My Crush Was Spying on Me, he saw everything

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  1. Erin Marksman

    Erin Marksman9 timer siden

    love this story

  2. Indiana Ewell

    Indiana Ewell9 timer siden

    why am i in love with tony now?? 😳😳

  3. Vidda Del Orbe

    Vidda Del Orbe10 timer siden

    All this girl eats and drinks is Diet Coke lol

  4. Alisa Amaya

    Alisa Amaya10 timer siden


  5. Sothbeachboy 21

    Sothbeachboy 2110 timer siden

    People like like tall girls

  6. Rihanna Berry

    Rihanna Berry10 timer siden

    you had so much kissing for one day

  7. Tiple ASMR

    Tiple ASMR10 timer siden

    Who else is like what the heck is this title?!

  8. Edith Martinez

    Edith Martinez10 timer siden

    The thumbnail is a mood for some reason

  9. queen_ kiyapoo

    queen_ kiyapoo10 timer siden

    This is like the movie duff

  10. Dani Scott

    Dani Scott10 timer siden

    OMG THIS IS THE DUFF! (The book not the trash movie) She used the guy she hates,who is a playboy, as a distraction, like Bianca, and she has a crush that has a girlfriend making Tony appealing. And at the end sam straight up calls her out for liking Tony and he still loves his girlfriend. Are you kidding me you cant tell me that isnt toby tucker and wesley rush.

  11. Xylah Bradley

    Xylah Bradley10 timer siden

    I rather not be made fun of if you don't then wear contacts so no one has to know that you have glasses are you know all that I mean I'm not making fun of you but I would do that cuz I don't want to make fun of but yeah I just want to know and

  12. Xylah Bradley

    Xylah Bradley10 timer siden


  13. Dont_ trymeboi

    Dont_ trymeboi10 timer siden

    Girl,you get like 5 kisses in one night,you ballin

  14. Abada Knight

    Abada Knight10 timer siden

    What the heck this story is not even about some one spying on her . it's about her love story😪😒😞😾

  15. Mia Artz

    Mia Artz11 timer siden

    I wanna find love🥺

  16. Yanyito3 Gamer

    Yanyito3 Gamer11 timer siden

    Alison: I'm short,plump,mousy and have glasses My sister: I think I have just found my OLDER twin

  17. Jack Griffin

    Jack Griffin11 timer siden

    She's hot

  18. Why Dont We

    Why Dont We11 timer siden

    Sorry am i the only one there are thinking what have the tittle doing with video???!

  19. Seal Time

    Seal Time11 timer siden

    Ummmmm imma kinda confused it says in the thumbnail he’s watching her change and watching all the things she does but he does not do it in the vid soo yeah can u call this amazing story a new name because a lot of people don’t understand

  20. CroZy Snog

    CroZy Snog11 timer siden

    The boy : Me AND THE BOYS are going to get burgers The girl : hes AsKiNg Me To ThE DaTe

  21. Strawberri_Chuu

    Strawberri_Chuu11 timer siden

    This is like a movie 😂😂

  22. Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom11 timer siden

    Why is there a changing room in the ice skating rink

  23. Strawberri_Chuu

    Strawberri_Chuu12 timer siden

    Shona has the ballon hair type

  24. Grisselda Picazo

    Grisselda Picazo12 timer siden

    They kiss in every single second

  25. Natalie Raynor

    Natalie Raynor12 timer siden

    her: i’m so ugly and no one likes me also her:2 guys like me me who is really ugly and no one ever likes me my 2 crush’s both told me they will never like me: are you serious

  26. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu12 timer siden

    so heart warming

  27. Gacha Diamond Rose

    Gacha Diamond Rose12 timer siden

    Wait the story doesn't make sense the title said her boyfriend spyed her but that didn't happen

  28. Veronica Alharsami

    Veronica Alharsami12 timer siden


  29. MaKayla Leady

    MaKayla Leady13 timer siden

    Who's Troy?

  30. Torin The Princet

    Torin The Princet13 timer siden

    She looks like me haha

  31. Khurshida Davronova

    Khurshida Davronova13 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="149">2:29</a> You made me feel special (twice)

  32. Darkest Sky

    Darkest Sky13 timer siden

    genuine things feel more genuine

  33. Darkest Sky

    Darkest Sky13 timer siden

    she has anger management issues, but its understandable.

  34. andrei jorge

    andrei jorge13 timer siden

    This person is a litteral tsundere

  35. Harmoney Davidson

    Harmoney Davidson14 timer siden

    I luv the ending

  36. rayray 1o1

    rayray 1o114 timer siden

    Classic love story.... UNLIKE MIINEE

  37. Tianna West

    Tianna West14 timer siden

    What is wrong with this girl she's kissed two boys and one of them twice 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  38. Tianna West

    Tianna West14 timer siden

    Again seriously kissed him again seriously

  39. Tianna West

    Tianna West14 timer siden

    Again seriously kissed him again

  40. B_rose10

    B_rose1014 timer siden

    Why is nobody talking about how the title doesn't match video at all...

