Ninja Warrior VS Rock Climbing

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First time climbing on real rock, how will the Russian Ninja Warrior do?
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- Grotto in Capri
- The Mission
- Full House Dusk
- Closure (What I Want)
- Toyota
- Scarpa
- Varri


  1. PolGZ

    PolGZ17 timer siden

    Very cool video, love the landscape. You never forget your drone showing us the place and those shots with the sun 👌. Not only good youtube entertaining content and good climbing, but also you don't forget about your "videography". I value your attention to those details 👌. And as always, you and Anton, top match! And with a climbing group it's just the most fun to watch. I also got pumped when Anton and the other guy sended 🥳 as if I was there too, hahah

  2. Роман Ненашев

    Роман Ненашев21 time siden

    Anton's "shit" was controlled, но "блять" было от души)

  3. sean d

    sean d23 timer siden

    chris' arete would have gone for you first try had you remembered to take the shirt off. :)

  4. Timothy Groshong

    Timothy GroshongDag siden

    So stoked for the fella in the white and Anton for getting that first outdoor v4. Actually shouted “yeah!” When he stuck it. Good job!!!

  5. Blake

    BlakeDag siden

    Looks like limestone

  6. Marcel Aoki

    Marcel AokiDag siden

    Looking forward for the part 2

  7. Gavin Hitchens

    Gavin HitchensDag siden

    The content is was good as always, but damn did you shoot/edit this beautifully!

  8. Stephanie McGovern

    Stephanie McGovernDag siden

    Awwww Castle Rock! I used to climb out there all the time!

  9. Robert Freeman

    Robert FreemanDag siden

    Heh, the first book I got on Audible some time ago was Alex Honnold's "Alone on the Wall" which I listened in its entirety while endurance training on self belays :D

  10. Bot 13

    Bot 13Dag siden

    Anton be like "there is nothing to hold on to", while magnus be hanging off it.

  11. Celestin Stampfli

    Celestin StampfliDag siden

    This is soo painful to watch since i just fractured my foot now im just watching these videos zo try an ease the pain 5 weeks till i can climb again😑

  12. TigerRus13

    TigerRus13Dag siden

    12:17 The guy looks like he's giving Magnus his power, like the people did for Gokus Genkidama. Great vid guys!

  13. Rasmus Dahlstrøm

    Rasmus DahlstrømDag siden

    Super awesome video! One thing tough. It's super bad for the rock, when you walk around with your climbing shoes on dirt, and then climb. Bringing dirt up on the boulder, polishes the holds, and may completely ruin a problem on a boulder.

  14. Abiwen Wodon

    Abiwen WodonDag siden

    Do you have merch other than the bags? I'd love a Magnus shirt! I'll even make a design for you!

  15. Asps 18408

    Asps 18408Dag siden

    Happy to see you getting sponsored man. Keep doing what you love.

  16. stanpyrzanowski

    stanpyrzanowskiDag siden

    That Russian dude is super cool! So humble yet so strong.

  17. josh Unknown

    josh UnknownDag siden

    If your ever and pensacola Florida let me know there’s a indoor climbing place there.

  18. Hooli Gun

    Hooli GunDag siden

    Антоха красавчик! Крутая коллаборация. Делайте ещё видео!

  19. kirffa

    kirffaDag siden

    А где комментарии на русском? :)

  20. Jonathan Robertson

    Jonathan RobertsonDag siden

    NEEDED that coffee

  21. IdiotPenguin

    IdiotPenguinDag siden

    lmao hearing Anton curse is hilarious

  22. Neai Tuppi

    Neai TuppiDag siden

    Kombucha is the drink for people that also drink alcohol. So the fermentation doesn't bother them. I am kind of disgusted that stores like natural grocers push it in the aisles.

  23. Darth Nox

    Darth NoxDag siden

    Hey Magnus where's Marte? Missing those Normal Girl videos!

  24. Luke Holmes

    Luke HolmesDag siden

    Just started climbing because of watching your videos. I climbed a bit years and years ago, so I know I enjoy it, I just haven't had the time or energy to do it. I recently found out we have a small climbing gym in the university gym, so it's free with the tuition fees. I weigh almost 200 lbs (90 kg), so that doesn't exactly help, but hopefully it will get me to lose weight and get me back in shape in a fun way. Just going to the gym isn't very fun for me, so climbing is a great way to have fun while working out.

  25. ArtanisKizrath

    ArtanisKizrath2 dager siden

    Wow! Our old stomping grounds! This awesome!

  26. Kodey Wolf

    Kodey Wolf2 dager siden

    Wish magnus would come to Idaho. 😭

  27. Kelly Bradley

    Kelly Bradley2 dager siden

    Magnus you really got me into climbing and it's been a new hobby that I'm exploring and loving - just wanted to say thanks man!

  28. Gregory Carter

    Gregory Carter2 dager siden

    Yo Magnus, New Hampshire has all kinds of granite bouldering (we’re the Granite State!) If you want to come try climbing/bouldering on the East Coast, let me know and I’d be happy to get you and Anton set up. 🤙

  29. Secret !

    Secret !2 dager siden

    Finally 🧗🏼‍♀️

  30. Colton Johnsgard

    Colton Johnsgard2 dager siden

    Oh apparently Magnus just comes by my home crag and I dont hear about it

  31. Júlio Salotti

    Júlio Salotti2 dager siden

    That was pretty cool!

