Nicholas Hoult: James McAvoy Punched Me In The Junk - CONAN on TBS

Between that and his BB gun war with Michael Fassbender, it seems that the "X-Men" set was a dangerous place.
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  1. Werra Miell

    Werra Miell4 måneder siden

    Хочу этого Пизденыша в Президенты Раши по Галковскому , пусть Баба Лиза назначит , он же родич и Чорчиллю и Николаю 1 !.😁

  2. Hannah Montana

    Hannah Montana5 måneder siden

    he could sit on my face and i will be like thank you

  3. Kurisu

    Kurisu4 måneder siden

    Hannah Montana nice one hannah montana


    MKBAT TV10 måneder siden

    This Guy was 2nd place to be batman???? Seriously!! When you pick bruce wayne he needs to look more like Bruce wayne. I would search for an actor who has natural dark hair and athletic looking

  5. malay das

    malay das11 måneder siden

    He is SO HOT.

  6. Jules Don

    Jules Don11 måneder siden

    i keep seeing people connect him to tony from skins, but i keep seeing silas

  7. H U.

    H U.11 måneder siden

    I keep seeing R

  8. Sir Casman Marvellolover

    Sir Casman Marvellolover11 måneder siden

    I really want Holt to be Batman

  9. Lujain Nassar

    Lujain NassarÅr siden

    Is that the boy from worm bodies

  10. H U.

    H U.11 måneder siden


  11. crazycatgirl18

    crazycatgirl18År siden


  12. James Ventura

    James VenturaÅr siden


  13. Jacob Sherman

    Jacob ShermanÅr siden

    He's also in Warm Bodies

  14. Alessandra Chagaa

    Alessandra ChagaaÅr siden

    ele é muito lindo nossa😀

  15. crowe bobby

    crowe bobby2 år siden

    Did he offer to kiss it and make it better?

  16. bom

    bom2 år siden

    didn’t even get a story, conan just took over

  17. Sakib Hossain

    Sakib Hossain2 år siden


  18. Amelia Rufus

    Amelia Rufus2 år siden

    Legendary 😂

  19. Amelia Rufus

    Amelia Rufus2 år siden

    And essentially it was just war 😂amazing

  20. 193Greenday

    193Greenday2 år siden

    "It's me Conan and Andy down there" had me laughing for days

  21. Rent boy

    Rent boy2 år siden

    Do you missed Skins..?

  22. Teenage Film snob

    Teenage Film snob2 år siden

    Oh hi Tony

  23. luz st

    luz st2 år siden

    my "Skins" crush

  24. Diego Pisfil

    Diego Pisfil2 år siden

    I want to see him and Emma Watson in a movie together, better than Jennifer Lawrence

  25. Diana Gomez

    Diana Gomez2 år siden


  26. 배불러

    배불러2 år siden

    ㅠㅠ 귀엽다 .. 사랑해요 !!!!

  27. Zina Suleiman

    Zina Suleiman2 år siden

    That accent tho😍

  28. Nellie K. Adaba

    Nellie K. Adaba2 år siden


  29. جنة علاء الدين

    جنة علاء الدين2 år siden

    we still don't know why James punched him in his junk...

  30. HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

    HRH The Duchess of Cambridge2 år siden

    What a Beatiful Actor Nicholas Hoult

  31. haley james

    haley james2 år siden

    He and Jennifer Lawrence are polar opposites xD He's so calm and classy, she's fun and energetic... But both are sweet!

  32. Margaret Barry

    Margaret Barry2 år siden

    He's getting more handsome as he matures.

  33. Hi, I'm Sky

    Hi, I'm Sky3 år siden

    I've loved him since Skinned. But man has he gotten even better

  34. Maddie Reed

    Maddie Reed3 år siden

    "Kibbles and bits" lmfao

  35. Colliding Forces

    Colliding Forces3 år siden

    He is one very good looking - fine guy with so much class.

  36. Mughworts Longshot

    Mughworts Longshot3 år siden

    I thought he was american...

  37. Meg Griffin 💕

    Meg Griffin 💕3 år siden


  38. Sydney Moore

    Sydney Moore3 år siden

    In the goolies

  39. Jamma Mamma

    Jamma Mamma3 år siden

    Ah, I love this guy. His voice is so colorful.