  41. Ellie Tracey

    Ellie Tracey14 timer siden

    How els reolised that this true story animashon is nuthing like the tital sead

  42. Aliyah Mims

    Aliyah Mims14 timer siden

    Title: my crush was spying on me! He seen everything! Actual story: *has nothing to do with the story*

  43. AprylE Tate

    AprylE Tate14 timer siden

    so heart warming

  44. Danna Cruz

    Danna Cruz14 timer siden


  45. Miranda Rossberg

    Miranda Rossberg15 timer siden

    Why are the titles to these videos so deceiving??😂

  46. Zahraa Umme

    Zahraa Umme15 timer siden

    Lol the clickbait tho, is it just me or is the title sooo diffrent to the story 😂

  47. Andrea Selorio

    Andrea Selorio15 timer siden

    I love ice skating 🥺💖💖💖

  48. Alissa Armstrong

    Alissa Armstrong15 timer siden

    The title and story don’t match

  49. Patrick The Dying Star

    Patrick The Dying Star15 timer siden

    The fact they make a thumbnail and the title wrong. The video is still good

  50. Maddie Snell

    Maddie Snell15 timer siden

    Ok your in college move out already

  51. Kristy Money

    Kristy Money16 timer siden

    What she want? A threesome?-

  52. Inka_Playz

    Inka_Playz16 timer siden

    Man I swear that sometimes they over estimate the title and picture on the front of the video.

  53. Inka_Playz

    Inka_Playz16 timer siden

    She mustn't be ugly if shes got two dudes digging her

  54. Inka_Playz

    Inka_Playz16 timer siden

    The title doesn't make one little bit of sense "My crush was spying on me, he saw everything" Instead it should be "I kissed the guy I hated" Or something. The picture on the video DID NOT EVEN HAPPEN!! FAR OUT

  55. Inka_Playz

    Inka_Playz16 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="854">14:14</a> why do I hear a mine craft song in the background

  56. earyjv asty

    earyjv asty16 timer siden


  57. { UNknown KiNg }

    { UNknown KiNg }16 timer siden

    I hope there's lgbt stories in this channel

  58. Chris Harris

    Chris Harris16 timer siden

    Herpiessss 😫😱

  59. Thallya MUKUNA

    Thallya MUKUNA16 timer siden

    What is the connection w/ the title ?

  60. Dee Locz

    Dee Locz16 timer siden

    U two should get married

  61. jairo guerrero

    jairo guerrero16 timer siden


  62. I Love Tacos

    I Love Tacos16 timer siden

    No one literally no one sams eyes: * ; *

  63. Abby Cat

    Abby Cat16 timer siden

    Who spied on her? It doesn't show it in the video at all!

  64. The Legandary Phoenix

    The Legandary Phoenix16 timer siden

    i came here for the click bait

  65. Gacha Curry

    Gacha Curry16 timer siden

    This could be a movie on Netflix

  66. Honey Dias

    Honey Dias17 timer siden


  67. Jolyne Morin

    Jolyne Morin17 timer siden

    OMG ahahaha haha your like my classmate Tanika

  68. Lifee0f Niyyy

    Lifee0f Niyyy17 timer siden

    this sounds like a movie

  69. Gerald Sacks

    Gerald Sacks17 timer siden

    How is hr ❤️in hr 🍉s???🤔

  70. Eman Ali Durrani

    Eman Ali Durrani17 timer siden

    Tony is such a sweet guy why would you ignore him and judge him so fast?😑

  71. twilight gacha

    twilight gacha17 timer siden

    How do they remember this in full detail

  72. A Lonely Little Flea

    A Lonely Little Flea17 timer siden

    Wait, so how was her crush spying on her?

  73. Welch vlogs

    Welch vlogs17 timer siden

    who else has she kissed

  74. someone is asian

    someone is asian17 timer siden

    His name changed from tony to troy to tony. What?!


    APEX PREDITOR18 timer siden

    Ummmmm there wasn't any spying like when was anyone spying on you

  76. Nan Zi

    Nan Zi18 timer siden

    There's nothing wrong withhhh glassssses

  77. Rebecca Hoenig

    Rebecca Hoenig18 timer siden

    You made this on my birthday 🍰

  78. Rebecca Hoenig

    Rebecca Hoenig18 timer siden

    I love this story

  79. Rebecca Hoenig

    Rebecca Hoenig18 timer siden

    I Agree

  80. Brenna 7

    Brenna 718 timer siden

    This has nothing to do with the thumbnail

  81. Lily Steed

    Lily Steed18 timer siden

    Honey you dad and his gf are going more than kissing

  82. Carmen ;

    Carmen ;18 timer siden

    this is like a wattpad fanfic 💀

  83. Aero Zaxton

    Aero Zaxton19 timer siden

    That's me in the thumbnail. 🦋

  84. Ashariya Simmons

    Ashariya Simmons19 timer siden

    I have a question what did he see 💀 I was like omg she prolly got caught wit a waist trainer but this ain’t what I expected

  85. emily morales

    emily morales19 timer siden

    She shes short like it's a bad thing. It actually isn't and I'd much rather be short than be taller then all the guys