want 2 help!!!

  68. yessir tq

    yessir tqDag siden

    BTW, fly on next expensive tickets to Hawaii and upload new video.

  69. Dhruv Das

    Dhruv DasDag siden

    I am from India every State is lockdown i do business to feed my family there are no people in the streets so the business is closed i have no money to feed my family please if you can help with some amount of money I'll be very thankful to you 🙏

  70. Avinash Pavithran

    Avinash PavithranDag siden

    Please wear a mask, protect yourself and others.

  71. Mr Carpe Diem

    Mr Carpe DiemDag siden

    Hey CaseyNeistat, very cool your videos, all of them, keep it up, good luck, don't ever stop bro! Take care of yourselves, all the best! :)

  72. Destinations Chronicles

    Destinations ChroniclesDag siden

    Come on everybody, lighten up on Kasey. He's following the shut in. When Gov Neusom made the directive for California he stated, "We're going to keep the grocery stores open," he said. "We're going to make sure that you're getting critical medical supplies. You can still take your kids outside, practicing common sense and social distancing. You can still walk your dog, you can still pick up food at one of our distribution centers, at a restaurant, at a drive-thru - all those things we will still be able to do."

  73. Destinations Chronicles

    Destinations ChroniclesDag siden

    Oh no! So sorry!

  74. beaker the muppet

    beaker the muppetDag siden

    the whole reason the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is around beacause someone wanted to test something on a animal

  75. Noah Garrett

    Noah GarrettDag siden

    Wow a week ago there was 22,000 confirmed cases. Now we have 133,000 confirmed cases. That’s scary


    VULTUSPRIMEDag siden

    Well, look at it this way, if casey gets the virus, then he can make a whole series of videos about it. This is not a joke. Stay home!

  77. Frank Z

    Frank ZDag siden

    There are 131K tested positive in the US today. Think a million or two wouldn't be too far if we continue testing.

  78. T tb

    T tbDag siden

    It’s high likely to get infected to go out without masks. It can infect people by air. I’ve been keeping myself at home for almost one and a half months. No outdoor activities and no offline contact even with my closest friends. There is no freedom without healthy body. We’re all have to take some tough choices at a difficult situation. Hope you all can get through this disaster.

  79. ngawang gyatso

    ngawang gyatsoDag siden

    Casey just put the camera aside and wash your hand properly...30 second of proper hand wash not just running water.

  80. Besh_shredded

    Besh_shreddedDag siden

    Social distance or physical distance

  81. Strange Thing

    Strange ThingDag siden

    Okay, Casey. (Medical professional of over 20 years here.) You are doing a great job of keeping the virus at bay. BUT, big BUT... you made a cardinal mistake while washing your hands. You cross contaminated by turning the water off with your bare hands. Please start to use a dry paper towel after you’ve dried your hands. Best wishes to you and your loved ones. Be safe. Continue to be healthy. ~To all good things.

  82. David Guo

    David GuoDag siden

    You SHOULD wear MASKS

  83. David Guo

    David GuoDag siden

    I thought I was your best friend....

  84. siceman105

    siceman105Dag siden

    Textbook narcissist. Told to stay home, instead goes on a tour of the city because the rules don't apply to Casey Neitstat. ffs.

  85. Papa Neli

    Papa NeliDag siden

    Take care guys

  86. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas DoyiDag siden

    You’ve totally misjudged the mood here Casey, you’re the jerk out and about who should be STAYING AT HOME! A 👎🏼 from me.

  87. Basil_susu

    Basil_susuDag siden

    By a mate bike. They are soo cooooll

  88. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas DoyiDag siden

    1 22 000 people effect ed in America you people think this is funny

  89. OU Football

    OU FootballDag siden

    Now we have 102,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.