  40. Madison Derynioski

    Madison Derynioski3 år siden

    Is it weird that I think he looks like Benedict Cumberbatch?

  41. happy ififi

    happy ififi3 år siden

    yaaaaas nick

  42. Eren Nova

    Eren Nova3 år siden

    I always see this guy as Tony from Skins lol

  43. david rossi fernandez

    david rossi fernandez3 år siden

    Si hay algo que un caballero english sabe es reconocer cuando un hecho es un hecho es de facto,cita de Mariano Grondona ¿

  44. Spideypool owo

    Spideypool owo3 år siden

    Lelelelelelelelelele. I share my birthday with him. x3 I love him and McAvoy. I also loved how he played R in Warm Bodies. :3

  45. M Tierney

    M Tierney3 år siden


  46. burdenedwithgloriouspurpose

    burdenedwithgloriouspurpose3 år siden

    "It's me Conan and Andy" "Always together!" oh Conan... I can't stop laughing :D :D :D

  47. Sally Teo

    Sally Teo3 år siden

    Omg the guy from warm bodies

  48. Vee Ardy

    Vee Ardy3 år siden

    We make up our own words too, down where I live. Its way more interesting and child friendly.

  49. Yoora Kamel

    Yoora Kamel3 år siden


  50. unknown pleasures

    unknown pleasures3 år siden

    Finally , i remembered! He's the little kid from About a a boy! He was Marcus right? he played aside with Hugh Grant! I was really getting frustrated

  51. Ipek Sezer

    Ipek Sezer4 år siden


  52. Red Moon 96

    Red Moon 963 år siden

    I thought I was the only one that noticed lol, he has the most adorable cheeks

  53. Adam Michael

    Adam Michael4 år siden

    Its been around for a while ghuolies we use it in Aus

  54. Culuf

    Culuf4 år siden

    This is the second time I've seen Conan say he has never heard of "Goolies".

  55. Connie W

    Connie W4 år siden

    First time I saw him was in About a Boy and I thought he was such an annoying kid. How times change

  56. Mayor Of Simpleton

    Mayor Of Simpleton3 år siden


  57. Flor Pusnar

    Flor Pusnar4 år siden

    I don't even find him that attractive but HOLY CHEEKBONES!

  58. Flor Pusnar

    Flor Pusnar4 år siden

    That's very true! Maybe when he's older his face will be more attractive. I'll wait until he's 35 or something to give my verdict LOL

  59. duchesswannabe

    duchesswannabe4 år siden

    OMG!!! he's the boy from ''about a boy''

  60. Mo 2k

    Mo 2kÅr siden

    duchesswannabe time flies

  61. Matthew M Bober

    Matthew M Bober2 år siden

    duchesswannabe he's a man now, love.

  62. Laura Lockman

    Laura Lockman4 år siden

    been a nicholas hoult fan since about a boy

  63. jok mars

    jok mars4 år siden

    i still can`t believe he was the boy from the movie about a boy!!!

  64. Andy Slade

    Andy Slade4 år siden

    Me kibbles and bits 😂😂😂 we don't say that lmao but we do say goolies as a polite term

  65. camis

    camis4 år siden

    am i the only one who thinks he's like soooooo fucking hot? omg. chris hemsworth and nicholas hoult are the hottest guys on earth really😍😍

  66. Neiliza Lacanlale

    Neiliza Lacanlale4 år siden

    Oh my god! Is that Tony??? Wow is so hot god deymmm

  67. Faith Callander

    Faith Callander4 år siden


  68. Erika Marie

    Erika Marie4 år siden

    Marcus is all grown up now 😭

  69. Thunder Bear

    Thunder Bear4 år siden

    dam I have when guys sit with their legs cross, its looks gay. I feel bad for the poor little fellas that are getting crushed and screaming for some breathing room. O wait, maybe not because guys that sit like that must have small peckers and m & m balls. Ladies can sit like that all day long and look sexy

  70. Apollo Alexandre

    Apollo Alexandre4 år siden

    This guy was awesome in Fury Road.

