Nintendo Switch Pro 2020: First Look

The Nintendo Switch Pro version is slated to be coming out in summer 2020, just a tad earlier than their PS5 and Xbox series X console competitors for the holidays. This is all you need to know about Mario's new handheld console.
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You’ve heard the rumors and now we have even more reason to believe that an enhanced version of the Nintendo Switch will premiere sometime in 2020. While these are technically still rumors, they’ve been substantiated by a number of outlets, and fit into Nintendo’s past business patterns.
For instance, Nintendo has put out upgraded versions of their consoles before with the 3DS XL. It would also track for Nintendo to put out a more powerful system to compete with the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.
That’s why today TheGamer is going to take you through all the rumors surrounding the all but confirmed Nintendo Switch Pro. In this video we will go through a rumor round-up, how the system might fair in the console wars, and if the upgrade will be worthwhile for you. 2020 is set to be a wild year for gaming, and TheGamer is here to prepare you for everything that’s to come.
Why The Switch Pro Is Basically Confirmed
How The Switch Pro Will Be A Step Up
How This New System Will Compete With Other Consoles
Is The Switch Pro Worth The Upgrade?

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  1. Hydrixx

    HydrixxMåned siden

    this is just like the iphone

  2. Slash Warlord

    Slash Warlord4 dager siden

    I know in stead of updating the hardwere itself, they just haft to make a more updated one.

  3. Marzhalord Power

    Marzhalord Power17 dager siden

    non the less... the original is still the best...

  4. Ali-Mery’s Reptiles

    Ali-Mery’s Reptiles22 dager siden

    papakamir néron nonono i hope they get iOS or macOS on it

  5. Ei8ht Bit

    Ei8ht Bit29 dager siden

    Hydrixx how so?

  6. GodZpeed X7

    GodZpeed X7Måned siden


  7. ThatAboyTrevor

    ThatAboyTrevorDag siden

    I think what they could do is make it like a wifi system ( do you know how Wii remote control has the ability to save your mii but it would be more say if you friend have just a switch doesn’t matter just have to be on one wifi instead of having four players you would be able lot more players because it is different most of the stuff will be open 😱 the box will just have more of boost and you would be able to play Wii game and cube games 😱

  8. Toonyman B. Studios

    Toonyman B. Studios2 dager siden

    If what your saying is true then the switch pro will be a fail console! Nintendo needs to get with the program and start competing for real with the lastest state of the art hardware and graphics as Sony and Microsoft has and also get into the VR world

  9. Zylonx RBLX

    Zylonx RBLX3 dager siden

    Gonna stay strong with the regular switch

  10. Andrexlr111 !!!!!

    Andrexlr111 !!!!!4 dager siden

    I buying infinitely

  11. Andrexlr111 !!!!!

    Andrexlr111 !!!!!4 dager siden

    I have it too its nice


    JAMESBRAINS5 dager siden


  13. Рвтч Цшо

    Рвтч Цшо6 dager siden

    Русские пишите коменты

  14. megarcher gaming

    megarcher gaming6 dager siden

    i want the nintendo switch so bad, but i dont have enough money but i have never buyed anything

  15. jbrady157

    jbrady1576 dager siden

    This guys is a complete fraud

  16. Nathan Chang

    Nathan Chang8 dager siden

    @nintendo please make the screen glass and not plastic I hate having to get a screen protector for it

  17. TheGamer

    TheGamer8 dager siden

    yeah you're not the only one!

  18. Most Delicious

    Most Delicious8 dager siden

    I'll just keep my Nintendo switch.

  19. Lorenzo austin

    Lorenzo austin10 dager siden

    the switch pro probably not real

  20. Jason’s DoorKeys

    Jason’s DoorKeys11 dager siden

    First look lmao it’s not getting released haha

  21. Oralia Machado

    Oralia Machado11 dager siden

    We all knew Nintendo was talking some notes whine PlayStation and Xbox were competing!

  22. ItsJust TheFantes'

    ItsJust TheFantes'13 dager siden

    where do THEY get the models for the SWITCH pros r switch up r whatever they gonna call it yes its worth our $$$ it has a NINTENDO logo correct?

  23. Aarron Offer

    Aarron Offer15 dager siden

    This is fake

  24. someone or something

    someone or something17 dager siden

    who the hell cares about high resolution!?!?! its about the fun of the game

  25. Hxise

    Hxise18 dager siden

    Is it comming or not? I would buy a Switch but when the pro is comming out i am buying the pro

  26. Steven Wilson

    Steven Wilson19 dager siden

    Stay tuned for his "First Look" at the PS12

  27. Kind Dawnfox

    Kind Dawnfox20 dager siden

    in the future nvidia will be used for enough power to use minecraft raytracing XD

  28. Xx_ KingGamers_xX

    Xx_ KingGamers_xX20 dager siden

    *yay i have 任天堂スイッチ* (Nintendo switch)

  29. TheGamer

    TheGamer20 dager siden

    lol thank you for translating that for us!

  30. God Dangit

    God Dangit20 dager siden

    Nintendo: We will not be making a Switch Pro This channel: Now that we confirmed that the Nintendo Switch Pro is coming out-

  31. Xx_ KingGamers_xX

    Xx_ KingGamers_xX19 dager siden

    *Oh so 任天堂スイッチ pro is coming out lol*

  32. TheGamer

    TheGamer20 dager siden

    lol you like what we did there

  33. Eman02kG

    Eman02kG21 dag siden

    Why does this channel have 1.55mill subscribers?

