New Aston Martin DBS Superleggera 2019 review - see why it IS worth £225,000!

Which sounds better - the DB11, or the DBS Superleggera? Head over to our Instagram channel & watch our story highlight to find out! carwowcars
This is the all-new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. It’s the fastest and most powerful Aston Martin to date, with a top speed of 211mph and the ability to make 725hp!
It’s based on the DB11, although as you’d expect, it doesn’t come cheap... Starting at around £225,000, that’s already £60,000 more than the DB11! So, is it worth the hefty price tag, or are we just looking at style over substance? Stick with us to find out!
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  1. Aziz Elouaer

    Aziz ElouaerDag siden

    I hate the fact that Aston Martin is so obsessed with competing against Ferrari.



    🔥 🏁🏁🏁interesting race🏎️🏎️🏎️ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> 💖💕 👇 👇💯

  3. Leo Mathlein

    Leo Mathlein5 dager siden

    the superleggera name actually comes from an older model of aston martin to be sort of a tribute, not from aston making fun of ferrari. Learned that from doug :)

  4. Elwin Bu

    Elwin Bu6 dager siden

    not a single fakery in a beautiful yet intimidating aston martin car.....

  5. Chintan Patel

    Chintan Patel7 dager siden

    British cars are most beautiful cars on earth IMO

  6. Keketso Junior

    Keketso Junior9 dager siden

    Why don't you have a race with the DBS and the Ferrari 812 superfast

  7. Noman Rashid

    Noman Rashid10 dager siden

    Aston Martin sucks

  8. Raj Nibhani

    Raj Nibhani13 dager siden

    Are they using Benz engine

  9. Zatharos

    Zatharos23 dager siden

    They keep trying to compare to the 812 but honestly its still lacking. This is still a big weighted GT car where as the 812 can be dual purpose as a GT and a great handling super car

  10. Byron Wright Jr.

    Byron Wright Jr.23 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="473">7:53</a> really Matt?

  11. ReD Play_

    ReD Play_25 dager siden

    his lighthouse looks like a porsche

  12. Daimon

    Daimon26 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="668">11:08</a> That was a beautiful camera angle.

  13. Sergio Matievich

    Sergio Matievich27 dager siden

    It's fucking ugly🤮

  14. karan dhiman

    karan dhiman29 dager siden

    Please show the speedometer for a longer time when you launch ir drive fast in the car

  15. Business con Ale

    Business con Ale29 dager siden

    Fucking amazing

  16. kucing oren

    kucing orenMåned siden

    which German side are you while shooting this video?

  17. Lawrence Ip

    Lawrence IpMåned siden

    The "Superleggera" by an English mile :)

  18. simplicated99

    simplicated99Måned siden

    If I can save 150k through carwow, then I can actually afford this.

  19. Video Machine

    Video MachineMåned siden


  20. Poop Shoot

    Poop ShootMåned siden

    It’s not kilos! It’s pounds! Stupid foreigners!!!

  21. Aaron Kirkaldy

    Aaron KirkaldyMåned siden

    absolute dream car.

  22. peter T

    peter TMåned siden

    Great car , but that would never make it over any speed bumps . So just don’t drive it anywhere in London......

  23. willis so

    willis soMåned siden

    The ferrari is name super ugly for me, but the dbs superleggera so much better

  24. NAYBEX

    NAYBEXMåned siden

    he orgasmed the first 10 sec of the video

  25. Liam james

    Liam jamesMåned siden

    The Aston Martin is way more beautiful the Ferrari

  26. Joe Mukora

    Joe MukoraMåned siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="777">12:57</a> ....... this car is gorgeous!!!

  27. Neo

    NeoMåned siden

    Interior of Aston Martins DBS Superleggera looks wonder the company is struggling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Karan Vito

    Karan VitoMåned siden

    Idk why but i’ll just never betray on Porsche

  29. Nigel's View

    Nigel's ViewMåned siden

    Again no pop up banner. Yall need to sort your editor out 😏

  30. Eranga Ishara

    Eranga IsharaMåned siden

    Wow..i like car...😍😍

  31. julius katushabe

    julius katushabeMåned siden

    Two minute man 👌 an orgasm in a sec

  32. RahuL haRi

    RahuL haRiMåned siden

    Cow moving 🤣🤣🤣

  33. Jerome M Muriuki

    Jerome M MuriukiMåned siden

    BMW should just buy this marque already...None of the vehicles will compete with BMW cars at all..then many of the issues that Aston has been having will disappear

  34. vaskar 101

    vaskar 101Måned siden

    Side profile looks like the head of an eagle.

  35. Just Me

    Just MeMåned siden

    imo the most beautiful car ever made. i'm gonna go win the lottery real quick and get one.

  36. adam foong

    adam foongMåned siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="796">13:16</a> i just capture the screen .... it just perfection

  37. Γίωργος Γεωργοτάς

    Γίωργος ΓεωργοτάςMåned siden

    Drag race the DBS with 720s

  38. Paul Findlay

    Paul FindlayMåned siden

    One of the best looking modern cars I’ve ever seen

  39. Stefan Iliescu

    Stefan IliescuMåned siden

    Mario Iorgulescu's car.