  32. miguel rato

    miguel rato2 dager siden

    just tried climbing for the first time today because of your videos and loved it. i'm looking forward to continue doing it. A big hug from Portugal

  33. Akaki Yohada

    Akaki Yohada2 dager siden

    Did Brain not climb after the first one?

  34. Akaki Yohada

    Akaki Yohada2 dager siden

    Magnus taking off his shirt is like Goku taking off his weighted clothes.

  35. Luke Weber

    Luke Weber2 dager siden

    I think we went possibly on the same day to the same location! It was my second time climbing out doors. I think I got a V4 that day. Bummed I never saw you!

  36. 1.5x playback everything - thank me later

    1.5x playback everything - thank me later2 dager siden

    Props to guys for reaching out and helping us enjoy this content

  37. 93scheu

    93scheu2 dager siden

    hey magnus. im a big fan ;) enjoying your videos for a long time. so im a kine of scared.. you look u healthy or preaty stresed in this video.. sorry for bad english

  38. Ben Watson

    Ben Watson2 dager siden

    Fucking loved that. Sick video man

  39. waslos man

    waslos man2 dager siden

    your under arm must by insane strong, its a hiden power people underate if you have a strong wrist / under arm oioioi then you know the real deal. im me opinion calistics and training on own body weight like climbing barz and stuf like that is way better then body building, most people that go body building the become slow bigg trolls, its better to stay fast but get like 2/3 times your own body weight power

  40. Padraic McGraw

    Padraic McGraw2 dager siden

    Anton cam is best cam

  41. Bodyguard Yoshi

    Bodyguard Yoshi2 dager siden

    Ahh this is practically in my backyard! I used to work in that shopping center!

  42. kadeer beast

    kadeer beast2 dager siden

    Magnus pulled out the bread 😭

  43. Hintz6

    Hintz62 dager siden

    Fantastic video Magnus! Really enjoyed your openness for a nonchalant meetup with a yt sub.

  44. Christopher Marshall

    Christopher Marshall2 dager siden

    The Midtbo Method: In the presence of Magnus you just climb better.

  45. lucia

    lucia2 dager siden

    Anyone else think those two guys look like Rhett and Link? 4:47

  46. elnoy greenenko

    elnoy greenenko2 dager siden

    Magnus: “what brand of shirt is that?” Anton: “my favourite shirt”

  47. Fernando Fernandez

    Fernando Fernandez2 dager siden

    i love your channel man, keep it good

  48. paperprincess

    paperprincess2 dager siden

    This was 20 minutes?? It was too short!! I need more Magnus and Anton

  49. Ruben Thomas Blåkornblomst

    Ruben Thomas Blåkornblomst2 dager siden

    Fantastic video!! =) You guys make for a great video!

  50. Jules Yap

    Jules Yap2 dager siden

    11:43 Anton: Magnus, you are demon 😂 Great episode Magnus!

  51. Cynicar

    Cynicar2 dager siden

    Loved this video! I know you said awhile back that your gym stuff gets more views, but I love the outdoor climbing.

  52. uknownalias

    uknownalias2 dager siden

    Hey, Magnus, nice to meet you, and you and you and you and you.

  53. Alex White

    Alex White2 dager siden

    Могу писать что хочу , все равно никто не поймет

  54. Craz Tech

    Craz Tech2 dager siden

    omg u were at castle!!!

  55. Vasilis Theof

    Vasilis Theof2 dager siden

    Beautiful video. Great job!

  56. MovieZ 1

    MovieZ 12 dager siden

    Okay, Magnus knows how to climb a wall, but can he climb a tree?

  57. Ben Feldbauer

    Ben Feldbauer2 dager siden

    Also, just wanted to give a video suggestion. One that I think would be really fun and informative would be to highlight the difference in shoes. I saw your video where you were talking with some shoemakers about the theoretical difference that shoe types and designs make, but it would be cool to see how it actually affects you climb. Maybe a video where you have 3-5 different shoes (a gym rental, a beginner shoe, 2 of your favorite shoes, etc) then climb a few different routes/boulders once with each pair of shoes and see where the shoes start to limit you. For example, you'll definitely be able to climb a v3 no problem with any of them, but it would be cool to see how it changes when you get to v6 or maybe v8, overhangs, slabs, etc. Seeing how they actually differ and impact your climbing ability/experience and hearing you talk about it seems like it could be SO interesting. I've never seen anyone else do it.

  58. Ben Feldbauer

    Ben Feldbauer2 dager siden

    I just wanted to say thank you, Magnus. You've inspired me to start climbing and it's been great. I climbed for the first time ever in December, got my membership at the gym 2 weeks ago, and I just my shoes in and finished my first 5.10c (it was probably more like a 5.10b) yesterday! It's so much fun and I probably wouldn't have gotten into it if it wasn't for your videos, so thank you! Also, as a (pretty out of shape) beginner, I think it would be cool to see a bit of beginner content if you have time. Maybe some tips/tricks to get from the easy beginner stuff 5.8/5.9 to the intermediate stuff 5.10s and 5.11s, (or v1/v2 to v3/v4). A beginner's training tips would be cool as well. I'm always seeing hangboards, campus boards, etc all over the gyms, but it's all still too difficult for me, I think. I know most people say to just climb more, but it would be really cool to know of anything else I could do to build my strength and endurance up besides doing that stuff.

  59. YaBoyWolf

    YaBoyWolf2 dager siden

    jeez man every time I watch Magnus I'm blown away by the strength that man has

  60. Hans Combrinck

    Hans Combrinck2 dager siden

    Well done to all involved.