  34. Superin 7

    Superin 721 dag siden

    "first look" ok bud

  35. Josh

    Josh21 dag siden

    Good job on making crap videos. Wow I wonder where your source was? Oh the lazy idea you had while making a script so you can make money. Btw, Nintendo said no new switch.

  36. Yohann Fokom

    Yohann Fokom22 dager siden

    Pure and utter garbage. They even had the audacity to not say : We won’t speculate like other channels. Y’all are hypocrite that uses rumours and rdm articles to get informations

  37. Mindofthequill

    Mindofthequill22 dager siden

    How you accumulated so many subscribers baffles me, all I ever see on this channel is rumors, lies, misinformation, and half-assed lazy video direction. Like why do people even bother with you?

  38. ツEpicpro96 Games

    ツEpicpro96 Games22 dager siden

    this vid was on my birth day

  39. animationX

    animationX22 dager siden

    Am I the only one suspicious about the fact that only this channel is talking about the switch pro?🤔🤔🤔

  40. Simon Jolly

    Simon Jolly22 dager siden

    It you look closely in one of the short vids of people playing games, you will notice somebody who looks like Steve Harris from stranger things

  41. allison lemons

    allison lemons22 dager siden

    Good vid but mostly just rumors and speculation and I’m probably gonna buy the pro

  42. Arturo Bolanos

    Arturo Bolanos23 dager siden

    You mean to tell me that they still havent fixed the left joy con?

  43. slaxxxer Aznarder

    slaxxxer Aznarder23 dager siden

    First look- then speculates!

  44. TheGamer

    TheGamer23 dager siden

    yes - first look is based on analyst reports

  45. sabrina

    sabrina23 dager siden

    I just got the nintendo switch-

  46. QuestionArtist

    QuestionArtist23 dager siden

    Nintendo officially announced that there will be no release of a new switch version this year.

  47. Kody Madson

    Kody Madson23 dager siden

    Nintendo came our last week and said their would be no pro model in 2020

  48. TrulyAuston

    TrulyAuston23 dager siden

    *Cough cough* Masterofdoom called it *Cough cough*

  49. Nebulai

    Nebulai23 dager siden

    This guy either barely glances at his comments or he does a really good job at not caring. He never responds and he doesn't show interest in deleting hate comments.

  50. Nebulai

    Nebulai22 dager siden

    @Carbon_Fanatic- lol

  51. Carbon_Fanatic-

    Carbon_Fanatic-22 dager siden

    He blocked comments on his newest video.

  52. Deathstroke

    Deathstroke23 dager siden

    I still can’t buy a Nintendo switch lol

  53. JRaf

    JRaf23 dager siden

    This video is soo bad. 😂😂

  54. Yoshi 2000

    Yoshi 200023 dager siden

    i just got my switch i am kind of sad :(

  55. Gary Stinten

    Gary Stinten24 dager siden

    This is the switch lite fool.. No switch pro this year.. even confirmed by NINTENDO.. SUKKAH

  56. LilPP

    LilPP24 dager siden

    Takahasi and Koizumi themselves said that they won't launch a switch pro in 2020

  57. Leonardo Bernal

    Leonardo Bernal24 dager siden

    The things I want improved on the Switch Pro: Little or no bezel Better and louder sound Wi-Fi connection strength like the 3DS (atleast) SLIGHTY improved hardware (Like resolution and fps) Bigger Joy Cons and Joy Cons Cons that'll last longer 2 sidekicks, instead of one

  58. Cream Fennec

    Cream Fennec24 dager siden

    Latest news confirmed there will be no nintendo switch pro in 2020

  59. Shantanu Singh

    Shantanu Singh25 dager siden

    off with your first look

  60. Jbeats

    Jbeats26 dager siden

    Now i hope MHW gets released for switch / pro

  61. Don'tgiveahoot

    Don'tgiveahoot26 dager siden

    This is fake nintendo has no new switch coming out they just said

  62. Vincent Carson

    Vincent Carson27 dager siden

    Your not a gamer, your a talker

  63. xDom18x

    xDom18x27 dager siden

    You could get the "New" Nintendo 3DS non xl in the us, it just came with the Happy Home Designer bundle which is how I got it.

  64. who else but zane?

    who else but zane?27 dager siden

    Nintendo never made a New Nintendo 2DS only an xl

  65. Amay Sharma

    Amay Sharma28 dager siden

    Nintendo released the “new” 3ds in the normal size in the black and white Mario color ways

  66. 2kpk

    2kpk28 dager siden

    I still have mine from 2017 and it works perfectly

  67. Midwest Boss

    Midwest Boss28 dager siden

    Waiting for switch pro bow2 special edition

  68. iiarskii Prod.

    iiarskii Prod.28 dager siden

    Thailand still didn’t fix the drift

  69. Teotubers Tv

    Teotubers Tv28 dager siden

    If there is I am gonna buy that instead of a regular switch I no it’s crazy I do not have one yet :/

  70. webtroyer 623

    webtroyer 62328 dager siden

    Nope Why would they lift the price to just put pro in the name to make more money

  71. Fizah

    Fizah29 dager siden


  72. Fizah

    Fizah29 dager siden

    can you give me your nintendo switch free