  40. Hyro Proto

    Hyro ProtoMåned siden

    That is one good looking car

  41. AngryDuck76

    AngryDuck76Måned siden

    I do find Mat quite a funny guy. I always thought car journalists just tended to copy Clarkson, May and Hammond but this dude is his own brand of clever/funny. He's also younger than me but looks older which I is great ;)

  42. Dilkaash Singh

    Dilkaash SinghMåned siden

    Looks like such a trade off

  43. paul sticks

    paul sticksMåned siden


  44. Bruno Gajdos

    Bruno GajdosMåned siden

    Its not realy a super legera car is still heavy its weight is around 1800 kilo or more

  45. mr. Alexander

    mr. AlexanderMåned siden

    My dream!

  46. Aurel427

    Aurel4272 måneder siden

    in which country the test happened ? the scenery is beautiful !

  47. J13 Jimmer

    J13 Jimmer2 måneder siden

    Make a video about db11

  48. Joe

    Joe2 måneder siden

    tht "woof" at the end :P

  49. 3dgar 7eandro

    3dgar 7eandro2 måneder siden

    Show some respect for a car that expensive 😤😤😤😤

  50. Roman Novikov

    Roman Novikov2 måneder siden

    The location where you've filmed looks very familiar to me. Is that Black Forest?

  51. abir khan rafee

    abir khan rafee2 måneder siden

    He made sure he's not getting another aston in future

  52. Dino d

    Dino d2 måneder siden

    Looks like BERNILETTA

  53. GerardPedrico

    GerardPedrico2 måneder siden

    Beautiful car... Aston Martin. Forget the Dodge Viper GTS generation 5. The Viper is history.

  54. Sanjay Ajith

    Sanjay Ajith2 måneder siden

    When are these fuckers gonna change the interior????

  55. Rosso Tifosi

    Rosso Tifosi2 måneder siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a>, just gonna point out that F1 doesn't use Venturi tunnels anymore, they have been banned since 1983.

  56. Grindjuls

    Grindjuls2 måneder siden

    Isn't the One-77 the fastest most powerful production road Aston?

  57. Tee Pee

    Tee Pee2 måneder siden

    I love the quad Hattersley exhausts 😍

  58. Xx ds9 xx

    Xx ds9 xx2 måneder siden

    The interiors worse than my 2016 ford focus

  59. Gary Leibitzke

    Gary Leibitzke2 måneder siden

    In a word ………....................... BULLSHIT. Next thing you'll tell us is that your 5.9L RAM diesel pickup gets 40mpg.

  60. STARYAN Vlogs

    STARYAN Vlogs2 måneder siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="26">0:26</a> Pure Cargasm 🙈🙈🙈

  61. James Patagueule

    James Patagueule2 måneder siden

    Maybe the brits/germans don't know what "superleggera" mean

  62. Outland

    Outland2 måneder siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="782">13:02</a> Spare a thought for the camera operator out filming in that monsoon!

  63. Outland

    Outland2 måneder siden

    I must admit, if i had a massive bank balance I would probably buy one for the weekend! (because I would have an RS6 for a daily)

  64. Beaver 314

    Beaver 3142 måneder siden

    jeezes fuckling christ that must be the most beautiful sculpted car ive ever seen

  65. Arjun Bhat

    Arjun Bhat2 måneder siden

    Aston is doing it. Fast Grand Tourers. Good to see them sticking to their main competencies of making beautiful and perfect GTs.

  66. Tahajib Munna

    Tahajib Munna2 måneder siden


  67. DiggaAhn Ma

    DiggaAhn Ma2 måneder siden

    this guy has no idea what hes talking about! Apart from stating facts, the superleggera was already writen ob the DB5...

  68. Kerb_appeal

    Kerb_appeal3 måneder siden

    Where are these roads?

  69. Kerb_appeal

    Kerb_appeal3 måneder siden

    Isn’t the one-77 the fastest/ most powerful am road car

  70. lord tachanka

    lord tachanka3 måneder siden

    One 77 is more powerful

  71. Mira K

    Mira K3 måneder siden


  72. Nathaniel Zeiss

    Nathaniel Zeiss3 måneder siden

    FYI the one-77 is faster and more powerful (so the dbs is not the fastest nor the most powerful aston road car)

  73. nakul singh

    nakul singh3 måneder siden

    225k damn, Give me a Continental.

  74. Edward Valivonis

    Edward Valivonis3 måneder siden

    A British monster with German engine, Italian name and qatari color - what a car

  75. Sriparno Baksi

    Sriparno Baksi3 måneder siden


  76. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff3 måneder siden

    Disappointed at the Ontario

  77. Ki E-Skate Mods

    Ki E-Skate Mods3 måneder siden

    Where the manual one?

  78. happy chapter

    happy chapter3 måneder siden

  79. Tom

    Tom3 måneder siden

    Can’t take that brummy accent serious

  80. Chilly Wizard

    Chilly Wizard3 måneder siden

    Only old men who can't drive will be using this car, them and the sales blokes from Aston who break the speed limits and drive like utter cod flaps!

  81. Gary Leibitzke

    Gary Leibitzke2 måneder siden

    Not everyone wants or needs a "sports car" where the suspension's so stiff it loosens the filings in your teeth. Many people want a car they can drive comfortably while still being fast and handles well.

  82. Gautam Sharma

    Gautam Sharma3 måneder siden

    Such a good car sir