  71. one direction still in my hear Chavez

    one direction still in my hear ChavezÅr siden

    Thanks for reminding hahaha

  72. big boss

    big bossÅr siden

    he lives he dies he lives again

  73. Michael Holmgaard

    Michael Holmgaard4 år siden

    I remember him from "Skins".........those were the days ;)

  74. crowe bobby

    crowe bobby2 år siden

    The goodbye scene with Sid!!!

  75. Grace Torrance

    Grace Torrance3 år siden

    Wonder where Michelle and Sid are without him.....

  76. Quanisha Lewis

    Quanisha Lewis4 år siden

    Tony's all grown up

  77. Koi Pond

    Koi Pond4 år siden

    Was his skin shiny and chrome?

  78. Charlie Romanski Wells

    Charlie Romanski Wells4 år siden


  79. John King

    John King4 år siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="47">0:47</a> - Nice ass in that suit

  80. John King

    John King4 år siden

    No, you can see he got a nice ass just look. You may not see all, but it is there

  81. abidamn

    abidamn4 år siden

    +John King Dafuq? He was sitting the whole time. Are you some kind of biologist or something?

  82. Meghana Chetty

    Meghana Chetty4 år siden

    He is really very cute

  83. irazu zaval

    irazu zaval4 år siden

    I will always be in love with him can't help it

  84. Faye Lagiou

    Faye Lagiou4 år siden

    Nicholas is goals tbh

  85. Hannah Stonem

    Hannah Stonem4 år siden

    sit on my face pls

  86. malay das

    malay das11 måneder siden

    Mine first.

  87. Gurmeet Singh

    Gurmeet Singh2 år siden

    Hannah Stonem on

  88. Charlie Romanski Wells

    Charlie Romanski Wells4 år siden

    r u his secret brother??

  89. notsomarvellousannie

    notsomarvellousannie4 år siden

    Phil no

  90. Werty Rome

    Werty Rome4 år siden

    +Hannah Stonem okey

  91. Shannon

    Shannon4 år siden

    Oh what an actor. OH WHAT A LOVELY ACTOR!

  92. wolverineiscool

    wolverineiscool3 år siden

    thanks, after all these years of hard work its nice to get recognition

  93. punkiller666

    punkiller6664 år siden

    +Shann Maire but... but... he killed the world

  94. Kimberly Doolittle

    Kimberly Doolittle4 år siden


  95. hollywoodshopaholic

    hollywoodshopaholic4 år siden

    Mad Max: Fury Road is what sold him as an actor for me.

  96. heyam m

    heyam m2 år siden

    hollywoodshopaholic killing my friends best movie of him

  97. Quanisha Lewis

    Quanisha Lewis4 år siden

    +NotMe been here since number 1

  98. Gemma Swanick

    Gemma Swanick4 år siden

    Warm bodies made him big

  99. Nellie Engström

    Nellie Engström4 år siden

    warm bodies for me

  100. Duac

    Duac4 år siden

    +DodgyRec About a boy did for me.

  101. mzbeautybaybe

    mzbeautybaybe4 år siden

    HOT!!.... Till you realise he's crossing his legs

  102. aneestbh

    aneestbh4 år siden


  103. Narcuslife

    Narcuslife4 år siden

    +AlmightyPear people say guys that cross their legs are gay, which is kind of rude and stereotypical

  104. aneestbh

    aneestbh4 år siden

    What about crossing his legs?

  105. Brenda Santos

    Brenda Santos4 år siden

    Nicholas is so damn hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. MorT

    MorT4 år siden


  107. Kate Rainbow

    Kate Rainbow5 år siden

    Ugh I could do naughty things to him all day long. Nnnnnng

  108. rockmonst3r

    rockmonst3r5 år siden

    "Goolie" means marbles in Bengali so...

  109. Sinclair Lewis

    Sinclair Lewis5 år siden

    I remember seeing Mr. Hoult as Nux in *_Mad Max: Fury Road._* He was exceptional, and the makeup artists certainly performed an amazing job on him; he looks _incredible_ in the film!

  110. Dj Adolla

    Dj Adolla5 år siden

    From tony to mad max

  111. Sara Finn

    Sara Finn5 år siden

    hes fine as fuck ughhh that accent

  112. John King

    John King5 år siden

    Nicholas Hoult fills out a suit well. He looks so hot!